Poetry, PG. Ron/Harry. Can be taken as slash, pre-slash or friendship, depending on your preferences. Set sometime in fifth year.

Disclaimer: Belongs to Rowling. (Drat!) Therefore not mine. (Double Drat!) Am getting no profit from this (V. Big Drat!)


Red defines my world by night;
The crimson, violent throbbing
Of my scar a constant reminder
I see the tide of blood He sheds
Behind my clenched-shut eyelids
And I am not permitted to forget.

Red defines my world by day;
A lion roars upon my chest
Couches and carpets of deepest wine
Scarlet robes for taking flight
A phoenix singing on my knee
And I tell what I can remember.

Red defines my world at night;
A glint of fire in the dark -
A blaze of hair lit by the moon
Slips under the covers next to me
Strokes my head and holds me close
And I can simply be.

Red defines my world.