Dinosaur King Retold season 1 intro

Play Hirari from Digimon

(Music starts up as stone tablets circle around before the logo soon appears on the screen)

It's hard to fly with broken wings

(Terry is shown walking in a fire background)

But a miracle will awaken from my pain

(Chomp walks in an electric background before he and Terry stop in front of each other)

And one day I will fly again

(Max is shown running with Chomp and Terry in their chibi-forms)

I will ride on the wind of dreams

(Rex is shown reading a book with Ace)

And surpass that rainbow high up in the sky

(Zoe hugs Paris and they roll around in a flower bed)

And continue on my journey

(Spiny walks up to Tank, who proceeds to hit him with her tail)

Now whenever I look up at the sky

(Full-sized Ace and Tank appear in elemental backgrounds next to Rex. And full-sized Paris and Spiny appear next to Zoe in backgrounds)

I'll make sure to break down

(Max, Rex, and Zoe look off a cliff together)

Everything that's in my way

(Each grab two cards and slash them on their Dino Holders)

Fly to my future in the sky

(Terry head bashes Charcharodontosaurus while Chomp lifts up and throws Saltasaurus)

Yes, there's no doubt I can feel it

(Paris battles Maiasaura, Ace battles Ankylosaurus, Tank battles Utahraptor, and Spiny battles Suchomimus in still-shots)

I believe it's in my soul

(Terry activates Volcano Burst)

I know I can go anywhere

(Chomp activates Electric Charge while Paris activates Nature's Blessing, Ace activates Cyclone, Tank activates Dino Swing, and Spiny activates Shockwave, the latter four in still-shots again)

Please will you guide me in the sky

(Dr. Taylor shows of his lasso skills only to tangle himself up)

Guide me and those next to me

(He falls over while Reese just face palms)

I believe it's in my soul

(The Alpha Gang are shown standing next to Gigas, Armatus, and Maximus)

And I can soar as high as I want

(Dr. Z lowers down in a hover chair and a shadow covered dinosaur lands behind him as the screen rises to the Alpha Gang logo)

(Both the D-Team and Alpha Gang stand ready to fight. Their dinos charge at each other. And just before they reach each other, the logo appears on screen again)