Dinosaur in the Lamp

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It was a calm night in the Indian Royal Palace. In the princesses' bedroom, Meena was already fast asleep in her bed while Zahrah was sitting at her mirror, humming to herself as she finished the last touches of her hair. "Hmm-hmmmmmm-hmmmm-hmmmmmm." She hummed a familiar song from a childhood movie.

Outside of the princesses' room, guards stationed continued their regular patrols of the palace grounds. So far, nothing seemed out of the ordinary that night. However, that was soon to change. Directly outside the palace walls, silent activity was beginning to stir.

At one of the walls bordering the palace garden, a grappling hook suddenly was thrown up and latched itself onto the wall. The guard stationed there heard the noise and turned around to see what it was, but he failed to notice the hook holding onto the edge of the wall. "Meh." He shrugged and was about to assume it was his mind playing tricks on him and resumed his patrol before he actually saw more following suit. Naturally, the guard handled the situation like the professional he was trained to be. "We're under attack!" He screamed as he ran to warn the others.

The alarm was raised as several guards followed the one back to where he saw the hooks, which were still there when they arrived. They wasted no time in aiming their weapons down the other side of the wall. But when they looked to see how many there were, they were shocked to see none at all. "What?" One of the guards gasped with shock.

"There's no one there." Another guard said.

"Don't get careless, men. It has to be a diversion if some short." The highest-ranking guard present told the rest of the squad.

"How can that be?" Another one asked.

It took a few seconds, but eventually the realization of what they were dealing with hit them like Tank's tail did to Rasheed. "IT'S A DIVERSION!" One of the guards yelled in alarm.

"QUICK! IN THE PALACE NOW!" One barked orders to the others.

"SECURE EVERYTHING!" Another yelled to his allies as guards all over the palace were alerted and quickly ran inside the palace to protect the Royal Family.

Inside her room, Zahrah was still doing her hair when the balcony doors suddenly swung open from the outside. "Ah!" She gasped and quickly turned to see if anyone was there. There was none. "Must've been the wind." She said to herself as she got up and went to go close it.

But as she touched the door, she saw something through the glass. "Huh?" Squinting her eyes, it looked like there was somebody outside. "How did-?" She wondered aloud before she heard that someone speak from inside her room.

"Hello, Princess." An unsettling voice belonging to Zayid greeted Zahrah.

"Ah!" Zahrah gasped in surprise and quickly turned around to be met with a blindfold wrapped around her eyes. "LET ME G-MMMMMMH!" She tried to scream but was silenced by a gag wrapped around her mouth.

"Don't worry, Your Highness." Zayid 'soothed' her with a smile as unsettling as his voice while he hoisted her over his shoulders. "I'm sure Daddy will be more than willing to pay the ransom to see his precious daughter again." The dramatic way he said precious daughter only heightened Zahrah's fears to sky levels.

"Mmmmh! Mmmmmh mmmh mmmh!" Zahrah desperately struggled against her captor. But Zayid was too strong and the princess soon felt him moving, no doubt escaping the way he came.

Before he descended down the window, Zayid pulled out a small card (NOT a Dinosaur Card, mind you) And placed it on the floor. "Now, behave yourself, Princess, and this will be over a lot quicker and we'll all have our happy endings." He told her before descending down the rope attached to the grappling hook he used and slipped silently into the night, despite Zahrah's best attempts at escaping or alerting anyone for help.

Just after Zayid left, guards kicked the door down to the princesses' room. The barge woke up Meena as she raised her head with a yawn. "What's going on?" She asked while rubbing her eyes, unaware of what has transpired.

"Princess Meena, sorry to disturb you, but where is your sister?" The most senior guard asked.

"She should be right over-" Meena pointed in the direction of the mirror Zahrah was sitting at, doing her hair, just minutes ago. But all she saw as an empty seat and the reflections of nearby guards searching the room in the mirror. "Huh?"

"Sir!" One of the other guards shouted as he picked up the card Zayid left behind. "You need to see this!"

The senior guard took the card and read it. His face went pale as he did. "What is it? Where's my sister?" Meena asked in panic as she rushed out of bed to see what the guards found.

The guard said nothing and just handed her the card. The princess had a right to know what happened to her sister.

Meena took the card and gasped when she saw what it had on it. "My sister's been kidnapped!" She screamed in horror. "By the 39 Thieves!"

(Intro Theme)

It didn't take long for the news to spread like wildfire, appearing on almost every channel the next morning. Naturally, this unfortunate news also reached the D-Team as many members of the herd watched the news report from the D-Lab's large screen.

"After the abduction of Crown Princess Zahrah late last night, the Emperor of India has already mobilized a massive search party in hunting down her kidnappers, now positive to be the terrorist organization The 39 Thieves." The Anchorwoman reported. "While the deserts of Iran have been deemed their regular stomping ground, the exact location of their hideout is still unknown. Even more concerning is with their recent attack on the US capital, rumors have begun to spread about possible alliances with the Alpha Gang. For now, while we wait for further news, our thoughts are with the Royal Family, praying that their daughter will return to them safely."

As the broadcast finished, many of the dinosaurs watching started to talk amongst themselves. "Dear god."

"How awful."

"I hope she's OK."

"First London Bridge falls and now this!"

"Too soon, man. Literally too soon."

Above all the chatting, none seemed more concerned about the news than the three Dinosaur Kings and their partners. "Isn't there something we can do?" Zoe asked Max and Rex as they sat at a table doing their homework for the weekend.

"Yeah, we should find those bastards and show 'em what's what!" Max said with a slammed fist on the table.

Rex sighed as he looked at them with disappointment. Not at them, but at himself. "Guys, what can we do? Unless they're hiding her somewhere in Sanjo City, we don't even know where to look."

"They said that Iran would be the best place to look." Tank pointed out. "All we need to do is teleport there and stomp them dead!" She said with a slam from her tail for emphasis.

"I vote that plan." Terry said with a raised hand.

"We can't teleport over there." Rex reminded them. "Without a dinosaur in that location, the teleporter won't work."

"Then we just ask Spectre to give us a lift." Chomp suggested. "I don't know how fast their ship is, but it should get us to Iran in under twenty-four hours."

"Assuming that's where she is being kept." Ace pointed out, sharing Rex's unfortunate pessimism. "Even if we win that lottery, we'd have to search the whole desert for possible hideouts."

"And then there's the risk of those rumors of them being with the Alpha Gang being true." Rex brought up. "Because of their jamming systems, we have no way of safely getting to and from Zeta Point. And that would make it a perfect hiding place for the Thieves." He sighed as he looked down in disappointment.

"So, she's basically dead then?" Spiny blurted out.

"Spiny!" The others hissed at him. "Time and place, dude!" Max said with grit teeth. Unfortunately, as they all hated to admit it, the Spinosaurus wasn't that far off. Until, or dare say unless, the 39 Thieves give off a ransom of any kind, Zahrah was off the map.


Zahrah didn't know where they took her exactly. She found herself getting knocked out after Zayid took her over the palace walls, at least that's what she assumed happened given she was still blindfolded at the time. She only came to when she hit the hard ground after being tossed down a shaft like a large sac of junk. "Ugh." She groaned as she slowly got up and dusted herself. "Wh-what happened?" She wondered as her blurry vision slowly corrected itself.

Seeing more clearly, the princess found herself in what appeared to be a large cave. However, this cave seemed like something out of Aladdin with large piles of gold, rubies, and other treasures everywhere. "What is this place? Some kind of Cave of Wonders?" She said as she walked around. In any other circumstance, she'd be amazed at all the different treasures collected in one place. Instead, now she saw it as just a fancy prison cell.

"Assuming I wasn't taken by somebody else while out cold, this has to be someplace belonging to the Thieves. Possibly a hiding place for all the treasure they've stolen." She frowned at the thought that popped into her head from that statement. "Well, that's comforting to know they see me as such. Hopefully, I'm not forgotten like the rest of this stuff. Dying of starvation is not how I want to go out."

She continued walking around, taking in what she hoped was only her temporary living conditions. As she. neared one of the piles of treasure, one of the items on the top suddenly slid to the bottom. "Huh?" Turning around, the princess saw the item reach the bottom of the pile, bringing a few gold coins with it. "What's this?" Zahrah asked herself as she picked the object up and examined it.

"A gold oil lamp?" She said as she looked at it more closely before giving off a half-hearted chuckle. "Heh. Guess I'm not the only one who watched a lot of Aladdin." She joked to herself while rubbing the lamp. "Maybe if I rub it, the genie inside can free me. Ha, ha!" The princess laughed at the idea.

Unbeknownst to her, as well as the Thieves who took the lamp, there was something special inside. Not a genie, but a Dinosaur Card. And when a drop of water came down from one of the stalagmites and landed in the spout, a blue glow emerged from the lamp. "Wh-what's going on?!" Zahrah panicked, dropped the lamp, and fell down. "I was joking about the genie inside thing!" She exclaimed as she hastily backed away from the glow.

Out of the spout, the blue glow formed into a dinosaur. It was a large sauropod, among the largest encountered. Its top portion was a bright green mixed with large, white scales while its lower section, which was from the middle of the neck down, was a golden yellow. The nostrils on this one were on the nose. But the most special feature about this one was the neck. It was thicker than any other sauropod's. This dinosaur was an Isisaurus.

After appearing with a roar, the green sauropod looked around at his new surroundings. It was then that he looked in Zahrah's direction. The princess held her breath and silently hoped that he didn't see her. "Please don't come here. Please don't come here. Please don't come here." She pleaded in her head. But those pleas went unanswered as the Isisaurus raised a large foot and stomped it towards her. "Nooooo!" Zahrah screamed as she covered her face before the Isisaurus was basically on top of her.


Deep within Zeta Point, it was all quiet in a dark room before music started playing. From inside the room, an Apatosaurus stomped around, almost to the rhythm of the music before he spoke. Or rather, he sang.

Brontikens: For years I have waited and watched from the sides while others were given there dues.

Overlooked and forgotten, my words cast aside. I did what I needed to do.

(As he finished with a stomp, standing nearby, Gigas took over.)

Gigas: All my life I have learned that the world can be cruel. A game to which there are no rules.

Thieves are forgiven, and justice is blind. But this time the justice is mine!

(After the Tyrannosaurus snapped his jaws at the last line, no doubt thinking about Pyro and his pack, Armatus took the wheel.)

Armatus: The past is a story. It tells us all who we are.

It robs us of glory, and leaves us with nothing but scars.

(He finishes with a snarl at the memories of Ace always beating him. Brontikens resumes singing after this.)

Brontikens: All I ever wanted was a life that was rightfully mine! To never play second in line! A time to thrive, not just survive!

Gigas: All I ever needed was a moment to even the odds.

(Gigas sings briefly before Brontikens takes over again.)

Brontikens: With power to revel the gods! The stars aligned to my design! It's all I ever wanted!

The music came to an end as Maximus pressed a button on a recorder with her beak and shook off her headphones. "OK, boys. I think we're starting to get the hang of this."

"Starting to?" Armatus rhetorically asked. "Maximus, babe, we're basically ready for Broadway at this point." The Triceratops said nothing about the babe comment.

"Forget that, I'd say we go all the way to American Idol! We'd totally get to the finals with that!" Gigas interjected.

Brontikens just rolled his eyes. "Ignoring how both would be impossible given our relationship with the rest of the world, I would like a reminder in how singing is supposed to help us train, now." He said with annoyance in his voice.

"Mate, it's simple science. If we can sing together in sync, then we should be able to fight in sync next time we battle the D-Team." Armatus explained.

"I'm positive that this isn't a science." Brontikens pointed out.

"I don't know why you're complaining. You've got the sexiest voice out of all of us." Maximus said as she walked over to the three males.

"What?" Both Gigas and Armatus said at the same time before Gigas whined with jealousy. "C'mon! He's not that good."

"Considering the general population finds him to be the manliest dinosaur on Earth, I say otherwise." Maximus said smugly as the rolled out a newspaper that showed a poll of which dinosaur was the manliest. Somehow, even beating the likes of Terry and Chomp, Brontikens was number one. "Human girls seem to really like the edgy ones." She explained, taking delight in the fuming faces of the other makes present. Especially since they didn't even make the top twenty.

Brontikens just looked at the paper with less than mild interest. Sure, it was surprising to find out he had fans. But he knew better. These weren't actual supporters to his cause. Just idiots who don't understand how the world works or what he's been through.

This moment of bonding was cut short when a familiar scream of an old man rang throughout the whole lair. "URSULA!"

Three of the four dinosaurs present winced at the loud tone of the doctor's screech. "How does he still have lungs at this point?" Gigas asked anyone.

"The whole Alpha Gang have superhuman powers of survivability." Brontikens commented dryly.

"Regardless of how the old buzzard functions, I'm guessing by the tone that a new dinosaur has appeared somewhere." Maximus said.

"Oh, if that's the case then he's not gonna be happy when he finds out." Armatus said.

The other three dinosaurs looked at the Stegosaurus with confusion. "Find out what?" Gigas asked.

"I'd tell, but I think it'll be more informative to show y'all." Armatus said as he led them to the Alpha Gang's sleeping quarters.

When they arrived, the four reptiles stuck their heads through the open door to the trio's bedroom and saw Dr.Z arguing with Helga about something. "But, Helga!" The doctor whined like a little kid.

"But nothing, Doctor!" The android maid replied sternly. "They are not feeling well, und you will not be sending them out on any missions until they are feeling better!"

"Sick?" The dinosaurs, minus Armatus, thought as they looked towards the three beds and saw the trio were still lying in them, each looking like death had rolled over them at least a hundred times. "Oooh." Gigas, Maximus, and even Armatus winced when they saw the trio's condition.

"Now!" Helga's stern voice broke their distraction. The maid put a ladle into a bowl of soup she carted in and poured it into a bowl before. "If you are not going to help me, then take your vining elsewhere!"

Dr.Z knew better than to argue with Helga, so he got out of there quickly as Helga continued treating her patients. He walked right past the eavesdropping dinosaurs, not even paying them any heed of mind. Instead, he grabbed his Alpha Scanner and called up the one person he could trust. "Seth, I need you for a mission!"

"I'm afraid that won't be possible, Doctor." Seth replied from the engine room. "I'm on the verge of a major breakthrough and I can't be interrupted." Before the doctor could even ask what he meant, Seth had already hung up on him.

"Well, that's just peachy." Dr.Z grumbled as he put the Scanner away. "Now what? Ursula and those other two are sick, Seth's too busy, the 39 Thieves are off the grid, the Kunochi won't talk to me, and I refuse to let Ungaro go out unsupervised again." He said as he paced around in his laboratory. "What am I supposed to do?! Go after that dinosaur myself?!" He yelled to the ceiling.

"You could do that. Or you could try another team that's available." Brontikens spoke up, startling the doctor.

"Wha?!" Dr.Z jumped in place before turning around with an annoyed face and a hand on his heart. "Brontikens, don't give me a heart attack!" He scolded the sauropod before dusting himself off. "Now, what do you want?"

"Apologies." Brontikens said, but his eye roll said otherwise. "But as I was saying, why don't you just send your dinosaurs out to get this new one by themselves? You already have some eager volunteers." He gestured to the three other dinosaurs behind him with his tail.

While Gigas and his companions were surprised at this sudden recommendation, Dr.Z seemed taken aback. "Are you serious?!" He asked, thinking the Apatosaurus had gone crazy. "Why on Earth would I do that? You, I get. But those three." He gestured to the others with an open hand. "It's because of their poor battling that we have this numbers problem in the first place!"

Despite the outburst, Brontikens maintained his stone-cold expression. "I have personally been training them for several weeks. I'd say they've reached the point where they need to be tested against real opponents."

Dr.Z still remained skeptical, putting his hands together as he tried to find the right words. "Look, Brontikens, I'm saying this as your friend, but this won't work. They don't have the strength that the Clones have to handle the brats' dinosaurs. I'd say you barely have enough power at this rate compared to them."

Brontikens resisted the urge to make any form of response to that and just let the old doctor continue. "And that's not even the biggest part. I could just send Pyro and some of his pack to do it, but what happens if, and I cannot stress this anymore than I already am, what if, Shi forbid, the brats manage to defeat all of you? Because all I see happening is four of my dinosaurs, even if three are near useless, being taken prisoner and brainwashed by the enemy to be used against me!" He shouted for emphasis, also pointing at himself for the same effect.

"Wait, I thought we were the ones doing the brainwashing?" Gigas pointed out.

"I don't mean literally." Dr.Z scolded him before turning back to Brontikens. "So what's your genius plan to handle that problem?" He asked rhetorically. "Because I don't see how you're gonna fight and keep my cards out of the hands of those crummy kids."

"Same as how we will get to the location. An Alpha Droid will fly us there and stay on standby to retrieve our cards in the case of retreat." Brontikens explained his plan.

"Hmmm." Dr.Z put a hand to his chin and tapped his foot while in thought. Even if his main concern was taken care of, supposedly at least, he still wasn't very sure about this idea. "Damn it all! Why can't I ever have things go smoothly!" He mentally complained before he gave a sigh of defeat. "All right. You win. I'll let you four go and take your shot at this mission alone."


"All right!"

"That's what I'm talking about!" Gigas, Maximus, and Armatus respectively celebrated while Brontikens just looked pleased at the first part his plan working.

"HOWEVER!" Dr.Z cut off the celebration with a stern tone that could strike fear if it was by someone actually intimidating. "This is the last chance I am giving you four! If you don't come back here without that dinosaur card, you can forget about going on missions ever again!" He threatened them.

Despite the threat, Brontikens didn't seem the least bit worried. Instead, he just bowed his head respectfully. "Thank you, Doctor."

"Yeah, don't worry! We'll make sure that D-Team regrets even having-" Gigas' attempt at reassurance mixed with bragging was cut off when Dr.Z screamed at them.

"JUST GO ALREADY! It's somewhere in Iran!" Not needing to be told twice, the trio of revived fossils quickly bolted out of the lab.

Brontikens obviously was neither threatened or frightened and simply walked out at his own pace. As he went to go find an Alpha Droid to fly them to their destination, a voice that filled him with dread spoke up from behind him. "Well, isn't this an interesting turn of events?" Pyro said as he revealed himself.

Brontikens said nothing and continued on walking. He was hoping that Pyro would take a hint and buzz off like the pest he was. But the Acrocanthosaurus was more of a parasite and wouldn't be removed so easily. "I mean, who would've expected that you'd finally accept your weakness and get the help you need? Well, hmm, hmm!" The theropod paused to chuckle. "Maybe not the actual help you need, but it's a start."

"Unless you're planning on joining us then I don't have time for you." Brontikens growled back.

"As much as I'd love to, I'm afraid I can't. I have stuff I need to take care of here." Pyro told him. "Besides, we should be happy about this. You're finally starting to be honest with yourself."

Brontikens stopped. That last sentence reminded him of that dreaded Mashin-Kai they had. While he was gaining his confidence back, no doubt thanks to the support of his allies, not that he'd admit it, remembering that loss still stung like a scorpion. "I want you to understand something." He craned his neck back to look directly at Pyro. "I am not bringing a team with me because I cannot handle fighting the new dinosaur and the D-Team simultaneously. I am doing this as part of their training."

Pyro winced at the reply. "Oooooh. And you were doing so well." He sighed in defeat. "Honestly, now I'm worried you're biting off more than you can chew again. And you don't even chew your food." He said with feigned dismay.

"If I were you, I'd take my own advice then before you choke yourself to death." Brontikens warned before he went back to his assignment.

After he left, Pyro turned around and went to Dr.Z's laboratory, where the doctor was once again pacing around. "Oh, why is it I always drink so much iced tea when I'm stressed." He complained to himself, still not sure about the team he selected.

"Doctor." Pyro said to get his attention.

"Gah!" For the second time that day, Dr.Z jumped in place. "Pyro! Will you dinosaurs stop sneaking up on me?! My fragile heart can only be startled so much!" He scolded while trying to slow his heart down

"Whatever." Pyro didn't seem to care. "Just thought I'd inform you, since you hung up before he could explain, that Seth says that the propulsion device on level two has passed its preliminary test with a ninety-eight percent success rate. Should all go well, we should reach full power by the end of the day."

"Seriously?" Dr.Z asked. When he got a nod of confirmation, the old man leapt into the air with joy. "That's fantastic! Finally some good news today!" He celebrated before giving out his command. "Tell Seth to keep up the good work and go all the way!"

"Of course, Doctor." Pyro said with a bow as he left.

Once he was gone, Dr.Z couldn't help by squeal in excitement. "Eeeeeeeee! Finally, the Time Machine will be working again!"

What he didn't realize was that Seth was listening in on everything on a secret monitor he installed. "And with it will come big changes for the world." He said before turning his attention to another monitor, showing Brontikens and his team boarding an Alpha Craft. "In fact, I think it's time to really shake things up." He said with a smile. One of the moments he has been waiting for has arrived.


"Well, this is a coincidence." Spiny said as he and the rest of the D-Team gathered in front of the map, showing a dinosaur signal in Iran.

"Wouldn't be the first time." Ace pointed out.

"Well, those were more us in a different location rather than tempting fate." Paris said.

Rex sighed and shook his head. "Guys, I know you're all worried about Zahrah. Trust me, I am too. But there's still no guarantee that she's even in the area." He reminded everyone.

"And what if she is?" Zoe asked, starting to get a little annoyed with her friend's pessimism.

"Then we'd do everything in our power to make sure she gets home safely." Rex replied back, starting to get a little annoyed back.

Max could sense the growing tension between his two friends and decided he should step in before they have a repeat of the Antarctic incident. "Uh, guys? Maybe we should focus on saving the dinosaur before we engage in any side quests." He recommended with a sheepish smile as he got in between Rex and Zoe.

The two of them looked at each other and nodded. "You're right, Max." Rex said before turning to everyone else. "Let's move out and hope for good luck."

As the others went onto the teleporter, Zoe took one last look at the map and the blinking dot. "Don't worry, Menna. We'll find your sister and bring her home." She silently declared.


Once they were beamed to their location, the D-Team found themselves right in the middle of the desert, completely clueless as of what to do next. "You know, I'm just saying, maybe we should've come up with a plan first before teleporting ourselves to the middle of nowhere." Chomp said.

"Well, Bro, since you seem to be the one with the brains today, what should we do?" Terry asked him sarcastically.

The Triceratops glared at Terry in reply before accepting the challenge and looking in every direction. "Umm. Uuhhh. Ummmm. Uuuuuh." He stuttered as he tried to figure out a way to go. "I, uh, think we should, umm, gooooo-"

"Oh, forget it, Chomp." Zoe cut off his stalling as she looked at her Dino Holder. "No matter where we go, I can guarantee it'll be the wrong may somehow because this map is USELESS!" She screamed angrily, stomping her foot in the sand and looking like she was about to throw her Dino Holder.

"Yeah, what good is a map if it only tells us where other dinosaurs are, but not ourselves?" Spiny said with similar anger. Whether he actually shared those feelings or was just in the moment is not clear.

Rex was listening as he looked at his own Dino Holder for a possible landmark the dinosaur was by to start looking there when he perked up after hearing what Spiny said. "Wait, Spiny, say that again." He asked.

"What? The part about what good is a map if it only tells us where other dinosaurs are, but not ourselves?" The Spinosaurus asked, confused along with the others where Rex was going with that.

"That's it. That's it!" Rex said to himself before speaking to the others. "Spiny, you're a genius!"

"I'm sorry. I must already be going delusional in the three minutes we've been here, because it sounded like you just said Spiny is a genius." Tank said, rubbing her eyes to make sure she really wasn't going crazy.

"Yeah, how exactly is Spiny's complaining helping us?" Paris asked.

Seeing the confusion from the claim, Rex began his explanation. "The Dino Holders tell us where every active dinosaur is located, including our own."

Hearing that made Max and Zoe quickly catch onto Rex's thinking. "So all we have to do is summon our own dinosaurs to full-size and then we can use the signals coming from them to locate the new dinosaur!" Max exclaimed the rest of the plan.

"Exactly!" Rex said.

"Then what are we standing around for?!" Zoe rhetorically asked in excitement, already calling back Paris and Spiny. "Let's get summoning and start searching!" She said before swiping her cards and calling out Paris and Spiny in their full-size.

"Hehe." Max and Rex giggled at her enthusiasm, knowing her attitude had to be due to thinking Zahrah was also nearby. Deciding not to try reminding her about the facts, they quickly followed suit with their own dinosaurs.

With all of them now full-sized, the kids climbed onto their theropod partners and took out their Dino Holders. "Look at that!" Max said as his screen showed six extra dinosaur signals plus the new one. "Rex was right! With this method, we'll find the dinosaur in no time!"

"I told you." Rex smiled smugly while crossing his arms.

"Now let's go get that dinosaur. Forward charge!" Max shouted as Terry gave a loud roar before the dinosaurs ran forwards to where the dinosaur should be located.

At least until Zoe noticed something on her Dino Holder. "Uh, guys? We're running the wrong way." When she said that, the stampede came to a sudden halt. "The signal's coming from the other way." She pointed back the way they came.

"Uuuuuh." Max stuttered in embarrassment, blushing bright red, before he tapped Terry with his foot, the silent command to turn around. "Backwards charge!" He said as the advance continued.


It took them about ten minutes for them to get close enough to the dinosaur's location that their signals were covering the new one's. "Heads up, everyone!" Max shouted from upfront. "We should be right on top of it!"

"If that's the case then you should slow down!" Tank told him and she, Ace, Paris, and Spiny came to a stop.

"What're you talking abou-" Max started to say before Terry and Chomp, who weren't exactly paying attention to what was ahead of them, ran face-first into a mountain in front of them. And since the dinosaurs didn't slow down, Max found himself being flung into the wall. "Ooof!"

"Ooooh!" The others winced at the pain, especially at Max's as he slowly slid to the ground. "You okay, babe?" Zoe called out to him.

"Uuuuuuugh." Max groaned as he fell onto his back. "That really hurt my nose." He said nasally as he held onto his injured nostrils.

"Who puts up a wall in the middle of the desert!?" Chomp exclaimed angrily as he laid on the ground and rubbed his head, silently thankful his horns were angled at a point they weren't damaged by the crash.

Ignoring the trios' pain, Ace looked up at his rider. "Rex, what does the Dino Holder say?" He asked.

The blond king zoomed in as much as the device would allow, but the result wasn't the most helpful. "We're so close we're basically covering it, and I can't zoom in any further." He replied.

"If that's the case then I think it's safe to assume that the dinosaur is somewhere inside this mountain." Ace deduced.

"Then how do we get it?" Paris asked.

"Ahem!" Tank cleared her throat and slammed her tail on the ground to prove her point. "Stand back and watch the mistress at work." She said smugly. Quickly catching on, the others moved out of her way as the Saichania approached the hillside.

Giving a roar, Tank swung her tail at the part Terry and Chomp crashed into, as that section was most likely damaged after a collision like that, and made direct contact. But to everyone's surprise, instead of the wall cracking and falling apart, all they got was a loud clang and barely a dent. "What?!" Tank gasped loudly as she swung her tail at the mountain again, and again left little to no mark. "What the hell is going on here?!"

"What is that mountain made of?" Zoe asked, confused like everyone else why Tank was having trouble breaking it down.

Everyone, that is, except for Chomp. "Like I said, that's not just some mountainside. It's some kind of wall." The others looked at him like he was crazy and he huffed. "Hmph! I've charged into many things, I can tell when one is metal."

"He does have a point." Terry said as he recalled the feeling of the impact on his forehead. "That did feel more metallic than stone."

"So, you're saying that the mountain is fake?" Max asked as he got back up, still holding onto his nose.

"Hmmm." Ace wondered something and stepped back a bit. When he felt he was far enough, he looked at where Chomp and Terry crashed again. "Rex, you see what I see?" He asked the teen on his back.

"I do." Rex nodded before telling the others. "Seems this is more of a door than a wall."

"Huh?" The other members said in confusion.

"Come here." Rex gestured them over with a hand. When the others were standing beside him and Ace, he showed them what they couldn't see up close. "See the outline?" He said as he traced it with his finger.

"Oh, yeah. It's like a large door." Spiny said.

"That's because it is a large door." Tank groaned with an eye roll at him missing what they literally just established again. "Idiot."

"What do you suppose is on the other side?" Zoe wondered before her eyes lit up at a hopeful thought. "Could it be the 39 Thieves lair?"

"A hidden door in the middle of the desert they are known to hang out the most? I'd say it's too good to be a coincidence." Terry said.

"If that's the case, then it would possibly explain how the dinosaur got in there." Ace deduced.

"You think they put Zahrah in there, too?" Paris asked.

That question rose an alarm of excitement amongst the group. "If that is true then she could run right into the dinosaur while it's wild!" Zoe exclaimed. "We need to get in there!"

"How?! The door's too strong for me to smash down!" Tank pointed out.

"Don't worry, guys! I know how to handle doors like this!" Max said as he marched forward.

"Max, no." Rex groaned as he immediately knew what his friend was going to try and do. "That won't work a second time."

"Just watch me!" The brunet shot back as he stood in front of the massive door. Dramatically throwing his arms out, he shouted at the top of his lungs. "OPEN SESAME!"

For a few seconds, there was complete silence, except for the desert wind, before Chomp spoke up. "I don't think it worked."

"Told you." Rex dryly bragged.

Max looked surprised at this. "B-but how?! It worked before with the Alpha Gang. Why is it not working now!?" He stammered as he paced around, trying to figure out how his foolproof plan could have failed.

"Maybe because it's not a voice-activated password." Rex told him. "Look." Grabbing his friend by the shoulders, the blond king turned Max around and pointed to a little gray device mounted next to the door.

Zoe looked where Rex was pointing and zoomed in with her goggles. What the object was surprised her. "Is that a freaking garage door opener?"

"Yep." Rex replied, finding the discovery even stupider than Max's idea to get inside.

Terry decided to be the one to ask the question. "I'm sorry, how are these guys master terrorists again if THIS is how they guard their lairs!?" He practically roared.

"It's quite simple." Spiny told Terry, getting a little uncomfortably close to the Tyrannosaurus, much to his annoyance. "Everyone expects them to have some overly complicated security system that it is actually smarter to go with a simpler one that would never be considered for world-renowned terrorists." When he finished his explanation, everyone just stared at the Spinosaurus like he did something impossible. Which wouldn't be completely inaccurate to what just happened.

Spiny noticed their prolonged staring at him and cocked his head in confusion. "What? I can have moments of intellimegence. I have four IQ!" He bragged.

"Ugh." Tank just groaned. "Can one of you geniuses just open the damn door already?" She requested, half begging, Rex and Ace.

"I'll just assume you weren't being sarcastic with that." Ace said as he walked over to the opener, stood next to it, and lowered his head to Rex could flip over the lid and touch the keypad.

"Okay, if we go with Spiny's logic, something I never thought I'd say, then this shouldn't be too hard." Rex said in his head before he tried his first four-number code. "One-One-One-One." He typed it in, but nothing happened. "Okay. One-One-One-Two." Again, nothing. Now he was starting to get annoyed. "Errr! One-One-One-Three!" Third time wasn't the charm this time. "One-One-One-Four!" How do you think it went? "UGH! Stupid door!" He shouted in frustration, barely holding back the urge to punch the keypad.

"Rex, can you hurry up with the code already. We're burning daylight here!" Zoe said while impatiently tapping her foot with rapid speed.

"I have over six thousand combinations to try! Unless you know what the password is, don't rush me!" Rex yelled back in his frustration, slightly scaring Zoe.

"OK." She squeaked in response while Rex tried the next code.

"Ugh." Tank groaned again. "Zoe is still right about this taking forever." "Hey! Mr. Four IQ!" She said to Spiny. "Got any more wisdom you'd like to share with us?"

"Have you tried going backwards?" The Spinosaurus suggested. "Typically with this kind of security, the idea is that the intruder will tire themselves out with guesses before they're even halfway close to the correct passcode." He explained himself.

"Well, he's been right so far." Rex told himself before typing in a new code. "Nine-Nine-Nine-Nine."

Once he finished typing it in, they waited for something to happen. Suddenly, the ground began to shake as the door slowly lifted itself off the sand. "Whoa!" Max said as we wobbled in place from the shaking, grabbing onto Chomp's leg for stability.

After about a minute, the door reached the ceiling and stopped rising, giving the D-Team a massive entrance into the lair. "Whoa." Everyone said, this time in astonishment.

The exceptions were Tank and Max. One looking flapper gasped, the other looking impressed. "Seriously?! That's how it worked?!" Max exclaimed in shock.

Tank, on the other hand, turned to Spiny and gave him a look. "I have to say, babe. I never knew you could be a genius."

"I'm not a genius. They just expected to deal with the best, not the dumbest." Spiny replied before striking a pose. "And I'm the dumbest there's ever been!" He proudly declared.

"Don't give yourself too much credit." Tank said with a playful eye roll, knowing from experience Spiny was far from the dumbest being she's dealt with.

"All right, everyone." Rex said as Ace stepped in front of the group to give him some leverage as he used his 'King Voice'. "We have one, possibly two targets in that cave. Stick together in case there are traps in there." The other dinosaurs nodded in agreement while Max climbed onto Chomp this time. "Good. Now let's move out." He said as Ace led the march into the cave.


As they ventured deeper into the lair, they didn't find any bobby traps, but they did find it getting much darker. It was getting so dark that not only did the dinosaurs have to grab onto each other's tails so they couldn't risk getting lost, but also that Ace and Terry, the ones who could see best in the dark, could barely see in front of themselves and Max's visors barely lit up himself. "I swear I just had the battery in these replaced." Max said as he grabbed his visors and shook them in his hands, hoping that might increase the brightness in them.

"I doubt they would provide much help." Chomp told him. "It's so dark I wouldn't even see my feet if I looked down."

"If that is true, then how would the thieves navigate through this?" Zoe wondered, wearing her goggles to see if that might give her some night vision. It did not in this darkness.

All of a sudden, they heard a noise in the darkness that made them all tense in fear. "What was that!?" Paris exclaimed as she reared up in fright.

"Sorry, I kicked a rock." Ace admitted, a little embarrassed for getting worked up over something so minimal.

"Max, could you come up here. If you're in the front, we might have a better time seeing what's ahead of us." Rex requested.

"Not sure that will help much with these duds, but if you say so." Max complied as he climbed down Chomp's horns. But as he touched the ground, they all heard a loud stomp that rang throughout the cavern. "Uh, that wasn't me." The brunet said nervously.

"Can we pretend it was you?" Chomp asked with similar nervousness.

"Uh, guys? Either here comes the hallucinigations, or I see the light." Spiny said as he pointed forward.

Despite not being able to see him pointing, the others looked ahead and saw a tiny, bright light at the far end of the tunnel. But they also heard the faint, but unmistakable, roar of a dinosaur "There! That's where it is!" Terry excitedly said.

"Terry, did you not hear that roar?" Ace pointed out with caution. "Didn't exactly sound like that of a little sauropod."

"If that's the case then we need to move now before it possibly hurts Zahrah!" Zoe exclaimed with both fear and determination before she kicked Spiny like a rider does to a horse to get it moving. "Heyah!"

Spiny reared up like a horse and roared before he ran forward. "I guess Zoe's leading the charge now." Max said as he turned around to climb on Chomp again.

"And she's probably going to need backup!" Paris said as she quickly followed after them.

"Paris, wait up!" Chomp called out to her as he picked up Max in his beak, since he hadn't climbed onto him yet, and ran after her.

"Chomp, wait!" Max tried to get him to stop, but the Triceratops was too worried about his lover's safety to hear him.

"Charge!" Terry roared for the fun of it as he, Ace, and Tank joined in the advance.

The six dinosaurs ran down the tunnel towards the light at the end, not even concerned anymore about the possibility of traps. Even Zoe and Rex forgot about their original caution, more focused on stopping a potential tragedy from occurring. Only Max had other thoughts, but they weren't about what was ahead. "I'm gonna throw up! Gonna throw up! Gonna throw up! Gonna throw up!" He yelled as he was swung back and forth by Chomp's running.

Eventually, everyone caught up with each other and they all exited the tunnel at the same time. And greeting them on the other side was the Isisaurus. "Whoa!" Terry said as he and the other dinosaurs skid to a halt.

Unfortunately for Max, that was when Chomp let go of him mid-swing and he found himself getting thrown across the room and directly into the green sauropod's front leg. "Oooooff!" He groaned at the second time he was slammed face-first into a large object that day. "Can we please skip the rule of three with this joke?" He asked the universe as he fell on his back again.

'Damn, boy! He thick!" Spiny made an obvious meme in reference to the Isisaur's neck.

"That wouldn't be inaccurate." Zoe said as she gawked at the new dinosaur. "That's an Isisaurus!"

"You can tell by his thick neck." Tank added.

"That's what she said!" Spiny blurted out.

That resulted in a club tail to the face. "Shut up, Spiny!" The annoyed owner of the tail told him.

"Ugh." Max groaned as he sat back up while rubbing his head. "I'm sorry, it's what?"

"Extra thic-" Spiny attempted to meme again before Tank's tail cut him off.

"No." Tank stated flatly.

"Huh?" Opening his eyes, Max saw the green leg he crashed into. He continued following it up, going past the body and neck, until his gaze landed on the sauropod's head looking down directly at him. After taking a minute to process what he was looking at, the brunet let out a loud scream. "AAAAAAHHH!" He scrambled to his feet, or at least attempted to, and ran to hide behind Terry's leg. "Terry, quick! Do something!" He commanded his shield.

"Like what?" The Tyrannosaurus asked.

"Ummmm." In the adrenaline of the moment, Max's on the feet thinking was temporarily offline.

Seeing as her boyfriend was slightly out of it, Zoe decided to take charge again. "Simple, Terry. Help Spiny take down this Isisaurus so we can save Zahrah!" She instructed before she and Rex hopped off their mounts.

"Pretty simple commands. But still effective." Terry said before he gave a roar at the Isisaurus, who roared in return. The colors of a Battlefield painted the cave as the others moved out of the way to give Terry room. "This won't be easy in such tight quarters." Terry told himself. "If I'm too reckless it could cause a cave in and trap us all. Still." He eyed his opponent, who was getting into a defensive stance. "He's not in much of a better position in these circumstances."

With another roar as the signal, Terry charged forward to begin the battle. The Isisaurus tensed, looking like it possibly was about to use a neck swing. But before either dinosaur could land a hit, a familiar voice cried out. "WAIT!"

Hearing the authoritative tone of the voice, Terry slid to a sudden halt, just barely not crashing into the Isisaurus. "Huh?" He wondered alongside the rest of the D-Team who said that.

"Please, don't fight Genie. He's just protecting me." The voice, clearly female, said again.

"Protecting?" The D-Team said in surprise unison before Zoe recognized the voice. "Wait a minute. I know that voice!"

Easing slightly, while still keeping his guard up, the Isisaurus moved his right hindleg out of the way to reveal a woman behind it. Stepping out of the shadows, the woman revealed herself to be Zahrah. "Princess Zahrah!" They exclaimed.

"You're okay!" Zoe said.

"But how?" Paris asked.

"After the thieves kidnapped me, they dropped me in this cave." The princess explained, gesturing to the cave they were in.

It was only now the D-Team finally noticed all the treasure in the room. "Oh, my goodness." Chomp gasped at all the treasure.

"Some people clearly watch way too much Aladdin." Rex said jokingly.

"Hmm, hmm!" Zahrah giggled at the blond's comment. "That's exactly what I said."

"OK, that explains why you're here. But what about the dino?" Tank asked, pointing to the Isisaurus with her tail.

"I don't know how, but when I picked up this lamp." She pulled out the oil lamp she found earlier. "A blue glow started to come out of it, and before I could ask what was going on Genie was standing right in front of me." She said as she started to recall the events that led to this moment.

After appearing with a roar, the green sauropod looked around at his new surroundings. It was then that he looked in Zahrah's direction. The princess held her breath and silently hoped that he didn't see her. "Please don't come here. Please don't come here. Please don't come here." She pleaded in her head. But those pleas went unanswered as the Isisaurus raised a large foot and stomped it towards her. "Nooooo!" Zahrah screamed as she covered her face before the Isisaurus was basically on top of her.

"I thought he was going to attack me." Zahrah narrated over the flashback.

She heard and felt a loud thump on the ground, but surprisingly no weight crushing her into jelly. "Huh?" Opening her eyes, Zahrah heard the sound of something slurping and looked to see the Isisaurus drinking from a small pond.

"But instead, it seemed he was more interested in filling his belly."

Seeing that the sauropod was occupied with drinking, Zahrah decided to do something either really brave or really stupid. She slowly approached the dinosaur, careful not to accidentally scare him. 'Uh, hello?" She said softly as she approached him.

"I don't know why I decided to try talking to him. I guess I just sensed this calming, peaceful atmosphere around him.

The Isisaurus finished his drink and turned his neck around to see the nervous princess slowly walking towards him. "I...guess I should welcome you to the Twenty-First Century. I am Princess Zahrah of India." She introduced herself with a bow. "Since you're a dinosaur, I'm assuming you don't have a real name of your own." She could have sworn she saw the titanosaur nod his head in agreement. "I guess I can give you one now if you want." The dark-haired princess put a finger to her chin and thought for a possible name to call her new dinosaur friend, assuming he saw her as one. "Well." She looked back at the lamp from which his card emerged from and got an idea. "Ah! I got it! Since you came from the lamp like a genie, how about I call you Genie?" She suggested.

Her response was the Isisaurus roaring in happiness, stomping his feet on the ground in excitement. "Wh-whoa!" Zahrah stumbled from the mini earthquakes. "Ha, ha! I guess you approve!" She said with a laugh. Genie's response was to give her face a lick. "Aw, hehe!" She giggled at the ticklish feeling.

A little bit later, Zahrah was riding down Genie's back like a slide. "Wheee! Hahahaha!" She laughed as Genie lifted the tip of his tail up slightly to give her a small fling as she finished.

"Since then we've mainly been playing together or talking about whatever came to our minds." Zahrah finished her story before quickly adding. "Well, I was doing most of the talking. Genie mainly responded the best he could."

"Well, at least we know he's friendly right off the bat." Max said with relief after he emerged from his hiding spot as the Battlefield colors disappeared and the only light now came from all the gold in the cave.

"That still raises one question. If you have a friend in the Isisaurus, why didn't you use him to break yourself out of here?" Tank asked.

"Because unlike you, I don't know where I am. If we did leave, we could have gotten lost and been worse off than if we had remained here." Zahrah explained. "Not to mention, I knew that sooner or later you would have come here looking for Genie." She pointed out. "So I decided to wait here for you to come rescue me."

"And your wishes have been granted." Rex said with a small smile at his joke.

"Ah! I see what you did there." Spiny blurted before explaining the joke. "It's because the Isisaur's name is Genie, and genies grant wishes."

"Okay, so now what?" Chomp asked.

"Isn't it obvious, Bro? We bring Zahrah back to India and take Genie's card back home with us." Terry replied.

"You seem to be forgetting one important detail there, Terry." Ace interjected.

"What?" Terry said in confusion. "How? It's simple."

"You forgot that Zahrah can't teleport with us." Rex said. "Reese said it herself when we first tried it. Only those with a dinosaur and a stone can be transported."

"Well, we have the stones with us right now." Max said. "And I'd say Genie counts as a dinosaur." He added jokingly.

"Max has a point." Chomp said. "We can just let Zahrah hold the Water Stone temporarily and then she should teleport back with us."

"And if that doesn't work, then she'd be even more lost than she already was since now we wouldn't have a dinosaur to teleport to." Zoe pointed out. "Besides, remember what Reese also said when we first found the stones? They chose us. That's why they glowed when we picked them up. I don't think just giving someone a stone would be enough for them to teleport."

"Zoe's right." Ace said. "We're going to have to bring back Zahrah the long way."

"How?" Tank asked while Max began pushing buttons on his Dino Holder. "We barely know where we are, and who knows how close the nearest town or city is? Much less one with an airport!"

"About an hour or two from here." Max spoke up while still looking at his Dino Holder. The others just stared at the brunet, while he looked confused at their confusion. "What? Says so right here." He showed them the screen of his Dino Holder, which had Google Maps pulled up, showing a course from their current location to the nearest airport.

That only raised more questions. "How do you have the internet?" A bewildered Rex asked.

"You guys didn't know we could use the Dino Holders to access the internet?" Max asked in return. When the rest of the D-Team shook their heads in reply, he gave a quick explanation. "Yeah, I didn't believe it myself at first. But apparently, the stones act as their own personal routers and that's how I can have internet access anywhere I go."

"And you didn't bother to tell us?!" Rex and Zoe yelled at him simultaneously, making Max shrink at their tone.

"I thought you already knew." He squeaked out.

"Ugh." Both of the older kings groaned with facepalms and eye rolls.

"Regardless, now we should have a way to take me home. Right?" Zahrah asked with a hopeful smile.

"I would say so. The people at the airport should be more than willing to help out the Princess of India and the D-Team." Rex said.

He barely had time to react before he was pulled into a massive hug from Zahrah. "Oh, thank you! Thank you, Rex!" She cried happily while nuzzling his blond hair.

Rex blushed at the contact and struggled to regain his composure. "D-don't thank me!" He stammered. "It was Max and Zoe who-"

"Followed his lead!" Zoe quickly cut him off.

Max simply nodded and said out loud. "Uh-huh! Uh-huh!"

Rex looked at his friends, confused by why they decided to let him get all the credit when he was doubting they'd even find Zahrah at all. "What's up with those two?" He thought that they'd prefer to be seen as his equals rather than his seconds. That's why he made them kings alongside him in the first place.

The dinosaurs caught onto what was going on immediately, and Tank gave Zahrah a wary look. "And the test begins." She said to herself.

"So." Chomp spoke up. "Should we get going then?" He suggested as he turned around to start back the way they came.

"Wait!" Zoe suddenly cried out.

"What is it?" Paris asked.

"Look at all this treasure!" The pinkette gestured to all the gold around them. "Shouldn't we take it with us?"

Aside from Genie, everybody fell over at her suggestion. "OOOOOHHH!"

"Seriously?!" Terry yelled at her.

Zoe frowned at their disapproval of her idea. "What? We could use the money to-" She tried to explain herself.

But Max knows what his girlfriend's real plan was. "You wouldn't give a penny away if it was in this cave." He called her out on her nonsense.

"Besides, we have no way of carrying it all." Zahrah added.

"Oh, fine." Zoe pouted before she mounted Paris. But not before she gave a devious smile and grabbed some treasure from the nearest pile and put it in her pocket. "Don't say anything." She hissed at the hadrosaur she was riding, who just shrugged in reply.


Going back the way they came was mostly easier than before since there wasn't a fear of setting off traps this time. The only real problem was Genie's back kept rubbing against the ceiling, even with him crouched down, and that made an annoying noise that sometimes was feared to be the start of a possible cave-in.

They eventually made it to the door without any problems. But when they did reach it, that was when complications started to appear. "Oh, come on!" Tank groaned as they approached the now-closed door.

"Was nobody checking to make sure it didn't close on the way out?" Spiny asked.

"Shut up, Spiny." Tank grumbled in reply.

"Don't worry. We can just use the opener again." Ace assured them.

"You mean the opener on the outside?" Tank pointed out.

"No, the one they obviously have in here so they can open the door when they leave." Ace rebutted.

Max looked around with his visors, but did not find any devices on the wall. "Yeah, I'm not finding anything." He told the others as he even checked the ceiling and floor.

"What?!" The others exclaimed at this fact before Ace said. "How does that make any sense?! How would they get out?"

Everyone then turned to look at Spiny, who just looked confused at the attention. "What? They clearly idiot-proofed the place by having a different way out in case someone figured the way in." He told them.

"Well, that's just reassuring." Zoe muttered bitterly. "How are we going to get out now?"

"I guess we'll just have to do it the old-fashioned way!" Max declared.

"Max, no!" Rex warned him, but was too late as his friend gave the command.

"Charge!" The brunet king yelled before Chomp and Terry charged forward. But in their excitement, they forgot two important things. One; ramming into the door didn't do anything as they soon found out again by new headaches from impact. And two; Max was still riding Chomp and was sitting on the horns when that happened so he got smashed into the door again. "AAAAAH! OOOOOFFFF!" He screamed as he experienced what should hopefully be the last time that joke is played today.

"Oooooooh." The others winced again as Max once again slid down to the floor.

"I tried to warn you." Rex told him with a disappointed tone.

"We noticed." Max's team groaned simultaneously as they rubbed their head wounds.

Genie watched the whole thing and rumbled something to Tank. "We already tried using my tail. The door is too thick." She told him.

"Like your neck." Spiny added.

Hearing this, the Isisaurus decided to take matters into his own hands. Once again he rumbled something to the other dinosaurs. "OK. You can give it a shot. But I doubt you can do much in these cramped quarters." Terry said as he and Chomp got out of the way, dragging Max with his tail.

Genie said nothing and instead started to glow blue as he activated his Move Card. "Aaah!" The teens gasped at seeing a Move they had never seen before being used.

A large blade of water appeared in front of Genie. Using his head, the Isisaurus swung the blade at the door. The blade spun around until it sliced clean through the metal door like it was paper. "Whoa!" Everyone gasped this time at how the Move was used. "Hydro Cutter." Ace identified the Move.

After repeating the process again, Genie walked forward and gently nudged the door with his head. The part he nudged slowly began to tilt with a loud creek until it collapsed on the sand outside. Immediately the bright light of the sun filled the cave. Seeing his work done, Genie stepped aside and allowed the others to exit. And having spent hours in those caves, you bet they were ecstatic to finally be out of there. "FREEDOM!" Everyone sans Rex and Ace, who just smiled at the enthusiasm, shouted with joy as they ran out as fast as they could.

"Finally out of that Seikatsu forsaken cave!" Max cheered as he fell on his butt in relief.

"I was beginning to think I'd never see the sun again! Hahahaha!" Zahrah laughed as he couldn't help but twirl like a little girl at her freedom.

"Hehe." Rex chuckled at the princess's actions before turning to the Isisaurus next to him and Ace. "OK, Genie. Thanks for your help. We can handle the rest from here."

"Rex is right. You can return to your card now and we'll make sure Zahrah gets home safely." Ace said. They hoped their reassurance would get the Isisaurus to comply with their request, but instead he just shook his head. "Huh? What do you mean no?" Ace asked.

"What's going on?" Terry asked as the others stopped their celebrating and walked over to the trio at the entrance.

"Genie refuses to return to his card." Ace informed them all.

"Why not?" Paris asked.

"Genie, if I have to fight you in order for you to come back with us I will." Terry warned him.

Zahrah quickly stepped in front of Terry and Genie lowered his head so she could pet his snout. "My friend, why do you insist on still being out here?"

Genie gave a low rumble in reply. Before any of the dinosaurs could translate, the three kings were enveloped in a blue glow. "Please understand that I do not wish to leave just yet." A male voice told them.

"Uh, what's going on, guys?" Max asked his friends.

"Your guess is as good as mine, Max." Rex replied.

"Wait a minute. This happened before." Zoe said as she recalled experiencing something similar in the Swiss Alps with Mia. "I think Genie's talking to us."

"I want to help Zahrah return home. After she has safely returned, I will go with you to where you wish." Genie's voice told them before the glowing ended.

"Wow." Was all Max could say once it was over. "Haven't experienced that in a long time. Probably not in years."

"We've been doing this for a year-and-a-half, Max." Terry told him.

"Well, it feels more like five years." Was the brunet's reply.

"Ahem!" Zahrah cleared her voice to get everyone's attention. "Sorry to interrupt, but we have an airport to get to."

"Zahrah's right. We should start moving now before it gets dark." Rex told them before Genie suddenly picked him up by the shirt. "Wh-whoa! Genie, what are you doing!?" Rex asked in surprise before the Isisaurus placed him gently on his back and gave a low rumble.

"He's saying that he'll take you guys to the airport while we rest in our cards." Ace translated.

"Oh, come on. We're not that tired." Tank tried to protest.

"I call shotgun!" Max yelled out suddenly as he tried to climb the legs to reach Genie's high-up head. Emphasis on tried as climbing a sauropod's legs was not like climbing a tree. "Egh! EGH!" He grunted as he struggled to get a grip before he found Genie picking him up. "Oh, thanks, Genie." He said with a red face as the Isisaurus just gave what he assumed was a 'No Problem' and placed Max on his head since he knew where the airport was.

"I mean if no one's rejecting." Zoe said before Genie picked her up next. Once all three teens were on Genie's back, they recalled their dinosaurs and brought them back out in chibi-form.

For Zahrah, Genie lowered his head to her level and motioned for her to climb on. "Thank you, my friend." She said to him before climbing onto his forehead alongside Max and his team.

"Guess we'll both be riding first class." Max joked as he playfully nudged the princess.

"Actually just you." Zahrah said before he slid down Genie's neck to join the others on his back. "Wheee!"

"Huh?" Max wondered why she would decline riding up front until she saw who she collided with at the bottom. "Ooooh." He said in realization with a small smile as she collided with Rex.

"Clever girl." Chomp said while Terry nodded in agreement, also catching onto Zahrah's crush.

O"kay, Genie!" Max told the Isisaurus as he checked the map on his Dino Holder. "Straight ahead!" He declared while pointing forward for emphasis. With a small roar acting like a train whistle, the Isisaurus Express started to make its way to the airport.

But what no one realized was that everything that happened in the cave was recorded by hidden cameras. And those cameras also picked up the sound of what was being said. So whoever was watching could hear everything.


And the one who heard everything was Brontikens and his colleagues, having watched the entire event in the cave from a monitor in the Alpha Craft. "Well, I'll be damned. You were right, Brontikens. The dinosaur was with the princess." Gigas said.

"And now they're with the D-Team. So we lost before we even started." Maximus grumbled bitterly. "That has to be a new low."

"I wouldn't go by that." Brontikens told her before gesturing his head to the map showing the signal Genie was omitting. "If they had taken this Genie already, then we wouldn't still be getting his signal."

"Huh, that is weird." Gigas commented while Armatus nodded in agreement.

Maximus still needed some convincing. "So what? Knowing Dr.Z, it's probably just his ineptitude for inventions finally catching up and the signal is lagging or something."

"Except it was the Ancient Brothers who made the scanning technology." Brontikens told her with a stern look. "The Doctor just fed off their success like the parasite that he is."

"That checks out." Armatus said before asking another question. "So what's the plan then, Boss? Ah would assume we use the signal to track down those varmints and give them the ol' one-two!" He swung his tail for emphasis, nearly hitting Gigas and Maximus.

"Watch it!" Gigas snarled at him.

"Save it for the brats." Maximus added with an angry tone that embarrassed the Stegosaurus.

"Sorry, mates." He apologized.

"That won't be necessary when we know exactly where they are headed." Brontikens informed them. "Instead of wasting our time searching for them in the desert, we'll wait for them to come to us."

"Aah." The three dinosaurs said in realization of the plan. "Well, if we crunch the numbers, then I'd say our chances for victory would be 3.333- repeating of course." Maximus said.

"Huh. That's a lot better than we normally do." Gigas pointed out.

This realization only got Armatus more excited. "All right, mates, let's do this!" He shouted as he excitedly swung his tail around again. "LEEEERRRRROOOOO-"

"Armatus." Brontikens said sternly, making the Stegosaurus stop mid-meme and lower his tail to the floor in shame.

"But what about the princess?" Gigas asked.

"What about her?" Brontikens asked back. "She is not of any importance to us, and frankly would be better off back in India than involved with our affairs."

"Guess that makes sense. If we kept her, that would just give the Indian Government a major reason to invade us." Maximus said.

"Precisely." Brontikens nodded. "We don't need the rest of the world's nations getting involved. At least, not until after I've become King." The Apatosaurus then turned to the Droid piloting the craft. "Fly us southwest, ten miles, and then land in the outskirts of the city." He instructed the robot.

"Orders confirmed." The Droid replied and began to do as instructed.

As the Alpha Craft flew to its intended destination, the dinosaurs inside decided they needed to talk strategy. "So, what should we do when Terry and the others show up?" Gigas asked.

"Just leave Thick Thighs to me." Maximus said confidently.

"Sheila, wasn't the whole point of our training to be to work together as a team?" Armatus reminded her. "I mean, I want to get back at Ace more than anything. But shouldn't we put aside personal grudges when we don't have such major losing steaks? Remember what the Doc told us?"

"That he'd lock us up and use us as slave labor? Yeah, I remember." The Triceratops replied.

"Didn't he just say-" A confused Gigas started to ask before Maximus, already knowing what he was going to say, cut him off.

"It's heavily implied he'd do something like that." She told him before getting back to her original point. "Besides, it's not like we aren't doing this to get back at them for all the humiliation they've given us over the course of this whole fucking war. Right, Brontikens?"

Surprised, though he didn't show it, by her question, the sauropod started to get into thought about what Pyro said earlier. "I do not need these three to help me get to where I am destined. I have said many times that I can and will crush all in my path."

"But can you really?" Pyro's voice said in his head.

Brontikens' eyes widened as he looked around for the Acrocanthosaurus, possibly having stowed away. Instead, all he saw was the confused looks of his teammates. "Brontikens, am I right? We are doing this for revenge." Maximus requested him to respond.

Shaking his head to clear his thoughts, the Apatosaurus looked out the window as the Alpha Craft slowly started to descend. "This plan goes against everything my philosophy tells me." He thought to himself. "Still." He turned and looked back at the trio behind him, remembering how they fought in their gaming session. "These three need something to do with their sad lives."

"Our mission is to get the Isisaurus Card. There are no priorities above that." He told his team as the craft landed and the door opened. "That being said." He said as he turned around and started to disembark alongside the others. "It would be beneficial to see just how much we've improved over our rivals. So let's try not take that away from our partners as we fight."


At Zeta Point, Dr.Z was walking down the halls in a rather chipper mood after hearing the good news throughout the day. "Finally, I have waited so long for this moment." He said to himself with a big smile. "And, if the power of fear works on those cowards, I'll finally have a new Dinosaur Card. Eeeeee!" He squealed with joy.

However, that joy was put to a sudden halt when he heard the common, but always unwelcome, sound of something breaking. Wincing from the noise, the doctor noticed that the destruction came from his main laboratory. "Oh, what now?" He muttered angrily as he marched over to inspect the damage. "I swear if Ursula and those two buffoons somehow found a way to fuck things up while being bedridden I am going toooooooo-" Dr.Z's threat was cut off when he entered the room and saw what had happened.

In the room were Thud and Yeager, standing over the Alpha Controller that had been completely destroyed by rocks and the Ankylosaur's club tail. "WHAT THE FUCK!? WHAT DID YOU IDIOTS DO!?"

"Uh-" Thud was about to say before Yeager stepped in front of him to do the talking.

"We were simply getting rid of useless inventions to use their materials for something more productive." Yeager told the old man.

"That's what we call recycling." Thud butted in.

"Egegegegegegege!" Hearing this, Dr.Z started twitching, making weird noises like a crazy person through grit teeth before something audible flew out. "Useless!? That Alpha Controller was the only thing that was allowing us to have control over the other dinosaurs!" He screamed at the Megalosaurus clone.

"Yeah, with an easily destroyable ball circling the dinosaur every few minutes. And that's not even including the annoying repetition of 'Eliminate' or 'Destroy' that those drones kept saying." Yeager calmly retorted as she turned around and used Zero G Throw to pick up the machine parts and left with them, only stopping to turn around to grab Thud with her mouth and drag him by the tail. "Come on." She grumbled at the distracted clone.

"Hey! Don't leave while I'm scolding you!" Dr.Z yelled at her, but got zero reply as she was already gone.

"Calm yourself, Doctor." The Professor assured him as he and Sharphorn entered the room. "Seth's new invention will allow us to have control over dinosaurs in a much more effective manner."

"New invention?" Dr.Z repeated with confusion before starting to ask some questions. "What do you mean by that? Why wasn't I notified about any of this? Where even is Seth? He should have told me his plan before going forward with destroying my property!"

"I don't know for sure." The Professor answered the last question, Sharphorn shaking his head to confirm he also didn't know. "All we know for certain is that he took Pyro and left in his jet a while ago."

"What? He told me that he was too busy to leave, and now he just up and leaves!?" Dr.Z was really starting to get frustrated right now.

"I can't say what made him change his mind. He just told me to finish the propulsion tests and report once it reached 100%." The Professor said before he and Sharphorn turned around to leave. "Speaking of which, we have some last touches to add." He said before they departed.

Alone in the room, Dr.Z put a hand to his chin as he wondered what was going on. "Seth, what are you doing?"


Back in Iran, Genie continued to hike through the desert towards the airport. Max was still on his head, guiding the Isisaurus. As for the others, they were on his back, chatting amongst themselves. "So, Zahrah." Zoe started a little girl talk between the two of them. "What have things been like at the palace since we last saw each other?"

"Well, aside from this...incident, things have pretty much been the same." Zahrah replied. "Father's still training me for when I take over as Empress."

"That has to be rough." Zoe commented, remembering the many tortures she went through while pretending to be Meena.

Zahrah seemed to know what she was thinking and nodded. "If you thought what you went through was bad, you haven't experienced one day of my life." She joked.

"Ha, ha!" The two shared a laugh before Zoe asked another question. "How's Meena doing? We didn't get to talk much when we were there last time."

"Oh, she's doing great. She's really been getting into paleontology and other dinosaur-related things ever since she met you guys. I don't know what you did, but you seemed to have changed her personality overnight. Instead of her coming off as my jealous little sister who dreamed of a prince, she now is a lot more open with everyone, always wanting to talk about the new things she learned. Thank you for that."

"Hehe. You should be thanking Max and Rex for that." Zoe chuckled as she rubbed the back of her head with a blush. She then gained a knowing smirk. "Speaking of which, don't think me and Max haven't noticed."

"Noticed what?" Zahrah asked in confusion.

"The looks you've been giving Rex all day, of course!" Zoe said with a laugh as Zahrah's face turned completely red. "If we weren't talking right now, I know you'd be staring at him."

"N-no! I-I-I was j-just." The princess sighed in defeat as she knew there was no point in denying it. Zoe could just see through her pathetic stuttering. "OK, I do have a crush on him." She admitted shyly.

"Aww! That's so sweet!" Zoe cooed with hands to her cheek. "How long?"

"Ever since you came to India to meet with my father." Zahrah said as she started to stare at Rex, who was listening with Ace and Paris to something Spiny was rambling about. with a huge smile on her face. "Just looking at him for the first time in person, I knew I'd probably never find another man so handsome, so smart, so brave." She trailed off as her smile gained a rather goofy look.

"Aww!" Zoe cooed again.

"What I wouldn't give to at least go on one date with him. Maybe even marry him!" Zahrah finished her fantasizing and came back to reality with a more nervous look. She then surprised Zoe by tightly grabbing her shoulders and pulling her in close. "But I don't know how I'm supposed to ask him! What am I supposed to do!?"

"Calm down." Zoe assured him as she gently pushed the princess away. "Just be your best self with him and you'll be fine. Spend the day with him like it wasn't a date. That's how me and Max like to spend our time together."

"My best self." Zahrah repeated. "Yeah, I can do that."

"Just one quick word of warning." Zoe cautioned with a serious expression. "If you want to get serious with Rex, you're gonna have to get past the Great Wall of Tank." She pointed to the Saichania napping ahead of them. "Don't let her current appearance fool you. She's testing you."

"Testing me?" Zahrah said with confusion.

"Yep. You're not the first girl to get attracted to Rex. He's practically a chick magnet back home, even before we became famous." Zoe explained. "And Tank doesn't like it when girls are getting close to Rex because most of the time it's usually for the fame or the power."

"So, I'd just have to prove that my feelings are genuine and I should be safe?" Zahrah asked Zoe.

"Exactly." The pinkette replied. "Just do that and Tank will trust you."

"That sounds easier said than done." Zahrah said as she looked back at Tank, now noticing the Saichania had an eye open, looking directly at her with a glare that sent shivers down the princess' spine. "Eeeeehh!" She squealed and looked away in fear.

"Attention, passengers!" Max suddenly called out from atop Genie's head. "We are happy to announce that our destination is now in sight!" He said with excitement, pointing ahead to show the others the brief outline of the city directly ahead.

"Our estimated arrival time should be about ten minutes!" Terry told them.

"Actually, it's about twenty minutes away." Chomp then told them.

"No, it's ten minutes." Terry said to Chomp.

"Wrong! It's twenty." Chomp empathized as he got into his brother's face.





"The point is!" Max quickly said, interrupting the back and fourth. "We should be at the airport soon."

"You hear that, Zahrah? You're almost home!" Rex said as he turned around to talk with her.

"Y-yeah! That's great!" She said, stuttering and blushing now that Rex was talking to her.

Something that the blond king noticed. "You okay? I thought you'd be more excited." He asked her.

"Oh, I am!" She said hastily. "It's just that all this time in the sun is just making me tired! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!" She forced a laugh.

Rex didn't look convinced, but decided not to press on with questions. "Whatever you say." He shrugged as he turned around to listen to the rest of whatever Spiny was saying.

Once his back was turned, Zahrah let out a sigh of relief. "Phew!"

"What was that all about?" Zoe asked her. "I thought you wanted Rex to know you liked him."

"I do. It's just..." She paused as she tried to find the right words. "It shouldn't be when I'm all hot a flustered."

"I guess that makes sense." Zoe said.

There was silence for the next few minutes as Genie approached the city before the Isisaurus came to a sudden halt. "Huh? What's going on?" Paris asked.

"Why'd we stop?" Tank asked as she uncurled herself.

"Max, Chomp, Terry! What's going on?" Rex shouted to them.

"Not sure!" Max replied. "Something has Genie scared."

"What could possibly scare an Isisaurus?" Terry wondered.

"Perhaps something even bigger." Someone answered for him. Someone the Tyrannosaurus recognized all to well.

"No." He said as he sniffed the air and picked up a familiar scent. "Oh, don't tell me!"

"What's going on, Bro? What is it?" Chomp asked him, worried by the concern on Terry's face.

Before Terry could answer, the dunes in front of them suddenly burst. "Aah!" The D-Team exclaimed in shock as four familiar dinosaurs revealed themselves.

The first was Gigas. "Gigas!" Max shouted in recognition.

Following close behind were Maximus and Armatus. "Armatus!" Rex shouted.

"Maximus!" Zoe followed suit.

And, just as the dust cleared, Brontikens' large foot stomped in front of the whole group and all four of them roared together. "Brontikens!" The entire D-Team said together.

As the colors of a Battlefield painted the sky, Genie lowered his head and allowed the D-Team to slide down to meet their adversaries of the day. "Haven't seen you guys in a long time." Terry said.

"Glad to see you missed us." Gigas replied.

"Missed is a rather strong word." Tank countered. "I would say curious is more accurate."

"What do you even want?" Zoe asked them.

"Hmph!" Brontikens gave a chuckle at the obvious question, and gave the obvious answer. "I believe you should already know that. We want the Isisaurus."

"Well, tough luck with that! He's with us!" Chomp told them.

"Pretty bold of you to assume that when you haven't even grabbed his card yet." Maximus retorted before saying something that really got under Chomp's skin. "Did you forget what happened in Hawaii to that Styracosaurus?"

Chomp glared daggers at her for that low blow, growling viciously. "That was then!" Max stepped up for his friend. "This is now! And now we clearly stronger than all four of you!"

"Yeah, we've kicked your asses so many times it's not even funny!" Spiny added.

"And when he says that, it means something!" Tank added for her boyfriend.

Surprisingly, all four Alpha Gang dinosaurs kept their calm and showed no overt signs of aggression at the insults. "Oh, I am very much aware of our shortcomings in the past." Brontikens said. "However, that is exactly why we have spent our time training together for this fateful encounter."

"You're really expecting us to be intimidated just because you spent a little more time than usual lifting weights?" Terry rhetorically asked.

"Did you not just hear what Brontikens told you blokes?" Armatus rhetorically asked back. "Two words; Anime Training Arc."

"That's three words." Paris pointed out.

"And this is real life, not an anime." Ace added to her point.

"Doesn't matter. The result's going to be the same." Gigas butted in before he realized what he said. "I mean, the same as the results of a training arc. Not the same as last time we fought. This time you'll see us battle like we never had before!" He declared.

"Well, I beg to differ." Max said as he, Rex, and Zoe recalled their partners.

"That won't be the only begging you do today." Brontikens warned them in advance before all three swiped their cards together.


After all six dinosaurs went through their transformations and landed together in front of Genie, Terry stomped his foot like Brontikens did and all six roared together. Still, their opponents only crouched as they either prepared to charge or counter their advances. "Genie, we're counting on you to keep Zahrah safe." Rex told the Isisaurus, who nodded in confirmation and backed up to not be directly in the crossfire.

"We can't risk hurting the princess." Brontikens told his allies.

"Well, that's going to be hard when she's on that Isisaur's back." Maximus reminded the Apatosaurus.

"Which is why we need to take out the D-Team dinosaurs first so we can draw him out into the fight." Brontikens explained his plan. "Just make sure you save some energy for him, and keep an eye on each other's backs."

"Enough whispering!" Terry called out to the four. "Let's fight!" He roared before charging forward.

Brontikens went forward to intercept his rival. But as he swung his neck to attack, the Tyrannosaurus sidestepped and latched his jaws onto the Apatosaur's neck. Brontikens lifted his neck up in an attempt to get Terry to let go, but the Tyrannosaurus held on and even started using his clawed feet to kick at his opponent's neck. "Brontikens!" Gigas called out to his teammate as he ran over to help him.

"Oh, no you don't!" Chomp said as he leapt into his path.

"Get out of my way!" Gigas snarled at him as he tried to go around the Triceratops. But Chomp was faster and charged right into him, dragging Gigas across the sand.

Back with Brontikens, he decided to try a different way to get Terry off of him. "If you won't let go, then by all means don't."

Before Terry could wonder what that meant, he felt the sauropod start to fall to the ground. But this wasn't due to low energy, as he was falling on his left side. The side he was holding onto. "Whoa!" Terry yelped as he let go and leapt out of the way of his collapsing opponent.

But this was foreseen by Brontikens. "Gotcha." He told Terry as he was able to stop his mock fall and hit the Tyrannosaurus in the face with his foreleg before Terry had any time to react, knocking Terry to the ground.

"Terry!" Max cried out before turning to Brontikens. "That was a cheap trick!" He yelled at the sauropod.

"He had the option to let go sooner. He should have taken it." Was Brontikens' retort.

"Errr!" Max grit his teeth in response and pulled out a Move Card for Chomp. "Lightning Strike!"

Electricity gathered in Chomp's horns and he fired directly at Brontikens. And while the Apatosaur's reflexes were getting faster, his overall speed to dodge such an attack was not and he was hit directly, also falling to the ground.

Meanwhile, Rex was focusing on Maximus and Armatus. "Let's finish this fast, Ace!" He told his Carnotaurus partner as he got out one of his most popular Move Cards. "Ninja Attack!"

Ace charged forward and began to multiply into several clones. Armatus, having been hit by that attack more than enough times, began to panic. "No! No! Not that Move again!" He said as he backed away in terror.

Thankfully, unlike the other times he experienced this Move, he had Maximus with him. "Snap out of it!" She yelled at him, hitting his face with her tail. "We've prepared for this!" She reminded him as she activated Spectral Punisher. "Get your Move Card ready! We only have one shot at this!"

"Oh, right! Thanks, Sheila!" Armatus said with haste as he activated Spectral Stinger. "Just make sure you know which one to hit!" He warned her.

"I trained with a master sniper! I know what to do!" Maximus said as she fired her laser at the Carnotaurs just as they leapt to surround and pelt them.

As the laser struck the first Carnotaur, it disappeared in a puff of smoke. "What?!" Both Ace and Rex exclaimed in shock as Maximus continued to slice her laser through all the clones until only one Carnotaurus was left; the real Ace. And when he was struck, he fell to the ground like a bird shot in midair. "Ace!" Rex cried out.

"Holy shit, it's working!" Armatus said in surprise as he fired his Spectral Stringer. The crystals went directly for Ace and proceeded to surround him like a cage, even blocking off the top so he couldn't jump out of the trap. "Yes! We got that varmint!"

Ace slowly got up and glared at the two who trapped him. "If you think this is enough to trap me, then think again!" He told them as Rex activated another Move Card. "Cyclone!"

Despite being trapped, the tornado still formed around Ace, and when it cleared, the wind surrounding Ace allowed him to break free of the trap. "Uh-oh." Armatus said.

"That's not good." Maximus added seeing their initial plan to handle Ace had failed.

"My turn now!" Ace told the two herbivores as he charged towards them.

"Quick, run!" Maximus urged as she turned around and prepared to bolt.

Armatus was about to do the same when he remembered a previous battle he had with Ace in London. "Wait, that's it!" He realized and crouched down as low as he could.

Maximus turned around and saw that her partner was just standing there. "Armatus, what the hell are you doing!?" She shouted at him.

"Just trust me!" Armatus yelled back just as Ace collided with him head-on. As the Stegosaurus predicted, the attack did nowhere near as much damage as it usually does. Instead, all the wind did was knock Armatus back slightly, just like it did in London. "Ha!" He laughed at Ace's shocked expression. "Forgot I could do that, huh!?"

"Ace, behind you!" Rex suddenly warned his partner. Ace turned around and saw Brontikens charging towards him. Knowing he had no chance against the Apatosaurus by himself, the Carnotaurus tried to flee. But a swing from the sauropod's whip-like tail knocked him to the ground. Before Ace could recuperate, Brontikens grabbed him by the tail and flew him high into the air. The Apatosaur's strength allowed him to through Ace so high that when he came down, he was instantly carded. "ACE!" Rex cried at his friend's defeat before running to grab the card.

"That's one down." Brontikens said to himself before rejoining the fray.

Seeing the threat of Ace was gone, Maximus ran back to Armatus. "Wow! I didn't know you could do that!" She said with awe.

Armatus blushed at the praise from his crush and gave her a cocky look. "Heh! I have many tricks I have yet to so you." He told her.

The Triceratops went from awe to impressed. "Oh, really?" She asked him.

However, there wasn't much time for them to celebrate as their next fight was about to begin. "You got lucky with him!" Tank told them as she and Spiny advanced on the duo. "But that was your last bit of luck. Spiny, now!" She called out to her partner.

"Spiny powers!" Spiny shouted as he leapt into the air and went directly for Armatus.

However, Armatus had an easy counter for this attack. "Is that the best you can do?" He said as he swung Spiny away like a baseball with his spiked tail. But while the tail swung back, Armatus suddenly felt something grab onto it. "What?" He looked and saw Tank had grabbed onto it while glowing purple. "Uh-oh." He knew what this meant.

"No, but this Dino Swing is!" Tank answered his earlier question and proceeded to swing the Stegosaurus around and around before she let go, sending him crashing into Maximus. "Ha!" She laughed at their misfortune.

"Paris, let's give them a hand!" Zoe said as she swiped her Move Card. "Metal Wing!"

Jet and his Pteranodons appeared and went for their usual target of Gigas. "Dive! Dive! Dive!" The lead Pteranodon told his men.

"Yes, Alpha!" The other two replied as they flew downwards with glowing wings.

The white Tyrannosaurus backed up in panic, not sure how to handle those three. Thankfully for him, Brontikens did have a plan. "Gigas, get beneath me now!" Brontikens ordered him.

"No need to tell me twice!" Gigas responded before he did as he was told and crouched down under the Apatosaurus.

With Gigas out of harm's way, Brontikens was allowed to go all out. And the Pteranodons knew this. "Quick! Regroup!" Jet ordered his men.

But they were too late as their momentum was too great and they couldn't stop themselves from flying directly into Brontikens' path. Using his head like a club, he smacked the Pteranodon's away like they were flies. The Pterosaur trio crashed to the ground and slid across the sand before returning to their card. "Phew!" Gigas side in relief as he quickly got up from his crouching position. "Thanks for the save." He thanked his savior.

"Don't mention it." Brontikens replied. "Just get back up and fight." He told him before going for Terry again.

Meanwhile, Maximus and Armatus say what happened and decided to act. "We need to take that duckbill out before she brings in more trouble." Maximus said as she got into charging position and activated Spectral Punisher. "Cover me!" She told Armatus before charging towards Paris.

At the same time, Zoe just picked up the Pteranodon Card. "Zoe!" Paris called out to her, getting the pinkette's attention.


"We have another problem!" Zoe looked were Paris was indicating and saw the advancing Triceratops with her giant horns.

"Whoa!" Zoe gasped before quickly regaining her composure and giving commands. "Paris, slow her down!"

"Okay!" Paris nodded in reply before she used her crest to send her piercing cry towards Maximus once she got close enough.

Not realizing what Paris was doing until it was too late to dodge, Maximus took the full barrage of Paris' noise attack. As she halted and roared in pain the noise was doing to her ears, Zoe took this moment to use a sneak attack. "Emerald Garden!"

Paris gathered the energy in her mouth and fired the attack. Too distracted by the noise to notice what was coming, Maximus was directly hit and had her energy drained as a garden grew around her. As the energy went back to Paris, Maximus collapsed to the ground and returned to her card. "All right!" Paris and Zoe cheered at their victory.

"Maximus, no!" Armatus cried at her defeat.

"Don't worry about her!" Gigas told him as he leapt over to join the Stegosaurus. "We have other problems to worry about." He said as now Spiny, Tank, and Paris approached the two of them.

"I told you your luck ran out." Tank told the duo and she and her teammates approached them.

"If that's so, then how am I able to do this?" Gigas said as he activated Spectral Lancer and went straight for Paris.

"Paris, look out!" Tank tried to warn her friend, but Gigas was faster and grabbed Paris up with his lancers.

Despite having her in his grasp, Gigas didn't stop charging until a wall appeared and he crushed her into it, making sure not to leave out an ounce of energy. Paris roared in pain as she got crushed until she returned to her card. Only then did Gigas back off to give a roar of victory.

"PARIS!" Chomp and Zoe cried at her defeat. Using the defeat of his lover as motivation, Chomp charged towards Brontikens. But the Apatosaurus countered by stomping his foot at the Triceratops, who had to stop his advance in order to dodge.

But Brontikens wasn't done yet as he then grabbed Terry by the tail and hoisted him into the air before slamming him down on the other side of himself. Brontikens repeated this Hulk Smash about eight times before he finally let go of the now-dazed Tyrannosaurus. "Terry, come on! Get up!" Max called out to his partner.

"Don't worry, Max! This will shake things up!" Rex told his friend as he got out an Earth Move Card. "Earthquake!"

Tank roared as she reared onto her hind legs and slammed her forelegs down to the ground, creating a massive crevice. However, it wasn't the crevice that was affecting her opponents, but rather the earthquake that accompanied it as it caused Brontikens trouble when trying to remain on his feet. The D-Team knew they had to take this opening "Quick, Spiny! Use Shockwave while he's distracted!" Zoe told the Spinosaurus while swiping the Move Card.

The funnel surrounded Spiny before he roared and sent the tendrils straight at Brontikens. However, all this did was just soak the Apatosaurus, leaving him annoyed more at the failure than being wet. "Really?" He asked the attacker as he approached him, now without an Earthquake shaking him.

"Uuuuuuuh." Spiny tried to find something to say, but found himself unable to come up with a response before Brontikens began to lay the smack down on him. It only took a few seconds before Spiny was defeated.

"Damn it!" Zoe hissed at both her dinosaurs now out of the match before going to reclaim Spiny's card.

Off to the sidelines, Zahrah watched the fight with worry. "This isn't looking good." She told Genie, who nodded in agreement. She then saw Tank glowing, indicating that Rex had used another Move Card. "Come on, Rex. Don't hold back." She silently prayed for the blond.

Armatus also saw the glowing Saichania. "Oh, no you don't, ya bitch!" He said as he activated Spectral Stinger again and fired just as Tank fired her Spike Arrows.

What neither dinosaur realized was that they both had the other as their chosen target, and with the crystals going over the arrows, the attacks did not cancel each other out and both of them received direct hits that defeated them simultaneously. "Egh!" Rex grit his teeth. "At least we got out Armatus." He told Max before running to get Tank's card.

"That's fine! We can handle Gigas and Brontikens." Max assured his friend as the battle continued. Chomp and Gigas started circling each other in a standoff, waiting for one to make the first move. Max decided that if Gigas wasn't going to strike then they'd do it. "Plasma Anchor!"

An anchor of electricity shot out of Chomp's horns and latched itself onto Gigas. It then lifted the Tyrannosaurus up in the air to slam him down onto the ground. "Please no." Gigas whimpered to himself, knowing the impact would defeat him. But as the quick descent began, Brontikens appeared and grabbed Gigas by the tail, pulling him out of the attack and preventing further damage. "Thanks again, buddy." Gigas thanked his now repeated rescuer, who said nothing in reply this time and just placed the theropod gently on the ground.

"Whoa! That was fast!" Tank, who had been called back out in chibi-form alongside the other defeated dinos, said in amazement.

"Maybe. But he's not as fast as Thunder Bazooka!" Max declared as he swiped the next Move Card.

Chomp charged forward, this time heading for Brontikens, before he leapt up and began spinning with electricity. The Apatosaurus tensed up as he prepared to meet the attack head-on. But he didn't need to as Gigas suddenly leapt up and headbutted the incoming Triceratops away from the side. "Consider this us getting even." He said to Brontikens before he started glowing red.

"I believe you have one more rescue to have to do before we can consider ourselves truly even." Brontikens said in reply, showing what looked like pride at the white Tyrannosaur.

"Chomp, quick! Get up!" Max pleaded with his downed partner.

But it was for naught. "Magma Blaster!" Gigas yelled as he fired a column of magma at Chomp. The attack scored a direct hit and Chomp was dragged across the sand until the Move stopped and he was defeated. "And then there was one." Gigas said as he turned to Terry, who was still out of it from what Brontikens did earlier.

Off to the sidelines, Genie decided that enough was enough. He gave a rumble to Zahrah before he lowered his head. "What, Genie?" She asked her friend, initially confused before she caught onto what he was telling her. "You want to fight?" With a small nod as a reply, Zahrah hopped off his head. After seeing how strong the Alpha Gang was today, she was very worried for her friend. But she also knew that they needed all the help they could get if they were to get out of this mess. "Okay, I trust you." She told her friend, placing a hand on his snout. "Just be careful." She cautioned him.

The Isisaurus nodded before he raised his head and roared as he charged towards the battle. Hearing the roar, Gigas and Brontikens turned to see Genie approaching them like a freight train. "Guess I spoke too soon." Gigas muttered.

"Never mind that, Gigas! Focus everything on him now!" Brontikens told his ally before he roared back and Genie and charged to meet him. The two sauropods collided, shaking the earth from the impact. They pushed their necks together, trying to knock the other one over. However, Genie had a slight advantage since Brontikens had just fought the entire D-Team, so his energy was getting low.

Perhaps the Apatosaurus knew that as he suddenly started to lower himself while still making sure to keep pushing. "Huh?" This action confused everyone as Genie backed up to see if he could figure out what Brontikens was doing.

He got his answer when Gigas suddenly leapt onto Brontikens' back with Spectral Lancer activated and then pounced directly at Genie. The Isisaurus was too heavy for him to lift up and slam into a wall. But he was the perfect size for him to still impale his lancers into the titanosaur's chest. Genie roared in pain as he slowly fell to the ground. Gigas went with him, but rolled away once the lancers disappeared and got back up with ease. "No!" Zahrah cried at her new friend's injury.

"Don't worry, Zahrah!" Max attempted to reassure her as Terry slowly got onto his feet. "It's time to end this with one attack!"

Brontikens knew what attack Max was referring to and began to charge up his Move Card. "I think I shall do the same!" He countered as the orbs around him began glowing.

Seeing it was going to be a close one, Max swiped the Move Card as fast as he could. "Fire Scorcher!"

Terry glowed red and began to form a large meteor in his mouth. It looked like it was going to be another close one, or even another draw, but Brontikens finished first and unleashed Spectral Destroy directly at Terry. "NOOOOO!" Everyone cried as Terry was hit with the full force of Brontikens' Move. The blinding light made it so no one could see anything, but the roars of pain, followed by the explosion of the incomplete meteor blowing up in Terry's face, told everyone that he was down and out as well.

"TERRY!" Max cried as he quickly ran to get his friend's card before the light had fully died down. Thankfully, Brontikens did not care what happened to his rival after defeat, so the brunet was able to quickly grab the card and rejoin with his friends. He swiped Terry's card in reverse and called out the chibi T-Rex, who instantly collapsed in pain. "Are you all right?" He asked in panic.

"It hurts a lot, but I'm fine otherwise." Terry said before looking at the battle. "They weren't kidding when they said they had gotten stronger."

"It's all up to Genie now." Rex said grimly, trying to hold onto as much hope as possible.

With no other possible interruptions from the D-Team, Gigas and Brontikens could now fully focus their remaining energy on Genie. "Now there truly is only one." Gigas said as he prepared to charge.

But what both Alpha Gang dinosaurs forgot, or didn't know, was that Genie had a Move Card, and he intended to use it. The Isisaurus glowed blue before using Hydro Cutter to send a blade of water at Brontikens. Gigas saw this and immediately leapt in the way and took the blunt attack. "Whoa!" The D-Team gasped at the sacrifice. "He just took that attack for Brontikens!" Paris said.

Genie tried again with another blade, but Gigas got up and also took this one. "Looks like it's up to you, buddy." He told Brontikens as he fell onto the sand and returned to his card.

"Thank you." Brontikens said to the card as the Alpha Droid ran by to retrieve it before he turned to face Genie.

However, before either sauropod could make another move, Genie was suddenly burned from behind. "HUH?!"

"WHAT!?" Everyone said in surprise.

Brontikens, however, recognized the fire from Fire Blaster and glared since he knew who was behind it. Sure enough, Genie collapsed to reveal it was Pyro who had done the sneak attack. "WHERE DID HE COME FROM!?" Ace shouted a question no one knew the answer to.

Seeing his target was now down on the ground, Pyro stopped his attack and placed a foot on the burned Isisaurus and roared in victory just as Genie glowed blue and returned to his cards while the Acrocanthosaurus backed off. "QUICK! WE NEED TO GET THOSE CARDS!" Rex shouted as the entire D-Team, Zahrah included, tried to race down there as fast as possible.

But suddenly someone else picked up the cards as they touched the ground. "I'll take these." A stranger in a hood said, having emerged from behind Pyro.

The D-Team stopped in their tracks and glared at the mystery man. "I don't know who you are, but you better drop those cards if you know what's good for you!" Max immediately demanded.

The stranger could only laugh in response. "Ha, ha, ha! HAHAHAHAHA!"

"What's so funny?!" Zoe threateningly asked him.

The stranger said nothing and slowly took off the hood covering his face. The D-Team's faces of rage soon turned to ones of utter shock and horror, like they had just seen a real ghost. "No!"

"It can't be!"

"Impossible!" Max, Rex, and Zoe gasped respectively.

"He's supposed to be dead!" Tank shouted in shock.

"Yeah, weird." Spiny simply said, too surprised to even yell.

Seth took great amusement at the D-Team's surprised faces. "Nice to see you all again." He told them in a calm manner.

"H-How are you even still alive?!" Terry staggered to keep his already weak footing.

"Seems fate decided that my story wasn't finished quite yet." Seth replied. "And now that I have revealed myself, know this. Things are about to change. I do hope you can keep up with it, or I'll be very disappointed in you." He pulled out his black Dino Holder and recalled a smirking Pyro and angry Brontikens. "Until we meet again." He said before he was surrounded in a rainbow light just like the D-Team use to teleport. And when it disappeared, he was gone, soon followed by the Alpha Craft taking off and flying back to Zeta Point.

After all that, no one could say anything. What was there to say? Eventually, Rex was able to regain some function and approached Zahrah, who looked the most depressed out of all of them. "Zahrah, I-"

"Why?" She asked in a whispered voice as her hand clenched into a fist.

"What?" Rex asked before he received a slap to the face, making the others gasp at her action.

"WHY COULDN'T YOU SAVE HIM!" She screamed while slapping the blond. The force of the impact made Rex fall to the ground. Holding his injured cheek, he looked up to see Zahrah looking down at him with hate in her eyes, panting heavily. "YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE PROTECTING THE DINOSAURS FROM THOSE MONSTERS! BUT YOU CAN'T SAVE ONE WHEN IT MATTERS THE MOST!?"

"YOU THINK WE LOST ON PURPOSE!?" Tank screamed back as she leapt protectively in front of Rex. "THE WHOLE THING WAS CLEARLY PART OF SETH'S PLAN! HE WAS DUPPING US FRONT THE START!"

"WHO IS STILL ALIVE THANKS TO YOU!" Zahrah pointed a finger accusingly at them.

The entire team's eyes widened at that claim. While most took it as nonsense being spewed by a furious Zahrah, Max looked down to the ground. Tank saw this and only had her anger increase even further. "YOU THINK YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO TELL US HOW TO DO THINGS!? YOU'RE JUST A SPOILED PRINCESS WHO WAS BORN INTO A LIFE WHERE YOU GET EVERYTHING YOU WANT! SO DON'T YOU GO ACCUSING US OF THINGS WHEN YOU WOULD FARE NO BETTER!"

"Tank, stop!" Ace said as he and Paris pulled her away from Zahrah in an effort to stop the fighting.

"WHY!? BECAUSE I'M RIGHT!?" Tank said in response as she struggled against her captors.

"Because we still have a job to do!" Paris said.

"Paris is right! We have to get Zahrah home!" Zoe reminded her.

Knowing that Zoe was right, Tank ceased her struggling and backed off. Zahrah, seeing the Saichania was done screaming at her, turned away from the D-Team. "Let's go." She told them with barely any emotion in her voice.


The journey to India was long. During the whole time, Zahrah refused to speak to anyone unless it was necessary.

Eventually, they made it to the palace where, upon entering the throne room, Zahrah's father embraced her in a massive hug. "Oh, Zahrah! I was worried I'd never see you again!" He sobbed.

"I'm glad you are relieved, Father." Zahrah dully said in response.

Confused by his daughter's tone of voice, the Emperor broke off the hug and looked at her with a concerned expression. "What's wrong, my daughter?" He asked her.

"Ask them!" She hissed while pointing directly at the D-Team before she left to go back to her room.

Watching his daughter leave with a worried look, the Emperor turned to the D-Team. "What happened?" He calmly asked them. He knew they wouldn't do anything to hurt his daughter, but something had to have happened to make her so upset at them.

"I'll tell you what happened." Tank stepped forward with bitterness in her voice.

"No, you won't!" Zoe hissed at her as she stepped in the Saichania's way to prevent her from no doubt insulting Zahrah in front of her father and told the story. "You can probably guess that we were in the area due to a dinosaur being there. Zahrah ended up making friends with this new dinosaur, even naming him Genie." She said with a sad smile before she looked depressed. "However, when we approached the city we were ambushed by the Alpha Gang and-"

"They got him, didn't they?" The Emperor guessed the ending of the story.

"...Yeah." Zoe replied.

"This is all my fault." Rex said as all eyes went onto him. During the whole ride back, his mind was plagued with all the alternative decisions he could have made. "If only I had-"

"Young man." The Emperor told him with a stern but gentle tone as he walked over to the blond king and placed comforting hands on his shoulder, making Rex look up at the older ruler. "From one ruler to another, I can tell you that it will do you no good to focus on what you could have done when tragedies occur. What you need to do is to work to prevent them from happening again and help with the recovery." He said as he turned his gaze to all the D-Team. "You will get your friend back one day."

As much as they wanted to have their spirits lifted by that speech, it was impossible. "That's easier said than done after what we learned today." Terry said grimly.

"What did you learn?" The Emperor asked in confusion.

"It's Seth." Max said. "He's still alive."

"You mean the man who led the attack on your hometown?" The Emperor asked as he tried to remember the stories he was told from the D-Team.

"He's more than just a high-ranking minion." Zoe informed him. "He's the most dangerous and evil of the whole Alpha Gang."

"And if he's still alive and been active this whole time, protecting the dinosaurs just got a whole lot harder." Rex said with dread in his voice.

Again there was silence and uncertain looks. Together the D-Team were a powerful force, but were they unstoppable in the face of Seth? Everyone was afraid to find out the answer to that question.


It was almost hilarious how different things were at Zeta Point. At least if your name was Dr.Z. "Mwah! Mwah! Mwah!" He kissed Genie's card, or violated with his lips if you want to be more accurate, before he looked happily at Seth. "Once again you've come through for me, Seth! I should've known you'd find a way to finish your work and get me my new Dinosaur Card!"

"Yes, Doctor." Seth said in reply. "Although I can't take all the credit. Brontikens did do a good job in weakening it for capture."

"Huh?" Dr.Z looked up from the card and turned his head to see Brontikens standing with the rest of his team with annoyed looks on their faces. "Oh, yeah. Good job, I guess." He told the four dinosaurs, sounding like he didn't care at all, which only angered them further.

"Happy to have helped, Doctor." Brontikens said dryly as the four of them left.

Once they were gone, Dr.Z turned to Seth to ask him a question that had been nagging him. "Now, Seth, why did you have your clones destroy my Alpha Controller? All I was given was something about a new control device. What the hell is going on?"

"I have a plan for a new control device that should allow total control of any dinosaurs we capture without the fragility of the Alpha Controller. It's still in the early phases." Seth responded before taking the card from Dr.Z.

"Hey!" The doctor whined like a child who had their toy taken away.

"However, when it is complete this Isisaurus will be the perfect test subject. That's why I used the teleporter to go to Iran after I had deemed it functional again. As for the Alpha Controller's destruction, I want to make sure it works, and I fear the Alpha Controller could possibly interfere with the programming." He explained his reasons.

"Hmmm." Dr.Z pondered this information. "Well, I have no reason to doubt you after all you've done for me. So you have my go-ahead with this project. Just make sure you tell me your plans before you destroy my stuff. The frustration almost gave me a migraine."

"Forgive me, Doctor." Seth apologized with a bow. "I guess they just got a little excited by the plan and acted prematurely." "No unlike some scientists I can name." He finished with a thought.

"Anyway, how's the propulsion device looking?" Dr.Z changed the topic. "I was told it was nearing completion."

"Perhaps it would be best if I show you." Seth said as he led the doctor to the engine room.

Dr.Z couldn't contain his excitement when hearing that. "EEEE! That's a good sign!" He squealed with a massive grin as he followed.

Back with Brontikens and company, they were continuing down the hallway when they saw Pyro waiting for them. "Well, if it isn't the heroes of the day." He greeted them. "Why the long faces?" He asked, making the four glare at him.

"You know exactly what you did." Brontikens told him.

"What the hell, man? That was our fight!" Gigas yelled at the Alpha Dinosaur.

"And you were doing such a good job." He answered. "Mainly you, Brontikens, you've really improved. But after having to fight the whole D-Team, you were barely able to stand. I was just making sure your hard work wasn't going to waste."

"More like you wanted to steal all the glory for yourself." Maximus accused him.

"Hey, it's not my fault the old man sees us clones as more useful than you guys." Pyro retorted, not at all sounding threatened by the accusation. "Besides, I thought you wanted to defeat the D-Team. Prove to them how much your training has improved yourselves. Am I right?"

"Dr.Z doesn't care about that after what you did." Armatus said

"And what is it that you care about?" Pyro asked, looking directly at Brontikens when he asked that. Brontikens responded with a silent glare, but the Acrocanthosaurus didn't seem to care and left, but not before passing Brontikens and whispering to him. "Seems you can chew a lot, but can they?" He gestured to Gigas and the other two before leaving.

The Apatosaurus watched him leave, still glaring before he turned around to look at his teammates. He thought about what Pyro said. "If you truly were watching our fight, you know the answer to that question already."

Suddenly, everything began to shake and the dinosaurs stumbled across the hall, barely able to keep their balance. "WH-WHOA!" Maximus exclaimed as she rolled across the floor.

"AAH! WHAT'S HAPPENING!?" Gigas asked Brontikens, having to get on all fours to prevent himself from rolling like Maximus.

"IT'S LIKE THE WHOLE ISLAND IS SHAKING!" Armatus yelled in panic.

"No, it's lifting up." Brontikens replied, doing his best to keep his calm but was still surprised at what was actually happening.

"IT'S WHAT!?" The other three dinosaurs couldn't believe what they were hearing.

"Zeta Point is no more. The Backland has been reactivated." The sauropod told them.

Outside, the entire island was coming apart. Cliffsides were falling into the sea on one side, while sand was pouring out on the other. The island started to rise higher and higher. In their room, the sick trio also felt the vibrations and were rudely awoken from their naps. 'W-WHAT'S GOING ON!?" Ursula asked.

"I DON'T KNOW!" Ed cried in fear while hugging his pillow tightly.

"WHATEVER IT IS, IT IS NOT GOOD FOR MY STOMACH!" A green-faced Zander shouted while covering his mouth.

Still, the island continued to rise. Now the much larger surface of the Backland was fully visible. Suddenly, the entire ship glowed brightly before there was a loud explosion. When it cleared, the entire island was destroyed, save only for the spiral tower that was revealed to also come out of the bottom of the ship. Now the Backland looked exactly how it used to.

In the ship's control room, long since unused until today, Dr.Z watched the whole thing unfold with a huge smile on his face. "Finally! It's all coming together! My dream of becoming Dinosaur King is almost upon us!"

Behind the doctor, Seth gave a smile. "It's time for the game to truly begin."


Together: All I ever wanted!

Armatus: Was a chance to even the score!

Gigas: Why settle for less when there's more?!

Brontikens: To conquer all that stand before!

Together: All I ever needed!

Armatus: Was a slip in the balance of time!

Gigas: To gain what's rightfully mine!

Brontikens: To change the end and start again!

It's all I ever wanted.

Next time on Dinosaur King:

Dr. Owen: The local diggers say that it was a ghost

Ace: There's no such thing as ghosts

Beta: Well something is attacking the dig site. Seems we'll have to show them it's actually a real dinosaur

Shi: I thought you looked familiar

Brontikens: What are you talking about?

Shi: Why, you were the King that nearly destroyed his own kingdom

A/N: Well, Merry Fucking Christmas, D-Team. You got your asses kicked, a dinosaur lost to the Alpha Gang, Rex's potential ship sank, and now they know Seth is alive.

Surprisingly for a chapter that took so long to write, I can't think of much to say. I just hope everyone enjoyed the fight scene. I tried to make it so Brontikens' Team was stronger than usual, but not completely outclassing the D-Team.

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One: The song that was being sung was 'All I Ever Wanted' from Villains Lair

Two: No one mentioned it, but I want to say it now before anyone does; I did not make the 39 Thieves terrorists because they are Persian. I did it because I needed them to have some kind of reputation that would lead Seth to them. And since I already had poachers and assassins, terrorists just seemed to be the next option. Just want to clarify that before anyone calls me racist.

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