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Have you ever regretted something? Have you ever tried to make it right, but realized it was too late?

I have made the biggest mistake in my life. The Biggest. And boy do I regret it. I wish I could turn back in time and make it right. And even if I did, its not like things will be the way I wanted it to be. Sometimes I look back at what I had done and realized that I'm unforgivable. I wouldn't forgive myself either.

I was fifteen, when that happened. And now, I'm twenty three? Yeah, twenty three. A fifteen year old was known to be mature, and I was. Well, at least I thought I was. I was always the kind with an attitude. But I like that about me. I was mean, I admit, but sometimes, being mean was better than being kind and regretting your kindness, right?

But now, I've changed. My personality flipped. I started a new me. I became kind, that even my younger brother didn't recognize me. I became caring, humble, and happy. And why did I change? I changed for one person and one person only.


Ever herd of him? Well, of course you have. He's known world wide. He was thirteen at the time, meaning he was two years younger than me.

Why? Why did I do that to him? He may never forgive me.

Well, things were fine between us until the nemesis crisis happened. We were just Rivals, nothing else. Until something about him, made me feel different.

At first, he was fine, or rather I felt he was fine. But that changed. After knowing that nemesis was real and not just a meth, I felt different towards him.

When we'd battle, I would try to make it long so I can could see him more before his friends wanted him back with them.

When we went to B-pit, I would feel different when Madoka would get close to him and hug him. And when he and Masumane hugged or got close to each other, I'd feel mad.

The reason why I left them to search on my own for the legendary bladers, was because I wanted to think about these feelings. The more I thought about it, the more I realized something that I didn't before.

I had a crush on Gingka Hugane. Yeah, I did. And I didn't even try to stop this from becoming bigger.

When I came back to them, I didn't know what to do with myself. Every time he would speak, I'd listen in no matter how stupid it was. When he would smile, I couldn't help but smile at him, without him noticing of course. When he would battle at a tournament, I'd pay special attention to him, cheering him on in my heart. When he would be laying on the grass I would eye him from far.

At first, it was just his personality I loved, but then, I noticed that I was eying his body when no one was looking. I still loved his personality, but I liked his body too. To me, he was the cutest thing in the world.

Well, that's how it all started. And when nemesis was gone and defeated, there was nothing there to stop me from confessing my love to him.

I remember, it was a bright sunny day, like all days. He was at B-pit chatting away to the other legends. I remember it like it was yesterday, I told him I needed to talk to him at my apartment. Yes, I had an apartment, where else would I live?

He was confused but accepted and me and him went to my apartment. My heart was beating fast and loud. I was sure he could hear it, but he thankfully didn't.

When we arrived, I unlocked the door and I motioned to him to step in, and he did. I closed the door and silently locked it. I remember him asking:

"what did you want to talk about?"

He asked so calmly that I wanted to just kiss him and pin him to a wall. I remember grabbing his wrist and sitting with him and holding his hand in mine. He tried to pull away, but I held his hands firmly in mine and said:

"Gingka, I love you"

and that's all I said before pushing on the couch and holding his hands curling my fingers in his soft ones. Before he could tell me anything, I kissed him. And ooooh did it feel good. It was like heaven, even better.

I felt him gasp and I took my chance and deepened the kiss with my tongue. It took my five minutes to realize that I was kissing him for five minutes. I broke the kiss slowly and made a loud kiss-clicking sound.

When I looked at him, I saw the surprise in his eyes.

"Y..you love me?" He asked.

I nodded and hoped with all my heart that he would except my feelings. But I saw him frown. He tried to remove my hands off his, so I took them off and we both sat up. And then what I herd after that broke my heart and I suddenly became angry:

"look, I'm sorry...really sorry, but I have no feelings at all for you"

And that's what he said that made me want to yell. I then saw him get up and walk to the door. I quickly followed him and slammed the door that he just opened. He shrieked with fear and surprise and turned around. I held his wrists and pinned them on the door behind us. He struggled but I didn't give a damn about that.

"And why don't you have feelings for me?"I asked with a growl on my face.

"I..I'm sorry, but I don't feel anything like that towards you, you're just a friend to me, that all" he replied with fear.

I growled again and said: "A Friend!?if you have zero feelings for me, I guess I'll have to make you have some!"

I yelled and thats when the nightmare began. I grabbed his chin and kissed him forcefully while he struggled and whimpered with discomfort and fear.

I was getting mad, here all this time I loved and cared for him, but he didn't.

I took his bandanna off and dropped it on the ground. His hair slid down and I broke the kiss. I saw him panting and he looked rather cute, no adorable.

I grabbed his wrist forcefully and pulled him along with me to my room and pushed him on the bed and locked the door behind me. I laid on him, and started kissing his neck and biting it. I could hear him whimper and try to push me off. I held both of his wrists and put them on top of his head in a really painful position.

I herd him telling me to stop when I held both of his wrists in one hand while the other went under his shirt. I saw him crying out of the fear I caused.

I didn't care, he would love me when I was done.

I lifted his shirt up and played with his nipples and biting the tip of them from time to time.

He moaned, and I couldn't help it but think that his moans were sexy and turned me on oh so badly.

I licked his chest and trailed it until I reached his pans. I saw him look at me when I touched his belt. I remember until this very day what he said:

"please, don't do this"

he was begging and pleading me to stop, but my hand wouldn't stop unbuckling his belt. A few tears streamed down his cheeks.

When I finally got his belt unbuckled, he started thrashing. He kept on struggling like no tomorrow. I pulled his pans down and played with his member.

I then reached for my belt and that's when he started kicking me. It didn't really affect me at all, his kicks and small punches were weak and did not make me stumble back or anything.

When I unbuckled mine, I didn't give any warning or even lubrication. He screamed and panted and moaned turning me on even more. I remember our eyes meeting while I was thrusting deeper. His eyes were filled with hate. But I kept on thrusting thinking that he'll love me when I'm done.

Well, this kept going on without me pulling out or stop thrusting in for the whole night.

The whole night, he kept on struggling, thrashing around trying to get away from me. But I didn't pull out, all I wanted was for him to love me back.

I remember when the sun was streaming in the window, and that's when I realized I had raped him all night. I looked at his face that was panting hard. Our eyes met again and the hatred that I saw before was nothing compared to now. I pulled out slowly and sat on the bed next to him. I saw blood leaking out his entrance but didn't do anything about it.

He slowly sat up and gasped at the blood. He slowly looked at me and I looked back.

"So, do you love me now or not yet?"

I asked cutting the awkward silence like it was wood. He looked at me and then looked away not wanting to answer my question. I got furious, because I didn't want to wait. I stood in front of him and pushed him back forcefully. He struggled clearly afraid of me for what I had just done to him.

"Answer me now, or I'll do it again!" I yelled.

He shivered and stopped struggling and said:

"I...I...I...will never...in my life...love you"

I gasped, for some reason I thought that he would say yes. I got off of him and he quickly got up and pulled his pans up.

"Gignka, you are going to have to care of that blood" I said with a calming, concerning voice.

I saw flinch and yet he answered:"like you care"

and he walked as far as he could away from me and walked towards the room door and slowly unlocked it. I herd him open the front door and close the door and leave. I sat there on my bed defeated.


Why did I rape all night? Didn't I treasure him? Didn't I care for him? I wanted to make him mine but not by force, and what did I do? I raped him. I scared him shitless. I made him hate me. I made him experience something that he should not have ever experienced. And now, I'm probably a nightmare to him.

But I love him too much, I just can't give up on him. I can't let him go. I just can't. I'll apologize to him tomorrow. I'll make things right. And maybe he won't hate me, maybe he can forgive and we can start over.

Well, you could say that things didn't go as expected. I went to be B-pit the next morning and noticed he wasn't there. I asked the rest where he was, but they didn't answer me because they didn't know either, the only clue they had was the a letter folded in half on the counter. It read:

Hey guys,

Sorry for all of this, but I had to leave the city for a personal matter. I'm stressed out of the whole nemesis crisis thingy, and I want to be alone for a couple of years. Don't get it the wrong way. And I also want to train to become even stronger. So when I come back I could battle you guys. I really hope you don't get this too personal.

Thanks for understanding,

Your friend, Gignka

I had tears in my eyes when I read the letter. I know he left because of me.


Why did I do that to him?

I decided not to leave the city and not work either.

I knew this would haunt me until Gingka decided to come back. But, I didn't care, I just wanted him to be in my life. Well, eventually I had to work, Tsubasa offered me a job at WBBA and I accepted.

I either got to work in the building itself or in a different city. I chose to work in the building itself to know instantly when Gingka came back to apologize to him and make things right.

And now, I'm in my office thinking of what I have done in my past few years. I regretted them. I regretted every single thing I did on that day. I promised myself that I would apologize to him and makes things smooth between us.

And maybe, just maybe...he would learn to love me.

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