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Cold water sprayed on her face, as she followed the leader of their group. Her nose and finger tips hurt because of the cold unforgiving wind and the ice-like water which travelled through rocks and sprayed all over her. The air was damp and made breathing difficult, as she navigated through the nature, the stream and the group showing her where to fly. Nature was untouched here and Fay was awed by the beauty it possessed. Even though it was dark, the nature seemed to be radiating, glowing and whispering of forgotten days. She heard the yelling of people before her, but it seemed insignificant to the nature next to it. "Fay!" She looked to her group and noticed that she had fallen behind- she hurried to catch up with them. "It is fun, isn't it?", Tayson asked, flying next to the Ugly. Fun? Was that all they were about? Did they not notice the nature's beauty? "It is beautiful", Fay whispered instead and he looked at her with a strange expression. "Listen, we are here to have fun, do stuff, drink alcohol. Not talking about philosophy."

Alcohol was flowing that night and everything was in a haze. Fay (who had never drunk alcohol before) couldn't remember how she had made it back to the dorm, but she noticed new cuts and bruises next to the old ones, which she had gotten from her trip across the river. She had fallen most likely of her hoverboard and was so thankful that she had worn crash bracelets. She wasn't feeling well though, she had probably caught a cold because of wearing her damp clothes for too long. At first, she was disappointed, knowing that she wouldn't be able to meet her friends today. But while she stared at the wall she noticed that she didn't fit into the group at all. They were shallow, trying to have as much fun as possible, drinking alcohol and were overly as dumb as the new pretties across the river. Frustrated she threw her pillow against the wall and buried her head in her hands. Were all uglies idiots, and she therefore intelligent? Or did she just come across the wrong people, while being the plain average? Slowly she got up, opening her bathroom door and looked through her drawer, searching for a brush. When she had found one, she started entangling her hair, while she requested some medicine. The room said that she should go to a check up instead, since she was "sick" so often. This was when she realized that she played "sick" to often.

"Please, I will promise that I'll go and see a doctor, but could you just give me some medicine?"

"I am not authorized to do this", the room replied simply and she threw the brush annoyed into a corner. "Ok, I will, please make an appointment."

She left the room that evening, after she had a good sleep. She would eat some soup before being driven to the hospital.

She had noticed that she was quite sore after her trip, as she walked to the cantine. Some Uglies were scattered in it, talking in hushed voices, discussing planes. A few were studying, maybe because the study room was too full. She took a soup that was still left and sat down, almost burning her tongue. It was still hot. Fay ate alone, and left soon after, walking down the halls to the helipad. The lawn was freshly mowed, and she loved the sent, as she stepped out onto the roof where a hoverwagon was waiting for her. "Hello Fay, I will fly you to the hospital", the middle Pretty greeted her, opening the door to let her in. The blends were down, the hovercar was completely dark. "I apologize, the air conditioning isn't working today as it should. Otherwise it would be way too hot in the hovercar." Fay replied, that it was no problem at all before sitting down. "Having a cold? Don't worry, as soon as you are pretty you won't have to deal with that anymore. Boosted immune system." Fay chuckled. "Yes, I know." Some news were running in the background. New Pretty Committee meeting for their anual spring conference. "When will you change?" "In a few days."

Fay visited the nature quite often, the next few weeks. She was all well again, after taking the medicine the doctor prescribed her. Fay was always alone, enjoying the beauty and calming effect of the nature.

No one had found out so far, and she intended to keep it this way.