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Spot liked to watch the fights. He didn't do it often. He didn't usually have the time, but today he'd made the time to waltz over to the less reputable part of Brooklyn where the fighting usually took place. Most, he noticed, were unskilled. Strong and brutish, but unskilled, with no real technique or speed. He'd have made quick work of them had he been in the ring. He wasn't though, so he settled for critiquing their style, or lack thereof.

The crowd roared as the winner of the last three fights -a particularly ugly man with a bulbous crooked nose, thick eyebrows and a spattering of uneven brown facial hair- pumped his wrapped fists into the air. The man grinned a lopsided, toothless grin as a new figure entered the ring with fluid movements that spoke of experience. The newcomer was small, less than five and a half feet and lanky, all skin and bones. He too, had his knuckles wrapped, and they were splattered with dried blood. Spot only smirked as the crowd began to jeer at the boy.

The man stepped lazily to the right, his belly fat jiggling with the movement. The boy mirrored his steps with predatory grace. The man fleered, making a crude derogatory comment Spot didn't hear. He was too busy watching this boy's movement. He had technique, a style. Fighting was this boy's life and it showed.

As the man lunged, the boy sidestepped, using the man's own momentum to throw him face first into the wooden rails around the edge of the fighting ring. Spot smirked.

The man roared in anger, turning back with fury burning in his eyes. He was not going to be shown up by a mere boy. As he lunged again, swinging his fist in a sideways arc, the boy ducked, jamming an elbow into the man's kidney and dashing out of the way. The man recovered faster than the boy anticipated though. He didn't quite manage to dodge the next punch, which clipped his side. He stumbled backward into a defensive position and the fight continued. As the man wasted his energy with powerful punches the boy easily out maneuvered, his adversary struck quickly and painfully with elbows and knees to the most vulnerable parts of the body. A kidney shot, followed by an elbow to the jaw and a throat punch all in quick succession had the man slowing. He slapped an open palm forcefully over the man's ears, disorienting him. As the man stumbled blindly the boy then swung a leg out and kicked the back of the man's knee, bringing him to the ground where he delivered a punishing blow to the man's spine and then head, keeping him on the ground.

The crowd was dumbfounded. Spot was intrigued.