Cure Narrative 59: Selves

Season: Star Twinkle Precure

Character: Yuni

Summary: They all see what they wish to see.

She gazed at the stranger in the mirror. Yet she couldn't quite recall since when did they become so familiar.

Space Idol Mao, who she was right now.

It would've been nice if all she needed to do was sing and dance, but she had learnt to rid her mind of "would've"s long ago. Wishful thinking wouldn't get her anywhere, she wouldn't be here if it could.

She would be singing for her magnanimous monarch beneath a starry night where everyone was giving thanks for but another mundane day if it could.

Now she'd give much more than thanks for just another mundane day. If only she could.

(見える?見つけられる?Can you see? Can you find it?)

A day without searching.

(本当の私The real me)

A day without hiding.

(足音も立てず現れ Without even a footfall,)

A day without stealing, lying, sneaking around. A day without risking her life fleeing from the authorities who thought themselves justice, who diligently hunted down a desperate young thief instead of a mass murderer and her army.

(惑わすI show up to deceive)

So be it. She would gladly deceive those boneheads. She could shapeshift into anything, name it. If they wanted a criminal, they sure got one.

Blue Cat slammed into a pile of boxes, she must've let go too early when swinging herself across the corridor of the coliseum in which she — Space Idol Mao — just performed.

Perfect. She could hide here. She was in grave need to catch her breath.

Breathe in.

"Where did she go?!"

Breathe out.

"Check over there!"

Breathe in breathe out.

"She should've landed around here."


"Nothing here, go to the other side!"

Breathe out, her disguise dissipated with the warm air.

Yuni took a look at her spoils for the day. All this, for a sceptre, the rest didn't matter. Because it belonged to her race, to Olyfio. Because it wasn't made for being sold at an auction or for decorating somebody's fireplace.

She hugged it close to her chest, her breath veiling the sceptre's jewel with thin fog.

(ここで泣いてたかと思えば Just when you think I'm crying here…)

The voice inside stopped singing. It had to talk. She needed it to talk.

'You're doing fine,' it said.

'They'll be fine,' it said.

"I'm doing fine," she echoed, staring into the rainbow coloured jewel, the reflection showed her real eyes. Misty — the jewel and her eyes both — but real.

"They'll be fine. They will."

She wished her reflection knew how to give her a reassuring look.

She... he/she was almost certain that his/her trembling paws would give away his/her disguise.

"It would be a pleasure to work with you, Professor Eyeone," Bakenyan restated with a satisfied smile, his/her paw joined with Eyeone's hand in a gesture of partnership.

"Sure, you too," Eyeone mumbled, trusting though not completely, she never stopped squinting at her newly recruited assistant.

Bakenyan gazed at the reflection in that lone eye. He/she prided himself/herself on all the calmness he/she had to spare, at least seemingly.

'Seemingly' is good enough. They all see what they wish to see, and he/she'd always given them just that.

A vengeful feline brandishing her claws while screeching out her wrath was probably not what the cyclopean mass murderer would've wanted to see.

(七色 虹のように 私、七変化 Like a rainbow with seven colours, I'm just as capricious)

In order to serve her purpose, she masterfully masked everything with perfume again. She had had plenty of practice by now.

(逞しい信念で突き進むAdvancing with unwavering resolution)

Masking her identity.

'You'll be fine.'

Masking her every instinct to tear the cyclopean scientist apart, masking her contradicting fear for this creature who exterminated her race.

'No one would know. You won't get caught. You'll be fine. You'll do fine.'

"Bakenyan? Let's go," Eyeone commanded.

And all Eyeone would see in reply was a perfectly poised smile sprayed onto his/her features.

Yuni clenched her magical Pendant tight. It was all so surreal, so different from any of her other transformations and personas.

This one came with ties, with strings, with responsibilities.

And this one came with a team.

She didn't know if she could work with a team, she couldn't even remember the last time she spoke to someone without sugarcoating her words with lies of some sort.

...without sugarcoating herself with lies of some sort.

Now she felt exposed, naked, insecure. How could she entrust her truth with them? How could she believe their words and their promises? How could she believe the hope was not some sugarcoated lies as well?

She couldn't. Those were all wishful thinking, and wishful thinking were never in her favour.

There was only one thing set in stone.

Without so much as a word, she sprinted away from the lavish pink rocket, leaving her allies in confusion so soon before departure.

One thing.

Her Pendant slammed against her chest with each step she took, but it was ignorable at the moment.

'You are Yuni, and you are from Planet Rainbow.'

She rushed back into her cave. Everyone was waiting for her there. She eagerly flung herself at Olyfio

receiving a stone-cold embrace in return.

The voice was correct for once. No matter where she travelled, how she transform, this was her home. A fact set in stone, unchanging, waiting.

Stone-cold to the touch, yes, but warm to the heart. She didn't want to let go, the outside world was a masquerade, and she was afraid she'd lose her way if she stayed dancing to someone else's tune for too long.

"You'll be fine-lun," a sweet voice came behind her. No urgency, no desperation, unlike the voice that always spoke to her.

"I will?"

"Yes-lun. Yuni will be fine-lun."

They saw her. And she saw assurance in them.

End of Chapter 59

A/N: Just for clarification, I'm not validating Yuni's actions as Blue Cat (unlike what Canon did), but she isn't the only one to blame for her actions. Look at examples like Robin Hood or Aladdin, they're all thieves, but society didn't offer them any other options. Society wouldn't help them no matter how much they struggle and scream, society sees them as what it wants them to be — negligible. This is why I can accept the fact that Yuni was not punished for stealing in canon, but I believe there are better ways to give her poetic justice.

(Lyrics in brackets quoted from Cosmic Mystery Girl)