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Saving Grace

Chapter One

One of the King's heralds announces loudly, "Your Majesty the Duke of Suffolk", as one of the King's oldest friends and former brother-in-law enters into the King's apartment.s

Brandon bows down to greet his King by saying, "Your Majesty",only to find Henry entertaining a young woman by the name of Lady Jane Seymour who he dreams might be the new Queen of England one day if the harlot fails her duty as she would be a kind step-mother to Mary like his wife is to his own children.

Henry asks his old friend, "Brandon, what can I do for you today?", knowing that his old friend knew better then to disturb him when he's spending time with his new love.

"Your Majesty, I bring you news from Kimbolton Castle concerning the Dowager Princess of Wales," says Brandon bitterly using that horrible title for the rightful Queen of England.

Henry gleefully asks, "What news do you bring me today?", hoping that his false wife would finally recognize the truth about their marriage because he knew that his daughter and their remaining supporters will follow her lead in signing the oath.

Brandon notices that Henry takes his hand of Jane as he begins to speak, "It saddens me to inform you that the Dowager Princess of Wales has passed away yesterday morning according to my wife's mother Lady Willoughby who was present for the last days of her life," as he sees that Jane has tears in her eyes upon learning of the news but notices that she kept herself from crying because of the King.

Henry takes a moment before ordering a one of his grooms attending to his needs at the time, "Bring me the Duke of Norfolk, the Earl of Wiltshire, and the Viscount Rochford at once", as he names Anne's own uncle, father, and brother because they are crucial for the events that will follow..

Henry then turns to his attention to his love by saying, "Lady Jane you shall retire to your family's apartments for the day," knowing that Jane should not be present when Anne's relatives arrive at his apartments as he had Jane dismiss early from her duties in the Queen's household as he desired to spend time with her.

Jane replies cautiously, "Of course your majesty," and leaves without a fuss knowing that it please the King because it shows that she is different from the woman pretending to be Queen.

-Saving Grace-

Brandon sat down in the chair previously occupy by Jane as Henry did not say another word to him. He hopes that Katherine's death will be the push that Henry needs to reconnect with his eldest daughter as they mourn the woman that they love together.

Henry on the other hand is planning out what needs to happen next as he hears the herald announce the arrival of Boleyn, Norfolk, and George.

Each of the three men take a seat at the table after greeting their King as they don't know why they have been called.

Henry calmly reveals to the three men, "Brandon informed me that the Dowager Princess of Wales past away yesterday," knowing that Katherine's death also means that he could discard Anne for another if she failed in providing England with a heir. Nobody in England would doubt his right to take another bride as both Katherine and Anne's supporters would see him as a widow.

Upon hearing the news, both Boleyn and Norfolk are pleased to hear the Katherine was now dead and could no longer claim the title that belongs to their daughter and niece respectfully. While George realizes from speaking with Anne in the past that she lost the only protection that keeps her as the Queen of England until the birth of a Prince of Wales.

"I shall send word to Kimbolton Castle to have the Dowager Princess of Wales buried at Peterborough Catherdal on the 29th day of the month," says Henry gleefully at the thought that Katherine would be forced to be buried with the title that she denied until her dying breathe.

Before anyone could say a word about the burial, Henry continues to say, "Brandon will travel to Hatfield to inform my daughter Lady Mary about her mother's death as the Duchess and yourself along with your children have been granted permission to attend the burial in my stead," knowing that it would be appropriate in this situation. Knowing that Brandon's children from his first marriage happen to be Katherine's nephew and nieces through her marriage to his brother Arthur. While Brandon's current wife is the daughter of Katherine's companion since her days as a Spanish Princess prior to her marriage.

Brandon says calmly, "Of course your majesty," as he gain permission to attend the true Queen's burial but also given the privilege of informing Mary of her mother's death since the King could have ask one of Anne's relatives or supporters to inform the Princess instead. He then quickly asks ,"Will Lady Mary accompany my family to Peterborough Catherdal for the burial?", knowing if that's the case then he shall escort Mary to his estate as his wife and children were at Westhorpe Hall planning his youngest daughter wedding to Lord Henry Clifford the future Earl of Cumberland.

Henry answers without a hint of sadness in his voice about his decision states, "Lady Mary is forbidden from attending as either her mother nor herself accepted the truth", as he told mother and daughter if they did not accept the truth will never see or speak with each other again even in death before adding, "Brandon you must inform my daughter that she must sign the oath prior to the Queen giving birth or face the consequences".

Brandon just nods his head knowing that he must follow the King's orders even if he disagrees with them. He also does want to learn of the punishment that Mary would be faces with if she does not sign away her birth right such as continuing to serve in Elizabeth's household, face exile like her mother, or even be sentenced to the Tower as a traitor.

Henry quickly moves on to speak with his father-in-law by saying, "You are to escort my beloved jewel to court for the court's celebrations of my sister-in-law's death and shall remain until the birth of her brother," as his people must see his precious daughter along with Anne's growing stomach during the plan celebrations.

Boleyn says happily at the King's request, "Of course your majesty," even though he knows that Elizabeth being at court was not for Anne's sake but for him to openly court Jane Seymour instead of focusing on his daughter and their growing family. He then adds politely, "I shall send word to Lady Bryan to prepare for the journey and stay at court".

Henry then turns his attention to Norfolk and George by informing them, "You both shall arrange for celebrations to be held at court on the same day of the Dowager Princess of Wales's burial on 29th and everyone attending shall wear yellow as its the Spanish mourning colour".

With his orders given, Henry dismisses the men from his apartments as he finds himself penning a letter to be send to Kimbolton Castle about the arrangements for Katherine's burial later that

-Saving Grace-

After the King's dismissal, Brandon immediately walks in the direction of the palace's stables. His only thought was that he did not Mary to learn of Katherine's death from a servant working at Hatfield or worse Lady Bryan who was no friend of the Princess.

-Saving Grace-

Norfolk immediately separates himself from Boleyn and George knowing that he must start planning at once before involving his nephew as the King requested of him. While Boleyn heads to his own apartments to start his own planning as he gave George the task of informing Anne about the new developments.

George says immediately after entering into the Queen's apartments, "Sister I must be the one to inform you of the Dowager Princess of Wales death", knowing that now its more important to secure their family's future with the birth of a Prince with Boleyn blood, "The King also deemed that Lady Mary must signed the oath by the time that you give birth or face an unknown consequence."

Anne does not show any reaction to the news of Katherine's knowing even in her own household were still loyal to Katherine and Mary. She changes the subject to ask, "Did my husband the King wish for me to do anything?", as Henry avoids spending time with her unless necessary since he favour spending time with his current mistress.

George replies to his sister's questions, "No sister the King did not say anything to that regard but father is to bring the Princess to court along with her household for the celebrations that our uncle is planning and to remain until the birth of her brother," hoping this means that the King would actual speak with his sister for a period of time.

Anne says smiling, "I shall await word from the King then," at her only brother as she feels the child in her womb kicking. George leaves Anne alone with her thoughts knowing that she lost the only protection she had before she provides England with a son.

-Saving Grace-

After leaving the King, Jane wonders back to her family apartments that were recently gifted to them by the King's chancellor Sir Thomas Cromwell. She walks in to hear her older brother speaking to his father and siblings.

"Elizabeth shall wed Cromwell's son Gregory by the end of the month", explains Edward Seymour to his father and younger brother Thomas. Having Cromwell as an ally would be beneficial for the Seymour family especially as it was well-known that Cromwell and the false Queen had a falling out.

Elizabeth Seymour was shock to learn that as the sister of a future Queen would not have a grander match.

Before Elizabeth could say anything else, Jane quickly says to her family "Queen Katherine died today" not wanting to know what will happen to Princess Mary now without her mother being alive.

"What does that mean for Janey now?" asks Thomas Seymour unsure of what his father and brother answer will be.

Edward says with a smile on his face, "It means that no one will question if Jane's marriage to the King is valid as Queen Katherine is dead or the legitimacy of their children", as his smile slowly fades from his face as he adds, "The King would not get rid of the harlot with the hope of a son in the coming months".

Jane says calmly, "I shall pray for a daughter" knowing her chances of restoring Mary to her rightful position would be loss if the harlot gave birth to a son.

"No Janey she must present the King with a dead child", says Elizabeth coldly knowing that the King might give the harlot another chance if she gave birth to a healthy daughter instead of a desired son. This second chance might mean the end of their chances to put Jane on the throne as another family could put their daughter in the King's path or he might even marry a Princess with both women claiming to be his wife would be dead.

-Saving Grace-

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