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"Mum, Dad, we're home," yelled James.

With a soft pop a house-elf popped into the foyer, arms crossed and foot tapping "Master James, how many times has I been telling you not to yell in the house?"

"Sorry, Harpy...I mean Happy," James mumbled. "Dad wanted to know as soon as we were home. Where is he right now?"

"Don't you be miss using my name, little Master Jimmsie."

"Sorry Happy. I promise never to call you that again if you promise never to call me Jimmsie," James whined while the others were snickering in the background.

"Well...okay. Master and Mistress is in the study off of the Library. Master says you are to go in right away."

"Thank you Happy."

"James Potter, that is not nice to bait a house-elf like that," cries Miah.

"Oh, don't worry about Happy. She and I do that all the time. It makes her feel better and besides we aren't Malfoys. We treat all our house-elves like family. Next time you see Happy, ask for her full name and she will tell you that it is Happy Potter. All our elves are family bonded not slave bonded."

"Good! That is one detail of the Wizarding World I really hate. Enslaving house elves and the way they treat Werewolves, Goblins (though they do kind of deserve it) and other sentient magical beings. Don't even get me started on non-magicals or first-generation magicals." Miah growled while thinking of that horrible toad woman Umbridge.

Following James to the study while looking around, Miah wondered what happened to Potter Manor. She wondered if it still existed in the future and why Harry had never even heard about it from Sirius, Remus or even the Goblins. She could figure out about Dumbledore. She had lost all faith in him when she had found his journals while liberating some of his more esoteric books to research horcruxes when they went on the run. She didn't get to read them until after the final battle but it sure was an eye-opener. He wanted Harry raised as a pig for slaughter. If Harry had no one or nothing to live for then he would willing sacrifice himself to Voldemort. Of course Albus was still to be alive at that point so that he could swoop in and save the day.

Miah decided right then and there that she was going to do everything in her power to bring down that interfering old goat fucker.

Once they went into the study, she noticed that Charlus Potter had removed his outer robe. She could see a familiar tattoo on his right forearm. It was an Supermarine Spitfire MK1 from WWII with the words Lady of the Sky written below it.

She gasped loudly, looking at the tattoo then at Charlus Potter crying out, "You are Ace Potter!"

"How do you know that name, young lady?" asks Mr Potter.

"My mother only had one picture of my grandfather. It was a picture of him next to a plane and his Squadron Captain 'Ace' Potter. No other first name."

"Who is your grandfather?" asks Charlus.

"Cyprian Markus Sullivan."

"You're little Ciara's daughter?" he asks incredulously. "She is my god-daughter and I have been searching for her since the Death Eaters killed Cyprian."

"She and my father went into hiding because they came from such polar opposite sides of the coin. My father was from a dark family while my mother was from a well known light family. Dad's family did not like my mum and where set on ridding him of her, by hook or by crook."

"I will show you the letter they left posthumously. It tells me everything I wanted to know about their pasts."

"How did you come to know my grandfather?"

"We were friends in Hogwarts, both Gryffindors. After graduation we both joined the RAF. We saw that the Germans were decimating London with the Blitz and if they invaded Britain, we magicals would be at risk as well. We knew that if we were shot down and captured we would have a better chance at escaping the Nazi's so your grandfather and I joined up."

"We were so young and arrogant then, and we were very lucky never to have been shot down."

"Dad! You never told me that you fought against the Nazis. I thought you fought against Grindelwald."

"Grindelwald and the Nazis were one and the same we later found out. They were allies where Grindelwald helped Hitler exterminate the Jews while Hitler's SS helped round up those who refused to side with Grindelwald."

Turning back to Miah, Charlus asked her how her mum was. She told him how her mum after she married her dad they went into hiding in the muggle world as his side of the family was not happy about the marriage. They left magic behind and embraced the muggle world by becoming Dentists (teeth healers). She told him how she was glamoured all her life until she got sent back here, along with her parents as the distinctive multi-coloured hair that she inherited from her Grandmother would make her stand out. She told him how, not knowing that her parents were purebloods, she had obliviated them of her and the wizarding world to keep them safe from Voldemort and the Death Eaters, but it still wasn't enough. Once they arrived in Australia, they were killed by a drunk driver six months after they arrived.

What she hadn't known was they had it set up with the Goblins that if their life stones darkened a letter telling her who she was related to and their story would be sent to , she was on the run at the time they died and after the war, because she had helped break into Gringotts (she will explain that later) they delayed sending her the letter and she didn't find out until almost two years later.

"Oh, you poor child. Well, I owe Cyprian a life debt and Ciara is my Goddaughter so I will be watching over you."

"Thank you Mr Potter," Miah started to say.

"No, call me Charlus. I keep expecting Da to be standing behind me when called Mr Potter," Charlus chuckled.

"Okay, Charlus. Now what I really want to tell you is what happens to your family in the future and how to kill Voldeā€¦"

"No, don't say his name. We were just informed that he has or will shortly place a taboo on his name."

"Oh crap! Not again. Okay, then I know how to kill old Moldy Warts."
"Moldy Warts!" barks Sirius."That is a good one. I'll have to remember that."

"If you don't like that one I have many more. Such as Lord Flees from Death, Moldyshorts, or his birth name that his squib of a mother who named him after his muggle father Tom Marvolo Riddle."

"His father is a muggle?" exclaims Charlus.

"Yes, this is all part of the story that I want to show you. Do you have a pensieve?"

"We do, I will have Happy bring it along. As I expect this is going to take a while why don't we all adjourn for dinner."

"May I freshen up first, please. I don't believe that your good wife would appreciate my blood-stained clothes at the dinner table. It is a good thing that I never got out of the habit of carrying a good bit of clothes with me along with all my money."

"Oh, by the way that reminds me that I need to give both you and Sirius some money."

"After the war, both Sirius and your grandson made me keep some of their money in case we ever needed to go on the run again."

"Keep the money. This way if you need to take my three sons on the run you will have the necessary funds."

"Are you sure. It is a lot of money we are talking about."
"How much is a lot?"

"Half a million Galleons each from the House of Black and Potter, plus all my money from the House of Sullivan."

"Over a million Galleons? How are you carrying around that much?"
Holding up her little purple beaded purse, "Undetectable Extension Charm along with a Feather Weight Charm. I even have an extensive library in their."

"How extensive?"

"Approximately 6,000 books."

"6,000!" exclaimed James and Sirius. "Who can read that many books?"

"Can I read some of them?" asks Remus.

"Remus, you don't even need to ask. Of course you can...Professor."


"Yup! My favourite. Well, actually, everyone's favourite, with maybe the exception of some of the Slytherins. The whole school was up in arms when the greasy bat of the dungeons outed you."

"Outed me?"

"Yes, a whole generation of students know that you are a werewolf, but don't worry I have a solution for you. I will tell you later as that would be a 'spoiler'."

"A solution?"

"Yes, something I created just for you. Not that I didn't want to help any other werewolf that wanted it, but you inspired me to find a way to help with the transformation. Well, that and you scared the crap out of Harry and me when you accidentally transformed in front of us." Remus looked worried at that admission. "Don't worry, you didn't bite us or anything. You had a lovely hoof print on your sternum the next day from Buckbeak the Hippogriff."
"Okay, enough information for now. James, show Ms Dagworth-Granger,"

"Miah, please."

"Right. Please take Miah to the guest room so she can clean up."

"Okay, Mum."