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Chapter 2: Prisoners Of Vampires

"Let me go you monster! Let go!" Amaya continued to scream nonstop as she was dragged through the mansion by Subaru. The white-haired vampire dragged her further and further down the halls as Amaya struggled, kicked and bit him multiple times in a desperate attempt to escape. But, nothing she did could loosen the hold Subaru had on her.

Before too long, she and Subaru had reached a small door at the end of the hall. Subaru wasted no time in kicking the door open and throwing Amaya to a hard floor. Amaya pushed herself up to a sitting position to find herself in a simple room with brick walls, a few chairs lying around, a cot for a bed and a barred window. It was a typical prison. So that's what she'd been reduced to; a prisoner.

"Make yourself comfortable for now." Growled Subaru. "You might not be alive for much longer, you stupid mortal. So enjoy what may be your last moments alive." With that, Subaru slammed the door shut and locked it, trapping Amaya inside.

"Hey! You can't keep me in here! Let me out you monsters! Let me go!" Amaya screamed as she rushed to the locked door. She tugged at the doorknob, pounded her fists against the door and violently kicked it. But no matter what she did, the door wouldn't budge; she was truly trapped.

After changing out of her school uniform and into her usual pink sweater and brown shorts, Yui was sitting on her bed with her school book open on her lap. Ayato had told her that Amaya wasn't her concern and Reiji said that she just go to her room and work on her homework. She didn't want to make them any more upset than they already were. That was one of the first things Yui learned staying with the Sakamaki brothers; obedience means less pain.

But, Yui couldn't find it in herself to focus. That girl had tried to save her, and now like herself, was in the hands of the Sakamaki brothers. There was no way the brothers would take this incident lightly. Yui could only imagine what they'd do to her.

Knowing she wasn't going to get any work done, Yui closed her book and moved to her bedroom door. She then opened the door and stepped out into the hallway.

I have to know what they plan to do to Amaya. Yui thought as she started walking. She tried to save me. The least I can do for her is try to convince them to keep her alive and let her go.

Yui kept walking down the halls until she started hearing the voices of the vampire brothers. As she got closer and closer to the living room, the voices grew louder. The living room door was slightly ajar, allowing her to see that all six brothers were gathered and discussing what to do with their new prisoner.

"Well, I say we just kill her." Said Kanato as he clutched Teddy tightly against his chest. "She tried to hurt Teddy and that is something I cannot tolerate."

"Oh come now, Kanato." Chuckled Laito. "What happened to you saying she owed us a little taste?"

Kanato pouted. "She does. She owes me her very life for shooting at me and Teddy."

Shu remained silent as his eyes shifted to the door and saw Yui peeking in, shaking nervously. He made no effort to move from his lazy position on the the couch.

"You might as well come in." He said lazily, causing the rest of the brothers to turn to the door to see Yui. Ayato smirked darkly as he moved to the door, grabbed Yui's wrist and pulled her inside the living room.

"Hey pancake. Care to join our conversation?" Ayato grinned. "Come on, you can sit with yours truly." He laughed as he pulled her all the way back to the red plush chair he was sitting on and pulled her on to his lap. He then wrapped his arms tightly around her waist, pulled her tightly against his bare chest and burried his face into her neck.

"Comfortable, pancake?" Ayato purred into her ear.

Yui stiffened, expecting to feel his fangs pierce her neck at any second. "A-Ayato, please don't." She murmured.

"Ayato." Reiji interrupted, causing Ayato to move away from Yui's neck before he could bite her. "Now is not the time for that. Did you forget we were in the middle of an important discussion."

Ayato glared darkly at his half-brother. "Damn it, Reiji. I already gave you my opinion. If we keep that girl maybe you guys would leave me and pancake alone for awhile." Yui cringed at the thought of that. She didn't want to spend more time as their prey but she also didn't want Amaya to suffer the same fate she was suffering.

"I agree completely, Ayato." Smirked Laito. "I'd love another cute little human to play with. Besides, I think little bitch could use the company."

Subaru growled and shook his head. "It's bad enough we have one idiot mortal to babysit. Do we really need two? I say we kill her and get it over with."

Reiji adjusted his glasses as he glared at Shu. "Have you manage to get in contact with Father about the issue?" He asked.

"I did." Shu yawned. "He said as long as she doesn't reveal our secret, we are free to do what we please to her. Personally, I couldn't care less. Whatever you want to do is find by me."

"So we can kill her?" Asked Kanato.

"No please!" Yui protested as she tried to move off Ayato's lap, but he wouldn't let her go.

Ayato laughed at her. "Woah, what's with you, pancake? Growing a backbone all of a sudden?"

Yui suddenly got nervous as all the vampires turned their attention to her. "C-can't you just let her go? I'm sure Amaya's learned her lesson and sorry for attacking you all."

"Oh she's not sorry." Spat Subaru. "She kept kicking and biting me while I was dragging her away."

Laito chuckled. "Ooh I like the sound of her; she sounds so feisty."

"So, father's given us free reign to do whatever we please with this human..." Reiji pondered as he adjusted his glasses. "I believe it would be more efficient if she becomes our prey. We could use more blood among all of us."

"What?! No!" Yui protested. She didn't want Amaya to suffer the same fate she was suffering. "You can't!"

"Oh? Would you prefer we kill her?" Shu asked.

"N-no! I-" Yui stammered nervously.

"Shut up you worthless mortal!" Kanato yelled. "She deserves to be punished for almost hurting Teddy! She deserves to die!" Yui cringed at the sight of the purple-haired vampire's temper tantrum.

Laito shook his head as he turned to his triplet. "Oh, Kanato you need to get a little more creative than that. There's a lot of different ways you can punish a cute human girl. I'd be happy to share my wisdom with you."

All at once more Kanato's tantrum seemed to dissapear at the sound of his brother's suggestion. "I'm interested."

"Well, it seems we are mostly in agreement." Reiji said as he turned to Subaru. "Subaru, go fetch our new prey. We will need explain the rules here if she truly is going to stay. In the meantime I will make the necessary arrangements." With that, Reiji dissapeared out of the room.

Subaru groaned in annoyance. "Fine. Whatever." He grumbled as he left the room and stormed into the hallway.

Yui couldn't help but feel nervous as she watched Subaru leave the room. At least they weren't going to kill her, but she was going to suffer the same fate as her. Yui cringed in discomfort, she never wanted to wish this hell on anyone else.

Amaya had given up on trying to break the door down awhile ago. But that didn't mean she was going to give up on escaping; she just had to wait for a different opening. The brunette was sitting on the floor and leaned up against the brick wall with her arms crossed.

"Damnit." Amaya growled. "I can't believe I got caught. This is so stupid. I'll have to get my wallet back from glasses mcdorkface before I can leave; I'm not getting any more supplies without those IDs. Especially since he's not with me anymore."

Amaya shook her head as she slapped her own cheek. "No, I've got to stop thinking about that jerk."

At that moment, the door to her prison cell opened and unlocked. Subaru entered the room and glared down at the girl.

"Get up, human. We decided what to do with you." The white-haired vampire snarled as he stormed up to Amaya.

The young vampire hunter glared up at him. "Yeah? And what are you going to do?"

"You'll see." Subaru said as he reached down and roughly grabbed her wrist, pulling her up to her feet.

But, when Subaru started leading her out of the cell and into the hall back towards the loving room, Amaya started struggling.

"This is not happening! Let go of me!" Amaya yelled as she kicked him. He let go of her for a second, giving Amaya the chance she needed to start running away from him again, but her freedom didn't last long. The next thing she knew, Subaru had grabbed her again and tossed the young vampire hunter over his shoulder.

"That's enough out of you." Growled Subaru as he started carrying her in the direction he first intended. "Damn, you're a nussiance."

"Let me go you blood-sucking creep!" Amaya kicked and screamed as she pounded her fists against Subaru's back. "Put me down you monster! PUT ME DOWN!" She screamed

Subaru rolled his eyes as he kept walking down the hall with the struggling Amaya on his shoulder.

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