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Warning: Futa, Femslash, future lemons, and a poly relationship!


The slamming of a door woke the children residing in St. Nicholas home for girls from their semi-peaceful rest. "Wake up! All of you!" a harsh voice of an older woman bellowed. "Jasmine! Be sure they start their chores! Now!" The oldest of the girls sat up and called out "Yes, ma'am." It took a moment to blink the sleep from her eyes and push her curly and rather bushy black hair from her face. Jasmine, but all accounts, was a beautiful young woman. She stood at 5'6, had long, if not bushy, black hair that reached mid-back, and dark caramel toned skin hidden under a layer of grim and grease. Perhaps her most striking feature were her grey-blue eyes. Despite the circumstances she was under, the sixteen year old held herself with grace and pose that she surely inherited from her parents.

As the oldest of the girls in the foster home, she was in charge of all the other girls. If they messed something up or didn't finish a chore, she was "punished". It was constant torment for her, but she knew if she didn't take it, it would be taken out on the other girls. She sighed and started getting the other girls up, saving Artemis, the youngest, for last. The three year old was quiet, very sweet, and rather innocent to the situation she was in. Jasmine had practically raised her, and save for three other girls, she was the only one that knew about the toddler's strange condition. You see, little Artemis had both reproductive systems rather than only one for a girl. She refused to let the little one get treated differently for it, and was fiercely protective of her. With thick, curly black hair, naturally tan skin, and striking yellow-green eyes, the little girl was adorable and Jasmine was more than a little surprised no one had wanted to adopt her.

"Art…" Jasmine whispered as she knelt beside the girl's bed while roughly twenty other girls got ready for the day. Of course, the first attempt never worked. "Art, honey, come on…" A grumble and pout, but eyes remained closed. "I know you're awake, Artemis…" A single open eye and a huff was her answer. "There's some progress. Come on, kiddo."

"But, Jaaaaaaay…" the toddler whined.

"No buts, we have chores."

She huffed, but got up, reaching her arms out to be picked up. Jasmine complied, smiling softly, and lifted her into her arms, earning one of the little girl's rare smiles. And there they were, the other thing that made little Artemis so unique. She had four distinctive fangs. As they had to finish chores before being fed, they all quickly moved to start them. Little did anyone in the room know, especially Jasmine and Artemis, but their lives were about to change, forever. Just as they were leaving the room a shorter nun with a stern, angry look stopped the young woman and child.

"You! Get this one ready. Bath and new clothes. She has an interview in an hour with a potential family. Looked pretty rich, too, better than any family that ever thought about wanting you. If all goes well, we can finally be rid of this little troublemaker. And once you drop her off, I want you to clean my office. I want it spotless before you get any breakfast." Jasmine grit her teeth, ignoring her growling stomach and stopping the comeback she wanted to throw an instead just said "Yes, ma'am."

With a gentleness bred from caring for the girl all her life, the teenager carried her charge to the small bathroom and began running a bath while she ran to get her clean clothes. They were still rags, just like they all wore, but they were free of the dirt and grim her current clothes had. "Jay?" the toddler asked in a small voice.

"Yes, sweetie?"

"Am I gonna get adopted this time?" Artemis inquired with her lisp as she pulled off her dress and got lifted into the tub. Jasmine paused, thinking of the best reply to that as she started carefully washing the girl's thick hair.

"It's a possibility, sweetheart. This might be the family for you."

"Sister Mary said they were rich. Will told me rich people were good for getting out of here… but they were mean. Is that true?" Jasmine smiled at each attempt at the "r" sound, though it came out as a "w" sound, and the "s" sounds coming as "th" sounds.

"No, honey, not all rich people are mean. Some are really sweet," she assured the toddler.

"Like who?"

"The queen. I bet she's really nice."

"Have you ever met her?" was her answering challenge. Jasmine laughed and shook her head.

"Have you met this new family yet?"

Artemis pouted and nodded. "Okay, you got me."

Jasmine laughed and finished washing her charge before dressing her in a clean dress and brushing her hair out. The older girl didn't get this luxury, left in her dirty rags and nappy hair, but she was used to it and instead brought Artemis to the interview room. The immaculate family that awaited the toddler made Jasmine feel even dirtier in comparison, but she bowed her head respectfully and knelt down, setting Artemis on her feet. "Good luck, Art." She smiled and made to stand, but the toddler grabbed her sleeve with surprising strength, shaking her head. "You want me to stay?" Jasmine asked in a low voice. She watched Artemis look up at the two adults and nod. The man looked rather stern, his long, white blonde hair handing down his back in a loose and low ponytail. He was dressed in an all-black suit that contrasted his pale skin brilliantly, though having it so well pressed and clean gave the impression that he was either a businessman, or he simply desired to always look his best. Though there was a walking stick in his hand, he did not lean on it like he needed it and instead he seemed to simply want to have it. His grey eyes were hard at first, but softened instantly at the sight of Artemis.

Beside him was a woman that seemed to be the embodiment of elegance and grace. She wasn't as tall as her husband, but was just as thin and held the same pose as he did, making standing still look nearly regal. She wore a slimming black dress that fell down to her calves with a silver belt around her waist. Her hair was a beautiful mix of blonde and black, while her clear blue eyes regarded both girls with a soft look, widening when her eyes met Jasmines, but returning to normal far too fast for her to notice. In her arms was a young blonde boy, clearly her son, around Artemis's age. He had the grey eyes of his father, but his curiosity seemed to match that of his mother. He wore a suit that matched his father's, but his neck tie was the same silver as his mother's belt.

With Artemis still begging silently for her to stay, she lifted her head to the stoic couple and took a deep breath. "I'm sorry to ask this of you, but she's rather nervous. Do you mind if I stay with her?" The man looked hesitant to allow this, but his wife gave him a look and his eyes finally softened.

"That will be perfectly fine." He moved closer to the still kneeling Jasmine and nervous Artemis, shocking all of them when he knelt down, seemingly unconcerned with getting his suit dirty, and smiled softly at the toddler. "You must be Artemis?" he asked in a slightly softer voice, addressing the nervous child. Green eyes held curiosity, but also the slightest hint of fear before she nodded. "My name is Lucius Malfoy. This is my wife, Narcissa," he indicated to the tall woman who sat in a provided chair beside him, setting her son down. "And my son, Draco." He waved shyly from halfway behind his father.

"This is my sister, Jay," she said with her lisp, no one in the room looking nearly as surprised as Jasmine at this declaration.

"Oh, we didn't know. The mu-woman we talked to said you had no known family?" Narcissa spoke up, her voice soft and everything Jasmine and Artemis imagined a mother's voice would sound like. She started looking between the two. They looked so vastly different. But then again… she thought, so did Bella and I…

"We aren't sisters by blood. I mostly raised her, and we feel like family. It's all either of us have ever known." They nodded at Jasmine's explanation. From there they all talked freely from there, and eventually Draco came out of hiding, sitting beside Artemis and began building things with her. They seemed to be enjoying the provided Legos. The Malfoy Matriarch didn't miss the winces when Jasmine moved wrong, and wondered about it.

"Jasmine?" she asked softly.

"Yes, ma'am?"

"How long have you been here?" For the first time their eyes met completely and while Narcissa stiffened slightly, Jasmine sighed.

"As long as I can remember. Long enough that I'm the oldest of the girls." Narcissa nodded and left it at that. It was toward the end of the hour that Artemis surprised them all again.

"Are you gonna adopt me?" she asked hesitantly.

"We plan to, yes." The answer came from both adults, making them smile at each other.

"I… I don't want to leave Jay…" As touching as the child's words were, Jasmine wouldn't have her giving up her chance at a family. "Art…" she started, only to be interrupted by Mr. Malfoy.

"If Jasmine could come with you, would you like to join our family?" The darker girl, so different than anyone in the room, looked at the man who spoke in shock.

"You would adopt me, too?"

Lucius looked to his wife, now sitting Indian style on the floor with his son and Artemis. He knew he would be fine with it, but he didn't want to promise something he couldn't give. If his wife said no, it was no, but he knew the second their eyes met that he needn't worry. She smiled kindly at both girls and nodded. "We will definitely look into it and see what we can do, and how quickly." Draco grinned, mirroring Artemis's smile. Jasmine… well, she felt something she didn't remember feeling since she was eight; hope. Hope that she was wanted. Hope that she would finally have a home. Finally be loved. They all said their goodbyes after that, their hour drawing to a close, and both girls received hugs from each Malfoy. As they left, though, Jasmine was reminded quickly of her place in the order of the home as she was beaten for disobeying orders the moment she set down Artemis.


Lucius barely felt his feet touch the ground of his lawn after apparating before Narcissa was in a rage. She growled, entering their home and pacing over the drawing room. The nervous man watched only a moment before the reason for her rage was revealed. "They're abusing those girls!" she snarled, her perfect composure chipping away as a burst of raw magic destroyed a nearby vase. "All of them! Especially Jasmine. Every little thing they don't like, they beat her." Lucius planned to let her rave and get it out, repairing the vase with a flick of his wand, Draco decided he needed to intervene and walked up to his mother, tugging her skirt gently. She calmed instantly, lifting her son into her arms and sitting in a nearby chair. Then, before his eyes, his normally composed and strong wife broke into tears of rage and pain. This time he didn't hesitate to rush forward and gather her into his arms.

With an ease no one would guess, Lucius lifted his wife and son, setting them both in his lap as he sat and holding his distressed family closer. She sobbed softly for a moment before revealing her thoughts. "I took a peek into her thoughts, just a quick look. Lucius, she… she takes care of all the girls. Feeds them, makes sure their chores are done, clothes them… those rags Artemis was wearing was her best, and they aren't allowed to shower regularly. It's a miracle those girls are halfway healthy." Narcissa chewed her lip, a rarely shown nervous habit. Lucius nodded and held her tighter, sensing there was more she wished to say.

"What is it, love? I know there's more on your mind." His tone was gentle, showing he wasn't upset with her, and she was glad for it.

"Artemis," she sighed, "She isn't a normal girl. Muggles wouldn't be as accepting as our world is… they would think her a freak. An abnormality…" she gently pushed the information into his mind, and his eyes widened. "I don't want her to be in pain like that. Please…"

"It's okay. We will take her in, love her, and accept her as she is. After all, I couldn't leave my daughters, either of them, in an orphanage. Now," he lifted his family up as he stood, gently setting Narcissa on her feet with Draco in her arms. "I need to head into the ministry. I may have to jump through some hoops to allow Jasmine to be a part of our family, or find records that she's from a magical family. If I'm lucky, she's a squib and there won't be much of a fight. Either way, we will bring our daughter home."

Narcissa was reminded again why she fell in love with her husband, her heart swelling as he declared his plan evidence enough for her. He shared a sweet kiss with her before stepping over to the fireplace, grabbing a handful of green powder and throwing it in the fire with a shout of "The Ministry of Magic!" before he vanished.

"Mama?" Draco spoke quietly.

"Yes, darling?"

"Is papa bringing my sister home?"

Narcissa smiled softly. "Not yet, sweetheart, but soon both of them will be here." This earned her a grin and shining grey eyes.


Albus Dumbledore was a rather tall man with an impressive head of hair and matching silvery-white beard that could easily be tucked into his belt. On any other day you would find him with twinkling, kind blue eyes hidden behind half-moon spectacles, and mischievous grin that somehow matched his outrageous sense of style. On this night, however, his face was grave, contrasting his bright pink and blue swirling robes, and his blue eyes held a fear unlike anything that could logically be explained. Minerva McGonagall couldn't understand what it was exactly that had her longtime friend in such a state. The last time he had been so upset was when You-Know-Who was alive, but that wasn't the case. The Potter boy had vanquished him.

"Found one, can't find the other… not good, no no no…" he mumbled to himself, shaking his head.

"Albus, what is going on?" Minerva asked, her Scottish brogue breaking his concentration. "What happened to make you so upset?"

He let out a deep winded sigh. "Do you know of the prophecy about Potter?" She nodded. She knew of it, knew the basics, and already worried for the boy. "There is another. It's about a creature and it's mates, and they're the key factor in the next war. Whoever they side with… they… If they side with us, we win, Voldemort falls, and everything goes back to how they should be." Minerva missed the way his eyes flashed, and only listened. "If they side with the Death Eaters… He will gain power."

It was a hard thing to know, a difficult thing to even think about, and Minerva covered her mouth in horror.

"I found a girl I believe is one of the mates, and I've taken care of it."

A shudder ran down her back as he said that, but she ignored it and prayed this would all work out.


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