Chapter 1: Genie Vs. the Rotten Egg's Machines

It was a peaceful day at Scuttle Town as Shantae was returning after an exhausting adventure in Kalos with Mario and the rest of the Super Mario Brothers' team. She was surprised that Risky Boots didn't commit another pirate raid while she was away. Shantae really wanted to go back to her house and lay in her bed, but first she had to attend her uncle, Mimic's Treasure Hunting Expo. But little did Shantae know, someone unexpected was also attending the expo.

(Mimic's workshop)

Shantae walked into the workshop and was greeted by two of her friends, Bolo and Sky.

Shantae- Hey guys. (Yawn) Did I miss anything?

Sky- No. You're right on time.

Bolo- Partied too hard last night?

Shantae- Very funny, mop head! You know I was attending the Kalos League to cheer my friend Ash during the competition! Then a damn follower of Tabuu attacked and nearly destroyed the whole place!

Bolo- Well, at least you're not dressing like that Tasmanian tiger anymore.

Shantae got a really annoyed look on her face after Bolo finished that sentence and glared at him with such ferocity.

Shantae- And I don't know which was worse. What happened during the Kalos League or what happened on Pi'illo Island?

Sky- Well, let's just take our seats and enjoy the expo. And don't worry, Mimic informed me that he won't be showing off another magic lamp like last time.

Shantae, Sky, and Bolo took their seats, but sitting three rows behind them was a strange man wearing a light blue hood to cover most of his face, but a large nose and long mustache was sticking out of the hood. In just a few short minutes, Mimic arrived at his workshop and was ready to begin the expo.

Mimic- Thank you ladies and gentlemen for attending this week's expo. And don't you worry about Risky Boots crashing the expo again. Now for this week's expo, I only have one item to show you…but trust me…it's more than worth it.

Mimic pulls out a map of some kind from his pockets and shows it to the audience.

Mimic- What you see is a map to the legendary lost city…Atlantis!

Everyone in the audience- Ooooo!

Mimic- I haven't deciphered the map yet, but once I do, I'll be more than happy to share its treasures with all of you.

While the crowd was fascinated by the treasure map, the strange man in the light blue hood stood up from his seat and walked out of the workshop. The man exited Mimic's workshop and snuck behind a dark alleyway. Then he took off his hood, revealing he was Doctor Eggman in disguise. Eggman pulled out a video phone and Orbot and Cubot answered his call.

Eggman- Orbot, Cubot, I finally found what I was looking for. Activate the troops and have them arrive in Scuttle Town by tonight.

Orbot- Yes, Doctor Eggman!

Cubot- What was he looking for again?

Eggman- Cubot, you have the attention span of an ameba. Now listen up one last time. The technology that was found in the lost city of Atlantis is unparalleled by any known tech even to this day. And if I can get my hands on it, I'll finally be able to create the Eggman Empire and rule the world! And apparently, this overweight spelunker has a map to the lost city.

Cubot- Why not just take the map yourself? Sonic doesn't even know you're in Sequin Land.

Eggman- Because Sonic is part of the Super Mario Brothers' team! And as it just so happens, another member of that team actually lives here! I can't risk anything going wrong with this one! I might have to fight her or worse…she could inform Sonic and bring that ****ing blue shithead here! Now get the other robots here by midnight tonight or it's the scrapheap for you both!

Then Eggman hung up the video phone, put the light blue hood back on, and just continued to walk along the streets like he was an ordinary citizen.

(Later that night)

Shantae was in her bed asleep when suddenly a large booming sound woke her up.

Shantae- What the hell was that?!

Shantae looked out the window and saw fire and smoke coming from Mimic's workshop.

Shantae- Must be Risky Boots and another pirate raid! I better get over there now!

(Mimic's workshop)

Shantae rushed to the place while still in her pajamas instead of her dancer outfit and her hair was down instead of a ponytail (sort of what she was wearing in the prologue of Shantae Half Genie Hero). Upon her arrival, Shantae was surprised and confused to see a cluster of robots with Eggman's brand on them instead of a group of Risky Boots' Tinker Bats. Regardless, they broke into her uncle's workshop and one of them was holding the map Mimic showed at the expo. Even though Shantae's hair was down, she was still able to use her hair like a wipe and snatch the map right back. One robot tried to attack Shantae from behind, but Shantae did a flip over it and hit it with a bolt of lightning. More of the robots tried to attack Shantae, but she avoided them with her dancer moves and at the same time countered with her dance moves. After Shantae turned all the robots to scrap, she looked up and saw Eggman in his hover car.

Eggman- Damn it! I can't seem to do any evil plot without some stupid hero…or heroine I should say…getting in my way!

Shantae- You're Sonic's foe, Doctor Eggman. A little far from Mobius, aren't you? Why come all the way to Sequin Land?

Eggman- I'm here for that map. Now hand it over before I squash you like a bug!

Shantae- No way, asshole! You want this map so badly, try and take it from me!

Eggman- If you insist…

Eggman pushed a button and this huge mechanical crab the size of a garbage truck rose from the ocean. Eggman then placed his hover car inside a part of the mechanical crab and was now in control of it.

Eggman- Behold my latest invention, the Egg Crab! You'll soon be realizing you're not dreaming when this pinches you!

The Egg Crab tried to grab Shantae with its giant claws, but Shantae turned into a monkey and jumped on its mechanical arms. Eggman fired missiles at Monkey Shantae, but she jumped on the other arm and let the missile blow one of the Egg Crab's arms off. Then Monkey Shantae quickly jumped into the air and turned into Elephant Shantae as she rammed right through the Egg Crab. After the Egg Crab was destroyed, Eggman detached his hover car from the robot and began flying away.

Eggman- Crap! I'll have to retreat for now! I'll get that map yet!

(The next morning at Mimic's workshop)

Shantae was explaining to Mimic, Bolo, and Sky what happened last night.

Mimic- That is troubling news. At least Eggman didn't make off with the map.

Shantae- But he said he would be back.

Bolo- You gonna do something about that?

Shantae- Actually…yes! I'm gonna call in some back up. And I know just the hedgehog for the job.

Shantae pulled out her communicator Ty built and began scrolling through her contacts.

(At Sonic's house on Mobius)

Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles were sitting on the couch watching Ghost Busters 2 and really not liking it.

Sonic- Seriously Knuckles, this is the last time we let you pick the movie. This film sucks!

Suddenly, they heard what sounded like someone singing "Never Had A Friend Like Me" (from Disney's Aladdin movie). Sonic reaches behind his quills and saw his communicator that Ty build for him was ringing.

Tails- Sonic, any reason you chose a song from an old Disney movie as your ringtone?

Sonic- It's only supposed to play that when Shantae is calling. I thought that would be a fitting ringtone when she calls me. I better see what the half genie wants.

Sonic pushes the turns on the communicator and answers Shantae's call.

Sonic- What's up, Shantae?

Shantae- Hello to you too, Sonic. Listen, I need you to come to my place ASAP.

Sonic- I don't know. I'm still a little beat from that unexpected event during the Kalos League. Can you ask Mario or Link or someone else?

Shantae- I'm asking you because this involves your little buddy, Doctor Eggman!

Sonic- Eggman?! God damn it! Not that jerk again! Fine, I'll be there as fast as I can.