Summary: Post-BD. Rosalie finds herself sent back in time to her human days. Believing this is a second chance to live the life she was meant to, Rosalie's journey to re-find her place in an old-fashioned society is wrought with ghosts from her past, vampires she shouldn't know about, and the realization that her life might not have ever been as perfect as she had imagined it to be.

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Rosalie Hale had given plenty of thought to the idea of starting over, wondering what life would have been like if she had remained human, if she had survived. She had thought long and hard, painted endless possibilities in her head, just hoping, dreaming of being able to have a second chance to live the life she was meant to. A human life.

She had dubbed it futile, of course. A hopeless thing to wish for. Unrealistic. She knew the world wasn't made up of dashing princes and slayed dragons, of rainbows over sunsets representing the end of troubled times. No - Rosalie was far from naive. When one evil ended, another began in its place. A relentless cycle of ill fortune. It repeated again and again, even when one had already accepted the world wasn't full of roses without thorns.

For over a century, she had settled for what she had. Maybe even began to become content with it. She had Emmett, after all - half of her happily ever after. She had loving parents, and a loyal family. And then, through her brother and sister-in-law, a miracle happened. A child had been born into the Cullen family, a niece for Rosalie to love, to nurture in a way she only ever dreamed for... But, even happy, she had envied the fact her brother and sister had managed to get right the part in their lives where she had so miserably failed.

Rosalie had thought she had accepted that the world only gave you one chance to get it right.

Until the world gave her a second.

Life did not always play out the way you expected it to. It certainly didn't for Rosalie. Not then, and definitely not now.

Watching the bleak, gray sky of a winter afternoon in Rochester, New York, Rosalie felt lost. Tears welled in her eyes and flowed down her cheeks, streaming through dirt and blood. Everything was wrong. She had tried - tried so hard - and she ended up here, gripping tightly to a life she could have prevented from being lost. A life she could not bear to lose.

"Help," she sobbed, quiet and desperate into the head of dark curls in her arms. Though her hold tightened around him, the boy did not move. "Please... Help me!"

Even as she screamed, Rosalie knew, deep down, that she was completely and utterly alone.