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-Seven: Stars-

Giorgio was never sure of meeting of meeting Clara's son. They had never brought it up in any of their meetings together. There was always this underlying awareness that it had to be addressed sometime if they were to continue their affair. He supposed he was lucky in a way. He never had to deal with the worry now.

Though, as he entertained the thought more, it would have been nice to have a son to teach things to. Play games and raise a fine man. He smiled at the idea of carrying some little boy on his shoulders just as his father did him.

He knew that wouldn't be a possibility with Fosca. He knew that there could be a chance, but unless she was suddenly perfectly healthy, complications were too very likely. Giorgio was aware that Fosca knew this all too well herself. He still remembers the day a few of the soldiers families had come to visit them and a party had been thrown and enjoyed. There were many children, even a few babies; Fosca had a ball. She had been well for a good while, and he recalled smile on her face as she held and interacted with the children around her. She would have been a great mother, he thought fondly.

But it had only reminded her of what she could never have, and that night he held her as she silently weeped. Kissing her tears away as she repeated apology after apology for what she couldn't give him. And apology after apology he reassured her that he didn't need it as long as he had her.

It took about a week for her to get past it. He knows that she still thinks about it from time to time. So does he. But now it's dealt with a wistful smile and a soft kiss between the two. They only need each other.

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