Saving Grace

Chapter Three

During his journey back to court, Brandon's thoughts remain with the young woman that now is essential parentless through his long-time friendship with the King. He knows that Henry would only be Mary's father once more in truth instead of just name under two circumstances. The first would be devastating for Mary and her supporters as she would have to accept the harlot as Queen and her children as the rightful heirs to the throne. The second would be more favourable for Mary would be another step-mother such as Lady Jane Seymour who favours the old religion and Princess Mary. The later would be prefer as he did not wish to see a Boleyn King on throne for his son or grandchildren to be courtiers in.

Brandon was lost in his thoughts as he did not even realize that he arrive back at court. Before reaching his apartments, Brandon hears the whispers that Boleyn delay his journey to Hatfield in order to have his spies spread rumours throughout England concerning Katherine's death. These rumours include that Katherine was praying for Anne's failure to promote Mary as the rightful heir to the throne which was prevented by her loyal supporters or the true Queen of England would borne a Prince of Wales with the false Queen of England still breathing. He knew hearing of those rumours might sway some supporters from Mary as they want a Prince no matter the parentage of the child.

Brandon arrives at his apartments to see his young bride Lady Catherine Brandon the Duchess of Brandon awaiting his arrival with three others now awaited news from Mary. These people happen to be his eldest daughter Lady Frances Grey the Marchioness of Dorset along with her husband Lord Henry Grey the Marquess of Dorset and his youngest daughter Lady Eleanor Brandon.

The Duchess of Brandon asks calmly "How is the Princess?" refusing to call Mary a bastard in the privacy of her own family apartments.

"Princess Mary took the news bravely but was sadden to learn that the King refuse to let her be present at the Queen's burial" states Brandon disappointedly at the King's hurtful decision regarding Mary.

Lady Grey says coldly "It must be that woman's fault" knowing that her beloved uncle would not arrive at this decision without the influence of the harlot.

Brandon could not speak a word before Lord Grey adds to his wife's comment angrily "Word must spread throughout England that the harlot is using witch craft to prevent Princess Mary presence at the Queen's burial" as a loyal supporters of Katherine and Mary.

Brandon takes a deep breath before admitting shamefully "I remain in the King's presence after informing him of the Queen's death and he did not have a chance to speak to the harlot before announcing his decision regarding Princess Mary" knowing that fault would not lay at Anne's feet as he continues to speak "Upon informing Princess Mary of her mother's death and the funeral, the King order me to inform the Princess that she must sign the oath before this spring"

Lady Eleanor quietly asks "What shall happen to the Princess if she does not sign the oath by that time?" before her step-mother could speak.

"I don't know but we need to prepare to leave court for the burial as the Princess ask us to be there to mourn her mother's death" says Brandon sorrowfully knowing that Mary's future was questionable at the time but all his family could do was pay their respects to Katherine for the Princess's sake.

Unlike other supporters of Katherine and Mary, Brandon and his family had the leeway to attend the funeral instead of the celebrations at court because of his two daughters. Even if Henry deny being Katherine's husband then Lady Grey and Lady Eleanor were her nieces through her marriage to the late Prince Arthur.

-Saving Grace-

Father and son were leaving court at the same time but going in two different directions for the same purpose to secure their power for their family.

Boleyn was heading to Hatfield to escort his granddaughter to court on the King's commands. Despite being a Princess, Elizabeth would remind her father and entire court that her mother is capable of providing England with a healthy child. Especially knowing that Anne's focus would be on her daughter and not on her husband's mistress.

George taken upon himself to visit with his eldest sister Mary and her husband who had been in exile from court since their marriage in secret occurred two years earlier. George felt that he would be only one to convince Mary to return to court in order to support Anne especially as she supported their father in her banishment.

-Saving Grace-

While another family pins their hopes on their own rising star at court due to one of their own.

Sir John Seymour announces to his children "Our Dorothy shall come to court as part of the false Queen's household" knowing that it would be beneficial according to his son Edward to have another Seymour girl at court.

Edward Seymour says proudly "That means that the King is preparing the false Queen's household for our Janey" knowing that Elizabeth was only part of the harlot's household due to her first husband and Jane was only a lady-in-waiting due to the King's lust of her.

Thomas Seymour thinking like his brother says "We can use Dorothy to gain another ally against the Boleyn/Howard through marriage but Janey must keep with King's attention or all shall be lost" knowing that his future success at court depends on his sister.

Hearing her brothers speak, Elizabeth Seymour plans to push her younger sister Dorothy before Thomas Cromwell to have him change is mind in a bride for his heir.

-Saving Grace-

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