State of the Profile

(No bad news, only good things!)

Hey all, just a note that I'm adding to all old stories to reach out to everyone who ever followed me or my stories, and let you all know that I'm still around and kicking.

Current stories have boiled down to just The Stormreaver, but I am working behind the scenes on a rewrite of the Veneficus Trilogy, ironing out some things that were hazy or not as well founded as I had originally thought.

Among these projects, as well as moving into Freelance editing for actual publishable works, I have started being a bit more active on various social medias. I set up twitch and youtube channels, and have a discord channel with connections to them and back here to fanfiction. I'm hoping to grow that community with all those who enjoyed my brain and the ideas that have come from it,

If you're interested in chatting about fanfiction, writing in general, games, other things, or following through to find my bideos and streams, the discord link is: Discord .gg / C8VNtPYm96 (remove spaces for functionality)

Hope to see many of you and revel in the fun times we've had before, and make new ones in the time to come.

Thanks for reading this update, and have a good day!