Leaving for Valinor

Disclaimer: I don't own Lord of the Rings. Tolkien owns the books and New Line Cinema owns the movies.

As I am watching the ship sailing on the sea tears fall from my eyes like waterfalls

falling down my face and soaking my clothes until it waters my feet and the soft off white sand that I am standing on.

My heart is shattering like glass with millions of shards floating about

and I feel an emptiness filling me like a void;

for one of the passengers on that boat is my best friend and master

whom I have risked my life when I traveled with him to Mount Doom

to destroy the ring,

and even though I almost died I would do it again.

I love my master so much that I always want to keep him safe.

I wish he could have stay in the Shire and watch my Elanor and the children that we will have grow up.

It would have been nice to have him as part of our family; for my Rosie and little Elanor was fond of him too, but the quest was too painful him; for he suffered from the hurts that the ring, that Stinker, Shelob, and those ugly orcs. I hated them and I still do.

Poor Frodo has suffered so much that the only place for him to be cured is in Valinor where the elves are leaving for.

It hurts so much to watch him leaving that I almost jumped in after him, but I didn't.

Even though I would miss him terribly I have others at home whom I love and who need me now; my lovely Rosie, and my sweet little Elanor who likes like an elf.

Tears continuously fall from my eyes and my heart continues to break like glass

while I am standing there watching the ship sailing on the beautiful blue ever moving waters getting smaller and smaller until it disappears from sight.

Then I climb back on Bill and ride back to the Shire with Merry and Pippin who will miss him too.

I hope to see him again someday.

The End.