Day Five: Growth

It was oddly quiet on board the Castle of Lions. Pidge would normally use this time to work on the Lions, making repairs and the like.

But every time she tried to focus, Green would butt into her consciousness and whine at her. They were close to the planet where she and Pidge had first bonded and apparently, mechanical magic lions suffered from nostalgia on occasion.

The sixth time Green intruded on her psyche, Pidge threw down her wrench and sighed. "Fine, we'll go! But we're not going alone!"

Pidge jumped to her feet and dashed out of The Lions' Bay. Time to drag her new boyfriend on their first date.


"Where are we going, Pidge?"

"I told you, this is the planet Green was hiding out on for a millennia!"

Keith snorted and landed Black next to the much smaller Green. He disembarked hurriedly; he still felt uncomfortable in the purple glowing cockpit.

Pidge was inspecting their surroundings eagerly. When he paused beside her, Pidge slid her hand into his and pulled him toward the river. "We went this way. A sloth took us down the river in his boat."


"Yeah I thought that was kinda weird, too, but hey, sentient space sloths. Why not?"

They made considerably slower time than before, but it wasn't too bad. Keith was with his girlfriend, he was holding her hand, and she was chattering about how she had been freaking out about piloting a giant green lion. "I totally thought I was going to be too short to reach the pedals, can you believe that? Like magical robot lion, of course it has pedals. I was freaking out, Keith, I really was."

He chuckled at the thought of Pidge sitting in a chair too big for her, straining for the pedals. "Shows how suited you are to Green; she adjusted herself to make it easier for you."

Pidge laughed. "Yeah but only after giving me weird impressions of her stepping on me if she wasn't careful. Then she assured me that I'd grow into her."

Keith smiled briefly, staring ahead. Pidge nudged him lightly. "Hey Emo Boyfriend. What's with the aimless staring?"

"'s stupid."

"Say it anyway."

He shrugged. "I was just wondering if I'd have time to grow into Black. And then, ya know, felt vaguely guilty."

"Cause of Shiro?"


Pidge considered it for a moment, humming. "Well... personally I think you've already grown. Just a bit. We all have."

She was right too. Lance was more confident than when they started, and was more secure in his ability to adapt, as water flows into all open spaces. Hunk was living up to the whole Defender of the Universe title, as if he'd been born to it, stable as the earth. Pidge had formed strong, unbreakable bond with the whole team, like the roots of a tall oak, a marked difference from when they first started all this. And Keith had grown more solid, more like a steady flame of a hearth than an unpredictable wildfire; providing life-preserving warmth but still dangerous.

Keith glanced down at her and chuckled as another concept of growth occurred to him.


"Some of us have grown a little more than others." Pidge gasped and slapped his arm. "I was being profound and you turned it into a short joke! I'm breaking up with you."

"No you're not."

"Whatever, you're short, too. The only thing that grows with you is your stupid hair."

Keith reached back and tugged at his mullet. "I do sort of need a trim, don't I?"

Pidge tugged on his sleeve and he leaned down. "I was kidding. I love your stupid mullet." And she kissed his cheek. He was about to lean down further and kiss her properly when she peeked up and cried, "This is it! This is where I found Green!"

She bounded up the large stone steps and started to climb the stout roots surrounding the temple. Keith jogged to catch up and watched to make sure she wouldn't fall.

No matter how much growth (physical or otherwise) had occurred, Pidge was still the youngest and he didn't want Space Mom getting on his case for not taking care of his girl.