Ok to be honest ive been wanting to write this forever i love this AU but first im gonna put some info here so you dont get confused later on!

note these are all things o kinda made up about the Voltron A/B/O universe


-Omegas can not become pregnant uless the child is conceived during a heat

-10,000 years ago omegas where well respected and seen as blessed beings

-non omega Galra children (mostly Alpha) are not taght properly how to deal with omega pheromones so can be very aggressive around them and towards them.

-Beta and alpha females are capable of having children but it is very unlikely and rare if it does happen the child usualy doesnt live past a month or less though a few where known to have survived.

-Omegas dont get their first heats untill the ages 16-18

-Betas are known to have better controle around strong pheramones

-omegas though naturally submissive can be snappy and irritable

-omegas almost alwase naturaly respond when ordered by an Alpha

-Beta are very common and are often know to have formittable intalect

-omegas have an affinity to healing (good at first aid and good doctors)

-Alphas are Warriors and leaders naturaly strong willed and protecive over family or close friends.

-(galra only) Omegas resemble cats (tails and tail ) while Alphas and Betas are had to tell apart.

-Omegas are naturally thin and agile (Thus their cat likeness )

I'll add more later but till then:

keith first goes by Keia (key-ah)

I do not own Voltron or any of its characters I somewhat own the plot but there are probably simillar ideas out their somewhere

Warnings: mentions of Non-Con/Rape

though not graphic , and male pronouns for Pidge cause it's easier for me.









The mission to capture the red lion back undoubtedly failed, utterly and miserably Failed.

Being down two lions Black and red , not mention two of the strongest (red being fastest and most agile and black littteraly being the strongest) They had a small chance of this actualy working...

Lance and Hunk ended uup crashing and getting captured Pidge being unable to save them by himself.

So this is how they got here:

Lance growled at the galra that pushed him along, Hunk was ahead of him being draged by another Alpha Galra.

Most of the gaurds where Alpha a few being Betas, Lance couldn't help but feel uncomfortable in the hands of galra.

He was an altean it was only natural he feel uncomfortable around the race that killed his people. But the galra didnt know that.

Lance had enough sence to put up a human tranceformation when Blue had gone down knowing he would mostlikely be captured.

The galra where looking them over, pointing out the injuries they had recived in the battle.

"you're lucky they want to send you to the arena, or else we would let those get infected" the one pushing lance growled jaming the blaster into his back.

Lance growled again "like either of us would fight for your intertanment" he said gritting his teeth.

Hunk looked around nervously not sure where the Galra where leading them.

The Galra reached a Door with a cross on the door that reminded Hunk of the first aid symbol. The gaurds simply threw them in the room and shut the door rather harshly, both fell to the ground Hunk wincing when his injured leg hit the hard ground.

Lance and Hunk were confused until the faint sent of an Omega reached their senses.

They watched as a Male Omega stepped just barely into view. The omega looked different from any of the other Galra either had ever seen, his fur was much shorter and his irises where the only thing yellow about his eyes. The Omegas cat like features stood out his light colored ears stood on the top of his head surrounded by fluffy dark purple hair, a tail long and thin matched his ears as it swayed, lightly touching the floor.

The Omega looked unsure until he seemed to notice the injuries.

The Galra walked farther into view and a metal collar with a Empire insignia became prominent. The galra also looked young probably about their (Hunks , Lance is practically over 10,000 ) age. He wore what Hunk had reconized a similar outfit to Shiros Galra prison uniform.

He walked closer but cautiously, making light steps. "it would be best if you sat over there"

He pointed to two medical tables "I can tend to your injuries there".

His voice was quiet which didn't sound right for some reason, it also sounded like he hadn't spoken in weeks.

Lance was first to move to a table, the Omega seemed extra weary towards him mostlikely due to his Alpha status.

Hunk was next to try to move but only to fall on one knee when his other leg Gabe out from under him. The Omega jumped a bit moving closer to help purring calmly sencing Hunks fear. Hunk allowed the Galra to help suport and walk him to the medical bed.

"You may call me Keia, my job is to help you with your wounds" Keia said reaching over for some type of gell and bandages.

"what is that collar for" Lance couldn't help but ask, last time he had seen a Galra Omega she had been largely respected and was ordering people around with the help of other omega and Alpha leaders.

Keia looked confused, but continued to add the strange gell to Hunks leg.

Hunk also looked curious, is keia was a Galra why was he locked in here...

"We omega are only property, our jobs consisting of healing, birthing young and pleasing our masters. That is our duty as Omega" he said clearly as if it was somthing drilled into his head as a child but they could both hear the tinge of hate and regret in the Omegas voice.

This disturbed both of the paladins, somthing was definitely wrong. Keia finished with Hunks injuries and suggested he rest for a while. Hunk nodded with a thanks and layed onto the 'surprisingly comfortable' tables.

Keia went over to lance and began to look over his few cuts. "The gaurds will not be back for two days, your friends have that long to save you...I can tell them you need more time for you're injuries to heal though that might not not get you much..." Lance was surprised to say the least, "how do you know about our friends..." He asked skeptically "the gaurds love to gossip and when paladins end up defeating Zarkons very own student news travels fast" he sad calmly applying the same gell from earlier to one of his deeper cuts.

"You should rest as well it will do you good"

Keia left no argument as he retreated back to where ever he was before they arrived , which lance now saw was a door leading to another room possibly where he slept.

The next day Keia woke them early to fix their bandages and re-apply the gell.

Keia didn't stay long he was called out by a group of gaurds. Lance noticed the slight fear in the Omegas eyes but Keia went with them anyway.

When he returned he looked dead, his eyes dulled and dark bruises obvious even under his thin pale lavender fur. Lance knew exactly what had happened, he didn't forget what the Keia had said the other day, Hunk seemed to understand also "Keia are you ok"? asked Hunk being the kind person he was.

Keia smiled lightly before answering anything "I'm fine yellow paladin, though I am tiered but that is not of the moment"

Hunk looked a little sad at that but smiled "ok then"

Two days had passed and both lance and Hunk got to know Keia more.

Keia had also learned more about the two of them, he had even started acting more freely and less shy then he had originally. This please both Hunk and lance who had been working very hard to get through Keia's walls . of course they hadn't gather threw all of them but they had only know each other for two days.