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Chapter 22: Sakamaki Investigation

"You can't run forever, cupcake!" Ayato's angry voice echoed. Amaya and Yui ran through the halls of the mansion as Ayato's voice grew closer. Amaya was still trying to contain her laughter from the success of her prank.

"Yes I can, 'yours truly'!" Amaya turned her head and shouted back to him. Yui knew Amaya was probably pushing her luck a little but the blonde couldn't help but smile with Amaya. She had to admit it was funny. In the distance they spotted the entrance to the library, filled with hundreds of books. The two girls rushed inside, spotting a lounge chair they could hide behind. But, before they could, Amaya's arm was grabbed as she was yanked away from Yui. The blonde spun around, finding Amaya had been pulled against Ayato's chest with an angry look in his eyes.

"Told you you you couldn't run forever." Ayato snarled. "Did you think that was funny, cupcake?!" He demanded, hissing and baring his fangs.

"Yes, actually, I do," Amaya smirked triumphantly. Ayato was practically fuming in anger as he slammed her against the hallway wall. "What? Upset that I ruined takoyaki for you?" Amaya smirked cockily. As much as Yui admired Amaya's defiance, she worried about her safety at this point and the scary look in Ayato's eyes.

"You're going to regret messing with yours truly!" Ayato snarled as he violently twisted Amaya's arms behind her back, causing her to unintentionally release a yelp of pain.

"Ayato please wait!" Yui pleaded. "You've made your point-"

"This doesn't concern you pancake!" Ayato snapped as he opened his mouth and was ready to bite Amaya and make it as painful as possible.

"What is going on here?"

"Damn it," Ayato snarled as he saw Reiji enter the library. "Get lost, Reiji, this is none of your business!"

"It is my business. Both of you, dining room now!" Reiji ordered as he separated them, grabbed their arms like an angry parent and started dragging them away back to the dining room.

"Reiji Wait!" Yui called out to the vampire. Reiji did stop and turn to face her with a stern look behind his glasses.

"Go back to your room and get ready for school tomorrow." Was all Reiji said as he turned to Amaya. "You acted alone correct?"

Amaya nodded. "Yeah, I made the takoyaki alone. Yui had nothing to do with it, she had no idea what I was doing." She then turned to Yui and her worried expression. "Yui I'll be fine."

"No you won't be cupcake!" Ayato shouted as Reiji dragged them both away. Realizing there was no point in staying in the library alone, she decided to make her way back to her room. As she walked, she allowed her mind to wander. She should have realized her and Amaya's fun bonding experience in the kitchen would come to an abrupt end. It was fun while it lasted.

Yui had just entered her room when she felt someone grab her around her waist and pull her against a strong chest.

"Well hello there little bitch I've been waiting patiently for you." Laito's voice purred as she felt his lips against her ear. "What did little pup do this time? Ayato was certainly kicking up a fuss."

Yui let out a startled shriek as she was whirled around to face him. "Laito...! I, um..."

"What's wrong little bitch? You can't be trying to avoid me are you?"

"I really should go, we have school tomorrow-" Yui pleaded as she tried to get away from him.

Yui gasped when Laito grabbed her wrist, pulling her back. "What's the rush? I've hardly had a moment alone with you since little pup arrived." The redhead pouted. "Of course, I've enjoyed her company, but I've missed tasting your sweet, rich blood."

"Laito, please!" Yui pleaded. "And I want to make sure Amaya's okay!"

"But why? Is little pup really more important to you than us?" Laito smirked. Yui's eyes widened nervously. She was afraid to answer. "It's okay, little bitch I'm only teasing." Laito cooed as he pushed to her bed. "Now give me a taste." Laito smirked as he secured himself on top of her.

"Laito, please! I need to-"

"Don't be so selfish little bitch, come on I'm thirsty." Laito lightly grazed Yui's neck with his sharp fangs, teasing the blonde and making her shiver.

"L-Laito... Why are you always doing this? To me and to Amaya-" Yui was quickly cut off.

"It's really quite simple, little bitch. Because I enjoy little pup but you are quite a treat yourself. I love toying with cute human girls."

Yui yelped when his fangs grazed her flesh. "S-so biting is..."

"Sexual?" Laito moaned against her neck. "Yes, it definitely is. But it is also a sense of nourishment. After all, we vampires do need sustenance just like you mortals. But what does it matter? It always feels good to you and little pup am I right? So just relax and accept my fangs, little bitch." Without waiting any longer, Laito bit into Yui's neck drinking her sweet blood.

"Honestly, you are both acting like children!" Reiji snapped. Amaya and Ayato were seated across each other at the dining room table like two kids being scolded for their behaviour. Kanato was was sitting at the table with teddy as well, eating the strawberry shortcake Yui prepared, satisfied for once and enjoying the display. "Miss Senshi, how childish can you be? Tampering with Ayato's food for no reason?"

"No reason? Have you MET this guy-?!"

"Silence!" Amaya jumped when Reiji slammed his hand on the dining table, nearly denting the wood. "I will not tolerate such juvenile behavior under my roof."

Ayato snickered at the scolding Amaya was receiving. "Serves you right cupcake!" He childishly stuck his tongue out at her which Amaya returned in an equally childish fashion.

"And you, Ayato. Are you stupid enough to fall for such a prank?" Reiji glared at his brother.

"Say that again?" The redhead hissed darkly. Was Reiji really calling him stupid?!

"Destroying half the dining hall simply because you didn't like the taste of the takoyaki? You should have known better than to trust her with your food!"

"Damn it Reiji! Cupcake's the one that-"

"I don't want to hear it. I'm finished with this foolishness." Reiji turned back to Amaya. "I swear you do these things just to annoy me. From this point on your sessions as my guinea pig in my laboratory have been extended."

"What?!" Amaya exclaimed. She wasn't expecting that. If she annoyed him why was he punishing her by making her spend more time in his lab? "You can't be serious-"

"End of discussion." Reiji turned to Ayato who was snickering at Amaya. "And you are going to assist miss Senshi in tydying up the mess you made in the kitchen during your little chase."

Ayato nearly fell out of his chair. "What?! Yours truly is not a servant, Reiji!"

"You certainly are behaving like you deserve punishment. Do try to get it done in a timely manner. Need I remind you we have school tomorrow?" And without another word Reiji was gone.

"Thanks a lot cupcake!" Ayato spat at Amaya as he stood up.

"You got what you deserved," Amaya snarled. "Treating Yui like a servant and a vending machine?! You're lucky I didn't grind up any garlic in that batter!"

"Come on, you really believe that garlic can actually hurt us?" Kanato snickered as he took another bite of cake. "You humans can be so gullible."

Amaya rolled her eyes. "Ugh whatever. Come on, 'yours truly' let's get this over with." She said as she made her way to the kitchen.

"How about you clean and I supervise?" Ayato grinned. Amaya didn't say anything but rolled her eyes.

Makoto had not been sleeping well since he was attacked by Laito and Ayato. Every time he closed his eyes he kept seeing the dark looks in their eyes. His mind kept wandering to the things those brothers could be doing to Amaya and Yui.

After he returned home from the police station he'd spent countless hours on the computer researching the Sakamakis. All day, a distracted shift at work, a restless night and then another day. Nothing. Not even a social media page for any of the three brothers. None of the six brothers seemed to be online, and neither did Amaya. Her old social media page he knew she had a year before had been taken down as though it never existed at all. Not even Yui appeared to have one. It was so unusual to him, he wasn't aware of any teenager in this day and age that didn't have a social media presence until now.

The most he could find were a few articles about things he already knew about the family. Just the fact that Togo Sakamaki was a very productive and influential politician, had a sizeable net worth that Makoto himself couldn't even imagine and had six sons. He must have been very good at keeping the media's attention away if there weren't that many things written about him. Or he could be bribing reporters just as Makoto suspected he could be bribing the police.

Makoto shook his head. It was too soon to jump to conclusions. He needed more evidence. The only thing he knew for certain was that Amaya and Yui were being abused in a way he didn't want to think about and Laito and Ayato had no problem bragging about it.

The brunette teen looked up from his desk, realizing that night school was just about to start. He quickly shut down his computer and changed into his school uniform.

Normally his mom would drive him up to the school but since their vacation started, Makoto had made arrangements to take the metro up with the money they left him for food and other necessities.

Even during the ride up to the school his mind couldn't stop racing. Anxiety was building up at the thought of seeing Laito in class. Would he taunt him or just act like nothing happened? When it was finally his stop, he got off and took the short walk up to the school, then just silently stood outside the building for a few moments.

Makoto was feeling a little sick as he took a breath and walked up the school steps into the building. Even before his run-in with the three of the Sakamaki brothers a few nights earlier, he always did feel out of place here. It was a school full of rich kids and teen idols and he was just a middle class boy who was smart and lucky enough to be offered a scholarship.

When he reached his classroom, he let out a sigh of relief when he saw Laito hadn't arrived yet. Just a few other students who were chatting amongst themselves. He set himself down at his usual seat and let out a tired yawn.

Maybe I should have stopped for coffee on the way. Makoto just hoped he wouldn't fall asleep in class. He was still tired from these last two restless nights. Even though they were away, the school would surely inform his parents if his grades started slipping even if they were out of the country. His scholarship was dependent on maintaining his straight A average. If he lost the scholarship, he didn't know what would happen. But he couldn't tell them he was worried about Amaya; he still hadn't informed them about meeting her again.

Makoto released a startled gasp when his shoulders were suddenly grasped from behind.

"Why, hello there, Makoto." A familiar, smooth voice spoke from behind him. Laito smirked in amusement as he heard Makoto's heart pounding.

Just ignore him, just ignore him... Makoto thought, feeling very uncomfortable with Laito's hands still on his shoulders. The fedora-wearing student released an audible chuckle as he leaned in closer to him.

"I'm honestly surprised you're here today. You're braver than I thought. " Laito whispered into his ear.

"...Do you want something, Laito?" Makoto asked, being unable to ignore him between the hands on his shoulders and the icy breath against his ear.

"Nothing really." Laito smirked. "Just checking up on my classmate." He snickered to himself, remembering their confrontation in the alley alongside Ayato.

At that moment, the teacher entered the room, causing the rest of the class to move to their seats. Luckily that included Laito who finally let go of Makoto and moved to his own desk. Makoto let out a sigh of relief. He knew something was definitely wrong and he wanted to help but first he needed proof.

As the class dragged on, Makoto's mind wandered. He was still afraid to face Laito alone after what had happened the other night outside the restaurant. He was having a hard time focusing on the history lesson, one of the subjects he really did enjoy. Would Laito and Ayato be waiting to ambush him after school? A shiver ran down his spine at the thought. He turned his head to see that Laito was sitting at a desk by the window looking really bored with the lesson as though he just wanted to get out of there,

He's acting like nothing serious happened... is that good or bad? Maybe he's just screwing with me.

Just as that thought passed through Makoto's mind, Laito turned to look at him and gave him a smirk and prominently licked his lips. Makoto hoped Laito didn't see him shudder.

Yeah, he's definitely screwing with me. Makoto looked back down, trying to shift his focus to taking notes. Laito silently chuckled at the display as though it were the most entertaining thing in the world.

After what felt like ages, the bell finally rang. Makoto hastily packed up his things and rushed out of the classroom in a desperate attempt to avoid Laito. As he looked up, he noticed a black-haired student walking in the halls towards him.

"Haru!" Makoto exclaimed as he rushed towards him. "Wait up!"

Haru Yoshida stopped in his tracks and smiled at him. "Hey, Makoto! Thanks for your help with that history test. I swung by Burger Americano the other night, but I must have missed you."

"Yeah, I got off at eight. Anyway, you're in class with two of the Sakamakis and that blonde girl right?" Makoto quickly said, anxious to get what little information he could without being noticed.

Haru raised an eyebrow. "Yeah, why do you ask?"

"Have you ever noticed anything... off about them? The brothers, I mean. How do they act around her?"

"Yui?" Haru asked. "I'm really not sure but I guess she and Ayato are a thing or something. Really wish I knew that before I asked Yui to study with me. That look in Ayato's eyes was pretty scary. He still hasn't let me off the hook for that. He's been giving me dirty looks in class and aggressive during basketball practice." Haru shivered.

"Scary..." Makoto slowly nodded. So it wasn't just him after all. "She's their foster sister, right?"

Haru shrugged. "I've seen them arrive at the school in a limousine with her but I'm not sure. I think another girl started coming to school with them. Hold up, why are you asking about the Sakamakis?"

Makoto bit his lip, unsure if he should drag Haru into this mess. It was probably best if he didn't, lest the brothers start targeting Haru as well. "Nothing... I was just curious, that's all."

"Well, okay if you're sure. I better get going. I've got basketball practice later and Ayato's pretty grumpy needing to host tryouts tomorrow..." Haru sighed.

"Ayato's hosting basketball tryouts?" Makoto asked curiously.

"Yeah he's team captain and one of our teammates just left so we need to replace him." With that, Haru was gone.

Makoto was silent as he allowed the information to sink in. Basketball tryouts... it would be a good chance to find out more about Ayato but he knew he wouldn't stand a chance. Physical education was always his weak point, he was never terribly athletic, that was always Amaya's strength when they were younger. He remembered her being on the track team for ages at their last school originally suggested by his parents as a way to blow off steam. She could run circles around most of the boys on the team. Makoto sighed, unsure of where to go next... maybe the student council president?

"A piece of advice, stop looking into the Sakamakis." Makoto looked up, finding a girl with long, lavender hair tied in long, thin pigtails, her bangs covering one eye and freckles across and cheeks leaning against the wall and glaring at him. She was dressed in the school's uniform only lacking the blazer.

"Um... why?" Makoto asked. How long had she been there?

"It'll only end badly for you. Trust me. You don't want to get involved." The girl said as she pulled a portable game system out of her bag and started playing it as she walked away to her next class. Maybe Makoto was imagining it, but he could have sworn he saw small fangs along her teeth.

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