Author's note: If you haven't watch Heartcatch Pretty Cure episode 33, then you may not understand what's happening, I would suggest you watch it first.

Chapter 2

Title: Reunion or Not?

Season: Heartcatch

Main Characters: Yuri T.

Summary: Every adult is a big child after all

Bold: emphasize

Italic: thoughts


*Ibara means roses or thorns in Japanese.

*onee-chan means big sister in Japanese.

She stood before the Great Heart Tree, it had grown quite well in the past year. She just felt like coming here today, she'd like to see her deceased partner, Cologne.

Yuri: Cologne, can you hear me? I…I'd like to talk.

A year had past since the Heartcatch cures defeated Dune, the Heart Tree was still in growth, but it was growing at a high rate. Yuri felt quite relieved, for one, everyone's heart flowers had regained their protection; two, she might, just might be able to see him again. But…

Maybe he's not here anymore, after all, the Heart Tree had been destroyed, she thought, Even if we defeated Dune, the perished cannot return, that's just how it should be, I must not be sad…

She tried to comfort herself but she just couldn't hold back her tears.

…: Even though you are already an adult, you're still such a crybaby, aren't you?

Yuri turned around and saw the familiar figure of her late fairy partner.

Yuri: Cologne! (Smile) Long time no see!

She dried her tears but another wave of tears fell from her eyes, it was a mini river of happiness.

Cologne: Hey, crying and smiling at the same time looks weird on you, don't cry. Oh! You said you want to talk, about what? Don't tell me, it's about Professor Sabaka and Dark Precure?

Yuri: H...How can you tell?

The fairy pointed at the Tree behind him, there stood a tall man.


She wanted throw herself at her father but immediately reminded herself that he was just a spirit, he was killed by Dune a year ago after all.

Though she is a full-grown 18-year-old adult now, she is still a child after all, just a bit taller, Cologne thought to himself and smiled.

Yuri: I…I don't know where to start…

Prof. Tsukikage: Shush. I am nothing more than a soul now, you know how it happened. I am truly sorry, Yuri, I have caused all of you to suffer. My disappearance became a burden for you and your mother, the four of you had to fight as Precure because of me who created the three generals, the Heart Tree's destruction was again my fault, I am so sorry for making all five of your lives more difficult than normal.

Yuri: I don't mind that anymore, and I am 100% sure that everyone else doesn't either; not to mention all of that have passed already, should we not look into the future rather than dwell on the past? Speaking of which, where is Dark Precure?

Prof. Tsukikage: (towards the tree) Right, shouldn't you come out already?

The teal haired girl came out from behind the tree. Her black wing was gone, she was wearing a black long dress similar to Yuri's during her transformation, which made her seemed totally harmless.

There was a long silence, after all, it'd be hard to accept that your destined enemy is your sibling.

Dark Precure: Um… At that time, I'm sorry for saying those things, they have hurt you… haven't they?(refer to episode 47)

Yuri: It's alright, I understand.

Yuri went forth and wanted to hug her, but once again reminded herself that her non-biological little sister is now a spirit.

Yuri: (sigh)Right, you all are spirits, you don't have a body…

Dark Precure: Actually, that not quite true…

Yuri: What?

Prof. Tsukikage: That's right, for some strange reasons, she has a body. I guess you can call that a miracle or something like that. So, she has a body and lost her power completely now, she technically is a human. I think she should go live with you and your mother.

Yuri: I don't really mind a little sister at home, but what can I tell mother?

Prof. Tsukikage: The truth. Our family may not be a normal one from the start, even if we don't want to get her involved, we may already have… Perhaps that's not up to us to decide. Now, all we need is a name for your sister.

Yuri: Ibara.

Dark Precure: Eh?

Yuri: Ibara, as in roses or thorns, reminding us that below beautiful roses are sharp thorns, everything have pros and cons, everyone has a shadow, but at the same time, everyone has a light. We all have to discover that light inside of us and one day, for sure a brighter self will be born.

Prof. Tsukikage: Well said. Any objections, Ibara?

Dark Precure: No objections… onee-chan… (blush)

Both Yuri and her father was shocked for a moment but a smile immediately covered their shocked expression.

I am so happy for you, thought Cologne, all three of you. Oh right!

He produced a purple heart-shaped screen and looked at Ibara through it. As I thought, a heart flower was born just now. Black roses, in flower language: end. Not really a great meaning, huh? But because there was an end, there is a rebirth!