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Description: Dumbledore new Harry wouldn't be safe with the Dursley's so he decided to send Harry to his Great aunt Dorthy Zbornack in hopes that she will give him a life filled with love.

Warning: Possible Yaoi/gay slash.

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Chapter one

Richmond Street where quiet that warm October night and the street was all but empty, except for an old man in strange clothes, carrying a small bundle. This man just so happened to be one Albus Dumbledore Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witch Craft and Wizardry.

'6149 no, 6150, no but I'm getting close ah their it is 6151' thought Albus making his way up to the house he made his way to the front door where he could here the sound of a telly on and women laughing. Albus placed the wicker basket in front of the door which contained a baby boy with a angry looking scar on his head, before he placed an envelope with the name 'Dorthy Zbornak' on it. Ounce he did that he rang the door bell and hid to make sure the baby was picked up.

He watched from behind a nearby tree under a notice-me-not Charm as a brown haired women opened the door and looked around to see if anyone was their, he watched as she was about to close the door when the babies gentle crying caught her attention. Albus could see her visibly gasp alerting the other women in the house to come to the door he watched as the brown haired women picked up the basket before walking in followed by the other women before the shortest closed the door.

The girls point of view

The girls had decided to have a night in not wanting to be bothered with the hot Miami heat so they decided to do their usual night of eat cheesecake, drinking coffee, and watching T.V.

"Haha, now that right their is why I love Lucy" said Blanche laughing as she watched Lucy and Ethel hitting each other with chocolate.

At that time Rose had decided to tell one of her famous Siant Olaf stories "That reminds me of the time Yollan Visterbrow and ulga steria went to-" she was was cut off the by the door bell ringing and Blanche couldn't be happier for it's timing.

"who on God's green earth could that be at this hour?" Blanche asked the girls who where wondering the same thing.

When she opened the door Blanche poked her head outside to look for whoever rang their door bell 'must be those Donelson boys again' thought Blanche she was about to close the door when the sound of crying caught her attention she looked down, Blanche couldn't help but gasp, their on her door step was a little baby.

"Blanche what's wrong?" asked Dorthy coming up behind the frozen southern belle, with Sophia and Rose right behind her, Dorthy looked over the women shoulder and could only stair at the little baby at their feet.

"Oh my God what's a baby doing here?" asked Rose in her usual naïve way.

"Selling dictionary's, he was abandoned Rose" responded Dorthy snapping at the poor women's stupid question.

"What are we just standing here for bring him in" said Blanche bring the basket and baby into her arms and walking into the house, she set the basket on the table and watched as the baby started to calm down watching with curious eyes at the four women in front of him.

"How can anyone leave a poor defenseless baby on a strangers doorstep in the middle of the night not even knowing who lives their" asked Rose directing the question to Sophia.

"Girl's who ever left this baby here knew who they where laving it with look" said Blanche holding out an envelope to Dorothy who took it in her hands and began to read.

The girls where shocked they watched as Dorothy read the letter and began to tear up, Sophia made her way over to her Pussycat and took the letter from her hand and she to began to cry.

"Oh not her oh God why" said Dorothy holding her mother as they both began to cry at the news.

"Girls what's wrong, what happened?" asked Rose coming up to the girls.

"Girls theirs something we have been meaning to tell you for a while now" said Dorothy taking a seat.

"You see, oh boy where do I start, you see Ma and I are not exactly form a normal family we come from a long line of pureblood witches and wizards called the Veritellies" said Dorothy looking at the girls.

Dorothy had expected the girls to react with shock, scorn, or skepticism.

"And?" asked Blanche

"And?, what do you mean and Blanche just told you that my mother and I are witches, and all you can say is and" Asked Dorothy.

"Dorothy we knew you where witches Rose and I both are we just thought you preferred the muggle way of things" stated Blanche looking at the baby.

"Wait how did you know?" questioned Dorothy.

"The advertisement of course did you really think I would have just anyone living with me" stated Blanche "Now besides that what was in that letter honey?"

"Alright so you girls are aware of you-know-who in England right?" asked Dorothy watching as the girls flinched at hearing the title

"Well my niece Lilly was fighting on the light side of the war and that letter just told me that she and her husband just died and this is her baby" said Dorothy

"Oh my God, you can't be serious this little baby survived a direct attack by you-know-who and lived oh God I can only imagine what his life would have been like in Britain" stated Blanche watching as Rose made the little baby giggle by conjuring a little butterfly for it to fly around his head.

"so what are we going to do, are we seriously going to raise this little baby" asked Blanche "I mean we are ahead in year even if by are standards we are quit young what are we supposed to do" asked Blanche.

Girls all exchanged a look with each other and came to a conclusion, Sophia was the first to act she pulled out her wand which was a 12in long yew wood with a Sicilian magical symbols carved into the sides.

"Sophia honey what are you doing?" asked Blanche watching as the women pulled out her wand and made her way down the hall the light of spells being cast caused the girls to make their way over the women to see her standing in front of a new door that had certainly not been their before.

"wow, Sophia did you do this?" asked Rose not noticing the girls role their eyes.

"No Rose a Dwarf came in and asked to stay so he made himself a room to stay in" said Sophia in her usual sarcastic tone

"Oh well than we should go introduce are selves" said Rose

"Oh shut up Rose!" said Dorothy snapping at the women, "Ma why did you do this"

"Why do you think the baby needs a place to sleep doesn't he?" asked Sophia opening the door, the room was far from basic the room was smilar to Dorothy with a one large window with and a closet and Bathroom the walls where done in shades of pale green on the top half and a nice cream on the bottom with a dark cream carpet. The room even had furniture it had a changing table, a basinet, and a dresser all things the baby would need.

"Sophia this is incredible I had no idea you would be this good with charms and transfiguration." stated Blanche carrying the baby in to the room. "I would have guessed you where more of a potions kind of lady"

"Are you kidding me Charms are my specialty, I stink at potions it was my brother Angelo who was the genius at Potions" stated Sophia

"So now we have a place for little Harry to sleep what now?" asked Rose finished looking around the room.

"We play it my ear, that's all we can do" said Dorothy coming over to the girls and her little nephew.

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