Chapter 7: Furry of Toxic

(Scuttle Town)

Sonic, Shantae, Eggman, and Risky Boots appeared in Scuttle Town through a flash of green light.

Risky Boots- What was that, anyway?

Sonic- It's called Chaos Control. You can thank my friend, Shadow, for that trick. It lets the user teleport with the power of the Chaos Emeralds.

Risky Boots- And these Chaos Emeralds are?

Sonic put an annoyed look on his face.

Sonic- Another day! Right now, we got work to do.

Then they noticed the heavy dark brown cloud covering most of Scuttle Town.

Shantae- Sonic, we better move! Risky, get your ships to the docks to evacuate everyone right now!

Sonic- And you get to work on fixing our only known way to sealing Toxic away, Egghead! And if you try anything, you'll be wishing I'd have done to you what I did to Risky Boots! Same to you, Risky!

After Sonic and Shantae rushed off to where the smoke was coming from, Eggman and Risky Boots began moving towards where Risky had a spare life boat hidden.

Risky Boots- I can't believe we're taking orders from them!

Eggman- Let's just play along for now.

Risky Boots raised an eyebrow.

Risky Boots- You have an idea planned?

Eggman- That would be like asking if the sun is hot! We need those two fools to take care of that hazardous genie we unfortunately unleashed. But without a doubt, they'll be exhausted after the fight. That's when we'll strike and be rid of both of them.

Risky Boots- Simple yet brilliant.

Eggman- But for now, let's just get the people of Scuttle Town on your pirate ships and wait for our moments.

(Another part of Scuttle Town)

Several people in Scuttle Town were choking on the polluted cloud surrounding them, including Sky, Bolo, and the Mayor. Luckily, Sonic dashed around the cloud like crazy and sucked up the polluted air like he did in Atlantis earlier.

Sky- Shantae! You and the hedgehog took your sweet time.

Shantae- You're welcome.

They everyone saw Toxic standing on the rooftop of one build, looking down at Shantae and Sonic.

Mayor- Who is that, anyway? What's going on here?

Shantae- We'll talk later, Mayor. Everyone, get to the docks and board Risky's pirate ships when they arrive. She's agreed to help with the evacuation.

Sky- You sure it's wise to trust Risky?

Sonic- Let's just say we gave her and Eggman a good reason not to say no.

Bolo- Oh! You kicked her ass again, Sonic?

Then a ball of sludge was thrown and almost hit Bolo. Then everyone ran to the docks, leaving Sonic and Shantae alone with Toxic.

Toxic- That was rude of you before to run off on me like that. But now you got no choice but to fight me since I'm outside of Atlantis and in the outside world.

Shantae fired a bolt of lightning at Toxic, but she dodged it by melting into what looked like sludge. The puddle of sludge landed in the street in front of Sonic and Shantae as it materialized back into Toxic.

Sonic- The ground is made out of stone here. Meaning you can't make the ground mushy like before.

Toxic- My powers of pollution can affect the area in numerous ways to destroy you both.

Toxic shot some balls of sludge from her hair at them, but Shantae shot a stream of fire to try and block them. In a split second like time had slowed down, Sonic noticed how those sludge balls were reacting to Shantae's fire spell. Sonic quickly grabbed Shantae and pulled her out of there as fast as he could. The sludge balls combusted upon impact when the flames hit them and it set most of the block on fire. Sonic stopped and let go of Shantae on a rooftop close by.

Sonic- Shit! That was too ****ing close!

Shantae- Sonic, how'd you know that was gonna happen?!

Sonic- When you're as fast as me, time sometimes seems to slow down.

Then Sonic and Shantae looked behind them and saw the people of Scuttle Town escaping on several of Risky's pirate ships.

Shantae- I see Risky Boots is doing her part.

Sonic- Now we can deal with this bitch without civilian casualties until Eggman finishes his part.

Then some brown smoke appeared near them and turned into Toxic.

Toxic- Leaving again so soon?

Sonic- No, this party is just getting ****ing started!

Then Sonic went into his ball form and began spinning, but he wasn't going anywhere, just spinning in place. Then Sonic had a light blue glow around his body when he stopped spinning.

Sonic- READY!

Shantae- Ready for what, Sonic?

Sonic- Time to show you how fast I really am. GO!

Then Sonic vanished in a blue flash of light and the next thing anyone knew, Toxic was suddenly hit in the face and knock to the ground. Toxic tried to get back up, but she was knocked into the air. Then she went bouncing from one place to another as Sonic kept smacking her with his light speed attack from Sonic Adventure 1 and 2. After getting knocked around like a pinball a few times, Toxic altered one part of her body. Sonic appeared in front of Toxic again and attempted to punch her in the stomach, but her belly area had suddenly became soft and Sonic's fist was stuck.

Sonic- Hey! What the hell is going on?!

Then Sonic saw smoke coming from where is hand was stuck and felt like something was burning at his fist.

Toxic- Wow. I guess you are tougher than the red guy if you're not screaming like he did. Better amputate your hand before my poison sludge eats the flesh away.

Suddenly, Toxic was hit with a stream of water and it not only knocked Toxic away from Sonic, but it also freed his right hand and washed the sludge off of it.

Sonic- Thanks, Shantae!

Shantae- I guess we're even for preventing me from getting roasted alive.

Then Shantae saw Toxic trying to get back up, but she was still wet and sitting in a puddle of water from the water spell earlier.

Shantae- Tell me, Toxic. Do you know what happens when you mix water and electricity?

Then Shantae fired a lightning spell at the puddle and it electrocuted Toxic. While Toxic was still stunned from that attack, Sonic hit her with his spin dash and knocked the poisonous genie into the side of a wall. It didn't take long for Toxic to crawl out of the rubble and she was not looking too happy. Toxic spat out some blood and turned to glare at Sonic and Shantae.

Toxic- You assholes are starting to become more pains than you're worth! I'm through messing around!

Suddenly, a large gust of black wind was surrounding the area and parts of the ground were trembling. The black wind looked as though it was engulfing Toxic.

Toxic- Up until now, I having been using the full power of my genie magic. But now it's time to put you in your proper place…

Then the black wind swirled all around Toxic and took the form of hideous monster that looked like it was made of black polluted air.

(At an area close by where Sonic and Shantae were fighting Toxic)

Doctor Eggman and Risky Boots were each using a telescope to view what's happening.

Eggman- Oh crap! That's the form the records of Atlantis showed! That must be her true form!

Risky Boots- I know we want all three of them to die, but if Toxic kills them, we'll all die from her pollution…

Eggman- Actually, I have a feeling Sonic will begin to use the Chaos Emeralds and reveal his secret weapon, which will drain him considerably afterwards.

Then Eggman pulls out the metal orb he repaired.

Eggman- Either Sonic's super form destroys her or weakens her for us to use this on, they'll be too tired to stop us from finishing them off.

Risky Boots- Super form?

Eggman- You wanted to know about the Chaos Emeralds?

(Back over where Sonic and Shantae were fighting Toxic)

Toxic spat out an enormous amount of poison smoke and it surrounded Sonic and Shantae and most of the area. Sonic tried to create another vacuum to suck it all up again, but there was way too much of this poison smoke this time. Shantae transformed into a harpy, grabbed both of Sonic's shoulders, and flew them both out of that toxic cloud. But before they could celebrate, Toxic punched Harpy Shantae and knocked her and Sonic to the ground, but not back into the poisonous smoke. Harpy Shantae was knocked back into regular Shantae and struggling to get up. Then she noticed the giant fist above her.

Toxic- If you have to blame anyone for your death, blame your mother for locking me up in that lost city.

Just as the giant fist was about to fall down and crush Shantae, Sonic quickly pushed her out of the way and was hit instead.

Shantae- SONIC!

Toxic- Poor little hedgehog. Dying for nothing since you'll die soo…what the?! Is he still alive…

Then a bright golden light was shining under Toxic's oversized fist as the Chaos Emeralds appeared and began orbiting around where Sonic was standing before it appeared he had been squished.


Toxic's arm was completely disintegrated by the glowing light from Super Sonic's transformation as Super Sonic emerged from the creator in the ground unharmed.

Super Sonic- Time to step it up a notch…Super Sonic Style!

Toxic's arm slowly regenerated, but smoke was still coming from her arm. Toxic tried to hit Super Sonic again, but she noticed parts of her body where deteriorating when they got close to Super Sonic's glowing aura.

Toxic- What…I can't…physically touch you…

Super Sonic- That's because one of the powers of the Chaos Emeralds is to undo damage done to nature…including the power to undo pollution…which you are made of…

Shantae- Sonic, don't scare me like that again! I actually thought you died just now!

Super Sonic- Chastise me after we deal with this bitch.

Toxic- Chaos Emeralds? The same Chaos Emeralds that belonged to that former god 1,000 years ago?

Super Sonic- What now?!

Shantae- You know about the Chaos Emeralds?

Toxic- I believe your mother was part of some group 1,000 years ago lead by these two brothers from a place called the Mushroom Kingdom. Another who was part of it was this white hedgehog who was actually a former god that was cast down after being framed for crimes he did not commit and his true power was placed in these seven gems.

Super Sonic and Shantae looked at each other for a moment.

Super Sonic- A 1,000 years ago…you don't think…

Shantae- The team lead by Mario's ancestor? Possibly.

Before they could think any more on it, Toxic launched a huge wave of her poison sludge at them. Super Sonic blocked with his Sonic Wind attack.

Super Sonic- I think I know how we can destroy her instead of locking her up in that metal orb again. The Chaos Emerald can destroy pollution. If I can get into the core of her giant form while I'm still Super Sonic, I can fill her with the emeralds' power and destroy her from the inside out.

Shantae- Could work. But how are you going to do that? She knows she can't touch you in that form and won't let you get close. You're not suggesting I turn super?

Super Sonic- Of course not! The Chaos Emeralds literally destroy anyone who tries to use their power and can't handle it. If I'm going to get in there, we're gonna have to work together on this one.

Super Sonic charged his spin dash attack and rushed for Toxic. When Toxic saw Super Sonic coming, she turned her body into smoke and went above Super Sonic. She reformed behind Super Sonic, but she was hit by Shantae's lightning spell before she could try and attack Super Sonic from behind.

Toxic- You bitch! Just like your mother! Come here!

Before Shantae knew it, Toxic had grabbed her and Shantae's body was now stuck in Toxic's grip. Super Sonic was about to rush to free Shantae, but Toxic formed a ball of sludge in her other hand.

Toxic- Don't come any closer, hedgehog, or my poison sludge will melt the flesh from her bones!

Super Sonic stopped in his tracks.

Toxic- That's a good hedgehog. Now if you want her to live, deactivate the Chaos Emeralds and throw them into the ocean!

Suddenly, Shantae was able to get her right arm free and it was holding a ball of glowing energy.

Shantae- HEY TOXIC!

Then Shantae fired that ball of energy and hit Toxic in the eye. This caused Toxic to let go of Shantae and grab hold of her eye.

Toxic- Chaos Energy?! How did you…?!

Shantae- Sonic left behind a small sample of the emeralds' power before distracting you. Sonic, we're Ret-2-Go! Finish her!

Then Super Sonic charged his spin dash until a blue glow was surrounded part of Super Sonic's body.

Super Sonic- READY! …GO!

Then Super Sonic performed his light speed attack and dashed right through all the poisonous smoke her body was made out of and got to the center of her body. Then Super Sonic charged the Chaos Emeralds to full power and filled Toxic to the brim with Chaos Energy.

Toxic- My body! My body is…AAAAAAAA!

Then Toxic's body was completely engulfed by the bright light until she dissolved by it.

(In what's left of Scuttle Town)

Sonic was out of rings and back in his normal form. Sonic was also laying on the ground completely exhausted. Suddenly, Sonic began hearing something. It sounded like someone singing.

Mysterious voice- …what would your pleasure be? Let me take your order, chart it down. You ain't Never Had A Friend Like Me!

Sonic's vision cleared up a bit and saw Shantae kneeling next to him singing "Never Had A Friend Like Me."

Sonic- Shantae…what are you doing?

Shantae- Just checking if you were still in the world of the living.

Sonic- Well, don't quit your day job as Guardian Genie, because you sure aren't an American Idol!

Shantae smiled a bit and extended her hand to help Sonic up.

Shantae- Very funny, Sonic.

Sonic grabbed Shantae's hand and Shantae helped Sonic back up and put one of Sonic's arms over her shoulder.

Sonic- Did we do it?

Shantae- Yes, Sonic. We won.

Risky Boots- I wouldn't say that just yet.

Sonic and Shantae turned around and saw Doctor Eggman and Risky Boots pointing a laser gun and a pirate pistol at them.

Sonic- Egghead and the pirate lady double-crossing us…why am I not surprised?

Shantae- Even when Risky Boots is still injured from the beating she took earlier.

Risky Boots- I might still injured from my fight against Sonic, but you both are even worse shape after that battle.

Suddenly, a laser hits Eggman and Risky Boots, forcing them to drop the laser gun and pirate pistol. Behind them was Tails, Knuckles, Rottytops, and Mimic. Tails had his little arm gun on and that's what he used to disarm Eggman and Risky Boots. Orbot and Cubot were there as well, but hiding behind a small rock.

Eggman- You?! But how did you get back from Atlantis so quickly?

Tails- Turns out, I forgot I too had one of Ty's wrist portal devices and forgotten about it until recently.

Knuckles- And just in time to punch your ****ing lights out!

Cubot- Sorry boss! You're plans didn't work out so well.

Orbot- I don't think that's going to help, Cubot.

Risky Boots- What now, genius?!

Eggman- Luckily, I had another hover platform close by. We'll use that to escape!

Eggman and Risky Boots rushed to the hover platform only to see a monkey wrench jammed into one of the components after they got on it.

Sonic- What's the matter, egghead? Someone throw a…wrench…into your plans?

Eggman turned to look at Sonic and had a "I'm gonna strangle you" look on his face.

Eggman- Sonic! When I get my hands on you, I'll…

Before Eggman could finish that sentence, the hover platform took off like a rocket with Eggman and Risky Boots still on it.

Sonic- So long you two!

Orbot- We better go and find the boss. Come on, Cubot.

(Later that day)

Sonic, Shantae, and the other had finished helping everyone rebuild Scuttle Town and things were returning back to normal. They all went inside Mimic's workshop once they were all done.

Sonic- Good lord! Am I beat!

Sonic took a seat on one of the chairs and just slumped in it.

Shantae- That makes two of us.

Mimic- I guess the world will never know the true secrets of Atlantis, but perhaps it's better that way.

Shantae- Toxic said my mother was part of a group 1,000 years ago. Do you think she meant the same team Mario's ancestor lead that defeated Tabuu?

Sonic- And she also mentioned a hedgehog who was a former god placing his true power in the seven mystic gems.

Tails- You saying you and the rest of the Super Mario Brothers' team were joined by fate or something.

Sonic- Could be, but we might need more info on the Mario's ancestor and his team first.

Knuckles- Sonic…a god…don't make me laugh!

Rottytops- Say, what do you suppose happened to Risky Boots and Doctor Eggman?

Sonic gave a half smile.

(In a mountain area somewhere)

Eggman and Risky Boots were clinging to the edge of the hover platform at it continued to blast through sky like an out of control rocket.

Eggman- I'll get Sonic for this!

Risky Boots- Get in line! I'm beginning to hate that hedgehog more than that half genie runt!

Eggman- Hey, where did that mountaintop come from?!

The hover platform was heading towards the mountaintop.

Eggman and Risky Boots at the same time- No! Stop! AAAAAA!

Then the hover platform crashed into the mountaintop and it was not a pleasant landing.

Eggman and Risky Boots- I…hate…that…HEDGEHOG!

The End