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Vegeta flew up high into space and sensed down back on earth where all the life-forms were gathered. 'Time to make a nice and loud entrance, if The Presence needs me to save this planet then I will' Thought Vegeta as his pure white aura surrounded him, a smirk crossed his lips, he has never fought a being from another multi-verse before and the thought made his blood boil. Vegeta blasted forward as he entered the earth's atmosphere and made a loud thundering boom as he entered.

The people down below looked up in shock, most of them held expressions that said. "What now?" Vegeta saw all eyes on him except two people, it was a well-built man in blue and red spandex with a red cape fluttering behind him, Vegeta noticed that the man was sporting many bruises and cuts and his spandex was damaged in some areas, Vegeta turned and saw his opponent, a rock like being that was very big, nearly three Vegeta's stacked on top of each other, this rock man however looked much better than his opponent.

They were charging towards each other at high speed, neither noticing Vegeta coming from above, they were so engrossed in their fight they only focused on each other, they pulled back their fists and waited for the right moment to punch forward. The heroes on the ground saw that both Darkseid and Superman were about to collide and the thing that looked like a white meteor to them was about be caught right in the middle of their power punches, Diana Prince was the first to break out of her trance as she dodged a Parademon before cutting its head off swiftly, she turned and yelled at the top of her lungs. "SUPERMAN! WATCH OUT!" Yelled Wonder Women all the heroes and Parademons heard as they watched the two super powered beings slammed right in the middle of the white comet.

A massive explosion of white light exploded in all directions and a massive shockwave vibrated through the ground knocking everyone off their feet, the remaining buildings collapsed and a heavy force pushed most of the heroes back a couple meters.

When the light died down Superman and Darkseid looked to the short man in front of them that held their fists in the palm of his hands, steam coming off of Vegeta's hand. "Who dares interrupt a God in battle?" Questioned Darkseid as Vegeta look to him and then Superman. "Who here is threatening the existence of this planet?" Asked Vegeta as Darkseid scoffed. "Prepare to be killed you insignificant worm!" Said Darkseid as he pulled his fist back and punched forward again only to have his fist caught by Vegeta again. "I assume you are here to destroy it?" Asked Vegeta as Darkseid growled and Superman slowly floated backwards, this new arrival intrigued him, he needed a couple seconds of rest anyway but if this man decides to attack him Superman decided he would knock him out as fast as possible, Vegeta looked to Superman who only got ready to defend himself just in case. "Relax spandex man, by the way you are acting I assume you are trying to protect the planet correct?" Asked Vegeta as Superman raised an annoyed eyebrow at the spandex comment.

"Yes I am and you are getting in the way, now move or I will move you myself" Said Superman as his cape blew to the side, Vegeta chuckled. "Well now that I have established good from bad" Said Vegeta as he moved so fast it looked like multiple Vegeta's moving towards Superman, Superman saw this and got ready to defend against whatever this person was about to do, he heard the air behind him move ever so quietly, he turned around at full speed and saw Vegeta behind him with his fist pulled back but Vegeta's face adopted a look of shock when he saw Superman turn around the moment he appeared. "No you don't!" Said Superman as he punched towards Vegeta only for his fist to go through him, Superman looked to the now smirking holographic form of Vegeta that his fist was through.

"Too slow" Said Vegeta behind Superman who only widened his eyes in response as Vegeta charged his base form power to max without activating his aura as he put the palm of his hand on Superman's back. "I will take care of this" And pushed him with medium effort, Superman was not expecting the force that followed afterwards as he hit the ground just as fast as he was touched, Superman sat up and looked to Vegeta in confusion, the push never even hurt him it just forced him back to the ground, and what did he mean by that?

Diana ran up to Superman. "What just happened?" Asked Diana as Superman just continued looking up towards Vegeta. "I don't really know myself, he just told me he would take care of this?" Questioned Superman, he was trying to think about what Vegeta meant, it confused him so much, was Vegeta going to help or was he plotting with Darkseid, Superman didn't know but he was curious if this person actually was here to help than he could buy time for him heal and rest.

Diana just looked up, this new person better not turn around and attack them otherwise she would kill him herself. "Let's go and regroup with the rest" As she jumped into the air, Superman slowly followed suit; they saw Martian Manhunter, Shazam and The Green Lantern do the same. Batman along with The Flash were watching and the only thing going through Batman's head was. 'Who is he?' As he dodged another Parademon and put a frag grenade in its mouth as it exploded he just kept watching as the seven core members of the Justice League regrouped, the smaller heroes continued fighting off the Parademons.

"Who's the new guy?" Asked Flash to Superman. "I don't know but he said he would take care of this" Said Superman, Batman only frowned. "Right after he pushed you into the ground?" Asked Batman as Superman sighed. "I know but I do need a breather, I'm sure I could take him if he is bad" Said Superman as Batman just looked up at the two. 'I hope so Clark' Thought Batman as all their eyes turned to the sky.

Vegeta slowly floated to face Darkseid. "I really hope this is worth my time" Said Vegeta as Darkseid scoffed. "This is the only time you will ever have again worm!" As he charged towards Vegeta, Vegeta quickly slipped into a defensive stance as Darkseid charged forward. 'Damn!' Thought Vegeta as he grit his teeth, Darkseid slipped through his defence with a lot of speed for such a big guy and landed a right haymaker on Vegeta blasting him into the ground and making a shockwave that shook the ground and creating a small crater.

"Well I guess that didn't last long" Said Flash as he looked to Superman. "Well supes your up" Said Flash as Batman looked to the crater. "Awe man I really was that could have lasted longer" Whined Superman as he slowly floated up, he was barely a couple centimetres off the ground as a bright light shot out of the crater and Vegeta slowly rose. "Not bad" Said Vegeta as he floated up to face Darkseid again. "So the worm returns to take another beating from the new God?" Said Darkseid almost mockingly, Vegeta chuckled in response. "I guess we will have to see which God has more power than?" Said Vegeta as his eyes turned turquoise, Darkseid raised an eyebrow at the sight.

As Vegeta laughed at the top of his lungs. "Has he gone crazy from one punch to the head?" Asked GL, Batman narrowed his eyes. 'Either his unstable or he just heard something very funny' Thought Batman. 'I doubt it's the latter' they all watched as Vegeta laughed before hearing him scream at the top of his lungs and the ground shake violently stopping all the fights happening as they all looked to the sky.

Vegeta yelled as his body accessed his old vast reserves of the Legendary Super Saiyan transformation, a golden glow emitted from Vegeta as the sky was flooded with light and Vegeta completed his transformation allowing his aura to remain around him as he glowed, the air pressure was heavy and anyone that wasn't strong enough would choke under it.

Darkseid looked at Vegeta before speaking. "So what if you scream loud, that just proves you have a big mouth" Said Darkseid as he analysed the new form Vegeta possessed. Vegeta looked at Darkseid with a smirk. "Now…shall we see WHICH GOD IS MORE POWERFUL!?" Yelled Vegeta as he moved and reappeared behind Darkseid and punched him in his back before Darkseid even registered what happened he was plummeting to the ground.

Superman watched in interest as Vegeta changed his form before appearing behind Darkseid and punching him to the ground. "Wow I guess he had something up his sleeve" Said Superman as he looked to the Flash who was sitting down, he raised an eyebrow when he saw Batman breathing heavily. "What's wrong with you two?" Asked Superman as Diana spoke. "As soon as he changed, the pressure in the air felt heavy almost like the oxygen vanished, I am not affected by it but all the heroes and Parademons are stuck in their positions, Batman is the only human here that is able to even stand" Said Wonder Women as she looked to the sky. "The power radiating off of him is making it hard for the physically weaker heroes to move" Superman looked to the core members and Batman was suffering the most but he was capable of sitting upright before getting on his knees, Batman was struggling but he would be damned if he stay on the ground, he took out a gas mask and put it on, it didn't help much but he could breathe now, his body was just straining, he stood up and continued watching the fight, the less expireanced league members were on the floor gasping for air.

"To think that one man's power could do this…." Said Wonder Women as Flash corrected her. "Apparently he is also a God" Said Flash which Diana only rolled her eyes. "Everyone mortal man thinks he is a God" Said Wonder Women as she looked to the fight.

Darkseid rose up and cracked his neck. "That was weak" As he floated up to Vegeta, Vegeta just smirked and charged towards him, this time Darkseid was ready.

Darkseid readied himself, he blocked Vegeta's first punch and second before countering and punching towards Vegeta who nimbly moved to the right and watched the fist move past his face before turning and doing a roundhouse kick which Darkseid blocked with his fore arm, he grabbed Vegeta's leg and threw him to the ground, Vegeta flipped in the air and landed on his feet. "For such a big person you are quite fast" Said Vegeta with a smirk as he readied himself to turn into his second Super Saiyan transformation, he had already maxed out his first form of Super Saiyan and it was clear that Darkseid was a match for it, and regular old Super Saiyan was just not going to cut it anymore.

He grunted as he pushed for the Super Saiyan 2, he frowned when he didn't transform, Darkseid smirked. "What? Something wrong" As he charged forward, Vegeta pushed harder and harder until he finally transformed, he ducked at the last possible second as Darkseid's fist grazed his hair. Vegeta floated away from Darkseid as he stared at his hands and frowned. 'What was that? I couldn't assess my own power' He heard Darkseid chuckle. "You seem to have trouble controlling your own power, you were already at a disadvantage the moment you challenged me, now you will die, witness my full power!" Exclaimed Darkseid as he moved towards Vegeta at full speed, Vegeta's eyes widened as Darkseid closed the distanced between them faster than Vegeta could comprehend, Vegeta's head rocked as Darkseid's fist connected, he felt another fist hit him and he was dizzy already!

"You worm! You should know your place and not confront a God!" Said Darkseid as he knocked Vegeta to the ground and big explosion occurred, Darkseid turned to the core leaguers. "Now where were we?" Vegeta lied in the crater Darkseid put him in, a bit dazed 'Damn that pile of rocks punches like a planet' Thought Vegeta as he shook his head before raising his hands to his face. 'And what the hell was that? My power didn't respond….but now that I think about it, I am feeling really tired…I haven't even entered my Beyond God form, but even if I get the opportunity using the Beyond God form is something I should not do….just starting the transformation could vaporise the galaxy, I already know that Super Saiyan is no match even if I enter Super Saiyan 3, the end result would just be the same, I underestimated this…God, I need to raise my level to Super Saiyan Blue….but I don't know when I will find an opponent like him again….i guess I will drag this out for as long as I can…but I mustn't get carried away…The Presence wouldn't be happy if this planet just got destroyed' Concluded Vegeta as he slowly got up, he floated up the see Darkseid talking to the league.

"I am insulted that you would think a attack of that level would finish me off" Said Vegeta with a smirk, Darkseid didn't even acknowledge him.

"So Kryptonian lets finish our…fight if you could call it that" Said Darkseid focusing on Superman, Superman just kept quiet, he knew Darkseid could hear Vegeta but he choose to ignore him. 'Well I guess I have no choice…I really hoped this new person would defeat Darkseid….i guess he was all show' Thought Superman as he slowly rose to meet Darkseid, Vegeta just stared at Darkseid, was he…being ignored, his pride as a God of Destruction was just pulled through the mud, a vein appeared on his forehead as he charged towards Darkseid with his glowing golden aura ablaze as he changed to Super Saiyan 3, Darkseid heard the sound of Vegeta approaching and frowned before catching Vegeta's fist with his one hand while facing Superman in front of him and turned around to look at Vegeta before lifting him and bringing him to eye level Vegeta was in shock, even if Darkseid could over power his Super Saiyan 2 form like this, there was absolutely no way he could do this to Vegeta's Super Saiyan 3 form, Vegeta briefly wondered had Darkseid been holding back that much power or had he just underestimated him that much? Darkseid frowned, making his eyes glow before talking. "You puny worm stay out of my way!" As he punched Vegeta in the gut, the punch had so much force it entered his body, piercing a hole in Vegeta's abdomen, Vegeta's eyes widen as Darkseid tossed him to the ground in front of the leaguers, Vegeta fall down, he wasn't expecting such a devastating punch, he looked up as he felt someone lift him slightly, he looked to see a female with black hair and blue eyes look at him, a man that looked like a bat was directly behind her and someone with a lightning bolt on his chest and someone he could only assume was an alien. "Hey! Hey! Get out of your daze" Exclaimed Wonder Woman as she started to apply pressure on his wound, Vegeta immediately got up and pushed her away from him. "Hey!" Said Wonder Women in protest, she was about to tell him to stand still so that he doesn't bleed out but stopped in confusion when she saw there was no blood on her hands.

Vegeta turned to face them showing them the hole he had in his stomach, in the hole however there were red flames flickering as he slowly started to heal. "I don't need to worry about that" Said Vegeta as he turned to face Darkseid who was now currently fighting Superman. "Hera…." Muttered Wonder Women as she walked in front of Vegeta and watched the flames close up his skin completely.

Batman was the next thing that clouded his vision. "Who are you?" Questioned the Dark knight, this person was an unknown anomaly, he never like anomalies, they had the tendency of being evil, Vegeta just glanced to the knight, before answering. "I'm a fairy sent from a magical dimension filled with pixies and elves, where there is sun shine and rainbows and everyone bakes each others cookies" Retorted Vegeta. "Does that answer your question?" Asked Vegeta, Batman just frowned, this person was playing games. He didn't like it one bit, but before he could respond, Vegeta spoke. "I was asked to come here by someone, don't even ask who, that is way above your pay grade" Said Vegeta, Batman raised an eyebrow, Wonder Women spoke next. "Well then, why did they send you?" Asked Wonder Woman, Batman was going to ask that question but he figured that if she asked it, Vegeta would most likely respond, he seemed like a person that would get annoyed by the same person asking questions.

"I was told that I needed to save your planet" Said Vegeta, he was only answering their questions because he felt it was fair, if the situation was reversed he would be very curious about who he was. "Well you are not doing a very good job" Said the Green Lantern as Superman was thrown towards a mountain.

Vegeta looked to GL but said nothing. "How did you heal like that?" Asked Wonder Woman, that intrigued her. "I am a real God, unlike that pile of rocks up there" Said Vegeta as Wonder Woman raised an eyebrow, Superman got up and charged towards Darkseid, their fight rocking the landscape.

"You sure are weak for a 'real' God" Said GL as Vegeta looked to GL and frowned. "Watch your words, with a flick of my fingers I could turn you to dust" Said Vegeta as GL looked at him angrily. "Why don't you do that to Darkseid? He is the one trying to take over earth, oh wait your too weak, the moment you defeat Darkseid is when I take you seriously" Said GL as he crossed his arms.

Batman watched the interaction; Vegeta seemed very calm for someone that was bested in a fight. "So now you will wait for Superman to defeat Darkseid?" Said Wonder Woman as Vegeta glanced to her.

"Of course he is, he just got a beating" Said GL as Vegeta frowned. "I don't really have an option" Said Vegeta as GL looked to him and scoffed. "Really now and why is that?" He was waiting for an answer, Wonder Woman, Batman and the rest of the core members were listening. "My power is set in stages; I have the first level which is what you are seeing now" Gesturing to his long flowing golden locks and lack of eyebrows. "Usually this power is more than enough to take down someone like him" Said Vegeta as he pointed to Darkseid. "But…after I entered this realm of mortals, something has been wrong with my power, I am very tired and that is not normal at this level" Said Vegeta as Flash spoke. "Then why not just use the next stage and defeat Darkseid" Vegeta answered nearly ten seconds later. "I can't take that chance, the next stage of my power could destroy your solar system and that is not something I can risk" Said Vegeta, he didn't lie when he said the next stage could destroy the solar system but he just wanted to fight with Darkseid more, GL scoffed. "No one has that kind of power" Said GL.

"Earlier you heard me yell I am a God but do you know what kind?" Asked Vegeta, GL just scoffed.

Wonder Woman rolled her eyes. "No matter what kind of God you are, no one has that power, not even Superman" Said Wonder Woman as Vegeta answered anyway. "I am a God of Destruction; my sole purpose is to destroy" Said Vegeta. "And I think I have spoken too much now, I will get rid of Darkseid now" Said Vegeta as he crouched, before he stared charging his power. "I have no choice but to go to the second stage" Said Vegeta they were starting to ask lots of annoying questions, he was in that position for a couple seconds before he frowned. "What the hell is wrong with my power?" As he pushed harder but got nothing.

"I guess just like Darkseid you are a false God" Said GL as Vegeta frowned at the comment.

Vegeta just pushed harder but at that moment his body racked with pain and he screamed in pain as a foreign energy entered his body.

"What is happening to my power?" Questioned Vegeta as he fell to his knees.

"His body seems to be reacting to something" Said Martian Manhunter as he scanned Vegeta's body; Vegeta felt the pain increase as he growled. "Get away from me! All of you, I need to get rid of whatever is invading my body" Said Vegeta as he pushed as hard as he could and transformed immediately into Super Saiyan Blue and blasted into the sky the ground was shaking violently before Vegeta yelled. "GET OUT OF MY BODY!" As he charged his power the planet shook violently knocking the members over, Darkseid and Superman stopped their fight and saw Vegeta, the smaller league members were struggling to hold on, his power reaching the limits of Super Saiyan Blue, he growled, as he pushed hard and felt the foreign energy slowly leave him, raising his Super Saiyan Blue power to the max as the foreign energy disappeared completely and his transformation vanished without his consent, he fell down and landed in between the members he gasped for air as he felt numb and exhausted, everyone slowly got up and looked to a panting Vegeta that was sweating, he looked worried, he looked to Darkseid with one thought going through his mind. 'I have to defeat him now' before transforming into Super Saiyan Blue again and charging towards him, he realized that his time in the form was very limited, he could easily defeat Darkseid now so he had to take the opportunity while it lasted, he appeared in front of Darkseid who was shocked at the sudden arrival. "What th-" As Vegeta raised his right hand and flicked Darkseid to the forehead, Darkseid felt his consciousness leave him.

He reappeared with Darkseid in his hand as he threw the body towards the league, they all looked at him in shock, his hair now bright blue and his very presence was heavy, GL was quiet he wasn't expecting Vegeta to just up and defeat Darkseid so easily in this new form "Here" Said Vegeta, Vegeta snapped his fingers before speaking one word. "Destruction" All the Parademons around the world turned to dust, Vegeta gasped as he fell out of his transformation again without his consent before stumbling a little, Vegeta looked down at his arms and frowned. "I now know why we have lost beings in this universe" Muttered Vegeta as he charged to Super Saiyan Blue before that disappeared without his consent again. "Why is this happening!?" Questioned Vegeta in frustration as he tried to charge his power again but received nothing, my power…!? Where is it!?" As he looked to the sky and tried to charge his power again only receiving low rumbling sounds from the ground, the core members looked to Darkseid's unconscious form.

Superman flew down and walked up behind Vegeta and clasped his shoulder, Vegeta looked to him with frustration in his eyes. "What's wrong?" Asked Superman as Vegeta rudely shoved his hand off him. "This is none of your concern" As Vegeta put his hand into his pocket looking for the button that the Great Priest gave him but he found nothing.

Martian Manhunter wearily approached Vegeta. "We can help you" As Vegeta eyed him before growling in frustration. "Not here" Said Vegeta as Batman just narrowed his eyes, what game is this guy playing, did he think they would take him to their base so quickly. "Fine let's go to the hall of Justice" Said Batman as Superman nodded in understanding, they had an old base there that everyone knows about, Martian Manhunter sent a mental message to all the league members telling them to help with the clean-up while they found a solution for Darkseid.

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