Cure Narrative 61: Live Life Anew

Season: Heartcatch Precure

Characters: Yuri T.

Summary: Caressing her outstretched hand ever so sweetly are the winds of early spring, ushering winter away to sing of lives anew.

A/N on May 19th 2021: Happy (28th) birthday Yuri-san! It's been exactly one year since I've written a fic for her 🙈 Btw I can't really say this one is a "story", it's more of a poem... I guess, anyway hope you enjoy!

(*also posted as a standalone fic because it's technically for Yuri-san's birthday)

With noble purpose, father departs

In spring's drizzle, strayed is his path

I ignite my hope, may his path be found

And to light up the rain, may mother not drown


Led to my fire a little fairy

He comes with a request, a responsibility

But he gives me time, till what's left of rain is but morning dew

Then we sing of spring, of our lives anew


As interlude of downpours, geraniums bloom

He implores me to fight, to spare the world its doom

A destiny shadowed by pains, risks, and doubts

But it refills my hope that has burned out


There's little to fear, as my spirits he lifts

When eyes rain lingering tears, red poppies he gifts

Then battles ablaze are a small price to pay

For we have each other, in summer's sun rays

Moon waxes, wanes, as does the fight

In time's passage, grew did foes' might

Blue asters he weaves in my long hair

His voice an insistent, a worried prayer


A kiss I lay on his forehead

Light as the breeze but maple red

"Who needs a team when I have you?"

In autumn's banquet, a dance for two

Then comes a black warrior, ice is her soul

But proud kalanchoes bow not to the snow

Though perhaps too proud, too sure, too blind

Where was I looking when death crept behind?


One mistake in battles ablaze

Ash instead of blood, as my price he pays

For too long has hope's flame flared

Left me defenceless in winter's despair

Reaching beyond the rain, would it be you I touch?

Yet I feel but winds welcoming sakura so lush

They sing of spring, of lives anew

And as for yours, away it flew


You left no fire for me to find

Thought that'd stop my trailing behind?

Deep in yonder memory snow

I'd rather wilt than let you go

End of Chapter 61

A/N: Hmm? You thought I'd finally give Yuri-san a happy ending because of the title and summary? Haha nope, you should really know by now that I'd gladly twist the season of vitality and new life if it gives good angst 😌

Fyi this is only the second time I've written a poem-ish thing in recent memory so as you can see it's a mess. Symbolisms are all over the place and the imagery really sucks.

Flowers used and Japanese flower language:

(Don't read beyond this point if you want to enjoy the poem as it is!)

Summer flowers:

Geranium - true friendship. In other words, trust, according to episode 10 of Heartcatch

Poppy (red) - consolation

Autumn flowers:

Aster (blue) - "I trust you but I'm still worried"

Maple - a beautiful change (you can choose to interpret it without the plant's symbolism and with just the color, depends on how you view their relationship)

Winter flowers:

Kalanchoe - to create happiness

Spring flowers:

Sakura/ Cherry blossom - the definitive emblem of spring, in Japan it generally symbolises beauty, but the fleeting period of time in which it blooms also allows people to connect it with the transience of life. In France, cherry blossom has the flower language "Please don't forget me" because of the same reason.

Of course, the cherry blossom has another meaning in Heartcatch Precure because it is also the flower representing Cure Blossom, who is technically Moonlight's successor for a while. The birth of Blossom was the last nail hammering in the end of Moonlight's era as one of the most significant aftermath of Moonlight's failure.