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Kaien's pov

All i see around me is a endless amount of crimson red and pure white mixed together to the point that it's impossible to tell where the cricrimson starts and the white ends.

However as the between the two becomes nothing to me when i hear a battle cry near the sea-cliffs however as I speed over towards the cliffs, all i find to my pure horror nothing but a bloodied dagger lying in the crimson white near edge of the sea-cliff along with blood in the water below.

I numbly let my sword fall from my hands as i shakily pull the bloodied dagger into my now free hands then hold it tightly to my chest.

Then no sooner do i have the dagger tightly hold to my chest do i let out a blood scream ; NNOOOO! ; then everything turns dark.


I wake up and i find two things out the first being that I have blooding nail shaped cuts on my chest, arms and palms, and the second being the worst be far out the two because I look out my window and I see the thing i hate most now and that is the first snow of the year, and the nightmare it beings with it's arrival.

I sigh tiredly as i get up to shower before the day starts, after i have cleaned my blood off of my body i had to the gates to great the new teacher, and as i walk i remember why there is going to be a new teacher in the first place.

(last week Kaien's office)

(As i cook some fish on the fire i made from my paperwork i hear the door of my office slam open and i see a enraged Toga Yagari walking towards me and I offer him a fish but he slaps the fish to the ground as he says angrily ; DAMMIT! Cross i don't want fish i want you to get another person to help me teach those blood suckers! ;.)

(I sigh as i say calmly ; alright i well see what I can do about finding another teacher for the night class ; Yagari grumbles something about fish and clowns as he leaves my office with a loud slam of my door, i shake my head at the young hunters antics as I turn thoughts to who would help me out at the school as I take a bite of my steaming hot fish.)

I am ripped out of my thoughts by the crunch of the snow below my feet and as I walk in this pure white hell i soon find myself at the gates, and after ten minutes of waiting i see a man who is my height walking towards me.

As the man walks towards me i look over him and I see that he is about 23 years old in looks, he has long waist length silver hair in a high pony tail which is being hold up with a long black ribbon blue-gray eyes, and he is wearing small, gray, round glasses with a double bridge. a black priest robe with embroidered crosses and white gloves. He also has two black belts around his hips under the coat.

When the man is in front of me i say calmly ; Abel it is good to see you again after all these years ; Abel smiles as he says ; it is good to see you too big brother Kaien and if I remember correctly it has been about 120 years since we last met ; i smile bitterly as I say coldly ; yes i guess it has been a while however I would prefer it if we continue this chat inside my office and away from this dammed snow, so little brother shall we go inside? ; Abel flinches at my tone knowing that I am less than pleased however he nods his head slowly.

Abel shuts the of my office behind as i sit in my chair behind my wooden desk, as Abel stands in front my desk he says ; wow Kaien i never! thought you would ever! be in a school, let alone own and run a school that hoists both vampire and human children, ; i look outside at the snow as I say ; time changes things ; Abel scuffs at my words as he says ; time may change but it does not change people ; i turn towards my younger brother with my Rain and Cloud flames shining in my eyes as I say ; and to think my own words are now said back to me by you, so then i guess that means you remember what happened when I said those very same words to you ;.

Abel nods his head grimly but before he can say anything the door to my office opens reveilng, a angery Yagari, a brooding Zero, a calm Kaname and a frantic Yuki who trying to stop the three males, i give them well practiced smile as I say ; good your all here i was just going to get so that I could introduce the new teacher for the night class Abel NightRoad, and Abel the young vampire hunter is called Toga Yagari, the pure blood vampire is Kaname Kuran the boy is Zero Kiryu and the young lady is Yuki Cross both of them are my adoptive children ; Abel gives me a steely look at the adoptive part in my speech.

Abel says darklyly ; Adoptive children how do you think K- ; I growl dangerously at Abel cutting his words off as i say colder than snow ; Don't finish that sentence because you know damn well I would never do that ever! ; soon Abel and I are arguing while we still use words with hidden meaning that only we understand.

And ttthen before ether Abel or i notice we both get hit hard over the head with Artemis as a now glowing angery Yuki stands on my desk beside/between us as she says ; baka Dream and Silent you never argued before now, well I guess that was because big brother F-Fuu-u- ; Yuki does not finish saying the name she is trying to because, she faints and as she falls to the floor it is Abel who catches her before she does hit the floor.

As Abel stands up with the now uunconscious Yuki in his arms he looks at me and I say in old language ; Kakyo you and I both know that Fuma only had one sibling and that was Kotori whom he killed in front me, and if Yuki is calling us by those names as well as trying to say Fuma's name that can only mean that Yuki is Kotori, however weather or not this true i want you to take Yuki to your room and look after her, your room is in the attic i put up a ward sheet to protect the room from outsiders ;.

Abel nods his head and I walk him to the door so that nether Zero or Kaname attack Abel to get to the unconscious Yuki in his arms, and after Abel leaves for his room with Yuki i have two angery vampires facing me.

It is Zero who speaks first as he says angerly ; who the fuck was that bastard that you just let take Yuki away to who knows where! ; i almost glare at Zero but I keep my cool as i say calmly ; i do believe i already told you his name was Abel NightRoad yours and the night class's new teacher, and I let him take Yuki so he could look after her but do not go looking for them ether of you because i promise you well not like what happenes after word ;.

Kaname is the next to talk as he says in a fake calm ; what is that man and who is Fu ; i can not stop myself from glaring at Kaname as I say ; the answers to both of your questions Kaname are one and the same with the answer being, This is none of your concern nor is your any of your business so let it go ; both Zero and Kaname leave my office raging in anger while Yagari leaves grinning at both of their misfortune.

I sigh tiredly as sit down at my desk with my head resting in my hands and after about ten or so minutes, i stamd up from my desk then I go over to the cabinet when I open it i see a long sword covered in wrappings, and a beautiful dagger that is red in color with a pink puff of fur at the end the hilt i take the dagger in my hands as I softly ; so Hishamarushall we go see your master. ; the dagger purrs at the thought of seeing it's master and I smile slightly as i jump out of the window.

-place unknown-time fours away from cross academy-

As i walk towards the sea-cliffs with a single Hydrangea in one hand and Hishamaru held tightly in the other, soon I come to a lone grave i kneel before the and place the Hydrangea upon the head stone along with Hishamaru,

And as Hishamarupurrs and palses i say gently ; this is our 118th year apart, and I still find myself wishing i had died along with you in the battle, however i did not so there is no use in thinking about what if's, Kakyo is at the school as a favor to me earlier he tried to accuse me of being a unfaithful mate to you, however i have done no such thing because both the children i have living with me are adopted in the humans way, not our own way that of blood adoption, i am sorry but I must leave now both Hishamaruand I shall return next year just as we always do, sleep well beloved ; i pick Hishamaruup once more before leaving for cross academy.

-place-cross academy-night-time-fours after leaving grave site-

I look out my window at the moon as snow dances around it in the night sky, soon i hear a knock on my door when I say nothing the one knocked just comes into my room i feel a clawed hand on my shoulder, i do not need to turn away from the sky to know who it is because I can tell by the scent of sandalwood and the almost none vampire blood i say calmly ; Abel how is Yuki ; he sighs tiredly as he says ; she is resting in my bed after all it's not like I'll be needing it anytime soon. ; i nod my head and as Abel begins leaving my room for his own he says carefully ; Kamui i am sorry about what i said earlier ; i say nothing as the door closes behind Abel as I think to myself "i know you and I am sorry as well" as the snow stops dancing around the moon.

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