Avery sneaks down the hallway and keeps her eyes peeled for her dad. As she passes by a door, a hand grabs her and pulls her through the doorway and into the room. She twists out of its grasp and spins around, her hand up and ready for a fight. Eliot looks at her with a raised eyebrow and Avery scowls. She looks around the room and sees a number of computers.

"All right. What do I have to do Hardison?" Eliot says as he walks over to one of the computers and turns it on.

The team had been trying to track down John Masterson but kept getting dead ends. That is, until they found that the owner of Dunham Inc., David Gleeson, had information on Masterson. On top of that, Dunham Inc. was found to have stolen a patent from the team's newest client. Nate and Sophie are presently dealing with Gleeson, getting him to hand over his money while Parker is in another part of the building stealing the patent back. That leaves Eliot and Avery to take out the muscle and help Hardison, who is in Lucille, download the information on John Masterson.

Avery glances at her dad as he grumbles at Hardison through the com before inserting the flash drive. Avery smirks and shakes her head. Sometimes, in fact most of the time, when her dad and Hardison are together they morph into five year old brothers with all their bickering. Avery peeks out in the hall when she hears footsteps approaching. There's a goon walking towards them with a cell phone to his ear. Avery moves out of sight and glances at her dad. Eliot scowls at the screen and pushes some buttons Hardison tells him to. Avery looks towards the door and slowly opens it so she can go through it.

"Yes, blow the whole thing. Who cares if they're in it. We can't risk them finding that information… Just blow the damn thing will ya?" the guy growls into his phone before hanging it up and putting it in his pocket. Avery looks back at her dad and sees him scowling at the door. He meets her gaze and nods his head which Avery returns. She focuses her attention back on the hallway, hearing her dad tell the rest of the team to get out because the building is going to blow.

The muscle walks past the door and Avery moves out into the hall. She taps the guy on the shoulder and when he turns around, Avery hits him in the face. The guy stumbles back and Avery throws a spinning kick. Her foot slams into his head and the guy falls to the ground with a crack. Avery looks up and down the hallway for anyone else but it's empty. She grabs the guy and pulls him into the room before turning to look at her dad.

"Dad we need to go," Avery says as Eliot impatiently taps the desk. The files are almost done downloading but they seem to be taking forever.

"Go," Eliot says without taking his eyes off the screen.

"Dad…" Avery starts to argue with a scowl on her face.

"Go," Eliot interrupts as he looks back at Avery and fixes her with a stern look. "I'll be right behind you."

Avery scowls before reluctantly running out of the room and down the hall. She dashes around a corner and taking another turn before making a beeline for the outside door. She slams open the door and runs out into the parking lot of the isolated building. Running to the side of the lot, she stops at the barrier. Avery looks over the edge at the river below, grimacing at the current. She is glad she isn't going down there. A door slams open behind her and Aver looks behind her to see her dad running towards her.

"Avery! Jump!" Eliot shouts as he rushes towards her. There is an explosion behind him and Eliot ducks his head slightly.

Avery's eyes widen when she notices the explosion set off a chain of secondary explosions; and they are heading straight for them. Avery spins around and looks back down at the river below. She really doesn't want to jump but the explosions rapidly getting closer to her position makes up her mind. Avery climbs atop the barrier and jumps. As Avery feels the air whip passed her, she feels someone slam into her back and wrap their arms around her. She glances behind her and sees her dad right before the cold river water crashes over her.

Avery sinks below the surface and quickly kicks herself towards the surface. She can't feel her dad hanging onto her anymore and assumes the current has pulled her out of his grasp. Avery breaks the surface and gasps for air. She looks around, kicking herself in a circle to get a 360 degree view but can't find her dad anywhere. The current pulls her down the river and below the surface just barely giving Avery time to grab a breath a air beforehand. She swims back to the surface again and coughs as she breaks through it. A wave crashes into her face and she blows out the water that gets in her mouth. Avery looks around and gets a glimpse of her dad before she's yanked under by the current again.

Avery fights against the current and waves, kicking herself to the surface again. Her head crashes through the surface and she gasps for air. She tries to looks for her dad but the waves keep splashing into her face. Avery coughs and suddenly feels something latch onto the hood of her sweatshirt. She looks behind her and sees her father just before they jerk to a stop and Eliot pulls her close. Shifting her gaze, Avery realizes his other hand is latched onto a branch of a tree buried into the shore.

Eliot pulls Avery towards the branch and she quickly grabs it. The current pulls Avery away from the branch but she makes sure to hang on tight. She looks over to see her father next to her and a wave splashes into her face. Coughing as some of the water slides down her throat, Avery just catches her fathers directions.

"Move to the shore. Hang on tight," Eliot orders and nods towards the shore nearby. Avery nods in understanding and she quickly and carefully inches along the branch towards the shore. When Avery gets to the bank, she climbs onto it, feeling her dad help her from behind. Avery lies down in the grass as she tries to get her breath. Eliot climbs onto the bank and catches his breath as he keeps himself up on his hands and knees.

Dogs begin barking and Eliot and Avery's heads whip in the direction the sound comes from. Avery's eyes widen and Eliot curses under his breath before a scowl morphs onto his face. They're mark must've seen them jump and sent people after them. Eliot shoves himself to his feet before yanking Avery to her feet as well.

"We need to go," Eliot whispers urgently as his gaze searches the foliage around them. He pulls Avery in the opposite direction of the dogs barking and she stumbles after him. Keeping a firm but gentle hold on Avery's wrist, Eliot never lets go of her as they rush through the woods as quickly and silently as they can.

The two of them run to the edge of the trees where they find a road. Avery runs to go onto it when trucks are heard approaching. Eliot yanks her back and pulls her behind a tree keeping her tight to him. Eliot carefully peers around the tree and recognizes the trucks as the ones he saw in the Gleeson's parking 's not until all the trucks pass by that he finally loosens his hold on his daughter and announces a plan.

"We need to get to a phone and call Nate," Eliot explains to Avery while his gaze searches their surroundings. Knowing their phones and com's are ruined from the river and that they need help getting out of here, Eliot quickly decides on a direction. Avery nods and the two of them quickly run along the road away from the direction of the building they have just escaped from.

Five minutes later and Eliot and Avery find themselves in front of a country store. Eliot looks behind them and, when he doesn't see anyone around, he leads Avery inside. The bell above the door rings and an older man appears from the back room. His eyes widen at their appearance and his eyes shift between the father and daughter duo.

"Could we use your phone?" Eliot asks as he approaches the counter as his eyes casually room the store.

"Of course," the man says with a nod of his head before glancing over to Avery. The clerk grabs the phone off the wall and hands it over to Eliot. Eliot takes it and walks away from the counter to call Nate.

"Thank you," Avery says to the man as she offers him a smile.

"If you don't mind me asking… how did you two… end up like that?" the old man struggles to ask with a wave of a hand at Avery's wet clothes.

"I fell in the river. My dad jumped in to save me," Avery says with a grimace before glancing out the windows to the parking lot. The old man's eyes widen and he looks between Avery and Eliot.

"Are you okay?" the man asks worriedly, his eyes wider as they land back on Avery.

"Oh, we're fine. Nothing my dad couldn't handle. He was in Special Ops," Avery explains as she waves the concern off and sends the man a reassuring smile. The old man nods his head in understanding but still looks at her in concern.

"Okay, Nate will meet us here in ten," Eliot says as he walks back over to Avery and the man. He sets the phone on the counter and tells the man thanks before nudging Avery towards the door.

Avery walks to the door with Eliot trailing behind her. As Avery exits the store, she freezes at the sound of a gun cocking. Forcing a swallow, she looks around and sees they are surrounded by men holding guns pointed at her and her dad.

"Our boss wants his money back," one of the guys says with a scowl to Eliot as he gives the hitter a glare. Eliot narrows his eyes at the speaker. They don't know we have the information on Masterson, Eliot thinks to himself. As his gaze roams around them, Eliot sees there's twenty armed men. If he was by himself Eliot might've been able to take out of most of the men. However, with Avery in the crossfire there is no way he will risk it.

"That's too bad, cause we don't have it," Eliot growls in return as he matches the man's glare with one of his own. Eliot moves to step in front of Avery but the men lift their guns and shout a warning causing him to halt in his steps.

"No, but your accomplices do. And it'll be your job to relay the message to them," the leader says with a snarl before his gaze shifts to Avery. "And for assurances, we'll take leverage."

Eliot's look darkens and he sends a glare at the head guy. There's movement behind him and he glances back in time to be grabbed by two of the men. He kicks one of them in the knee resulting in the guy shouting in pain. Eliot turns and hits the other guy in the face twice and then slams him into the store wall. Then, he turns and hits the first guy in the face and he collapses to the ground. Eliot hears a shout and looks in the direction it came from. His heart skips a beat at the sight and his look instantly becomes steely.

Avery hears a noise behind her the same time as her dad. When she glances behind them, she sees two of the men grab her dad and them attack him. Before she can react, strong arms grab her from behind and pull her away. Avery elbows her attacker in the stomach and then, stomps on his foot. Not missing a beat, she flips him over and he crashes to the ground. She looks behind her and throws a kick that connects with another one of the men in the stomach. The man flies backwards and crashes into two more behind him. The three men stumble and fall to the ground. Someone grabs Avery and yanks her to him causing her to shout. She instantly goes silent as the cold steel of a knife graces her throat.

Eliot fixes the leader with a murderous gaze; he is holding Avery close with a knife to her throat. Eliot knows anything he can possible do will only result in Avery getting hurt. The leader smirks and pushes the knife closer to Avery's throat and Eliot notices the grimace appear on her face. Avery looks at him and he can see the barely concealed fear in her eyes.

"Get the money and you can have the girl back," the leader announces before Eliot feels an abrupt pain in his head. Eliot collapses to the ground as stars infect his vision right before everything goes black.