It all began over 400 years ago. The Dragons; majestic beasts of unimaginable strength and incomprehensible Magic Power. A Civil War started among them to decide the fate of the human race. The Dragons' power on both sides, however, were equal to the point where all the war did was destroy the world. The Dragon Kings who sided with the human race saw the destruction caused by their pointless war and came to a decision. They decided to bring the humans to their side to fight the war with them. The Dragons granted a certain few the dominating power of a Dragon, thus, a new age began.

An age of darkness.

There was one Dragonslayer that abused the power given to him. He was a talented young man that had a natural instinct for fighting… and for killing. Not only did he kill the Dragons opposing the human race but also the ones who granted him such destructive power. His name was Acnologia. He went on a killing spree for decades, not just killing Dragons but humans as well. He bathed in so much blood of the Dragons he killed that he turned into one himself, giving him even more power.

Both the humans and Dragons lived in fear of the monster for decades to come.

But during that time, the Dragons and Dragonslayers shortly joined forces to take down the evil-incarnate, Acnologia. The battle was fierce and lasted days, but the alliance between the two races eventually captured and seal the monster, secretly hiding the disastrous abomination away in a far place as he proved too powerful to actually kill. When the war with Acnologia subsided, the Dragons had one condition for the humans to agree on for the uniting charter to stay in place.

Their demand was to have the Dragonslayers halve their power into two sub groups.

The human faction unanimously agreed to this statement, as they didn't want a similar incident of Acnologia's case to take place again. So, using the same magic which gave the humans the power of the Dragons, they divided it into two different magics: Alpha and Omega. The Alpha group had the Magic Power of the Dragons, giving them the full devastating magic the Dragons wielded in their battles. They were able to utilize their elements on different parts of their body as well as breathe their specified element while negating the effects of the element they used so that it becomes ineffective. For the Omegas, while the Alphas had the Magic Power, they had the brute strength, stamina, speed of a Dragon. They were immune to their base element and was able to consume it as well to gain back the stamina they lost but can't eat the element of another Dragonslayer with the same base element. Since neither of the two groups had both magic and strength, their lacking abilities as Dragonslayers were compensated by training with their new sub-magic type of the original Dragonslaying arts.

Although, the Dragons had to balance out the power distribution, even more, to make their plan foolproof. When dividing the power into halves, they had an equal amount of each sub-group of Dragonslayer magic. They did this because it made it so that an Alpha Dragonslayer can't kill another Alpha and an Omega Dragonslayer can't kill another Omega. However, an Omega can kill an Alpha and vice versa. So with this balance of power in the world, the two races bounded by a unifying charter held peace for years. That is of course until the Dragons suddenly disappeared.

With the absence of such a strong influence in the world, the Dragonslayers took action and started to decimate the human world around them since the Dragons weren't there to keep the peace and order in check. This reign of the Dragonslayers lasted for decades until they slowly started to vanish for some unknown reason, leaving without a trace.

With the legend of the Dragons fading away along with their magic offspring, the tales of them became myths and fairy tales told to children and their children's children.

But, unbeknownst to the humans, only a few Dragons stayed in the known world and hid away from their civilizations. One of them being, the Fire Dragon King, Igneel. This is where the story starts: a Dragon raising a boy and training him in the arts of the Omega Fire Dragonslayer.

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