Why I think the Uglies universe is in reality an utopia.

Every time we hear about issues regarding the climate change, we wonder, if humanity will ever come to it's sense.

Even though we destroy nature and we have seen the dire consequences, people still can't grasp the idea of protecting our only place we can truly call home, regardless of our skin colour background etc.

Why? We are too many, too many to work together. We are too selfish. Because that's what we are.

So how can Tally's world be different?

Westerfeld had a handy solution: leave the thinking to a few people and they carry the full responsibility of their (own) actions. And although trust can be misplaced, I can't help but wonder if this is the solution to our problem.

There are always those arguments that it would be horrible to not be able to think for yourself. And I agree.

But if you don't know the truth and you are happy, I don't think it would be such a bad deal to trade your brain for happiness, health and security. Because it all comes down to this: you won't know. Of course this opinion won't be accepted by most of you, nor do I say that it is completely right.

But what are the pros of Tally's society?

- saving the planet

- saving humanity

- equality

- no war or conflicts

- no religion (really important)

What are the cons?

- your ability to decide/ think for yourself

- freedom of the individual

You need to decide for yourself: Are your needs more important or the well-being of your society/ future generation?

I believe in the protection of nature, because our planet is beautiful and it deserves to be treated with respect.

That is the reason why I was a little bit disappointed with Westerfeld's ending. In my opinion the wrong site won.

After reading the sequel I was sure, that my opinion was the right one.

In Extras we were able to see how humanity went overboard again, they didn't learn from their mistakes and they started destroying everything again.

So what is your opinion? I would be delighted to discuss this topic with you!