Prehistory in The Making

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For centuries a proud race ruled the earth. A race unlike anything the earth has seen before or since. They were the dinosaurs.

These large reptiles dominated the earth in a way humans can only imagine. We could know a lot about the dinosaurs, but we could also know very little.

Unfortunately, the dinosaurs would never be able to share their lifestyle with us as their nemesis soon came from space.

That was all he remembered before he soon felt the impact of the floor beneath him. "Egh! Uhh." The brown, spiky-haired boy groaned and rubbed his head in pain. "How'd that happen?" He asked himself. "Guess I fell asleep." He shook his head to wake himself up before climbing back into his bed. In it was a book about dinosaurs at he center. In fact, there was dinosaur merchandise, from figures to posters, all over his room. He got into position and continued to read. "A giant meteor crashed into the earth, causing all dinosaurs to become extinct."

As he flipped the page he noticed something outside his window. It was some small bright light. "What's that?" He thought to himself. "Maybe it's a meteor!" He ran onto his balcony to get a better look. The light kept descending in a shaky manner, like it was being controlled by a computer mouse, before crashing in a forest not too far from a laboratory.

After taking a few minutes to process what happened, the boy quickly bolted out of his room. He approached a door leading into another bedroom and began knocking. "Hey, Rex, wake up! You aren't going to believe it!" After knocking for a bit the door opened to reveal his blond friend, who clearly was still sleepy.

He rubbed his eyes while he addressed his friend. "What's going on, Max?"

"You have to get up! I think I just saw a meteor!"

This caused Rex to stop rubbing his eyes and look at his friend. "What?" But Max seemed to already have his mind on other things.

"I have to call Zoe, she'll flip out." He declared before running off again. "Come on, get dressed!" He said before he left for his room again.

Rex just shook his head. "This better be good." He thought to himself before closing his door to get changed.

(Intro theme)

After waking his friends up, Max Taylor lead them to the forest he saw the asteroid land. He was currently wearing a red sleeveless t-shirt with a yellow collar that was also a hood, orange jeans, red sneakers, and red fingerless gloves on his hands. His outfit also showed his love for dinosaurs as he had a black fanny pack around his stomach with a dinosaur tooth on it. But his most notable feature was the visor on his head with a glass shade and a pair of horns like that of a Triceratops that lit up.

Behind him was his best friend and roommate, Rex Owen. The blond was wearing a blue jacket over a white t-shirt, brown jeans, and blue sneakers. He also wore a dinosaur tooth like his friend, only this one was around his neck and had his name engraved on the other side. He kept it as something personal and almost never took it off as it was all he had of his birth parents. His adoptive father was a paleontologist that traveled the world frequently, so he lived with Max and his family so he could live a proper childhood.

"'You know I'm not a morning person." A female voice said after a yawn. She was their friend, Zoe Drake. She was wearing a black t-shirt with a red and yellow vest over it that exposed her midriff, shorts of the same color as her vest, and yellow and green sneakers. Her hair was pink in the form of pigtails. She also had a pair of goggles on her head which doubles as cameras, though she almost never uses them.

Rex was also very tired, but Max had his hopes high. Searching his pockets, he pulled out a golden badge with a D on it. He held it up in the air to show his friends. "Come on, guys. You remember what this badge means right? D-Team. You guys took an oath, and the D-Team is all about adventure." He said as he reminded them of their little club.

"Yeah, unless that adventure starts before breakfast." Rex replied in his smart-ass tone.

Max in turn gave the blond a small glare. "You'll regret saying that when we find that meteor." He was hungry too, but for once in his life, something came before food.

"I'm hungry too, Max." Zoe interjected. "And it feels like we've been walking for-" She stopped and noticed something odd. "Hey, guys, look at this."

The two boys backed up and saw what she was looking at. A good portion of trees had been either knocked down or had their tops removed. All except one with a hole in the middle.

Max saw this and ran towards it. "I told you guys! This must be where the asteroid landed!" He said with a smile on his face.

He leaned in a lit up his visors. "Be careful, Max. It could be dangerous." Zoe warned him.

The spiky-haired boy simply turned back with a smug look on his face. "Exploring dangerous stuff is what the D-Team is all about. D for danger."

Rex rolled his eyes. "Dumb also starts with a D, and so does dead." He and Zoe started to look around for anything else.

Max ignored him and searched through the hole when he suddenly noticed something. "What the?" He thought as he grabbed the object. "Hey, guys, I think I found it." He called out to his friends. He soon pulled out the object, or rather objects. They were rocks, but not ones of an asteroid.

Max looked at the rocks closer. "One seems to have a lightning bolt on it, and the other has a symbol of fire on it." He said as he kept on switching looks between both.

Rex noticed something on the ground and picked it up. "I found something too, but this one looks more like wind."

Zoe also happened across one of the weird-looking rocks. "This one has a symbol for grass." She said as she looked at hers.

All four rocks had some kind of switch on them. Max took notice of this first and messed around with the one on the lightning stone. "I wonder what this thing is for." He asked himself as he turned the knob.

Suddenly, he was engulfed in a glow that constantly switched from yellow to red. He was so surprised by this he hit his head on the tree when trying to pull his head out. Rex and Zoe's stones started glowing too, engulfing them in a white and green glow respectively. The glowing lasted for a few seconds before it disappeared. Zoe got frightened and backed up a bit. "What was that?"

"I don't know." Max replied, rubbing his head. He looked back into the tree and noticed something else. It was a capsule in the shape of an egg. It was already opened and inside were two piles of cards. He grabbed both piles to look at them better while his friends came up.

All the cards had pictures on them. However, three had a yellow outline while the other two had a gray outline. Max grabbed the two gray cards and looked at them better. The pictures on the cards were pictures of dinosaurs. "Isn't this a Triceratops? And this one a Tyrannosaurus?" He asked his friends as he showed them the cards. As he did he noticed something on the back. "Both of the cards have a symbol to match with one of the stones. Maybe they're supposed to be put together?" He wondered to himself. He rubbed both cards against their respective stones (don't ask how) and soon a bright light appeared. Once the light disappeared two large dinosaurs appeared in front of them.

The first one was a quadruped. It was dark yellow, with a little white on his underbelly and under its legs, plus an orange stripe going down its back. There was a frill around the top of its head that had small bumps around it, plus one bump near the cheeks, and a mixture of yellow and white patterns on the inside. Its most noticeable features, however; were its horns above its eyes and nose. All long enough to make a person into a shish kabob. This dinosaur was a Triceratops.

The other one was bipedal. It was red all over. except for the legs and underbelly which were the same color as the Triceratops'. It also had two yellow stripes going from its flank to its head, with two also on the sides of the nose. Its back had little bumps going all the way to the tip of its tail. While its tiny arms were laughable, each having two claws that looked like fingers, it had a large mouth full of teeth able to swallow a horse whole. This dinosaur was a Tyrannosaurus.

Both reptiles stared at the kids. Who, in turn, were in shock before they screamed and quickly ran behind the trees, hoping the two would go away. Max was the first one to snap out of the shock. "T-t-they came to life!"

"And they both don't look happy!" Rex said as the two giants started approaching them.

Zoe glared at Max. "You did this, Max! Now make them go away!"

Max just shook nervously. "But I don't know how!"

"Maybe try doing the reverse of what you just did!" Rex suggested before they noticed the dinosaurs were right on top of them. He and Zoe ran while Max started messing around with the stones again. "Max, run for it!"

The two Dinos looked at him in confusion before they finally noticed the other dinosaur in the area. The two looked at the other as if they remembered each other. Max took this opportunity and turned the knob a bit before both dinos started to glow. Before they disappeared, two male voices said at the same time. "Bro?"

Soon both of them disappeared and two cards landed on top of Max's cowering head. He soon stopped shaking when he noticed the growling and thunderous footsteps of the dinosaurs ceased he looked on his head and noticed the two cards. At the same time, Rex and Zoe came out from behind the trees. With no immediate threat, they noticed how even more trees were knocked down. "What was that?" The brown-haired boy asked his friends before taking the two cards in his hands. "Did they go back into the cards?" He wondered aloud

"Must have been a hologram." Rex theorized, but was having his doubts.

Max, however, got a huge smile on his face. "There's no way a hologram knocked down those trees! Those dinosaurs were real!" He had a smile on his face of someone who just had their life long dream fulfilled. And for a dino-lover like him, it might as well be.

His friends on the other hand were not as excited. Zoe was more confused while Rex was more worried about the concept of live dinosaurs running around. "How could that be?" Zoe thought, she then looked at the stone in her hand. "'Cause of this?"

"No, Max, that'll bring them out again!" Rex's worried yell broke Zoe's train of thought. She looked up and saw Max about the rub the cards against the stones. This got her worried again.

Max, however, didn't at all seem fazed by the danger. "Yeah, so, if that happens I'll just put them back again." He rubbed both cards, but this time in the opposite direction. They glowed again, but this time a lot less, and they didn't form the large animals from before. Instead, they appeared in much smaller, chibi-like forms.

The three could only stare at the two before Zoe was able to gush at how adorable they looked. "Oh, how cute are those!"

Max decided to be the brave one and walk up to them. "OK, Max." He thought to himself. "Just go up there and show them who's the dominant species."

He walked up to them both and was about to say hi, but he was interrupted by the Triceratops biting his nose. Max pushed it away while the attacker licked its lips. "A little chewy, yet really stiff." One of the voices from earlier said. While Max was in too much pain to care who said it, Rex and Zoe instantly figured out who it was. The Triceratops itself.

Before anyone else could say anything, Max let at another yell of pain as the Tyrannosaurus got onto his head and started pulling his hair. "It's a mammal, Bro. And, boy, is it ugly looking. But its hair all migrated somewhere that'll make the chewing easier for me!" It said as it was tugging Max's hair. That's when the kids realized that the dinos were somehow able to speak without moving their mouths, like some form of telepathy.

Max finally got over his pain and grabbed the tiny dinosaur on his head. "Hey, what did you bite me for?" He asked them both.

The two dinosaurs looked at him in surprise. "Did you just understand us?" The Tyrannosaurus asked. Max only nodded before he fell over with the Triceratops biting on his leg, freeing the Tyrannosaurus from his grasp.

Rex and Zoe walked up to the three, holding in their laughter. "They either like you or want to eat you." Zoe said.

Rex only shook his head. "Nah, the Triceratops is an herbivore and the T-Rex is too small to eat him."

Max wasn't fully convinced. "Yeah, well my name's not Herb, it's Max."

"Wait, you have a name?" The Triceratops asked.

"Yeah, it's Max. That's Rex and Zoe." The brown-haired boy said, pointing at his friends.

Zoe could only pick up the Rex and hugged him. "So what are your names."

The tiny theropod like the feeling of being hugged so much that he got lost in his train of thought before being able to answer. "We don't have names like you. We just called each other by our species names." This caught the three kids off guard before Zoe got an idea.

"How about we get names for you two?" The two likes the idea and decided to help the kids think of names. But not before both dinosaurs bit Max on the butt and head.


Elsewhere, another Tyrannosaurus, this one brown, turned around and roared at others of its kind. In fact, many Tyrannosaurs, all of different colors, filled a roman style coliseum. The dinosaurs snapped, roared, and even bit one another while people watched the carnage, cheering. Sitting on a pedestal was a small, and old, white-bearded man with wooly eyebrows and barely any hair on his head, wearing a lab coat. He was guarded by two gray robots who had spears and a symbol on their chests. The symbol was a red omegaish-shaped A with a large dot in the middle. Around the man were six other individuals who all wore outfits with the same symbol.

As the dinos fought and the people cheered, the man gave an evil-sounding laugh. However; this was nothing more but a simulation on a computer, but the old man was still laughing at the results.

"When this dinosaur stadium is complete my ultimate goal will finally be realized! Yes! And the name Dr. Z will go down in history!"

Said doctor turned to look at the one operating the simulation. A short, fat, blue-haired man with a slightly red nose, wearing overalls, brown gloves, and an almost matching t-shirt with the A-symbol on it. "You'll take care of that, won't you, Ed?"

Ed scratched his head while he was trying to write something down on the paper. Eventually, he gave up and turned to his boss. "Remind me again how that's spelled." He asked with a smile hoping to lessen the pain.

It didn't work. "It's Dr.Z! You spell it with a Z!"

Ed winced and began writing. But not before asking another question. "Is that a capital Z?"

"Of course!" Dr.Z turned to look at the screen while Ed finished writing. "Good. Now tell me, Ed, why are there only Tyrannosaurus out there? I want a lot more than that!"

Ed only responded by looking down ashamed. "That was all I had time to put in the computer." He said weakly.

This obviously didn't please the doctor. "Then I suggest you make some more time!" He said, getting in Ed's face, making the short man uncomfortable. Thankfully, he backed off and continued to rant. "I don't want to become king of the Tyrannosaurus!"

"I know what you want." Ed said, he knew where this was going. "You want to become king of all the dinosaurs, right?"

Dr.Z responded by giving off an evil grin. "Yes. But I don't want to be the king, I will be the king! I will be the king of all dinosaurs!" He proclaimed as fire went off in his eyes and behind him in his mind.

"Well, I heard you'd have to be a dinosaur in order to be king of the dinosaurs." Ed said with an unamused look on his face.

This got the doctor mad as he grabbed the collar and pulled him to his face. "Who said this!?"

Ed began to sweat and tried to think of something fast. "Uh... Ursula." He squeaked out, not wanting to face his boss's tantrum.

Thankfully, he was saved when a Tyrannosaurus burst into the room. Unlike the ones in the computer, this one had a completely different layout. It was completely white with large brown stripes going across its side starting from the eye to the tail. It also had three strange purple markings on it. One on its forehead, and two on its sides.

The two men looked up at the beast in fear before quickly running out of the building and into a jungle-like environment. The theropod smashed the whole building down before beginning the chase.

At the beach, a tall, black-haired man wearing shades was fanning a green-colored, curly-haired woman who taking a sip from her drink. "Somebody help me!" They turned and saw Dr.Z getting chased by the dinosaur. "I got a Tyrannosaurus on my tail! Help me!" Said dinosaur gave a snap that the doctor just narrowly avoided.

Off to the side, two kids were watching. One was a boy wearing a matching brown shirt and pants, boots, a hat with goggles on them, and a belt that had the A-symbol on it. The other was a short pink hair girl wearing only a simple dark pink outfit with the symbol in the middle.

As they were watching, the girl held some device in her hands. It was a small, flat black device with small yellow antennas that had a screen and buttons on one side, and the symbol on the other. The girl had a look of amusement on her face while her brother looked more concerned. "How long should I let him go?" She asked her brother.

"I think you should call him back now. I don't think he finds it funny." The girl was about to press a button on the device when Dr.Z ran into something. Something wet and hard.

The dinosaur stopped and look at who was in his way. It was a Triceratops, except, like himself, was different than normal. Around its body, it was covered in nothing but gold and gray patterns. Like the Tyrannosaurus, it also had three markings on its body.

The Triceratops shook its head, removing water from it, when it turned to look at the T-Rex. "Couldn't even catch an old man?" It said in a feminine voice. "You really are the sluggish one."

The T-Rex, in turn, growled at his opponent. "Well, at least I don't have a guy's name, Maximus." He mentally smirked as the Triceratops now was the one growling.

"You know it's not my fault these idiots can't tell our genders, Gigas!" She stomped her foot on the ground, trying to come off as more intimidating, as Dr.Z slowly crawled away.

The two dinosaurs growled at each other for a bit before they were interrupted. "Stop it right now!" They turned and saw who made the interruption. It was a brown-haired maid wearing an apron. "If you two aren't going to treat each other and others respectfully, it's the cages again for you!" Both dinos shrank down like scolded dogs and nodded their heads while whimpering.

The maid turned towards the two smug looking kids. "Rod! Laura! I'm going to assume your studies are completed?"

They slowly shook their heads shamefully. "No."

"Then get back to work!" She then turned to the man and woman, who now were joined by Ed. The trio tensed when she looked at them. "The frankfurters will be ready for dinner in twenty minutes."

"Yes, Helga, twenty minutes." The trio repeated in frightened monotone. Helga nodded and went back to work. After she left, the three gave a sigh of relief and relaxed. "Oooh."

"Frankfurters again? If I have to eat them one more time I'll burst." The woman said, placing a hand on her racing heart.

"It's either that or her bratwurst." The shaded man said.

"Who's the worst?!" Dr. Z said, offended by their words he misheard. "Helga may be a bit crotchety, but she's also got a sweet side! And just because you haven't seen it doesn't mean the rest of us haven't!" He yelled at the three, pointing a finger at them in an accusing manner.

"You're only saying that 'cause you have a crush on her." Gigas said, regaining his composure.

Dr.Z looked even more offended. "I-I-I don't know what you're talking about." He said, though he was blushing heavy.

"Then why is it you have a picture of her on your undies." Rod said as he pointed out the picture of Helga on the doctor's rear, trying to hold back a laugh with the others.

Embarrassed, Dr.Z was about to try destroying Gigas, or at least attempt to, when he got interrupted. "Good afternoon, Doctor." A calm voice said.

Dr.Z turned around to see a tall, spiked blue-haired man wearing a dark red overcoat. On both sides of his face were long, red tattooed stripes that looked like scars. Dr.Z instantly covered his behind and addressed his friend. "Ah, Seth, how are the repairs on the time machine coming?" He said, with a bit of nervousness that Seth saw his undies.

Seth looked indifferent and gave his report. "They're coming along, but I've discovered we're missing some parts. We'll have to have them delivered."

"How can we? We're stuck in a different time period." Rod asked the group.

"Yes, that is a good point." Dr. Z said, stroking his beard. He then began to change the topic. "More importantly, we need to find my dinosaur cards that got scattered all over the world when that time machine broke. None have appeared in the time we've been on this island, but they'll have to show up eventually."

As the doctor finished, he noticed something with his grandkids. Mainly that Laura was holding something in her hands, something that was his. "What's this I see?! Were you using this on Gigas earlier?!" He said as he pointed a finger at his granddaughter.

"What do you mean, Grandpa?" Laura asked trying to give off a cute look, causing both Gigas and Rod to sweatdrop as they knew she was busted.

Dr.Z snatched the device from her hands. "This isn't a toy! It's a complicated piece of equipment for doctors!" Just as he finished, the screen on the device started blinking red. "Huh? What's this?" He asked as he started pressing buttons, showing a map of the world with two blinking dots on Japan.

"It means a card's been found, Grandpa." Rod said, looking at the screen with the others.

Dr.Z had an evil smile on his face. "I knew it would work! Now let's go find that card!" He said. The fire in his mind returning once again.


Meanwhile, Max and his friends just arrived back at his house and were showing their discovery to his dad. "You're saying these are a real T-Rex and Triceratops, Max?" His das asked. His dad was known as Dr. Spike Taylor, a renowned paleontologist. He currently has his outfit of a red jacket over a brown shirt, some jeans, and an explorers hat on his head.

"Yeah. Chomp and Terry are totally real." Max said as he put a bandaid on his nose, since Chomp bit there a lot when naming them.

"Did you say Chomp and Terry?" His father asked with a curious look on his face.

"That's what we came up with since Bro here will chomp on anything he can get his teeth on. And Tyrannosaurs, like myself, are apparently terrifying to humans." The Tyrannosaurus, or Terry, said to the paleontologist. To prove his point he pointed at Chomp who was currently trying to bite the bench next to their house and the back porch.

This caused Spike to jump back a bit. "Did that thing just talk?!" He was positive he was starting to go mad, even when the kids nodded to assure his sanity. He then looked down at the capsules containing the three leftover cards. "So cards turned into dinosaurs. And what do these cards do?" He asked as he picked them up.

"I don't know, I found them alongside Chomp and Terry's cards. Don't you know what they are?" Max asked his father.

"Why are you asking me?" Spike asked back.

"'Cause you're an expert on dinosaurs, Dad." Max said with an 'are you joking' look on his face.

"Right, and I thought I knew just about everything." Dr. Taylor said getting up. "But this is the first instance of mini dinosaurs popping out of cards." He was going to use to word baby, but that seemed unlikely given Chomp and Terry can speak perfect English.

"Actually, it was full-sized ones." Rex corrected.

"Are you joking?! Where?! Where are they now?!" He said in a tone similar to when his son discovered they were alive. He grabbed Chomp and began to shake him. "Buddy, tell me everything you know! I need answers!" Everyone sweatdropped at this. Max's dad was about as silly a dad as they come.

Max grabbed Chomp from his father's grasp and pulled out the two stones. "You got to mess with these things and then they get big."

Spike grabbed one of the stones and turned the knob. "Nothing's happening." He declared. "Are you sure that's what did it?"

"Here, let me try." Max grabbed the stone from his father and began to turn the knobs on both. Soon, Chomp and Terry turned back into their cards and into Max's hand. He swiped them across the knob and soon, after a bright light, they reappeared in their true forms.

"Aah!" Everyone screamed in both excitement and horror, mostly excitement from Spike. This lasted for about a second before Max turned them back so they wouldn't step on anyone in the small space they were in. He slid the cards back into the small forms and everyone was able to get their hearts to slow down.

"This is a huge discovery!" Spike exclaimed. His expression then turned from one of excitement to one of concern. "But for now let's keep this our little secret." He put a finger to his lips and leaned towards the kids. "So mums the word. If news about this spreads it can create all sorts of pandemonium."

"Why? It's not like you haven't seen dinosaurs before." Chomp asked. The Triceratops currently was on his back, trying to get up on his feet. "Speaking of which, where are all the other dinos. I haven't seen we were freed."

Everyone immediately went pale. How do you tell someone that their entire race was dead? Zoe was the first to try. "Oh, um, well you see."

She didn't need to finish as the two dinosaurs silently looked at each other and quickly put two and two together and came to a dreadful conclusion. "We met extinction, didn't we?" Chomp said with a deadpan tone, deciding not to beat around the bush.

"H-how'd you know?" Rex asked, surprised they not only knew about the extinction, but didn't seem that upset by it.

"Can't remember exactly, but I believe some conspiracy theorists kept saying it would happen to us all and tried to save us." Terry explained while trying to lift his bro back up. "Help me out here, Bro." He groaned.

"Why do you call each other Bro?" Spike asked. "Aren't Triceratops and Tyrannosaurus natural enemies?" This was something the kids know now just realized. Why is it these two supposedly arch-enemies haven't tried killing each other yet?

The two dinosaurs just stared at them. "What are we, mindless beasts?" Terry asked. "Just cause some of us were predators doesn't mean we ate other dinosaurs as prey. Heck, we never hunted other dinosaurs. We hunted anything else." He explained.

The kids listened with interest while Spike wrote stuff down. He then looked up to ask them something. "That doesn't answer my question of why you two call yourselves brothers."

"We were apart of the same herd before some light turned us into the cards you found us in." Chomp said as Terry gave one last push to get him on his feet. Once back on his feet, the mini Triceratops shook the dirt off and began to bite the bench again. "What did you do to this wood? It lasts forever! I love it!"

Before anyone could ask any more questions, they were interrupted by a sweet voice calling out. "Time for breakfast." They turned and saw Max's mom, Aki, coming out with an apron on. "Zoe, I didn't know you were here." She said when she noticed the pink hair.

Max and the others immediately got nervous and hoped she didn't hear anything. "Uh, yeah, I just got here." Zoe said, trying and failing to not sound nervous.

Aki looked down and noticed the tiny dinosaurs. "Well now, who are these cute, little guys?" She asked as she petted Terry. Chomp went up to bite her, but was caught by Spike before he could make contact.

"That's Chomp and Terry." Max answered.

"They're both very unique looking dogs." She said.

This managed to calm them down as she thought the two dinosaurs were dogs, somehow. "Well, they both followed Max home. So, what do you say? Can we keep them?" Spike asked, trying to act all innocent.

Thankfully, Aki couldn't say no to the face her husband was making. She nodded. "That'll be fine." She said, but then added. "But you'll be the one taking care of them, Max."

"I will, Mom." He nodded.

Aki then began to walk back into the house. "OK, let's eat breakfast before it gets cold. Zoe, you're welcome to join us if you like."

As the group walked in, Max asked his dad. "Do we have to keep it a secret from Mom?"

"Yes, but only for a while." Spike whispered to his son.

"So, what's a dog?" Terry asked his ceratopsian brother.

"Hopefully something chewy." Was his response.

The Tyrannosaur in return only sweatdropped. "You really need to get over that obsession."


Back at the island: Seth, Dr.Z, Ed, and the man and woman from earlier looked at a digital map of the earth.

The woman, known as Ursula, was now wearing a red jumpsuit that had a hole around the naval, a burgundy-colored cloak, pink gloves that exposed her fingers, and red high heels. Her A-symbol was on a choker around her neck.

The man, known as Zander, had a simple dark brown trench coat, with the A-symbol on the left shoulder, over his light red t-shirt.

Seth currently was typing on the computer below the map. He then looked up to check the accuracy that the map had compared to what he got. "A pair of cards appeared about 1,500 miles north of here." He announced.

"Perfect." Dr.Z declared. "Alpha Gang, prepare to deploy for our first dinosaur roundup mission." The doctor announced to the trio. "Take Gigas and Maximus with you. You'll need some reptilian power to capture those dinosaurs." He said with a devious smirk on his face. "Now don't let me down!"

"You can count on us, sir." Ursula declared as she and the others saluted their leader.

"Alpha Team, out." Both Zander and Ed shouted together as they got ready for travel. They were heading for Japan.


Night fell over the city as Spike began to experiment on the stones he obtained from his son and friends. He was at a laboratory not too far from where the cards first landed. The laboratory was known as the D-Lab. It was mainly used by Spike and his friend, Zoe's older sister; Reese. She had blonde hair, glasses, a green shirt that was covered by her lab coat, and brown shorts. The D-Team decided to make this place their headquarters since their family were the only employees.

Right now, Spike and Reese were in the center of the lab, easily identified by a large object giving a glittering glow, working on decoding the chips.

"Accessing data and awaiting user input." An automated voice from the computer said. "Fossil reclamation currently in progress at station 2098."

Spike had his arms crossed as he looked at the large tv screen across from the computers. It was showing the blueprints of a handheld device that the stones were being inserted into. "Any updates on the translation devices, Reese?" He asked his partner as he turned around.

"Nothing yet. But hopefully, this unit will be able to decode whatever is in the chip on that stone." The blonde scientist said without looking away from her screen. "I need to ask, what makes you think it's the dinosaurs thoughts that are stored in the stones? What part of your research led you to that conclusion?"

Spike looked down at the four stones, which currently were plugged into the large, glowing... antenna? And began to monologue. "I'm glad you asked, Reese. I estimate these stones were created roughly sixty-five million years ago, roughly the time dinosaurs became extinct. My analysis shows they're admitting some form of consciousness. It would seem the dinosaurs minds were compressed into these tablets just as they were on the verge of extinction, and then embedded with chips for decoding purposes! I don't know who invented it, but the chip contains a system that turns dinosaurs into cards! Yet another Spike Taylor theory!" He claimed as he felt he was on fire.

He turned to Reese to see that she was still working on the devices and not even looking at him. "She's never impressed." He said to himself as he slumped over and sobbed to himself.


In the Pacific Ocean, the Alpha Gang was currently in a monster-like submarine, heading for the coast of Japan. A periscope raised up to check their surroundings. "Destination dead ahead." Ursula announced. She was currently sitting in the back of the three seats, in a short of leader position, while Zander and Ed operated from the front. On one of her armrests were the cards that contained Gigas and Maximus. "Prepare to surface." She declared as she retracted the periscope.

"Aye, aye, Captain." Zander and Ed declared as they pressed a button to raise the sub. And it was at this moment they knew, they fucked up.

Immediately as they surfaced, they were hit by a large cargo ship. "I didn't say to surface yet!" Ursula yelled as the sub began to fill up with water due to the large head being removed.

"Go thing this is just a rental!" Ed said, trying to lighten things up.

"Lucky for you! We put this thing on my credit card!" Zander yelled as the sub began to sink beneath the water.


The next day, Max decided to play with his two new "pet" dinosaurs. He currently was tossing a frisbee at them both, trying to get them to catch it.

"Alright, Terry, this one's for you!" Max announced as he tossed the frisbee at the tiny theropod, only for it to be caught by an interfering Chomp.

"Mine!" He yelled as he grabbed the device and began to chew on it.

"Chomp! Don't do that! You'll break it!" Max said as he and Terry chased the yellow dinosaur around trying to get the frisbee back.

From the sidelines, Rex and Zoe watched the trio have fun. Both couldn't help but feel jealous. "Max is lucky to have those guys, isn't he?" Zoe asked as she rested her head on her hands.

"Yeah, and they've all really bonded. I can tell they're all gonna be great friends, brothers even." Rex observed. He then looked as if he was in thought. "What is it that our stones are for? Is it the same purpose? If that's the case, why didn't they come with a matching card? Maybe they got separated." He thought to himself.

"What's in the water?" Said words broke Rex from his train of thought. He and Zoe walked over to the balcony that looked into the ocean. From there, a really large black shape could be seen.

"It's coming right for us!"

"What is it?!"

"I don't care! Let's get out of here!"

People immediately began to start to back way before running from the large object. Zoe put on her goggles to get a better look at the object. She couldn't make it out specifically, but judging by the way it was moving there was more than one.

Max also took notice of it and ran over to his friends. "What's going on?" He asked them.

"A pair of really large animals are heading this way." Zoe said as she raised the goggles from her head. "But I can't make out what it is."

"Maybe it's some really large fish?" Terry suggested.

Their answer was given when the water erupted. Out from the water came Gigas and Maximus, who gave loud roars to announce their entrances.

"Another Triceratops and Tyrannosaurus Rex?!" Rex shouted.

"That's impossible! They look almost nothing like us!" Terry yelled back.

With the Alpha Gang, Ursula and Zander had just resurfaced from the sub crash while holding onto some debris, gasping for air. "Aaah!" Zander looked up and checked his two bits of standing, curly hair. "And the hair still stands." He said smugly.

"Where's Gigas and Maximus?" Ursula asked as she looked around for the cards, starting to fear they went down with the sub and they'd have to take a risky dive to go after them.

"They're right over there." Zander pointed to the two dinosaurs attacking the town.

Ursula smiled as she realized they must have been called out when the sub crashed and were already at work. Just then, Ed cried out. "Help me! I don't know how to swim!" The short, chubby man struggled his way over to the board Zander and Ursula were using to support themselves.

"You idiot!" Ursula warned him. "Don't grab on! With your weight, it'll cause this thing to sink back into the wa-" She wasn't unable to finish as Ed grabbed onto the end and made the board sink to the water.

Back with the others, they watched as the two bizarre dinosaurs came out of the water, and they were looking right at them. Gigas mentally smirked to himself. "Looks like I got myself a little snack to go with my success."

"Your success?" Maximus interjected. "I'm clearly the faster of the two of us! I'll take care of this one."

As the two argued, the kids slowly slipped away, hoping they wouldn't notice. "I didn't know a T-Rex could swim. Did you, Terry?" Zoe whispered.

"Didn't do it often, but I could do it." Terry answered.

"Well, we should show later 'cause it looks like they're coming right for us!" Chomp yelled out as Gigas and Maximus finished their argument and began to advance towards them. "Run!" They all screamed as they ran away from the much larger, unfriendlier, dinosaurs that were now giving chase.

"Split up!" Terry announced. "They can't get all of us at once! The one they don't chase can call for help!" Trusting the predator's plan, the three began to run in different directions.

Of course, this didn't affect the dino's plan at all as Terry and Chomp stayed with Max due to their small legs. As the chase went on, Maximus plowed through anything in her path, causing tons of trees to end up toppling over.

Just then, Spike showed up carrying a large rod. "Oh, wow! New species of dinosaurs!" He said with a cheerful look on his face. "Dad!" Max ran past him, and his protective instincts went into play.

"Stand back!" He ran up to Gigas and announced. "Listen here, mister T-Rex! It's nice to meet you and your friend! A meeting 65 million years in the making! Now prepare to be snared!" He pressed a button and the rod turned into a butterfly net. He charged at the large theropod and swung the net at him. "I'm coming for ya!"

Needless to say, Gigas wasn't amused. The net hit, but only around his mouth. "Seriously?" He asked no one in particular before tearing the net to pieces.

"Needs work." Spike said to himself as Gigas went forward. The paleontologist ducked under him, but soon he noticed that he was not their chosen prey. "Max!" He called out to his son.

"Why do I get the feeling they're after me." Max thought as he ran into an ice cream shop. Needless to say, it ended with it getting smashed by a swing from Gigas' head.

Gigas lowered his head, drool starting to come out, as he prepared for his first kill. But Chomp and Terry were having none of that. They leapt off the group and began to bite the Tyrannosaurus.

"Leave him alone, you big bully!" Chomp said as he bit Gigas' nose while Terry went for the tail.

"Oh, I will. After I'm done with you!" He yelled as he swung his head around causing Chomp to fly off into a tree.

"Chomp!" Max and Terry yelled at the knocked out Triceratops. Gigas left Max and began to advance towards his target. But not before hitting his tail on the ground, knocking Terry off. The little Tyrannosaur rolled right over to a waiting Maximus, who picked him up with her beak.

"Congratulations!" She said with an obviously mocking, but cheerful tone. "You just won a date with Dr.Z."

With both his dinosaur friends in danger, Max didn't know what to do. What could a little kid do against giant dinosaurs?

"Max!" He turned and noticed his father holding a device. "Use this!" He tossed it towards his son like a boomerang.

Max caught the device and looked at it. It was a grey device: with a handle, many buttons, a screen, a knob on the back, and a slot with the same symbols as his stones. "What's this for?!" He asked.

"It's designed to work like your stones, but easier!" His dad explained. "You can use it to make Chomp and Terry bigger! Here, read the manual!" He tossed a really large book at Max's feet.

"Uh, I'll just trust you and read it later!" Max said as he began frantically pushing buttons. Soon Chomp and Terry vanished from the jaws of death and into cards in Max's hand. "Here we go!" He called out as he slashed both cards on the slot. In some sort of other dimension, lightning and fire began to come out of the slot as the screen showed a split image of lightning and fire. Then the two dinosaurs began to transform.

Chomp spun around in the air as his transformation began. First, his legs began to grow with lightning, then the horns on his head began to grow. Finally, his eyes flashed and the Triceratops spun around and roared.

Terry, on the other hand, remained on the ground for his transformation. Soon the ground underneath him erupted. First, his legs grew with fire, then his tail, and finally his large mouth with a fiery flash to his eyes. The Tyrannosaurus also spun around and roared to signal his finished transformation.

In the real world, the two dinosaurs landed after a bright glow of their respective stone colors came and went. They roared at the two attackers who only roared back.

Max, his dad, and friends looked around as the world's color changed. Everything looked like it was painted on. "What happened?" Spike asked. No one had an answer for that.

At the same time, the Alpha Gang managed to crawl out of the water. "I feel like a giant prune." Zander commented before they all heard four loud roars.

"Huh?" They looked around and noticed the change in scenery. "Gigas? Maximus?" Ursula asked, wondering their whereabouts now.

"Get out, now!" Chomp roared at the two attackers.

"How about instead you talk to my mouth!" Gigas roared as the battle began.

Chomp charged towards Gigas and knocked him back with his horns. At the same time, Terry attacked Maximus, who blocked his attacks with her horns.

The fighting made its way to the streets as cars stopped and began piling on each other so they don't get crushed by the fighting dinosaurs.

Eventually, Gigas found an opening and knocked Chomp back with his tail. Terry tried to help, but Maximus got in the way and tossed him with her horns. Gigas then grabbed one of Chomp's horns and tossed him into Terry.

Terry was able to get back up, only to be greeted by a charging Maximus. Chomp, on the other hand, couldn't get back up.

"Chomp!" Max cried out.

"Forget it, Max." Rex said grimly. "It's near impossible for a Triceratops to beat a T-Rex, much less one like him. And I doubt Terry can handle this type of Triceratops."

"So what now?" Zoe asked worryingly.

Max could only look down frustrated as Chomp was hit over and over again by Gigas' foot. Terry tried to get up and help him, but Maximus had him trapped with her foot on his neck, slowly increasing the pressure.

Suddenly, the screen on Max's device, showing pictures of the two cards, began blinking red. Max began pushing buttons, hoping for something to happen that could help them. Soon a pair of cards came out from the device, both having a symbol matching the dinosaur it had on the card.

"I don't know what those cards do, but I included them in your holder just in case." Spike explained. "Now seems like a good time to try them out."

Having no better ideas, Max grabbed the two cards. "Here goes nothing." He thought as he swiped both cards, praying they would work.

Soon enough, Chomp and Terry's bodies began to glow their respective colors of yellow and red, specifically their outlines while a large, pointy circle appeared on the ground directly around them. This caused the two attackers to get blinded and back off. Both of them got back up with their newfound strength and began to attack in the most amazing way possible.

Lightning clouds began to form around Chomp. Suddenly, a strike of lightning landed directly on him. Instead of damaging him, the electricity circled around his body. He began to charge at Gigas, the Tyrannosaur in too much shock to dodge. Lightning began running towards his front and formed a giant ball of electricity at the tips of his horns. Soon both the ball and Chomp collided with Gigas and sent him flying.

With Terry, fire began to form around his mouth as he began to wave his head around. Maximus stood ready for whatever attack came her way. What she didn't expect was the fire to erupt directly beneath her, sending her flying as well.

The kids could only watch the spectacles in amazement. This was something beyond their wildest imaginations. Both of the attackers landed near the dock they came in. Gigas struggled to get up, but soon he and Maximus both turned back into their cards. Once they were gone, the color began to return to normal. "Hehe." Chomp chuckled to himself as he felt weak and struggled to stay on his feet. He eventually collapsed and returned to his card as well.

Max noticed and ran to grab the card. "I gotcha." He said as he caught the card in his hands.

"Is he OK?" Zoe asked.

"Try a swipe." Rex suggested.

Max swiped the card the opposite way and Chomp came back out in his chibi-form. The tiny triceratops stumbled around a bit before Max caught him in his arms. "You all right, buddy?" Chomp responded by biting and chewing on his arm.

"Yeah, he's fine." Terry said as he limbed over to them. He then looked to where the two bizarre dinosaurs landed. "It seems they turned into cards, too." He thought to himself.

Just then, Ursula came and grabbed both of the dinosaurs' cards. "Who do you brats think you are, screwing up our very important mission?!" She yelled at the kids.

"My name's Max, but who are you?" He wasn't really intimidated by these guys, more curious.

"If you must know, we're the Alpha Gang!" Ursula declared.

"Imagine your worst nightmare!" Zander said striking a pose.

"Except you're wide awake!" Ed said striking a different pose.

The trio then began to announce their names.

"Oh, so Ursula!"

"Zantastic Zander!"

"Ed! I said."

"Do you guys understand any of that?" Max asked his friends.

"I think it's a threat, but I'm not sure." Rex answered.

"What is it you want with us anyway!?" Terry said as he got into an attacking position. These guys had to be behind the attack that just happened.

"Well, that's for us to know and for you brats to find out, isn't it." Ursula declared. She then pointed a finger at them accusingly. "But if you brats ever mess with us again you will find out! Let's go" she grabbed her two partners and dragged them away.

"Wow, she was weird." Chomp said, turning his head like a confused dog.

"Who? The old lady?" Zoe asked. This did not go unheard.

"Excuse me!?" Ursula said as she came back. "Did you just say, old lady!? I'm not old! I'm barely in my teens!"

"Oh, shut up!" Terry yelled as he gave a roar that sent the raging lady into the ocean. Zander and Ed didn't waste any time and jumped in after her.

After they left, Max turned to his dad. "So, Dad, what is this thing?"

"A Dino Holder." He explained.

"It's just like the stone?" Max asked as he examined the object.

"I bet it does a lot more than that." Rex theorized.

"That's right. The part that contains the stones is a translator. It can take the thoughts in the stones and put them into words like it does with the cards." Spike then reached into his bag and grabbed two more Dino Holders. "I also have ones for Rex and Zoe." He said as he handed them to the kids.

Suddenly, the screens began glowing as the kids were engulfed in a glow just like from the previous morning. The light also engulfed Chomp and Terry. Spike backed away a bit from the glowing kids and dinosaurs.

Unlike the last time, the kids now heard voices. All saying the same thing.

"Help us."

Next time on Dinosaur King

Spike: Is there a problem with your Dino Holders?

Dr. Owen: More cards have been found.

Rex: Carnotaurus!

Zoe: And a Parasaurolophus!

Dr.Z: How do you lose to children!

Max: You mean you can teleport us to where the dinosaurs are?

Zoe: This Spinosaurus is a lot smarter than you old lady!


A/N: At long last, my fanfiction has become a reality. This story started with the simple question of "What if Terry, Spiny, and Tank joined the D-Team?" And everything evolved from there. I plan on making this a two-season story, with a third season in a crossover. This story will mainly follow the first season of the anime with some alterations, but it will be very different during the second season.

One thing to know is that all of the dinosaurs will have names and personalities, that includes move card dinosaurs, so if anyone has any ideas for names tell me on the reviews or send me a PM.

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