The loud, deafening sound of metal clashing against metal was all I could hear as Finn continued to stare at the ice wall before him.

He whipped his head around as one of the ice guards entered the room and placed an electronic collar around my neck and ordered me to stand up. It seems with the aid of other kingdoms, Ice King has become adept to technology usage.

As Finn stood, the guard began to remotely tighten his cuffs causing his wrists to become sore. He wince in pain and then walk behind him. They exit the room and head down the hall where he stops and opens the door to a brightly lit room. The guard presses a button on a control pad that's attached to his wrist, causing the cuffs to be magnetically drawn to a table in the middle of the room. They lock into place and I am left with no choice but to sit down in the cold steel chair provided for me. The guard walks over and waves his hand over the screen of his wrist computer. A hologram pops up displaying several images of my face as well as a full page of information.

''How'd Ice King get all this tech?" Finn asked as the guard slapped him a bit hard "That's for us to know and for you to not know"

Finn scoffed at this remark and leaned back in his chair "That's the best you could give me as an answer?" He rolled his eyes and looked to the side "Lame" the guard swung at him again and Finn was ready.

He opened his mouth as wide as he possibly could and bit down on the guards ice cold hand and then bit into it with all of his strength,drawing blood. Finn didn't let go even when the guard began to punch him in the face. He stood up as best he could and pulled the table from the ground then swing it into the guard as he released his hand. With a new weapon in hand, Finn proceeded to bash the guard with the table several times over, mainly in the head.

Once he was sure the guard would be getting back up, he reached down and grabbed his electronic key and unlocked his cuffs. As Finn turned towards the door it burst open and he was immediately grabbed by two large Ice knights. He punched and kicked with all his might and did some damage, but it wasn't enough.

Minutes later he was chained back to the wall , left to stare out the window. "Great... Flippin great" he grumbled as he felt a rush of wind pass him.

How did he get here? Oh yeah now he remembers. He was knocked out after he knocked out Marceline and chained up and locked away.. Unbelievable. Why'd he have to be so...whats that's word PB used again? Oh yeah! Oblivious...He was oblivious to the knights presence behind him.

Just like he's oblivious to what's going on right now. In the next room over, Ice King was video chatting with someone , planning for later parts of the war. The person he spoke too, was supposedly on the opposing side. He was Princess Bubblegums distant brother who'd returned to Ooo to help his sister...Or at least that's what he told her.

"I've got the blueprints of their hideout and have set up the explosives throughout the tunnels. All your men need to do is come in and search through the rubble for them. You get my sister as a bride and I get the throne of Ooo" The Young Prince Gumball said as Ice King nodded along. Little did they both know, they ere being watched.

Marceline gasped lightly before floating out of the room dn deactivating her invisibility. She shook her head and then flew down to the dungeon where her beloved was held. After staring in at his sleeping form for a bit, she turned and flew out of the window heading full speed towards Finn and Jake's tree house.

She needed to warn them of what was going on and she needed to do it now!