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"Why?" Prongslet's eyes narrowed. "What does Hermione have to do with this story."

"Well if we're correct, then everything. You see, your Hermione is our Miah Dagworth-Granger. She's not a muggleborn but truthfully born of two squibs. The Dagworth-Grangers and the Sullivans. Her mother's mother was Garrick Ollivander's daughter."

12 Grimmauld Place

While Harry was floo calling Hermione, Sirius and Remus were quietly talking about the love of their lives.

Sirius wondered how they hadn't realized Hermione was their Miah and Remus trying to rationalize how his sensitive nose missed this very important fact.

"Her scent is similar; not an exact match, but close. I don't understand how her scent could change," he was following this train of thought when Harry came running in devoid of all colour gasping out that Hermione was missing. There had been an accident in the Department of Mysteries.

"What happened?" Remus snapped.

"She was working on some privately funded personal project of hers; they won't say, but I highly suspect it's something to do with the time-turners. Her fascination with them grew after she used one in 3rd-year to save Sirius. She wanted to know if it was possible to make one go back even further than the usual 24 hours.

"They told me that some prick of a pure-blood barreled through the office, demanding she hand over her work. I do know that when she refused, he tried to take the work and it exploded. The idiot was killed outright. However, they can't find Hermione's body. They think it's one of two things: she was either obliterated or she flung back in time. I think we know which scenario is the most likely."

"Now I insist on knowing what she was to you two," demands Harry.

"She was our wife," Sirius answers without his usual sardonic flair.

"WHAT?!" Harry shook his head in disbelief. "I want the entire story and I want it now. That is my best friend you're talking about."

"We know Harry, but you have to remember you weren't alive then and we didn't know how she was integral to our lives, then or now."

"It was the summer before our 7th-year. We, your father, Remus and I; the rat had stayed home with his 'sick mother'; had been practising our apparition by popping up and down the countryside. We had just arrived at the Shrieking Shack when this girl comes falling out of the sky.

"You have no idea how much it hurt, even as light she was, to have another human being fall on you. My body broke her fall, I wasn't hurt too badly, but my pride was a bit damaged though."

"Padfoot, this is a story about Miah, not you," The werewolf was growing impatient. As much as he cared for his lover, there was more to get on with.

"Sorry Moony, you know me, I can always make a story to be about me."

"Get on with it," Remus' impatient disposition was falling short at Sirius' antics.

"Sorry. Where was I? Oh. Right, Miah had fallen out of the sky into my lap, torn clothing and various lacerations. As we were checking her over we realized that she was unconscious and covered in some unknown substance. At the time, we were so close to Hogwarts that we did what anyone would do in that situation. . . we took her to the Dragon Lady of Hogwarts: Madam Pomfrey.

"When we finally reached the Healer's Hall, Poppy took one look at the substance that Miah was covered in and realized it was time dust."

Remus quickly interjected. "If you are unaware, time dust is highly toxic to witches and wizards but is non-lethal to muggles. If you are in contact with it for too long it can muddle a witch or wizard's magic. It can potentially either age or de-age you. This is what we believe caused her amnesia, well that, along with a blow to her head."

Sirius spared a quick glance to his dearest person, barely missing a beat and continuing on with the story. "Once Poppy realized that we all had come in contact with Hermione, she sent us to the prefects bathroom to decontaminate and remove every last drop of the time dust so that we were safe, while we were washing up she healed Miah, we didn't know her name at the time, and flooed James' parents to send us some new clothes as the ones we had had to be destroyed to lessen the chance that any of the dust could be spread about. I was pissed those pants, they were my favourite jeans."

"Sirius quit digressing. Finish the story so we can start our search for Miah," snarled Remus.

"Okay, okay, get off your high horse Remus. As I was about to say, let me tell you now that it is not fun to decontaminate time dust. There are so many steps you have to take, showers, potions you have to shower with and potions that you have to take afterwards and they taste worse than Remus' Wolfsbane, wait a period of time then another shower followed by more potions. I was just thankful that it did not get clumped up in my hair. Poor Remus had to cut chunks out of his hair."

"Padfoot, stop digressing."

"Moony, you just don't want me to tell Harry how ridiculous you looked with your hair mangled." Sirius answers while childishly sticking his tongue out at Remus.

"Harry, what this git he neglected to mention is he turned my hair a sickly shade of green in retaliation for laughing at him. It was

close, it seemed as if Poppy would have another patient to look after. Luckily, he evaded me long enough for my temper to settle back under control," chuckles Remus.

"Stop it you two, I want to hear this story," Harry cries through his laughter.

Sirius took a few minutes to get himself under control, by then the other two were breathing normal and wiping a stray tear or two from their eyes. "Well, after Hermione was decontaminated Dumbledore came in to check on her. Later he'd answered our questions and we found that he had run an inheritance test to try and determine whom she was. He'd already reached the same conclusion we had, that she was from the future. I think he was hoping she was already awake by the time he'd reached the room, but she hadn't regained consciousness yet."

Remus took over from Sirius, whom gone quiet and lost in his thoughts. "The results of the inheritance test were irrefutable, her parents were pure-bloods. They had disappeared a few years before then. This is what Hermione just found out shortly before the fiasco that sent her into the past."

"Wait, so she's not a muggleborn? This will be life changing news for both the Malfoy gits, not to mention Hermione." Harry asks with a shit eating grin.

Remus rubbed the back of his neck, "I forgot that you've been out of town for so long and didn't know that. Hermione found out. The Grangers died a few days after you left and this type of news is not something you just send via owl. A letter was sent to her through their lawyers. She was still trying to decide if she wanted to remove the glamour that had been cast on her as a child and tell everyone else."

"Oh bollocks! That heinous word carved into her arm, Bellatrix died far too easily and quickly as far as I'm concerned," hissed Harry.

Sirius affectionately patted the air between him and Harry, a dangerous smirk on his face. "Now, now, my blood-thirsty godson, while we both agree with you wholeheartedly, you mustn't get your dander up. We need to continue on. Another side effect of the time dust de-aged Miah by about 3 years, to before she'd received that scar. So she didn't have it when we met her."

Remus interjected quickly, "The only major scar she had was the one from Dolohov in the Department of Mysteries, on her torso. The dust aged her body in other ways though, so it also changed her physically. She was much taller than she was here.

The animagus was tapping his chin, remembering every inch of the woman he'd spent too much time mulling over. "Her hair wasn't as convoluted and bushy. Here she is what 1.5 metres and in the past, she was more like 1.75 metres, with legs that went on forever. Oh those legs would wrap around you and you would swear you were in heaven," moaned Sirius.

Moaning as well at the memories flooding his brain, Remus tells Sirius to move along before they were both awash in salacious and lewd memories.

"By the time we finished decontaminating ourselves, it was too late to go back to Potter Manor so we settled into beds in the hospital wing, where the house elves brought us a veritable feast. Oh, I so miss the Hogwarts feasts."

"Sirius, stay focused," huffs Harry.

"Oh, sorry. I'm just hungry. Can we take this to the kitchen and tell the tale over some food?" whines, Sirius.

Remus and Harry both roll their eyes at Sirius and start pulling him into the kitchen where Harry starts to make sandwiches for them.

Through bites of his sandwich, Sirius continues the story. "After eating we sat around and played a game of Exploding Snap, then went to sleep. Sometime in the middle of the night, we were awoken to god awful screams. We all grabbed our wands, jumping out of bed to find that the girl was having a nightmare. She was crying out about something being a fake and that they had found it."

Remus has to cover for Sirius, his voice choked up. "We now know that she was reliving the torture Bellatrix had put her through, but at that time we were so scared and worried by what happened to her."

The animagus was composed enough to finish speaking, "Poppy was trying to wake her to calm her down, but nothing she did worked. Remus and I both grabbed a hand, whispering to her that everything was alright. I was stroking her hair when she grabbed me around the waist, hugging me to her.

"When she did that she started to calm down. So I climbed into bed with her holding her. When Remus tried to pull his hand away from her, she started whimpering loudly, so he climbed into bed on the other side of her. She let out a big sigh of relief and muttered 'My Boys'."

As he was wont to do, Remus spoke up and dropped some important information, "At the time, we didn't know that she was an animagus and she that was taking in and remembering our scents. Our smells were recognizable to her even though she had no idea who we were to her. She later told us we made her feel safe, we were familiar."

"Wait, when did Hermione become an animagus?" Harry asked surprise laced his voice.

Remus scratched his chin, mirth shining in his deep eyes. "Well Harry, many things happened while you were gone, shortly after you left she came to us. She's stood there, hands wrapped around some files and pertinently told us that she'd done all the research and prepared the potion. All she wanted was our help on the actual transformation. Her first transformation was a little over two weeks ago."

"Oh. What is her form?"

"She's a gorgeous snow leopard."

"Is she registered or is she illegal like you, Padfoot?"

"She was to register next week. You have a month after your first transformation to register before you become illegal. Hermione just wanted to make sure that she had all the kinks worked out. She was going to have you and Ron start training to become animagus too. That brilliant witch created a way to make it much smoother and easier to become one. It took us almost 4 years and she was able to do it in less than a year; six months of research and meditation and 2 weeks to get the hang of and perfect the transformation," There was an unmistakable quality of awe in Sirius' voice.

"Anyway, the next morning both Remus and I woke up around the same time. As we were trying to get out of bed without disturbing the young witch, she woke up, took one look at us, and started screaming."

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