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Keia awoke to a unfirmiliar room, an older looking Druid stood infront of him, Haggar.

The woman smirked, his mother once compaired her smile to somthing called a grinch.

"Oh so, our pretty little omega has awoken. Its about time, you have a guest who has been waiting to see you"

As she said this she motioned for someone who was obviously waiting behind the door.

A firmiliar and sickining face turned around the corner, flowing white hair the reached the galras mid back and pointed ears, Prince Lotor, he was a hybrid like himself.

Altean and Galra, a forbiden relationship as the two were enemy races.

Keia snarled at the prince a slight panic riseing in his chest.

"now now my pretty little omega, theres no need to be that way, you've caught my attention again it seems" the prince sighed as he walked closer to where Keia was bound.

Keia hadnt had time to notice his shackls or the fact that the collar around his neck felt tighter.

He wanted to escape, last time he had caught the attention of the prince he was almost bought as one of his personal slaves.

The prince was known for his Harem of female omegas, but for some odd reason he was obsessed with Keia.

Lotor was an enigma, he never stayed on one ship for long and never visited the same arena twice unless forced.

Yet He had visited Keia a multitude of times, even after he had been trancefered to another ship.

He had even told him that he as the prince could buy or have whichever omega he wanted, and keia was next on his list.

The prince, thank god didnt have any kits, if he did keia was sure they would grow up to be just as much of an asshole as their father.

"Keia, dearest keia, you are quite the trouble old are you now?

i bet your fist heat is coming up soon, i bet many would love to see you full of kits"

The prince grinned and gripped Keias chin forcing the now terrified Omega to look him in the eye.

A moment of bravery and courage forced a growl from his throat, the prince looked only mildly suprised.

"see, thats the stubborness and bravery we need, you'll make wonderfull soldiors and breeders"

Keia felt like going bazerk on the bastard infront of him, how dare he speak to him like that.

keia managed to move his legs out from under him and swiftly kicked the unsuspecting hybrid in the stomach.

Haggar made a move to shock him when Lotor lifted his hand to signal her to stand down.

Lotor smirked wider, his face looking like it would split in half.

"Looks like our little omega needs to be punished, haggar, I'll take it from here"

Haggar left.

Keia was scared.

He wanted someone to save him.

He wanted...

He wanted to fight for himself.

but for now he needed to be saved.


Lance paced in the control room a plan to get Keia out already formulating in his mind, Keia had been moved ships.

Keia was somewhere and Lance couldnt find him.

The newly discovered Female (they them now )Pidge had hacked into the system only to find about 20 diffrent nursery ships.

Allura was shocked and discusted, Shiro despite being unsure about rescuing a Galra, agreed no one should have to go through that.

Hunk and Lance obvously wanted to save theit new friend, finding a way was going to be hard.

"Guys!, I found somthing"!

Pidge yelled from their spot on the floor.

Lance was the fasted when getting to the computer, he scanned over the file quickly.


File: 640-H-7931

Name: Keia

speices: Hybrid , Galra and unknown

First gender: Male

Secondary gender: Omega

Prior incident Information:

Multiple Escape attempts , violtent, non submissive at times.

Notes: Prince Lotor scheduled visit, Hagger scheduled visit, possable buyer (Prince Lotor)


Lance growled, some bastard was going to buy Keia. like hell he would let that happen,

A secound late he heard a gasp, his sister looked utterly shocked.

"Whats wrong Allura"

"you okay? do you need to sit down"

She just stood there staring at the file,

"Prince Lotor, Son of Zarkon...he..he's alive, THAT BASTARD"

Lance jumped at his sisters tone, he had only heard her speak like that once.

Before anyone could ask she explained.

"He hated the ideas of Omegas being treated as equal to Alphas and Beta, he would speak so openly about it, shaming any omega that dared be in his presence.

The Red Paladin was one of the few that spoke up against him, She was strong willed and smart, she easily won in a popularity vote, but...Lotor hated it, the beginning of the war...the first reason we lost was because Lotor killed her the first chance he got...thats also how they obtained the Red lion"

The others were shocked, Lance had never met this Lotor guy but he knew the former Red paladin, she was kind and smart, she rarely let people talk down to an omega in her presence.

Lance was gonna kill this Prince the moment he saw him.

The others looked shocked and sad, how could someone do that? kill someone just because they were born a little diffrent.

It was sickining.

But now they knew where to find him, they could save someone they failed once.

There was someone they could save.


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