My long (not quite awaited) return to writing fanfiction. This time branching out into a genre I'm not entirely experienced with, "Romance". WARNING: THE FOLLOWING FICS MAY CONTAINED HIGH LEVELS OF CHEESE MIXED WITH THE OCCASIONAL B.S. VIEWER DESCRETION IS ADVISED.

Table of Contents

1. Sad but Expected (Kyoko)

2. Tragic but Tangible (Bianchi)

3. Bitter but Sweet (Haru)

4.Disgusting but Satisfying (Hana)

5. Relieving but Sad (Lal Mirch)

6. Ironic but Fitting (M.M)

7. Nostalgic but Progressive (I. Pin)

8. Terrifying but Peaceful (Daniella)

9. Frustrating but Worthy (Chrome)

10. Hilarious but Sobering (Adelheid)

11. Mysterious Finally

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