The Big Reveal
Author's Note: This came to me back in July so I started writing it. It took me so long to find the story again and to finish it.

Chapter 1-Scott Finds Out

Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinski were used to sleeping in the same bed together. That had started when they were 5 and Scott's dad had walked out on him and his mom having decided that he didn't want to be a 'family man'. Raphael Mc Call was determined to follow his own dreams. That night, Scott couldn't get to sleep due to his mom's crying and his best friend's mom quiet reassurance down the hall. He hopped onto his new big boy bike and peddled the couple blocks to the Stilinski's house so he could see the one person that he needed most. Stiles had always known exactly what he needed, a distraction, a quiet reassurance, and a warm body to cuddle up and cry into like he did to his teddy bear. It was almost 2 hours before John Stilinksi found them clutching onto each other with quiet tears rolling down their faces.

After that, it wasn't uncommon to discover one of their impromptu sleepovers; their parents quickly learned not to panic and to just call the other one's house if they couldn't find their son. Every nightmare, every bad day, and every sad thing that that happened to them had one or the other at the other's house. They were becoming co-dependent on each other which would never truly go away no matter what life threw at them. Then after Stiles' mom died when they were 9; they became basically inseparable. You couldn't find one without the other. Now that they were older; those impromptu sleepovers rarely happened only when the occasional nightmare occurred. They could be found sound asleep in one of their beds cuddled together come the morning. But the older they grew; the more their 'sleepovers' became less common. Now if they had a nightmare, they called each other. That was because as they got older and realized what awkward really meant, aka, they discovered what morning wood was. Then, they became almost non-existent except for the very rare occasions as Scott got more involved with his girlfriend and the Pack.

But tonight was different; tonight, Scott was uneasy and restless. Allison and he had broken up and he was sure that this time it was the end. He would always love Allison, she was his first love but lately he had begun to love the excitement of their own again-off again relationship then he really did her. They had been growing apart for a while now and they had both decided that neither one of them was in love with the other. All they felt for each other was friendship and it was best to keep it that way. When he finally got to sleep, he was awakened by his wolf's uneasiness inside of him. He knew it was getting closer to the full moon so his wolf was already restless. But right now, his wolf needed reassurance in short, it needed his anchor. His anchor was his family which included his mom, Stiles, the Sheriff, and his Pack. More than anyone else, Stiles was the one person who was able to calm his wolf.

That is how one night Scott found himself running to Stiles' house. He had tried calling him several times but for some reason, Stiles wasn't responding to them. He climbed through the Stiles' window after listening for any sounds that were out of the ordinary before climbing into Stiles' bed and settled into sleep.

"Um, good night." Scott heard someone mumble from beside him. He knew it must have been Stiles even though the voice was groggy and deep with sleep.

Scott McCall opened his eyes to the sunlight peeping through the window. He tried to lift his arm in order to attempt to block the sun's bright rays this early in the morning only to discover it was lodged beneath someone or something.

"I missed you." Scott heard a sleepy voice mumble from beside him as the arm tightened around his waist.

"I missed you too buddy but why are you holding me tight and why is your hand sneaking down. Dude, I love you but not like that." With that the arm let him go and the body connected to it shot up out of bed like a shot. Scott could now recognize that the arm belonged to none other than his Alpha.

"Scott, what are you doing here?" Derek asked as he got out of the bed and grabbed the blanket but not before Scott noticed that Derek was only wearing a pair of Batman boxers which he was pretty sure belonged to Stiles.

"I think the better question would be, what are you doing here?"

"Der, get up. It's almost 7 and dad wanted to have a family breakfast then after I catch a few hours of sleep, the rest of the day is going to be just us. We can have a nice relaxing day together." They both heard Stiles run up the stairs and yell.

"Come on my cuddly wolf." Stiles opened his bedroom door and said. He instantly saw his boyfriend with the blanket wrapped around him glaring across the room at Stiles' best friend. He could tell by the expressions on both of their faces that this wasn't good.

"Der, why don't you shower and change while I take care of Scott." Stiles prodded his boyfriend gently into the other room. He knew his best friend well enough by now that he needed to defuse the Scott bomb first before he soothed his boyfriend.

"Okay, call me if you need me." Derek agreed and kissed him on his cheek before practically running into the bathroom.

"Explain." Scott demanded of his best friend.

"Dad was working on a case and he brought me in to assist him." That wasn't really surprising since Scott knew Stiles was planning to follow in his dad's footsteps and since Stiles was 18 now and the Sheriff occasionally let Stiles assist in some of the cases.

"Okay. That still doesn't explain why my alpha was in your bed wearing what I am pretty sure is your boxer shirts. While you're at it, explain what's up with the kiss, roving hands, and the fam..." Scott started saying before Stiles cut him off. Stiles could tell that Scott wasn't handling this unexpected surprise very well.

"Derek and I have been dating for almost a year now and my dad has known since a little after my 17th birthday. We told him together and although he was against it at first, he came around. He approves and he and Derek are really close now which scares me sometimes."

"Why didn't you tell me, Stiles? We're best friends; I thought we told each other everything." Scott said with a hurt expression.

"Scott, we are. Nothing will ever change that including how big of an a**hole you were to me. Scott, you were…"Stiles started speaking

"Stiles, I get it. I've apologized for that." Scott reminded his best friend gently. His best friend had a tendency to ramble on and all though he loved him for it. It could also get tedious and long so he had started to refocus his best friend to the real conversation.

"Oops, sorry. I was scared."

"Of what, you must have known I would have accepted you. I've told you before that I don't care who you like just don't let me know too many details. I don't care who you date, I am more hurt that you didn't tell me. You're my best friend and you couldn't even trust me enough to tell me who you're dating." Scott told him.

"That wasn't it, I will always trust you, no matter what. At first, I was scared because I wasn't sure if it wasn't just hormones that were making Derek and me crazy over each other. I didn't want to hear your lecture on not getting my heart broken because I fell too quickly." Stiles explained.

"I wouldn't do that." Scott answered.

"Scott, yes you would. You're overprotective. I sat through the same speech about Lydia, Malia, and even Danny even though you knew there was nothing between the last two. You lecture, you disapprove; honestly, you're worse than my dad sometimes." Stiles told him.

"And then, why didn't you tell me?" Scott asked him.

"The sex was phenomenal and the secret keeping just made it even hotter." Stiles told him.

"TMI, dude. I don't want to hear about that." Scott interrupted.

"Consider it payback for all those times you made me hear about Allison's perfect breasts or whatever. Anyhow after we both realized that what Derek and I had was love and we weren't going away, we told my dad together. That was one awkward conversation that I never wish to repeat. After that, I was going to tell you but I wasn't sure how you and the rest of the pack would take it once they found out that the Alpha's mate was a human." Stiles told him.

"Mate? You mean, you're Derek's mate." Scott questioned.

"Yes. We knew there was something between us after the whole Jennifer/Darach situation. So, we went Deaton who then confirmed we were mates. At first, we fought against it but then we realized that we just fit together." Stiles said while tentatively biting his lip. Scott could tell that his best friend was anxious and he knew that his lack of a proper response to Stiles' surprising announcement was just making it worse.

"Stiles, that's great. I have nothing to say to that, you're his mate. That's great, I am so glad you're happy even if it is with him."Scott said as he went over and joyfully hugged his best friend.

"So, you really don't care that your Alpha's mate is a 147 pound, scrawny, talkative, and sarcastic human boy." Stiles asked him tentatively.

"You're my best friend and my brother. I know of no one more worthy to be an alpha mate than you. You two will be good for each other." Scott told him before he gladly went over to hug his best friend.