Summary: Ten moments. Ten moments where he loved her. Ten moments when he fell even more. In a world where Fosca and Giorgio's story didn't end like it did.

Disclaimer: Nothing but the plot of this story is mine my dudes.

A/N: Passion is a beautiful musical and definitely deserves more recognition. And while the ending is amazing, I wish we got to see Fosca and Giorgio in more happy moments together. So this doc exists in a world where Giorgio stayed after the duel when Fosca convinced her cousin to let him. Enjoy!

-One: Warmth-

The morning after their night of passion, Giorgio awoke and surveyed his surroundings. Eyes falling upon the window, curtain, door, the blankets pooled on the bed, and finally, he gazed upon his lover in his arms.

Looking down at Fosca, Giorgio watched her closely; knowing he was likely to see her ever again. How long he had looked past her, instead of looking at her. And so, he was determined to etch every detail of her into his mind. The ebony hair; with gratification he ran his fingers through the long silky tresses. Her plump lips; he traced his thumb on her bottom lip and smiled, how soft they were. Brows furrowing, Fosca raised her hand to rub at the spot he had touched and Giorgio chuckled. She was pressed up so closely against him that he'd think she was another blanket, and a hand that was curled so gently rested on his chest. She was perfect.

Dawn slowly broke over the horizon; the first soft rays spilling in through the window, signaling the time for his departure. He felt his heart seize at the thought of leaving her, and the prospect of staying was so tempting -to just curl to her form, avoid the world and enjoy her, her warmth- he almost gave in. But he knew there was no avoiding this. So slowly, as to not wake her, he rose from the bed.

Once he was finished dressing, he crossed to the door, and sparing one last longing glance, he left.

A/N: Just a heads up, most of these chapters will be relatively short. They are moments after all.

Thanks for reading!