''The best way for you to perfectly rise is when you fall hard''

It slowly rises

the same way falls,

it follows the music

of her soul.

At times she's peace,

at others she's a storm.

It doesn't scare him,

it gives him home.

She has her wishes

and has her regrets.

He follows behind

and gives her advice.

She is beauty, she is grace,

she'll punch someone in the face.

He stays there, he sees,

the way the world crawls at her feet.

She comes to him,

with her hand outstretched,

and invites him to play again.

A/N: Hello again! I'm sorry for not updating a new chapter, but I haven't abandoned my work. School is just a bitch. This pseudo-poem is a thing I came up with during class, mostly because I was bored. So stay positive and expect a new chapter soon.

See ya soon!