As Marceline burst through the window that led to Finn and Jake's bedroom, she spring up and looked around frantically "Guys! guys! Guys!" However, it took her a second to realize the room was empty. She then face palmed at the realization that they were hidden somewhere.

"Guys!...Guys!" She shouted as she floated throughout the tree house. "Anyone here?...Anywhere?" Marceline asked as she flew around and began to search every inch of the tree house. After a 12 minute search, she gave up and layed back on Finn's bed, letting out a sigh. She had no idea where to find them now.

Suddenly, she heard the tiniest of footsteps approaching her from behind and turned around slowly. She hen proceeded to look downwards to find BMO, carrying an axe that was much too large for him "Finn killer!" The tiny computer yells as he tries to run at Marceline and swings the axe, tripping and falling from it's weight. Marceline stifled a laugh as she floated over and looked down at him before picking the small one up. "Beemo!" BMO shakes in her hands in an attempt to break free from her grip, failing miserably "Oh no! Help! Help!" He screams loudly as Marceline tried to calm him.

"Stop! Listen! I'mhere to help!" She screams as he calms down after a bit and looks at her wide eyed "R...Really?" The computer looked up, his eyes filled with digital hope. "Yes...I realised I was wrong. And I swear I'm not a spy...In honestly here to help" . She said with a smile as she set him down ''Where's everyone else?" She asks as Beemo turns towards a wall and heads to the corner. He then tugs lightly on a board in the wall, causing a large section of the wall to slide open , large enough for two people to walk through. Beemo walked on through the entrance and into, apparently, an elevator that had been well hidden in the wall panels. Marceline joined him inside and waited, suddenly it dropped at a fast pace and then abruptly stopped.

The doors slid open to reveal an underground base. It was an incredibly wide space, given it housed about 500 people. Marceline was astounded by the size of it, but she was snapped from her haze when an axe found its way to her throat, stopping about an inch away. She looked over to the wielder of the weapon to Find Princess Bubblegum, wearing pink under armor and red armor plates on her shoulders, chest, forearms and her knees and shins. Her crown had been replaced with a red face plate that stretched down to her chin and shaped around her face. The edges of it were incredibly sharp. Her hair was tied back as well. She glared daggers at the vampire queen "What the heck are you doing here?" She questioned her calmly, yet there was a hint of anger in her voice.

Marceline waved her hands and gently pushed the axe away before she spoke. But honestly, she was lost for words at the moment. She stuttered briefly as she spoke, then exhaled and finally managed to cough out a sentence "I'm here ...To help..." By now all of the resistance warriors had surrounded her,though they were all a good 10 feet away from her. "I was wrong...I realised that when I heard Simon's true plan...He..." She turned towards Bonnie, sympathy showing in her eyes as a tear fell "He's going to kill Finn...And your brother is working with him...He's a spy..". Bonnie shook her head upon hearing this "You... You're lying.." . From out of the crowd walked the Flame Princess, wearing her usual armor. She stared over at Marceline with hate in her eyes as she gripped the vampire rock lined sword that was made for her by Bonnie. She was able to use her own flames to light the sword. "Put her to the test" she says bluntly as she walks right next to Bubblegum. Bonnie contemplates it briefly before nodding and turning back to Marceline "If you're telling the truth, this will prove it" she says as she waves someone over from out of the crowd.

! Over walked Huntress Wizard,sporting her usual cloak atop of a suit of black armor. She motioned towards a chair a few feet away. !Marceline took a seat in the chair and waited patiently. She couldn't afford to be inpatient given the amount of weapons that could kill her that lied in their hands. Huntress Wizard waved a hand over her head and marked her face with coal, drawing a triangle on her right cheek and a circle on her left. She then waved her hands around and began an incantation "Ho Bog, llet su fi s'ehs gnillet eht hturt" she repeated several times until her hands glowed blue. A beam of energy struck Marceline's head, sending a sharp pain throughout her body. This drew out several of her memories in the form of bubbles. They could all see what she had seen. The whole thing. Bubblegum released a sigh of frustration as she viewed these memories and nodded to Huntress Wizard, who stopped the process. Marceline stood, slowly given the pain and looked over at her. "We have to go" she says plainly as Bonnie nods at her.

And with that they began preparation for a new operation. Operation : Godfall. They were going to bring down the Ice Kingdom and save Finn. Bubblegum showed Marceline to a section of the hideout where she'd been working on a new project: a robotic organism that would tear the Ice Kingdom apart from the inside. The robot was built out of candium and titanium and had a thermonuclear core. When set to blow it would explode wiping out all of ice man's kingdom and melting it to a large crater. This would wipe out the whole Ice Army.

Marceline actually smiled upon seeing this new creation, because she knew this would end this war. Flame Princess worked on her sword skills against a few organic life dummies. She had improved greatly as she'd been taught by her royal guards. She sent a straightforward jab into the chest of one then leaped onto the hilt of the sword as it stuck from the dummy's chest. She bounced off of the sword quickly and flipped over it's head, grabbing and removing the sword and delivering a downward swipe to another ones neck, slicing its head clean off. As she finished and sheathed her sword, she heard faint footsteps and swiftly turned in their direction, seeing Marceline approach with a smile. "Hey Phoebe...You wanna train together?" She asks skeptically as Flame Princess looked at her with a look that showed she was in thought. She then shrugged "Why not?" She says as she wraps some flameproof sports tape around her hands, watching as Marceline did the same. The two girls circled one another in the center of the training area, each taking their own stances similar to boxers.

Marceline rushed over to Phoebe and sent a punch towards her face, which she ducked and grabbed onto Marceline's arm, flipping over onto the other side of her body and sending a sharp kick to her side, burning her slightly. Marceline let out a pained hiss as she lurched a bit forward. She immediately turned back at 125 mph and delivered a punch to Phoebe's chest, sending her back a good bit. Phoebe lunged at her and tackled her into a roll, then pinned her down and held her blade up to her throat, a smirk adorning her face. Marceline rolled her eyes in annoyance as she kicked her back and stood up, gripping her axe as she swung at the princess. Phoebe blocked the axe with her sword and the two clashed "You betrayed Finn!" Phoebe spat into Marceline's face. "I came to fix that!" Marceline replied with venom as the two continued, Marceline forcing Phoebe back with her superior strength. Phoebe slid back and tripped, falling onto her butt as Marceline stood over and held her axe out towards her. "I'm not here to betray anyone...I'm here to atone for the wrongs I've done" she says as she looks downward and turns, walking away.

Phoebe sat there in shock as she watched her walk away. She picked up her sword and stood up slowly, deep in thought. "A...Am I wrong?" She questions aloud as Bonnie walks over to her "Phoebe...We need to mobilize now" she says plainly as Phoebe looks over and gives a nod to the Princess of the Candy Kingdom. It was time to begin...The beginning of the end.