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Notes: Sekirei use Chakra in this story and have a lot of what is my take on its powers though they are more specialized in its usage than the Adepts of Naruto's homelands in how their powers work though. Specialized in that Elemental Jutsu are only available to them if it is part of their specialties though all Sekirei are capable of Non-Elemental Jutsu Naruto does not replace Minato in this story.

Chapter One: Enter the Jubi

It was with a jerk that he was startled wide awake for a moment the young-looking man wondered where he was but it only took a glance around the area seeing the two seats on his left and the many rows of seats before and behind him that he knew where he was. That's right he was on a plane travelling from Los Vegas Nevada to Shinto Teito the new Capital of Japan the landing struts hitting the runway must have woken him up. Too bad he was having a good dream to a ding filled the air before the pleasant voice of the flight attendant was heard over the loud speakers. "We have now arrived in Shinto Teito Japan please remain seated until the plane is safely docked thank you for flying Tokyo Air and have a great day" said the voice of the flight attendant.

Sighing the male relaxed back into his seat and then looked out the window to his right outside the plane was clearly moving as it moved on its path to the docking station that would connect with the door that would allow the passengers to unload from the plane. The window was clear with not even a tin to it but he could still see his reflection in the mirror the sight of his familiar spikey blonde hair and two cerulean blue eyes where very familiar. It took a while before they could leave and the blonde let his thoughts wander Shinto Teito formerly Tokyo the recently renamed capital of Japan where Konohagakure sat very long ago. It has been one hundred years since he last stepped foot on its soil "Far too long" said the man to himself quietly but the older looking gentlemen next to him heard him.

"Did you say something young man?" Asked the man "ah" began the younger looking man pausing for a moment surprised at having verbalized his thoughts he spent so little time with others that he was no longer used to interacting or even being around Humans. Lately he has even picked up the habit of speaking to himself perhaps it was a way of keeping his sanity "I was just thinking about how long its been since I have been back here" he said a little hesitantly. It wasn't that he was nervous or anything but he didn't know what else to say considering that he had been caught thinking out loud and didn't want to give away too much information to the stranger. "I understand the feeling back when I was your age even a year felt like it was too long to me" said the older looking black haired Japanese man.

"Well nice seeing you I have got to go old timer" said the younger looking blonde chuckling inside his head to himself about that remark giving that despite one Naruto Uzumaki was countless years older than his conversation partner. He soon afterwards left the airport heading into Shinto Teito proper formerly known as Tokyo before MBI took over and renamed it to their liking Naruto snorted clearly humanity hadn't learned of the lessons of the past. He sat in a bus currently "Finally I am her in Shinto Teito formerly known as Tokyo well its been over three thousand years since the time of the Elemental Nations" said Naruto to himself softly. An smile appeared on the Jubi's face as he looked out the bus taking him downtown "it truly does feel good to be home again after a hundred years in the United States" thought Naruto.

"Ah man all these tall buildings almost make me wish I could still travel the old fashion Ninja way but that would attract too much attention" thought Naruto to himself after getting off the bus and starting to walk as he looked at everything around himself. "Lets see where I need to go find the nearest bank and then a nice hotel to stay overnight that would be nice though they are likely owned and operated by MBI" said Naruto to himself. You see throughout the many years Naruto travelled the world always eventually returning to what is now Japan through various means this day in age via plane he made his name as a world-famous chef and author of a certain book that his sensei once wrote. Icha Icha Paradise and its offshoots were books loved throughout the world by all straight and a good deal of bisexual men and even a good number of woman for a few centuries since publishing the first one in the early 1800's.

Ero Sennin you old pervert may you rest in peace unless you groped Kami or God as she is known as these days than I pray she shows you mercy though Naruto remembering the days three thousand years ago when he was a Ninja of the now much smaller former Elemental Nations. The Nidaime Jubi and Nidaime Rikudo Sennin's thoughts were interrupted as a teenage boy bumped into it making the boy fall and Naruto stumble backwards "Hey kid you alright down there?" Naruto asked of the young-looking teenager offering what is now his hand to the boy. "Yeah sorry about that I was spacing out" said the young man after getting back on his feet and extending his own hand offering a handshake "my name is Minato Sahashi sir I am 19 years old and once more sorry about running into you" said the apparently named Minato.

Naruto looked thoughtful thinking of his long since deceased father whom shared the young man's first name "It's nice to meet you Minato san I am Naruto Uzumaki twenty one years old and am visiting the homeland of my ancestors" said Naruto. "Nice name you got I assume the meaning is not fishcake" said Minato and Naruto smiled "yes It means maelstrom and Minato since I am new here how about you show me around town?" Said Naruto smiling a friendly grin. "I'll even pay you top dollar an hour plus a bonus if you can tell me about the woman of this city" said Naruto as he pulled out a overstuffed wallet with an nine tailed fox picture on the front of it before handing cash to his new friend. Minato's mouth practically dropped open when he was handed the large amount of cash wide enough to almost allow his eyes to fall out coming back to reality Minato nodded his head pocketed the money and motioned Naruto to follow him.

End of Chapter

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