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Artemis stared at her reflection in the mirror. She was getting ready to get on the train with her Aunt and Uncle, and wanted to dress to impress her future peers. Taking after her uncle and cousin in dress style, she stood dressed in black trouser pants, a black shirt that had silver threaded into it, letting it appear silver from the right angle, and a black vest. Her black dress shoes shined brilliantly in the light after a thorough shining from the young werecat. Her tail flicked behind her anxiously before she took a deep breath. She was nervous about being in a new environment, but was also really excited. Hermione said she was going to Hogwarts, which meant she would be in her year. Maybe she would see her in the train.

Her excitement renewed, she grabbed her luggage, smiling when Noctis, his bright yellow eyes following her movements the whole time, jumped up and followed her. Artemis stopped momentarily, checking her holster. It was actually an amazing work of magic. Her want was about as long as her forearm, so a normal holster would have been impractical. Instead, it was only large enough to show the handle. The holster itself was a thick strap of leather that fit over her wrist, without stopping or hurting her movement. The handle of her want was secured with a thin stipe of leather that snapped down, and the inside utilized an undetectable extension charm, leaving her wand to comfortably fit within her holster. It really just looked like a rather thick bracelet from the top, and Artemis loved it. She checked that it was easy to whip her wand out before nodding in satisfaction and grabbing her trunk, feeling her familiar jump on top of it, climb up, and jump onto her head, settling within her now glamour-charmed hair (think Akamaru and Kiba from Naruto). Draco saw her as they both reached the stairs and chuckled. He was dressed much like she was, only his shit was black and he wore a coat rather than a vest. They made their way down the stairs together and smiled at Narcissa when they met her in the massive foyer, Jasmine standing beside her and smiling at her niece and nephew with pride.

The taller woman smiled and shook her head, noticing neither children were wearing a tie. With a shake of her head she conjured an all-black neck tie, magically tying it around Draco's collar before straightening it. Looking at Artemis, she almost conjured the same style before remembering the werecat had a firm stand on what she liked since she was seven.

"I like bow ties! Bow ties are cool!"

Smiling, the Malfoy Matriarch summoned a silver and black bow tie and fit it around Artemis's neck, admitting silently that the girl did look rather smart with it. Noctis purred from his perch looking down at the tie while his tail flicked around. Onyx hooted from his cage, rustling his feathers a moment before settling.

"Perfect. Now, you both have everything?" They nodded. "Your books?" Another set of nods. "Wands?" The grinned and proudly pulled their sleeves up, showing off their holsters. "Alright, good. Anna?" she called, a small elf in a silver and black uniform appeared before them, her large green eyes a few shades duller than Artemis's eyes.

"Mistress called for Anna?" her high voice squeaked out.

"Yes, can you apparate us to platform 9 ¾?" Narcissa spoke firmly, but not unkindly.

"Of course, Anna will take the mistress and young masters to the platform." She turned and first took Draco and Artemis's hands, popping them over to the busy platform. Both preteens staggered slightly as the elf popped away immediately and returned moments later with Narcissa. The nauseous feeling that came with apparition passed just as the small elf returned again with their trunks, Onyx, and their other luggage. "Will the Missus or Masters be needing anything else?"

"No, Anna, thank you," Narcissa responded kindly, watching as the small creature popped out of existence. "Alright, let's get you on the train," she smiled at the two now slightly nervous children. All around them were families saying goodbye and helping their kids onto the bright scarlet engine. Though Artemis hid it well, she was amazed by the train and the shine it held, the sheer mass of it, and overall the structure of the building around her. With the help of Narcissa, they found a compartment rather quickly and she levitated their things into the racks above them.

"Alright, here's some money for you both," she passed them each a small bag. "There's thirty Galleons, twenty Sickles, and twenty Knuts. Buy some food from the cart, and anything else you end up needing. And you both better write me every week, at least, okay?" Artemis and Draco both grinned, despite the blush on their cheeks.

"Of course, mum," Draco smiled, hugging his mother tightly.

"You know I will. Thank you," Artemis hugged her next, hearing a commotion just as she pulled away. They all looked back onto the platform, immediately recognizing the Weasley family. Percy, a Prefect this year by the looks of it, was sporting new robes and an owl and turned his nose up at the sight of them, marching straight onto the train and into the front cabins. Artemis furrowed her brow when she saw a black haired boy come in behind them. His hair was rather messy, and his muggle clothes were rather baggy on him, looking like it belonged to a boy much larger than him. "Wonder who that is…" Artemis tilted her head.

"I don't know, but I saw him when I was getting my robes. He didn't seem to know much about our world, so I bet he's muggle born." Draco was careful to keep the sneer out of his voice, as he had been told about the girl Artemis had met while buying her books. For her part, the werecat just hummed and they turned to say their last goodbyes to Narcissa and settled down. It was about ten minutes before the train began to take off that Artemis spotted a familiar head of bushy brown hair. In her excitement, she jumped up, causing Noctis to dig his claws in momentarily to stay on his witch's head.

"Hermione!" she called, sticking her head out of the door. The muggleborn whipped around, searching for the source of her name before grinning at the werecat.

"Artemis!" she jogged over, not hesitating in wrapping the taller girl in a hug. Artemis laughed and spun the girl around before setting her down.

"It's great to see you again. Are you excited about our first year?" Green-yellow eyes shined with glee and Hermione nodded frantically.

"Yes, of course! I've read all about Hogwarts and the textbooks are so fascinating." Artemis felt something within her warm as her new friend gushed about the school.

"Do you have a compartment?"

"Oh," Hermione blushed a little, pointing to her trunk. "No, actually, not yet."

"Then come join mine, and meet my c-" Artemis started, but caught herself. Draco was supposed to be her brother, not her cousin. "Brother." Then, just like the gentleman that she was raised to be, Artemis reached down and easily lifted the heavy trunk that Hermione had previously been struggling with, leaving a gaping girl in her wake. After setting it in the above rack, Artemis stuck her head back out of the door, Noctis hissing at her for the fast movement, and grinned at the shocked girl. "Hey, don't stand out there, come in and relax." Hermione blushed again and hurried to join her friend. Draco stood up at the sight of her and smiled, subtly taking in the muggle jeans, sneakers, and t-shirt. His eyes flicked to Artemis, noting her pleading look, and smiled.

"Draco, this is Hermione. We met in the bookstore. Hermione, this is my brother, Draco." Hermione smiled while Draco offered his hand.

"Nice to finally meet the new friend Artemis has been raving about." the mentioned werecat blushed a little and Hermione laughed.

"It's great to meet you, too, Draco. I hope she's only been saying good things," Hermione giggled. Please don't tell her about the scent thing… the taller girl silently prayed.

"Oh, most definitely. She's mostly excited that you seem to like magical creatures as much as she does." He grinned before pointing to his owl. "Oh, this is my owl, Onyx, and that up there is Artemis' panther cub, Noctis." He grinned as he pointed to his sister's head, where Noctis was relaxing silently, his tail curling in his master's hair. Hermione seemed to just realize he was there and instantly began to gush over the small cub. To both pureblood's surprise, he actually let her love on him. They finally sat down, relaxing and idly talking as the train rolled along through the countryside. It was just before the trolley came through that a nervous looking boy, looking rather round, knocked on their compartment.

"Uhm… h-hi. Have any of you s-seen my toad, Trevor? He's run off again."

"No, sorry, we haven't seen him, but we could help you look if you want?" Artemis offered as a gangly red-headed boy came up beside him.

"Oi, don't trust them, Neville. They're Malfoys," he sneered, glaring at the two siblings. It took him a second to recognize Hermione, who was obviously muggleborn. "Bloody hell, you two brought her along to pick on her or something?" he growled. Artemis growled, ready to defend herself and her brother, when Hermione stood up.

"Actually, I'm here by myself, because they invited me out of kindness, when you told me I couldn't share with you. And for your information, her name is Black, not Malfoy." Artemis stood up behind her.

"I suggest you bugger off, Weasley."

"How the hell do you know I'm a Weasley?!" he growled back.

"Because you're just as annoying as your father. Now get out before you get yourself in trouble," Draco ground out now, standing beside his sister. The boy huffed and stormed away, and Neville sighed.

"Sorry about that, guys…" he mumbled before scurrying off. Artemis sighed and sat back down beside Hermione.

"That was rather rude…" the muggleborn frowned, running her fingers through Noctis's fur, who was now lying between the two witches.

"We should warn you now, most pureblood families hold disdain against muggleborns. Even some who say they don't, like the Weasley's, still will subtly try to make your life hell. Art and I will be sure to keep the Slytherin's off you. No one is any less magical just because of blood," Artemis' heart soared a little at hearing her brother make this promise. It meant he really had accepted Hermione into their circle, and that meant the world to her.

When the trolley came around, they each bought a bit of food and Artemis got a chocolate frog for each of them. Once they ate, they all changed into their robes and Hermione fell asleep on the werecat with Noctis sleeping on her chest. Malfoy chuckled at the sight and woke them when they train came into the station, grinning. "We're here!" He laughed as they scrambled to get up. Artemis set Noctis in his carrier.

"You're not allowed in the sorting ceremony, but make sure to get me the bed next to the window." He purred at her and curled up. They then rushed out to meet the rest of the first years.

"Firs' years! Firs' years this way!" came a loud cry, and the trio looked over, only to gasp. The man there was… well, enormous. His hands were the size of trash can lids, his shoes looked big enough to house baby dolphins, and that was just the beginning. The man was simply too big to be, towering over all the students present, and honestly making even the taller of the first year's feel ant-like. The trio came up into the back and heard the same boy from the platform say "Hiya, Hagrid!"

Draco grinned at the sight of his two best friends. "Greg, Vince!" he called, the two large boys turning with grins.

"Draco, hey!" Artemis chuckled. The two boys, Gregory Goyle and Vincent Crabbe, weren't the brightest of the lot, but they were loyal to the fault and had rather good hearts. "I heard Harry Potter is going to be in our year. Pretty exciting, right?"

Draco shrugged. "Might be, depends. If his fake went to his head he could be a real arse, but maybe he's a good guy."

"You think he buys that rubbish that all Slytherins are bad?" Greg asked with a frown. It was well known that all of their fathers were accused death eaters, so it held to their reputation.

"There's no telling," Artemis muttered, feeling a now nervous Hermione step closer to her as they all walked toward a multitude of boats.

"Three ter' a boat!" Hagrid called out in his booming voice before taking a boat as his own. Hermione got in with Artemis and a somewhat angry looking girl. Before she could give Hermione a rude look, Artemis sent her a glare that spoke of retaliation, and quickly silenced her. Draco got in the boat beside them with Crabb and Goyle and soon everyone was pouring into them. With a tap of his pink umbrella, Hagrid set the boats in motion and they moved silently through the still water, the boats almost causing no ripples. The moment the castle came into sight it was obvious, everyone gasping in delight. Artemis was just as mesmerized by the sight at Hermione, both girls grinning.

"Bloody hell!" they heard from one of the more forward boats. The rest of the ride was filled with mutters and sounds of awe. Once they made it to the shore, all the students filed into the castle and up a set of stairs, Draco, Artemis, Hermione, Vincent and Gregory staying together. At the top of the stairs stood a tall and rather intimidating woman in emerald robes and a pointed hat. Her lips were pursed and despite the wrinkles around her eyes and lips, she looked rather young.

"Here's the firs' years, Professor," Hagrid boomed.

"Thank you, Hagrid. Go ahead and join the rest of the staff," she stated with a small nod before turning to the group of students. "Good evening, and welcome to Hogwarts. My name is Professor McGonagall. In a few moments you will walk through these doors," she motioned to the huge doors behind her. "And be sorted into your houses. They are Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin. While you're here your house is like your family. Triumphs will earn you points, any rule breaking will lose your points. The house with the most points at the end of the year wins the house cup. If you have any problems or concerns during the year, refer to your head of house. Now, I will go be sure that they're ready for you. Behave yours-"

"Trevor!" Neville shouted out, rushing forward to grab a large toad at the feet of the intimidating woman, who stepped back in shock. Neville looked up at her and muttered an apology before stepping back with his pet. McGonagall cleared her throat.

"Anyway, please behave. I will be back shortly." As she stepped away, the black haired boy they had been curious about turned his head, his messy bangs falling away from his forehead to reveal a lightning shaped scar.

"So it's true then, what they were saying on the train," Draco called out, and Artemis rolled her eyes. As always, her brother was being a bit too much "pureblood-like", and coming off as ridiculous. She loved him, and knew he was about to safe the poor kid from becoming friends with a boy that would likely become a bit of an arse, but she could already tell it would go badly. "Harry Potter has come to Hogwarts. This is Crabb," he nodded to Vince. "And Goyle. And I'm Malfoy." He held out his hand with a smile. "Draco Malfoy." Weasley snorted and rolled his eyes. Draco frowned let his hand fall. "Think my name's funny, do you? I'm not the one that made a joke about a muggleborn on the train."

Artemis growled at the memory and looked to Hermione, who had a clearly worried look on her face. "You'll find Potter, that not all wizarding families are good. You don't want to go making friends with the wrong sort." And there's that foot going into his mouth, Artemis groaned mentally, slapping her hand to her face. Potter frowned, looking between the two.

"I think I can tell the wrong sort for myself, thanks." Draco frowned but stepped away as McGonagall came back. She looked around before standing impossibly straighter. "They're ready for you now. Follow me." Obediently, they followed behind her as she pushed the doors open. Candles floated everywhere over the four long, colored tables. At the back of the room was a fifth long table which housed the staff. The ceiling seemed to almost not be there, showing the clear, star riddled night sky.

"It's bewitched to look like the night sky," Hermione informed Artemis and Draco, who nodded in awe. "I read it in Hogwarts: A History."

"It's amazing," Artemis answered. Finally they made it to the front where a stool sat, an old hat atop it.

"When I call your name," McGonagall called, holding a long parchment. "You'll come up, I'll place the sorting hat upon your head, and you'll be sorted into your house." With that said, the sorting began. It was only ten names in when Artemis heard her's.

"Black, Artemis!" The curly haired girl stepped forward, head held high, and sat down. The hat came over her eyes and a voice suddenly filled her head. "Ah, finally, I get the daughter of the notorious Bellatrix Black. You certainly have her mind, she was quite brilliant, I almost placed her in Ravenclaw, but you're also so very brave… Loyal, but above all you're exceptionally cunning. You will do great things, young one, but where to put you… hmm… It's a toss up… Ravenclaw or Slytherin…" Slytherin… she plead mentally, knowing without a doubt that her brother would be there, and she wanted to be with him, keep him safe, be where she felt she belonged. "Slytherin, you say… you're quite right. Your cunning, intelligence, loyalty and bravery intertwined, but I do believe you belong in SLYTHERIN!" The hat called out to the rest of the room. Artemis grinned and slid off the stool, joining her table as her robes changed from black to her house colors. She watched from her new seat as Vincent joined her, followed by Gregory. Hermione seemed to become more and more nervous until her name was called.

"Granger, Hermione!" The girl squeaked a little and walked up, whispering to herself. The hat deliberated a moment before calling out a loud "RAVENCLAW!"

The Ravenclaw table cheered her on, welcoming her with open arms and with a small amount of sadness Artemis watched her friend walk across the room to join the blue and bronze table. Despite her sadness, however small, she was proud that Hermione was so openly welcomed into her house.

"Malfoy, Draco!" The blonde haired boy strutted forward, the hat barely touching his head before it gave a shout of "Slytherin!" He grinned and sat beside his sister and friends. By the end of the ceremony, Gryffindor had gained 15 students, nine girls and six boys, which included Potter, Ron Weasley, and Neville. Ravenclaw gained another seven girls and three boys, Hufflepuff gained ten girls and nine boys, and Slytherin had four more girls, including Pansy, who had been the girl in the boat with the werecat, and three boys along with Draco, Crabb, and Goyle.

The headmaster stood up, his white beard and hair shining in the candle light. "I would like to say a few words before we tuck into our feast. Our caretaker, Mr. Filch, would like me to remind you that the third floor corridor on the right hand side is strictly forbidden to all those who do not wish to die a most painful death. Also, the Forbidden Forest is named such for a reason. Now, without further ado, let the feast begin!" Like magic (duh), food filled the plates and everyone happily dug in. They all chatted freely, and though Artemis ate politely, rather than scarfing down anything in reach (like a certain redhead that seemed to for once be too busy to glare at them), she still finished off four plates of food. She joked around with her fellow Slytherins, and looked around at each of the teachers. By the end of the feast, their prefects lead them down to the dungeons and into their dormitory. Looking back at the group, the large boy whispered "Pureblood" to one of the walls and walked through, the students following after him.

"Girls dormitories are on the right, the boys on the left. As you all don't have many, you'll each have your own room. You can find your name on the door. All your things should be there. Lights out is at midnight." With that he took off, heading up the stairs with the boys following him, Draco waving to Artemis. The girls then followed their prefect, each branching off once they found their room. With a grin of delight, Artemis found hers was the highest one and she slipped in, being nearly tackled by an excited Noctis, who proceeded to rub his face over hers and lick any surface he could find.

"Down, boy," Artemis laughed. "I miss you, too!" When the cub finally calmed down, padding further into the room, the werecat took a look around. The room was decorated in green and silver banners, serpent images all around. The window showed the black lake, all sorts of fish swimming about. With a yawn, she realized how exhausted she was, and quickly went to shower, dress, and finally slipped into her bed. The dark wood, she noticed as sleep consumed her, had snake patterns. The last thing she felt before falling asleep was her familiar snuggling against her.


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