"Eliot. Eliot get up," a voice sounds from somewhere above.

"I tried to wake him up but he wouldn't budge," another voice supplies nearby.

"Of course he didn't. He just got hit in the head," a third voice, a girl this time, says matter-of-factly.

"You didn't call the cops did you?" the first man asks.

"Didn't get a chance to. You two showed up before I could," the second guy answers.

"Good. We don't have time to get rid of them," the girl adds in. Eliot furrows his brow at the loud voice echoing around him.

"Dammit. Shut up," Eliot thinks as he groans and shifts in his semi-conscious state.

"He's waking up," the girl says excitedly as her voice raises an octave. Eliot cringes and turns away from it, letting out another groan.

"Quiet Parker," the first guy orders quietly and Eliot silent thanks him for keeping his voice low. Eliot forces his eyes open and cringes at the bright sun shining on him. "Eliot?"

"Dammit Hardison," Eliot growls out after he blinks and Hardison's face is three inches from his own. Hardison grins and pulls away from him. With a groan Eliot pushes himself up to a sitting position. He reaches to the back of his head and hisses at the knot already present there. Images flash through his head and everything comes back to him. His head whips around as he searches for Avery but nausea envelops him and he immediately stops and closes his eyes against the feeling.

"Avery?" he asks Hardison and Parker instead as he tries to breath through it.

"Gone when we got here," Hardison supplies with a strained voice. Eliot growls in frustration and Hardison hastily continues with assurances. "Give me ten minutes, tops, and I'll find out where they took her."

Eliot nods his head and slowly pushes himself to his feet. Hardison and Parker stand up as well and cautiously watch Eliot. The store clerk watches for a moment before finally speaking up. He had seen what happened and was worried for the man in front of him and the girl that was taken.

"Shouldn't we call…" the clerk begins but Eliot, Hardison, and Parker simultaneously interrupt him.

"No!" They don't wait for the clerk to say anything else before Hardison and Parker lead Eliot to where Lucille is parked around the corner.


It took Hardison six minutes to find the exact location of Avery. It took Eliot two to call Nate and tell him their plan, much to Nate and Sophie's chagrin. To be honest it wasn't much of a plan but Eliot was out for pain. They had kidnapped his daughter and threatened her. It took them thirteen minutes with Parker driving to get to the warehouse they were keeping Avery. Now, here they are, inside Lucille looking at security footage from inside. They pinpointed where Avery was and, presently, the three of them are preparing to go get her. With a look at Hardison and Parker who nod in acknowledge, Eliot leads them out the van and into the warehouse.


Avery strains against the ropes holding her to the chair she finds herself sitting in. She glares at the dark haired leader that had held the knife to her throat earlier. Shifting her gaze to the two burly men on the other side of the room, her lips quirk up and she feels a sense of pride. The shorter one is holding an ice pack to his nose and the taller holding his arm close to his side.

Avery had fought all the way to the van and even once the men got her inside the van. She had managed to break the shorter guy's nose and a couple ribs on the taller one before she was eventually knocked out. Avery grins and the two men scowl in her direction when they notice. Avery looks back over at the leader who is currently talking on the phone.

"Understood," the man says before hanging up the phone and putting it back in his pocket. He looks over at the other two men and catch their eyes before explaining.

"That was Gleeson. He said when we get the money to tie up the loose ends," the leader relays and the two injured men nod their heads with evil smirks aiming at Avery. Avery narrows her eyes at them and opens her mouth to say something but a commotion in the hall has all of their attention's turning to the door. The head guy catches the other two men's gaze and nods towards the hall. The two men head out of the room to see what the disturbance is.

The leader scowls and looks over at Avery, before he walks over to a machine with a chain wrapped around it. Once there, he grabs the hook at the end of the chain and moves over to Avery where he hooks the chain to the top of the chair. Avery glares at his back as he walks back to the machine as she begins struggling against her binds once again. The leader pushes a button on the machine and it begins turning, wrapping the chain around it and lifting Avery off the floor and into the air.

Avery gasps and her eyes widen as the chair rises higher and tilts forward resulting in her leaning towards the cement floor. Hating heights for a while now causing Avery to clench her eyes shut when the chair begins swinging two stories up. Forcing a swallow, Avery tries to keep her breathing under control.

Abruptly, the door to the room slams open and Eliot, Parker, and Hardison pile in to the room. The leader quickly grabs the chain and pushes the button that unlocks the chain. All he has to do is let go and Avery and the chair will crash to the floor. Eliot stops a couple yards away from the leader and sends a glare his way. Hardison and Parker stop next to him, one on either side of the hitter. Eliot's gaze darts upwards to see Avery hanging from a chain. Instantly, he takes a step forward only to have the man's voice make him abruptly stop.

"Ah-ah," the dark-haired man says mockingly with a raised eyebrow. He drops Avery about six inches causing her to yelp in surprise and fear. Eliot's glare darkens and the dark-haired man continues with the warning. "Anything happens to me and the girl makes friends with the cement floor."

The chair swings violently as Avery jerks from the surprise drop. Avery closes her eyes as she hears the guy threatening her dad. Finally catching her breath, Avery opens her eyes again and instantly looks to her dad. She just wants to get down and she's sure her wide, fear-filled eyes show how terrified she is at the moment.

Eliot refuses to look at Avery even as he feels her watching him. He looks at Hardison and Parker in turn, sharing a look with each of them. Looking back at the leader who is smirking cockily at him, Eliot smirks back. The guy's smirk wavers at the iciness he feels in Eliot's smirk. The dark-haired man glances over at Hardison and Eliot jumps on his opportunity. Eliot charges at the guy and the guy jolts back in surprise. Crashing into the man, Eliot takes him to the ground. As soon as Eliot jolts into action, Hardison and Parker follow suit, making a dash for the chain, intent on grabbing it.

Avery watches with wide eyes as her dad tackles the dark-haired man. As Eliot and the man crash to the floor, the man loses his grip on the chain. Avery shouts in fear as the floor speedily rushes to meet her and her breath picks up to hyperventilation status. Three feet from impact and Avery jerks to a stop. A gasp of surprise escapes her and Avery realizes she has closed her eyes against the impending collision. Opening her eyes, Avery stares at the floor below her with large, wide eyes and her breathing coming in quick gasps.

Avery feels herself slowly lower towards the cement floor and abruptly, Parker appears in front of her. Parker grabs her and helps set her and the chair upright causing Avery to breath out a sigh of relief. Quick footsteps approaching announces Hardison's arrival. Pulling out a knife, Parker immediately begins cutting Avery loose. Hardison kneels down in front of her and rests reassuring hands on her shoulders.

"You okay?" Hardison asks before he helps Avery up to her feet. Avery nods her head and looks over towards the sound of a scuffle. She sees her dad deliver a final blow to the dark-haired man before Eliot stands up.

Eliot looks over and meets Avery's wide eyes. He jogs over to her and looks her over, glad to see she's fine. Breathing out a sigh of relief, Eliot pulls Avery in for a hug. Avery immediately wraps her arms around him in return and squeezes him tightly. Eliot pulls away and rests his hands on Avery's shoulders and looks at her.

"Are you hurt?" Eliot asks knowing that even though he can't see anything doesn't mean Avery's not hurt.

"Just a lump on the back of my head where he hit me and knocked out," Avery explains with a nods towards the man lying across the room. Eliot gently takes a look at the wound and grimaces.

"We should get some ice on that," Eliot says before gently leading her out of the room. Hardison and Parker steal a glance at the man unconscious on the floor before sharing a look with each other and quickly follow after Eliot and Avery.


"Okay, so let me get this straight. You didn't get Gleeson?" Eliot asks Nate and Sophie with a furrow of his brow and a scowl on his face.

"We're not Hitters Eliot," Sophie replies with a scowl of her own as she motions at her and Nate. "He was trying to kill us. We were just trying to get away alive."

Eliot huffs and scowls further but deep down he doesn't blame them. Truth is, he'd be pissed if they went after David Gleeson without him as backup and ended up getting hurt; Or killed. Eliot looks over at the screen where a picture of Gleeson is up and stares it down. This guy is not only coming after him but is working for Moreau. Not to mention he tried threatened and almost killed his daughter.

"So, what do we do now?" Eliot asks without looking away from the TV screen.

"I'm working on a plan. In the meantime, we lay low and keep tabs on Gleeson," Nate replies as he sidles up next to Eliot. Eliot's scowl deepens but nods his head. If waiting means they'll get this guy then he'll gladly wait. However, the sooner they deal with this the better.