A/N - I am trying my hand at a new fic. Should I continue or should I abandon? I am not much of a writer The last time I wrote before finding Fan Fiction last year was back in High School. More years ago than I want to think about.

I have run out of stories to read about my favourite characters Sirius Orion Black, Remus John Lupin, and Hermione Jean Granger. I am so addicted to Sirius/Hermione stories and am getting anxious about not having any new stories involving those two that I thought I would try my own hand.

This is set two years after the Final Battle, neither Sirius, Remus nor Fred died. Well, Sirius did die, but came back out of the veil, wait a sec, anything else would be spoilers. I killed off Ginny, Percy and Molly during the war and Ron after. My least liked Weasley's. Dumbledore is still dead, manipulative old coot.

I am updating these 4 chapters as I now have a BETA the wonderful Miss Aeris Aimara Ciren. Thank you, My Lady. (My pleasure, love.)

"Guys, come see what I brought home," yelled out the messy haired young Potter.

"What did you buy me?" Sirius asked with sarcastic enthusiasm.

The sandy haired man behind him chuckles. "Sirius, do you plan to grow up anytime soon?"

"Never, Rem. If I grew up you may find me boring and decide to leave," he threw out nonchalantly.

"I've been trying to leave you for over 20 years to no avail. You're like a bad penny, Siri, I throw you away and you show right back up." Remus teases.

Pouting, Sirius clutched his chest, sobbing theatrically, "You don't love me anymore Moony."

"Oi! Shut it and come see," Harry huffed, a glint of amusement in his bright green eyes. He pulled the large cloth covered piece onto the table.

"What did you get, Prongslet?"

"See, I was walking by this muggle art gallery when I saw it. Something about it reminds me of the Marauders. When I took a closer look I could feel that it was a magical painting with a stasis charm."

The painting held the still image of a stag, a large black dog that closely resembled a grim, and a werewolf. The dog held a dead rat in its jaws.

It was too much of a coincidence, whipping their wands out Sirius and Remus spent several minutes scanning the painting for anything that would potentially harm any of them. They went over it once, twice, and a third time to be sure, trying a variety of different detection charms. Satisfied the wands were put away and both men carried the painting into the other room.

Sirius brought the painting closer for a better look. He noticed the glimmer that moving pictures and paintings gave off when under a stasis and passcode. It will need a certain bit of magic to remove the charm.

"Harry, I believe that this painting has a password on it. We need to figure out what it is first before pushing our magic into it. Who is the artist? We need to look thoroughly into this."

"The artist's signature is just MLB, " Harry musingly replied as he scratched the back of his head, "Something seems familiar about it though."

Remus pales, lurching forward he ripped the painting from their hands, "Let me see that!"

Sirius leant forward at Moony's growl. "What is it mate?"

Peering at the signature and sniffing at it, he starts to purr, pleased. "It's her Sirius, it's Miah's scent."

"What?! It can't be, she's been missing for years."

"I know her scent, Padfoot. It's her. I would recognise it anywhere. Check for yourself." he growls.

Taking the painting back, Sirius' head leant over an area the signature was centred on and his chest expanded, taking in every layer of the various scents covering the painting. The strongest smell under the paint IS her, their Miah.

"How can this be, Moony? If Miah has come back, why hasn't she contacted us?" Sirius whined.

"I don't know Padfoot. Maybe she doesn't know how to contact us. Keep in mind, she didn't remember much when we first met her."

"But if it is her, the password is easy enough."

Harry watched all of this, curiosity kept him quiet. Remus' eyes were almost frantic, fear and excitement coursing through him. "It's worth a shot, Padfoot. Do it."

Raising his wand and waving it across the painting once, he uttered the phrase that every member of the Marauders was familiar with. "I solemnly swear I am up to no good."

Watching the painting respond to the words the two older men's faces light up.

"Look, there she is. There is Boötes." Remus points out.

"Where, oh look, right behind her is Faline."

Harry's curiosity got the best of him and he walked closer to the painting. "Who is Boötes? Is she Miah? Is Faline my mum?"

"Yeah, she and Miah both surprised us by becoming animagus before Christmas hols our 7th year."

"I think I need to hear the whole story gentlemen," Harry scowls.

"You do, but first check on Hermione," Sirius stated and Remus nodded when Harry's gaze met him.

"Why?" Prongslet's eyes narrowed. "What does Hermione have to do with this story."

"Well if we're correct, then everything. You see, your Hermione is our Miah Dagworth-Granger. She's not a muggleborn but truthfully born of two squibs. The Dagworth-Grangers and the Sullivans. Her mother's mother was Garrick Ollivander's daughter."