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I will respond to the previous reviews posted here before I start only posting it over there, though, so I will answer some questions and all had about this story and what you can expect to come.

It will be a bit of a smaller series, but it has always been an interesting concept, so I figured why not? I hope you all enjoy the revival of this concept. :)

Preview of Scenario 2: Dining Hall

Auriel stared down at the table she ended up at. She never knew the day would come when she would be sitting here, of all places, especially in this company.

How did this come to happen? She took a moment to think. Fallen ash. Sailing meteors. They lit up the sky, falling straight for the Angelic Hosts' forces. She was attempting to save some wounded soldiers when a meteor sailed right towards them.

And then Itherael leapt in the way.

That was all she knew. When she woke up, she found herself here, in this chair, staring across at the person… No, the thing that she least wanted to see.

The being sitting across from her at the far side of the table was none other than Mephisto, the Lord of Hatred.

Review Response

kenyizsu: It would be the best if it was a running gag, wasn't it? XD Maybe I won't let poor Itherael catch a break...

Is that why Auriel was so close to him? Maybe she played dress-up and drank tea with him when they were younger? Hmm.

Definitely some thoughts to think about~ Thank you for reading and reviewing! ;)

SnowWhiteAbyss: Everything the Lord of Hatred says could or could not be misconstrued to be a lie. After all, he is a demon; however, sometimes there are certain truths sprinkled within said words, but I have the feeling he is intelligent enough to mask said truths and portray them as if they could be lies. and most angels are inclined to believe anything they say ARE lies. So whatever he said about being an illusion, or being a projection from a soulstone... Maybe he really is back and business, and he just wants to instill the fear in their minds. When will the Greater Evils return? Are they coming? Are they here now? And when will we next have to deal with them? I have the feeling none of them will make it easy.

But, maybe your questions will be answered in the future installments, who knows? Thank you for reading and reviewing. ;)

Reaper1024: You're fine, although this response is quite late, isn't it? ^^; With the way these side stories were made, I couldn't add to it very often, thus I couldn't respond often. Very inefficient of me.

But, well, anyways, luckily we'll all get to see more of our favorite Archdemon Mephisto, so he'll have many schemes and mindgames to unfold upon us, won't he? ;) It will be a fun journey, especially to write for! I'm looking forward to it! Thank you for reading and reviewing! ;)

Bluemist562: I'm glad you enjoyed the concept! Hahaha, yeah, Auriel, you have something to tell us? *Wiggles eyebrows back*

We'll get to see some more in-depth thoughts as far as what their relationship is, so I hope you'll still be around to witness what will enfold! Thank you for reading and reviewing~

Guest 1: You know, that is an interesting question. Duriel and Andariel do have angelic-sounding names since they follow the formula. In fact, sometimes I accidentally type "Andariel" instead of "Auriel" because of how similar they are to me while typing for some reason! But anyways, it is interesting, especially since we don't know much about them. I would love to write about my own theories about them and their origins and elaborate on some hints provided to us from the Book of Cain.

I do know that angels have latin-inspired naming conventions. However, the results I get for looking up Duriel is in Hebrew, and isn't an ominous name, making me wonder what his origins are as far as concept. I will have to do some more research. However, it is heavily stated that within Diablo lore, all of the Greater and Lesser Evils were each the seven heads of Tathamet, its other titles being "The Dragon," "The Prime Evil," and "The Beast." Tathamet is the sum of all evil and the origin of all demons. There was a time where Tathamet was even the only being in the universe alongside Anu, and when it died it split into the Greater and Lesser Evils (aka the Lords) as well as the entire Burning Hells. So Duriel and Andariel being fallen angels is both technically right and technically wrong; Tathamet was made by Anu, who is Tathamet's angelic counterpart (whose spine is now the Crystal Arch from which angels are periodically born, and whose eye is known as the infamous Worldstone.)

Anu used to have both good and evil within himself, but he cast the evil out of his body and created Tathamet. So, ultimately, he was the creator of Duriel and Andariel, born from his more evil traits. I suppose this doesn't necessarily make them fallen angels per-say, but it does make an interesting discussion.

Anyways, I hope this answered your questions! Sorry for the lengthy history lesson. ^^; Thank you for reading and reviewing!

Guest 2: It seems like your wish is being granted, dear reader! :D There will be many good moments to come, so stay tuned~

I think I like the ring of "Mephriel" personally. :P

Hehe, thank you for reading and reviewing! :)

Its-cas-fuckerxxx: I'm glad you enjoyed all you've read, and now you'll have even more to read! Hope you enjoy! Thank you for reading and reviewing! :)