What's up FF, it's your boy AlmightyKingCaper, and this is something interesting. You see I have two different prompts, two different stories, two different journies an you the lovely readers get to choose which story you want to follow.

Choice A:

Dark clouds loomed overhead, a heavy blanket of black that seemed to swallow the sky in its entirety. Smoke bellowed from the city below, the streets lined with abandoned cars, crashed air carriers, and countless daemon made their way to the citadel of the black city. Drawn there by the events to take place. The true king had returned, and was ready to set things right.

I gasped for air as I pulled the silver blade from my side, Ardyn last futile attempt to finish me. The smell of copper wafted through the air, my blood I guessed seeing as Ardyn was immortal and didn't bleed. Using my father's blade to balance myself I rose and looked at the incapacitated Ardyn who laughed tiredly.

"So this is how you chose to end it, the true king will now bring light to the world again," his eyes burned with hatred as he coughed weakly, "Now you'll banish the daemons huh, bring peace, erase me from history like your forefathers?"

Ardyn, a former chosen king just like me, dethroned because of jealousy from his own family...my family. "You can rest now...close your eyes, forevermore." Ardyn gave a small smile before he fade away into dust, 'Now, I'm truly the last of the Lucis.' the morbid thought crossed my mind as I finally came to term that I was alone. The last of the ancient bloodline, that was going to now go extinct. 'Maybe this is divine judgement, Ardyn was meant to get rid of the starscourge 2,000 years ago, maybe the Lucis line dying is payment for interfering with such things.'

"Noctis!" Turning, I saw Prompto, Ignis and Gladio running to me from the Citadel. Prompto quickly grabbed me and laid me in the ground, the cold rain cooling my heated flesh as Ignis began to nurse over my wounds.

"I don't have time for this, we have to move now," I began to sit up, only for Gladio's heavy hand to pull me back down. My old friends face seemed empty, only focusing on the task at hand helping Ignis help me, "This will all be for naught if I don't hurry, the ring is pulsing, daemons are coming." Gladio's face hardened as he applied more pressure on my shoulder. I tore my eyes from my oldest friend, "Y-You guys know I have to do this, if-if I don't…"

Prompto quickly looked away, however I could see the small hikes in his shoulders, I turned to Ignis who remained silent but his hands trembled softly. Gladio slowly removed his hand and helped me to my feet. I looked at the citadel, my home, now stood even more foreboding than before.

"So, this is it then," Ignis spoke softly, I gave a sad smile. 'I was always such a trouble for him as a child, even on our journey yet he always stuck by me.'

"Yeah, here we are," I whispered before nodding to my friends. I never noticed how many stairs there were, it seemed endless. I swallowed the the lump in my throat before turning, "I leave it to you, walk tall...my friends."

The throne room doors closed behind me. It is finally time, time to end this nightmare, time to give the world hope, time to right the wrongs of the blood royal. The throne sat almost mockingly in front of me, the blue crystal glowing faintly as if it sensed my presence. "I'm home."

The crystal erupted into light as I walked forward, "I know it took me awhile…", I kept my eyes on the throne as I climbed the steps, my heart quickening the closer I grew, "but…" my hand touched the cold black stone and with a final look at the door I sat.

"I'm ready now."

'Luna, guys...Dad, I love you all, the times we had together, I cherish.' I summoned my Ultima Blade as I looked forward. 'Abandon your fear, For the Lucis, For Insomnia, Fire and Blood,' the motto of the Lucis sounded in my mind, strengthening my resolve.

"Kings of Lucis, come to me!" I stabbed my Ultima blade into the ground and around the room, the various Royal Arms of my ancestors formed. The most noticeable ones were the Trident of the Oracle, and my father's sword. Slowly the titans of the old kings formed, each one terrifying and deadly as the next.

Without warning the titan that held the Blade of Mystic struck, my chest erupted in pain, it was like my veins had been laced with acid. Right after each struck. One after the other, the drove their weapon into my chest until only two remained. The Trident and my Father.

"L-Luna, Dad...trust in me." the two titans rose each poised to strike.

"You have walked tall my son, you've made me proud." both struck.

The endless blue space of the crystal was a very unwelcomed sight for me, I had just spent 10 years trapped here and when I die I find myself right back here.

"Ah if it isn't the wayward prince, oops that is King now is it?" Ardyn gave a sarcastic bow, "and you dare bring them with you." I noticed the sinister edge his voice took as I looked to my side.

"G-guys, father?" they nodded and refocused on Ardyn, "we are here to finish this Ardyn, once and for all." The ancient king's face began to morph as he began to succumb to his anger. 'Kings of Lucis, lend me your strenght one last time.'

I growled in pain as the ring began to glow, pulling Ardyn who battled back with equal fervor.

"I had already told you, I won't let you win Ardyn!" a female voice sounded as Ardyn's arm began to glow gold and his connection to the ring cease.

"Kings of Lucis, TO ME!" I screamed in pain as my arm began to tear and my connection with the Royal Arms were torn from me, "This is the end for you!" with the last of my mana reserves I overpowered Ardyn and the Kings destroyed him.

"Finally...it's over." the ring unknowingly slip from my finger and into the blue void as it began to crumble, taking the magic of the kings with it.

Bahamut watched as the young king began to fade, 'One so young, has lost so much in such little time.' his thoughts shifted, and a smirked crossed his lips, 'Hm...that is intriguing, so their young one is going to die without help…'

Bahamut tapped a claw against one of his swords, a soft ding resonated through the area and a glowing blue ball came to him. "Young King, you will either hate me for this, or be happy for another chance at life, I see potential for you in this world, make the most of it." with that Bahamut banished Noctis' soul from the crystal.

Fugaku was normally a calm man, the epitome of a Uchiha ninja, but the failing health of his newborn son wasn't something he was ready to face. The young boy's chest weakly falling and rising, even Tsunade Senju was hard pressed to find a solution to help his son.

'Ancient gods, please hear my words, save my son.' the prayer was mumbled but he felt is as good as any, his thoughts were interrupted however by a choked sob from his wife. Mikoto held Sasuke to her bosom as she cried over the boy.

'Your prayer has been answered, so says Bahamut.' The words sounded in his mind, and was followed by a strong wail from Sasuke. Activating his sharingan he saw the once pale and weak aura of the boy was now lively, and bright.

'Bahamut huh...thank you.'

Choice B

The sun rose slowly throwing it warm light onto the village below, it was a sight many people took for granted. Not me however, I saw the eternal darkness of the world once, a time where the moon would not set. The older generation would forever be scarred by the experience of the fourth ninja war, but the new generation never witnessed the savagery of war. The Kages protected the peace as best they could, but not even they can beat time and human nature. One example was the son of his brother in all but blood, Boruto Uzumaki, the boy wanted to prove himself as more than just 'the honorable son' and Sasuke feared that the boy might walk the path he walked so long ago.

Then there was Sarada, my own daughter was quite the enigma to me, she carried herself with the dignity of the Uchiha and had the innate talent that showed her heritage. She even unlocked her Sharingan much earlier than I had, but she didn't see the world like an Uchiha should. She was an idealist, much like her mother, and failed to grasp the logical approach that the Uchiha were famous for. She was growing to be a amazing fighter, but she wore her emotions on her sleeves. Truthfully, leaving the village a second time was something I wouldn't change, but not returning for Sarada...to at least teach her or her proud heritage as an Uchiha was one of my worst mistakes.

Then there was the wild card that I still wasn't too sure about, Orochimaru's alleged son, Mitsuki. The boy reminded me very much of the reformed Snake sannin, although he seemed a bit more jovial than sadistic, luckily Anko was the boy's watcher and I trusted her to put the brat down should he be a trap laid by Orochimaru.

'Itachi it's times like these that make me saddened to be without you, I need guidance this world is changing so swiftly, and I'm not sure if it's for the better,' my eyes trailed to the Hokage mountain and I could easily imagine Itachi's face staring down at me and the village, a small smile resting on his features. The thought itself made me scowl, the thought of Itachi ruling the village that still to this day labeled him a traitor, the worst of the worst, a merciless kin slayer. I still held that hatred deep in my heart, a black, all consuming flame that I truthfully doubted would die until I was on my deathbed.

I still wondered if I made the right choice, helping Naruto, the petty villagers that called for the blood of their heroes. The words of Madara and Itachi still hung ominously in my mind, Itachi had told me to continue my path even if it was stained with blood, and Madara had shown that the teaching of the Senju is what ultimately did the Uchiha clan in. One told me to choose my own path while trying to manipulate me to help the village he hated, while the other told me to take my much wanted revenge, but he also had ulterior motives.

'Have I ever made a decision for myself, without the input of others.' This shook me to the core, my whole life he has always been chasing someone or something, his brother, his father, revenge, even Naruto. I sighed laying down on the stonehead my eyes began to feel heavy, 'Maybe rest will give me the comfort I need right now,'

I hadn't expected to be floating in what seemed to be an endless sky, beautiful accents of blues, pinks, and yellows swirled in a dance that was unlike anything he had seen.

"You who are blessed by the god Indra, savior of your world, we call you to a higher purpose once more," I couldn't place the voice, it seemingly came from everywhere, but nowhere, "The Crystal of Kings has called on your soul, to guide its chosen, to save our world."

I finally let out a boisterous laugh, me saving a world was doubtful. Hell I would have destroyed the world if not for Naruto and his annoying persistence, "I think your crystal has a few problems, I am not a hero in any way, you want Ashura's chosen Naruto Uzumaki."

"The crystal is never wrong, Ashura's chosen is still needed in your world, but you are most useful here young Uchiha." I frowned, I guess as Hokage Naruto was still needed, and he was the main deterrent to war seeing as the Bijuu would instantly side the their father's chosen one. That still didn't mean I wanted to leave the elemental nations, I still had to make amends for his past and help Naruto, "Watch young Uchiha and make your decision." the endless blue began to waver to show a young boy who looked very much like an Uchiha, a lot like Izuna Uchiha from ancient records of the Uchiha clan. He was fighting creature that I had never seen, it looked to be made of black irons and carried a rather large sword, "This young boy is Prince Noctis Lucis Caelum, the chosen king of the crystal, a fate that will result in his death."

I frowned at this, "He is a leader, where I come from the leader will do what he must to save his people."

"That is very much true young Uchiha, but the boy wasn't ready soon enough, and many innocent lives were lost to the daemons, lives that you could save and redeem yourself in the eyes of the gods." this caused me pause, while this wasn't a chance I'd usually take it also was the right thing to do. If this was Naruto, or maybe even Itachi, they would do what they thought was right and help this Noctis person.

"If I agree to this, who will my integration be pulled off, I doubt the prince will accept someone he just met to have his best interest." I heard the voice chuckle which put me on the edge.

"We will cross that bridge when we come to it young Uchiha, now do you accept?" I sighed, maybe it was best that he leaves, gods forbid he gets killed and someone take his Rinne-Sharingan. 'Maybe Sarada will even out with me being missing, I'm sorry Sakura, Sarada, Naruto but now it's time that I make my own path.'

"I accept." The blue began to glow as the voice laughed, I could feel a grip tighten around me as blue wisps surrounded me.

"Farewell Sasuke Lucis Caelum, eldest heir to the royal throne."