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April Fools Chapter 26 - Ominous and Romantic Dreams

I had fallen asleep and could not help but fall into the world of dreams. It has been a while since I had a dream… In fact, it has been a while since I've had a dream at all. They were mystifying things, often seemingly with no sense to them. However, Itherael often tells me they could be visions to prepare us for the future. Whatever that meant.

I found myself dreaming I was on the battlefield. There were soldiers left and right on war torn lands. Angels and demons fought for dominance here. It was a terrifying picture. The earth ruptured, fire rained from the sky. The angels looked up in terror and were crushed under meteors. The demons then marched over their fallen bodies. They would reach the encampment next.

Looming over everything was a demon on a ledge, but I could only see their shadow. They were… They were…

I had difficulty placing their features. It was too dark, too nightmarish and chaotic. But they alone stood above the masses. They peered over the corpses of endless angels. This was the end of the Eternal Conflict. They had won. It wouldn't be long before they shred through what was left of the resistance in the encampments. The wounded soldiers could do no harm against the strength of healthy demons. Medic angels like myself stood no chance. We would all be obliterated. This is the end.

The figure then moved, preparing to move away from the cliff. However, they did something I would never forget.

They turned with their glowing eyes, and looked at me.

I sat up abruptly, gasping.

I let out a shaky sigh, then held my head. The demons I did not wish to face one day. I realized sweat was dripping from my brow. That would not do. I was too shaken from the dream and needed to calm down. So, I did some breathing exercises, making sure to take it all in. Once I calmed myself, I realized something.

"Do not breathe from your chest. Breathe from your stomach."

"Huh?" I knew that voice. I looked around wildly, then looked up. It was none other than the Archangel of Wisdom there, Malthael. But what was he doing here? And where was Imperius? I searched the room some more. That's when I realized the Archangel of Valor was not here, and I was somewhere else than where I had fallen asleep. I had been lying upon a mat in Malthael's office, and he was sitting at his desk.

"Malthael? What are you doing here?" Then, I paused and realized the implications of my question. Actually, it made sense he was here; it was his own OFFICE. The proper question to ask was: "Why am I here?!"

"..." With his fingers interlaced, his hood turned to face me. I always felt a chill down my spine when he did that. The thought of the blackness of his hood trained solely on me threatened to suck me into its depths. I am aware that every angel's hood and helmet held a darkness, but none were so deep as his, and it frightened me, at least a little. But then he spoke, and my fear was replaced with confusion. "...I assume you do not remember."

"Remember?" I muttered. Remember what? Was I so tired that I did not remember I was transported here? For what reason did this occur? I looked down at my body and just realized what I was wearing. It was a thin dress, and it hardly managed to cover me. I blushed, hiding my frame shamefully with the sheets. I would never get used to wearing fine cloth.

"Do you need me to remind you?" he asked ominously.



Okay, yes.

"Umm, that would certainly help me remember what the circumstances are…" Did the encampment become compromised, so we retreated back to the Heavens? Did Imperius entrust me with Malthael while he covered our escape, thus explaining why I was with him? Was Imperius alright? I toyed with my sleeves fretfully. I could not help but worry. My curiosity was getting the best of me. What had happened, and why did I not remember?

Was the dream real?

No, it couldn't possibly be. Malthael was here, and he was alright… which meant the angels have not lost the Eternal Conflict. That left me some hope. But that still did not mean we had an advantage if we were here. Ugh, I was being driven mad. Curse this curiosity of mine.

After my response, Malthael moved closer to me. I watched him warily, wondering what he was doing. Was he going to touch my wings again? They instinctively curled against my back, doing their best to hide. But they were no match against the likes of him. I prepared myself for the inevitable.

However, instead of having my wings fondled, I was taken by surprise. He grabbed me and hoisted me onto his lap. Even when sitting, he loomed over me. But, though I was surprised, I found myself understanding his actions. Why bother to feel them from over there when he could hold me in comfort while doing so? This time he really would do it. I prepared myself for the sensitive sensations born from his grabby hands, preemptively biting my lip. I would get used to it eventually; I just had to brace myself. But I found that he, once again, managed to trick me. He did something I could never have foreseen.

His fingers grasped my chin… and then he leaned forward and kissed me.

He kissed me.

He kissed me!

I was so in shock that I found I could not move. His arm encircled me tightly to ensure I could not escape. I thought he would take this opportunity to fondle my wings, but he didn't. He never so much as came close to touching them, rather preferring to clutch my lower back. Our one-sided kiss continued. His lips, though they were cold, held some kind of allure to fix me in place, like a siren within the depths of the abyss. They tugged at my soft skin, prompting me to reciprocate but I never did. I did not know what was happening. I was, to put it simply, paralyzed. I was becoming breathless, but he kept his tight hold on me.

Why was he kissing me?! He did not dare take an interest in me personally, but now he wished to get intimate?!

Finally I mustered the common sense to push hard against his chest. We broke away from each other. I could feel myself gasping as I regained some air. He then let go of me, and so I tumbled off of his lap and onto the hard cold floor. "OOF!" I scampered backwards like a crab to get some distance between us. However, I found I could not find the words to chastise him. Even he, as an Archangel, had limits to what liberties he could take! ESPECIALLY with my mouth!

Wordlessly, he swiped his wrist across where his mouth would be. He was the one who initiated the kiss in the first place, yet he was treating the situation as if he were cleaning up after something someone did to him! The nerve he had! His voice then broke the silence, and he responded calmly with, "Now do you remember?"

What?! "Wh—I—You can't just—This is unfair!" He left me so puzzled I could not even disguise the confused uptight anger in my voice. Yet I still could not form a coherent sentence. Had what happened really happened?!

He resumed his position of linking his fingers in front of his face again. "Judging by the startled demeanor in which you woke, you had a dream filled with conflict. Nonsense. That is not your role."

"Then what is?!" I hissed. Being kissed by him for his research?! Was he testing my responses now?! Seeing how my wings flicker when he does things like that?! Or was he starting to suspect not just my wings were peculiar but me as a person? Things just didn't make sense! I couldn't get in his head!

"As a member of the Angiris Council, I have been assigned to take your hand in holy matrimony and make sure you, as the Courier, refill the Arch with light."

WHAT?! Was I some kind of priestess now?! My head was reeling. I needed to sit down. My body sunk onto the mat and I clutched my head, mumbling, "What? What is happening? Why do I have to do it? Isn't there someone else?"

"Your wings are the missing key. Your light is a different light; it resonates with the Arch. My researchers have deemed as much and they have noticed a pattern. The Arch's light has decreased in intensity since your creation."

"Isn't that, well, a bad thing?"

"Yes, but we believe your intervention could increase the intensity beyond where it once was and turn the Eternal Conflict in our favor. But it will require preparation for the ritual. You must become stronger than you are now."

I decided to just take all of this in stride for the time being. Stay calm, Lenedial. Go with it all for now. "Is that why you were chosen to partake in 'holy matrimony' with me?"

"That is correct. You will need a partner to assist in amplifying the light within your body."

"..." I mulled this information over, then asked, "But why must it be you?"

"The Archangels have the strongest connection to the Arch. Naturally, an Archangel is the best decision for a partner."

"But this still comes back to the question of why it must be you." Don't get me wrong; I'm sure he was quite a catch under that hood of his, and he was a surprisingly good kisser. Not that I've ever kissed anyone before, seeing as public displays of affection were frowned upon in our society. (If I were to delve into that topic in detail, we would be here for hours, but to put it simply, intimate acts reminded angels too much of demons. Perhaps that is partly why Inarius received a punishment as harsh as he did. Besides the whole "stealing the Worldstone for a demoness," of course.) But I got the feeling he was trying to monopolize me for his research.

"..." He twisted his chair away from facing me and scowled. It was evident in his voice when he next spoke. "...You are correct when you imply it does not have to be me. But I propose myself as the best choice." He stood from his seat, then marched over to me. The corners of my mouth tugged downwards into a frown and I came to my own feet and stumbled backwards to get away from him. But his long strides outmatched my own, and he seized my wrist. His clawed fingers reached up and stroked my cheek. I shuddered. They were cold, but his gesture was calm… gentle. I did not get the air he was trying to be intimidating, but to prove his sincerity. "...Think my offer over… Before it's too late." He left it at that and let me go.

I was left stunned. But before I could even register what just happened, the doors to Malthael's office suddenly slammed wide open. It must have taken a lot of force to bust those doors open. I wondered who it could be, so I whirled around.

It was Andarius, and he was accompanied by Serenity as well as Archangel Itherael and Auriel. He was the most prominent, though; the scribe marched right into his office with purpose. What was he doing here? Along with everyone else, at that? I glanced at Malthael, but he had already turned his back to them. He never was welcoming of visitors… So, I did the speaking for him. "Andarius? What is going on?"

He walked up to me, then stopped, his back straight. But he did not pull out his scroll and write anything. It was strange. He just stood there. But, meanwhile, I heard an unfamiliar voice, and it startled me. "Archangel Malthael! What is the meaning of this?"

I looked around wildly. Who said that?! I couldn't see anyone other than those I already knew. Were they hiding? "E-Excuse me? Who is there?"

"What do you mean, 'Who is there'?! Are you blind as a bat demon?!"

What? I was so terribly confused. "Pardon me, I seem to have a headache today… Who is speaking?"

Andarius was the one who placed his hands on his hips. He could have whipped out his scroll and explained to me who the new arrival was, but he just stood there. Maybe he was just letting me figure it out on my own. He was an angel of Wisdom, after all. But the words I heard next took me off guard. "Blimey… You must have hit your scatterbrained head, too. I'M the one talking! Me! The one and only Andarius!"

I balked. "You can talk?!" I thought he was mute all this time!

"OF COURSE I can bloody damn well talk! In fact, I'm going to give this man a bloody piece of my damn mind!"

Okay, I need to sit. I slumped upon the mat again in case I decided to faint.

Serenity stepped forward to scold the now-able-to-speak Andarius. "Andarius, sir, please watch your language…"

"Bloody Hell, woman! I will display my language as I please!"

I didn't know Andarius could be so… abrupt, with his speech. Or so angry for that matter. Maybe having not talked for so long left him with some pent-up anger, and he was letting it all out now. I suppose I could understand where he was coming from, but even so. It was still very shocking.

Meanwhile, Itherael and Auriel were muttering amongst themselves. They were… strangely close. Closer than I had ever seen them standing before, really. Itherael was always the shy type even though he liked Auriel very much. But if he was finally getting over his shyness to interact with her, then good for him.

I walked over to them, rubbing my arms. "Itherael, Auriel, what is this about?"

At this point, Itherael now had his arms around Auriel's waist from behind. He spoke up with his head upon her shoulder. "We are here to check upon you to see if you have deliberately chosen Malthael or if you still need more time."

Auriel nodded in agreement. "There is no rush though, Lenedial." The woman then leaned up and nuzzled her cheek against Itherael's. "After all, choosing a partner is a serious decision. You do not want to make the wrong choice."

I stared at them as if they had both grown a second head. "Uh huh…" I mean, I had been rooting for them, but I did not know they would get together so quickly. It was strange to see them so… open, about it. Especially with our culture.

I glanced back at Malthael. So far he was just sitting there, pondering on everything. In all honesty, so was I.

My head was reeling. I realized I should go.

"I… I don't feel very well." I stumbled past the surprised Itherael and Auriel while Andarius bickered with Malthael for stealing me away. No doubt he was annoyed because they didn't know where I was. But I didn't want to be around anyone for the time being. I needed to be alone.

I left Malthael's domain and stumbled towards the Halls of Valor. I know Imperius was short of temper and his judgement wasn't always the clearest, but I needed to know his take on all of this. So I gravitated towards where I felt I could find him.

I arrived in a small room with weapons and armor mounted on the wall. I collapsed upon the nearby chair, waiting for his return. I missed him. I needed to know what was going on, for real…

The door opened, and in came someone who I knew very well. It was the Archangel of Valor himself, Imperius.

He looked down at me. He was garbed in his full armor. He came forward, placing his spear upon the nearby table, then spoke while not facing me. "What brings you here?"

I was curled up in his chair, looking up at him. It was difficult to find my words, but I spoke up and said, "I-I just wanted someone I knew I could talk to…"

He audibly snorted, plucking at the straps of his armor. "When did you ever confide to me about anything?"

"W-Well… I am now."

"..." He grunted and slipped his gloves off. They thudded upon the table. I looked them over. They were so big, I would probably struggle to hold my hands up if I slipped those things on. In fact, they would probably be impossible to fit on my fingers. They would bend and break my delicate hands. "Hmph. What is it?"

"Apparently I'm to be some kind of battery for the Arch, but I don't think I'm ready to choose anyone."

He scoffed while he loosened his breastplate. "That's what you're worried about? I swear, you are as daft as ever, Angel."

I puffed my cheeks out. "Don't scoff at me! This is important! My life is going to be dedicated to a task I did not expect to have responsibility for!"

"Che. I'm just saying you're a fool for not knowing the answer." He managed to peel off his breastplate without taking off his helmet, slipping it over his head. His wings flared, and his muscular torso was laid bare. His body was likely tired from a long day of battle, for I could see some sweat.

I couldn't help but stare. Curse my feminine instincts. "I don't know what you mean."

He made a dismissive gesture at me. "Get out of my chair."

Disgruntled, I shakily came to my feet. It was his private quarters, after all. I had no right to take up his chair.

He sunk into it. However, he managed to take me by surprise. He grasped my wrist, then tugged me forward so I tumbled into his lap. His voice purred. "I'm surprised you hadn't realized sooner. You've always been mine…"

My cheeks flared an intense red. We were so close now. And closer… and closer…

Aaaaaaaand then I suddenly woke up. I sat up abruptly, gasping. I was back in the medic tents in the encampment. It had all been a dream. A very weird dream...

Beside me, the lump known as Imperius grumbled and rolled over, his back to me now. "Ugh, shut up… Trying to get my last moments of rest here and you're making a ruckus."

I frowned, then laid back down again, my back to him. Well, so much for that. He didn't have a romantic bone in his body. I would have to deal with that realization, so I willed myself to sleep. Ugh, what a dream...