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-Place True Cross Academy Time 12:54pm-

-Fuma's pov-

I sit leaning against a tree watching as Freak plays with some of the children in town with Kamui and Kotori it is strange for me to see him so child like but just because it is strange to me doesn't mean i don't enjoy seeing my student acting his age him now being six years old however the scene is shattered by too two people passing by him only to stop short as the man says nastily "well if isn't Freak i guess that man realized what a freak you were and abandoned you the first chance he got but don't worry you are coming back with us" Freaks red seeing eye widens as he begins to shake heavily at seeing his abusers.

And before they or my siblings can reach him Freak runs to me where i am sitting crying into my chest his breathing becomes worrying to the point i have to rub the child's back in a soothing manner then in a truly dark tone of voice knowing full well that Freak wont fear me for it as i say coldly "well if it isn't the child abusers whom well be six feet over my boots in five seconds" they look angery at my very real threat as they glare at us making Freak flinch harshly burying his face in my chest in much the same manner he does when he has a night-terror the kind one else but me can pull him out of.

My hold on him tights ever so slightly as the woman says sickly sweat "look darling how touching the Freak found someone to fuck him like the whore he is" Kamui and Kotori looks absolutely horrified at the woman's words and the abusers look pissed when i say seriously "my child go to Kamui and Kotori now" Freak leaves my hold slowly before flying towards my sister who has her son in her arms in a instant and everyone watches as i stand up slowly before walking towards the trash in front of me my right red eye glowing with evil intent as i say coldly "my my how i am going to very much enjoy breaking your knee cups so nether of you sicko's can not escape" the dragons arrive just in time to hear me say these words and they all gasp in horror which only brows when the abusers screams rip though the crisp fall air.

I tell Freak to come to me with a silent use of my right hand to which he leaves Kotori's arms before coming towards me and i put my slightly blood covered hands on his shoulders while i say gently yet very knowingly "you went to school now it is my turn to make good on our little deal you know what you want to do right?" Freak nods his head a certain light to his eye one that matches the one in my remaining eye like looking into a mirror as a cold smile appears on his face as he touches both of the his abusers right tear stained cheeks as he says cutely "now don't be afraid master, mistress i wont let my guardian kill you" they both let out sighs of relief only for everyone but me to gasp in horror.

When the abusers start to scream in pain and blood pours from their eyes, nose and ears as Freak says darkly "however i never i said any thing about him stopping me from killing you especially after saying that my guardian fucks me like a whore such a sick mind you own to bad I'm going to shatter it like glass-oh what's this you don't like my gift to you master, mistress to bad for you two this is a gift you cant return or try to beat out of me" at the reminder of the beatings Freak suffered at those monster's hands i want to kill them myself however i well not take this away from him not when i promised Freak that if we ever ran into them at any given time after he started school he would be the one to end them, Sorata has my shirt tightly in his hold as he says angery "you monster how could you turn a child into you!" i look at him like he is stupid while i say harshly "i didn't turn Freak into me he was like this from the start those monster's turned their son into a child who wants to kill them because they beat, tortured, let grown men raped him and treated Freak like their personal slave all because of the fear they have of his power over sound waves which i might add he is currently using to fry their brains" he lets me go in his shock as he looks at Freak sorrowfully as do the others.

Kotori takes my right hand as Freak walks towards us with a great big grin on his face as i hear my sister as she says "you didn't show us all the memories did you big brother was it for Yue's sake or your own?" Freak all but plows into my as he hugs me tightly while i say calmly "nether it was for both of us i refused to break his trust in me by telling or showing the pain Freak carry's to any of you, after he told me the whole truth five months after i become his guardian he asked me not to tell anyone else as it was not any business of theirs, and to get Freak to attend true cross academy i made him a deal if we ever ran across those two i would prevent their escape so he could end them himself originally after he had told me the whole truth i was going to torture then slowly kill them myself but i still had a mentally unstable child to take care of and now here we are" she looks at the joy in her son's eye for a few seconds before she nods her head in understanding.

I watch Freak as he walks between his parents holding their clawed hands in his own as they, Kamui and the other dragons head back to the school and i think to myself [now i see why i care about you so much Freak you aren't just my student your also family] only for me to hear Freak's voice as he says happily "Master! come on you said you would teach me how to cook tonight" i chuckle good naturedly as i begin to walk after my student finding that i well never regret choosing to change for his sake.

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