Author's Note: I'm gonna do a fic challenge! Yay! The prompts I'm using are from otp-imagines-cult on tumblr and can be found here: post/133309701572/30daychallenge1 I wanted to do some short, stress free writing, so I'm not sure if there will be regular updates to this or if I'll end up finishing the challenge. We're just gonna see how it works out. Here we go!

Day One: Meeting

Raven's fifteen when she meets a boy like the sun. She doesn't realize how important he'll be to her, not yet, but as soon as they part ways she knows she'll be back.

Sometimes it feels like he's been in her life forever, warmth spilling from his smile and seeping into her bones, chasing out the darkness that guards her heart. It's hard, but she tries to let go of it, tries not to let it turn her to ice. She tries to let him in.

But even stars aren't eternal. Every time she meets him again he shines a bit brighter, burns a bit faster. Sometimes the fear creeps in, fear that maybe one day he'll give too much and fizzle out as though he was only ever a candle.

She learns though. She learns the glimmer in his eyes, the sunshine in his laugh. She learns the depths of his heart, and only ever falls in deeper.

Maybe one day he will burn out. Maybe if she gets too close, he'll burn her too. But somewhere inside her heart, Raven already knows that it would all be worth it if only to be warm for a while.