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The USS Chi…

Cadet Hartjen finally felt his molecules rearrange as he now stood in a medical examination room. With him stood his fellow cadets.

This first was a man who looked of Asian Descent with jet black hair. He had an athletic build and brown eyes. This was fellow cadet Kenzoyoshi Fukashima; someone who was earning his reputation in Starfleet. Ken had been born to Kyoujin Fukashima, a legal counselor who works in the office of Blaise & Cogley, and Hitomi Fukashima, a music teacher. After deciding to attend Starfleet, he quickly earned a number of medals of valor even serving in the USS Titan for a time. Many saw him as becoming the next Captain Riker given his reputation. Though sarcastic at times, he was good at problem solving and not afraid to speak his mind.

The next person was a Vulcan cadet known as T'Kerk. Not much was known about this one other than the fact that he had joined Starfleet a few years after the destruction of Romulus. He did have good scientific skills though which would come in handy hopefully.

The next member of the away team was a woman with a tan completion with long glossy black hair and hard brown eyes. This was cadet Estela Reyes. She had a bit of a reputation on the Lightyear as being slightly cynical and sarcastic, but some could infer that this was a defensive mechanism seeing as how she'd been an orphan with no family. Starfleet Academy had been the only place she'd ever felt "at home," and fortunately the years she spent there had made her an expert in Martial Arts, handheld and ranged weapons. She was also highly trained in tactics and pattern recognition, not to mention having a decent familiarity with languages and codes.

The last member of the group was an athletic Caucasian woman with shoulder-length brown hair and brown eyes. This was Naomi Engstrom; a medical cadet who was the one that Samuel felt the least comfortable about having on a mission to save this ship from the Borg. Both her mother and father served at Starfleet Headquarters on Earth and were stationed to be at the ready had the Enterprise-C failed to stop the Borg cube from reaching Earth following the brief assimilation of Jean-Luc Picard. Fortunately, that fear did not come to pass, but the knowledge that the Borg were out there haunted them. Finally, sometime after Naomi was born, her mother suffered a nervous breakdown and eventually succumbed to death. Naomi enlisted at Starfleet to cure people, but had a difficult time dealing with mental problems, especially when the Borg were involved. Still, Samuel was responsible for this away team, and it was his duty to make sure they all returned in one piece.

As they stood in the medical bay of the Apollo, they noticed a man with white hair and pointy black eyebrows that occasionally flickered in-and-out of their vision.

"At last." The flickering man declared, "Help. I am an Emergency Medical Hologram, not a miracle worker."

"None of us are, really." Kenzoyoshi pointed out, "But sometimes, you have to deal with the hand that life dealt you."

"I'm cadet Samuel Hartjen of the USS Lightyear." Samuel introduced, "These are fellow cadets Kenzoyoshi Fukashima, T'Kerk, Estela Reyes, and Naomi Engstrom. What is the status of your ship?"

"Not good." The EMH Admitted, "I am in need of assistance with treating patients. We have also lost all communications with Commander Brahmsa who was last seen heading towards Engineering."

"I see." Samuel thought out loud, "Cadet Engstrom. You stay here with the EMH and treat the patients. Cadet Reyes, you stay with them in case the Borg decide to look for people to assimilate. Cadets Fukashima and T'Kerk will accompany me to Engineering to see if we can find the Commander."

"Your assistance is much appreciated, cadet Hartjen." The EMH Responded, "I will keep trying to communicate with you until you are hopefully able to re-establish communications. If you two would."

"Hartjen." Reyes told him, "Don't go getting yourself killed."

"Just as long as you don't get killed yourself." Samuel noted, as the three males took the turbolift down.

When the turbolift finally reached Engineering, the doors opened and a Borg drone suddenly walked forward.

"Resistance is Futile." The Borg drone spoke, "You will be…"

Without warning, T'Kerk grabbed the drone by the arm and delivered an elbow strike, breaking it. He then pulled his fist back and threw it forward striking the Borg in the chest. The Borg almost gave a surprised gasp and collapsed onto the ground. T'Kerk looked at the Borg.

"Resisting you." He finished.

He walked forward with both the surprised cadets following close behind.

"I've never seen a Vulcan takedown technique like that before." Kenzoyoshi noted.

"I don't think that's Vulcan." Samuel noted.

As they ran down the hallway and into the next room, the group suddenly found a number of Starfleet Officers firing at the other side of the room where a number of Borg Drones were advancing from.

"Which one of you is Commander Brahmsa?!" Samuel asked.

"I am." A balding Trill declared, "Who are you?!"

"I'm Cadet Samuel Hartjen; USS Lightyear. These are my crewmates Cadets Fukashima and T'Kerk. What's happening down here?!"

"The Borg set up some kind of device on the Warp Engines!" Brahmsa motioned to the Engines which had a green dish with the familiar Borg metal as the framing, "It's blocking all communications and each time we try to get close to deactivate it, more drones keep advancing!"

"Have you not tried a small personal shield?" Kenzoyoshi questioned, "To Simply block the Borg in the hallway?"

"Our equipment's been damaged!" The Commander replied.

"I believe I can make a theoretical shield to help." T'Kerk explained.

"Wonderful." The Commander noted, "You do that. You two; cover us!"

Samuel and Kenzoyoshi got next to some more of the crew and knelt down. They quickly began laying fire on the other Borg. In a few minutes, T'Kerk had completed the device needed and ran forward, placing it on the doorway where the Borg had been coming from. Within a few seconds, the shield was up. As more Borg tried to get in, they found themselves blocked by the shield. Taking their opportunity, the Starfleet members got up and raced over to the Borg tech which had been covering the Warp Engines. Shortly afterwards, they succeeded in pulling the device off.

"Cadet Hartjen?" The EMH's voice asked from Samuel's combadge.

"Hartjen here." Samuel responded, "It looks as though we got communications working again! Nicely done!"

"That is all well and good." The EMH responded, "But unfortunately the Borg are attempting to breach Sickbay. I have sealed the door, but I do not believe it will take long until the Borg manage to cut through it."

Samuel turned to Commander Brahmsa.

"I believe I can open a nearby fore-shield and suck the remaining Borg down here out." He explained, "You go and help your friends."

"Right." Samuel nodded.


Once back on the turbolift, the men found the EMH working on a wall-mounted control. The monitor on the control was flickering between the typical Federation layout and the familiar Borg layout. Reyes was standing a few feet back with her eyes trained on the door, her phaser at the ready. Naomi was working on a science cadet while a few healing members were huddled close together.

"We're here!" Samuel noted, "What's wrong now?"

"A group of Borg are attempting to hack the door to gain entry." The EMH explained, "I have been trying to overwrite them, but they are adapting too quickly."

Samuel motioned for T'Kerk, Kenzoyoshi, and Reyes to join him.

"T'Kerk?" He asked, "What is the normal amount of a Borg assimilation squad unit the collective would send to assimilate a Medical Bay like this?"

"I do not guess, Cadet." T'Kerk explained, "However, were I to guess, I would say around five members in a squad."

Samuel thought long and hard.

"Would any of you say by this point that the Borg have adapted to our phasers?" Samuel asked "They seemed unaffected by our phasers below deck in engineering."

"It is curious." T'Kerk noted, "However, as we have stopped their device, it would be logical to think that they must have adapted by this point."

"So they know our phasers." Samuel asked, "Do we have any plasma grenades?"

"I do." Reyes announced, taking out a single plasma grenade.

"How much time will it take for the Borg to enter?" Samuel asked.

"50 Seconds and Counting." The EMH responded.

"Okay." Samuel noted, "EMH. Countdown time till Borg Breach from now. Reyes, set your grenade down there with a detonation to detonate 1 second after they blow up the door. Everyone else, fall back."

Everyone did so, as the EMH counted down. Reyes set her grenade and went to join the others. Samuel looked up but noticed Naomi was looking at the door worryingly, having lost focus on the patient she was healing.

"Cadet?" Samuel asked.

Naomi was quiet. Samuel went up to her.

"Cadet." He repeated, "I understand your…history with the Borg. But you have a life to save."

Naomi looked down to see the cadet she was treating.

"Would you like for me to stand with you?" He asked.

"Yes." She nodded, "I think it would help."

"Okay." Samuel told her, "Everyone else, Phasers at the ready. Set to rotating modulation just to be safe."

Everyone did so, holding their ground. Finally, the door opened and five Borg drones stepped inside. Unfortunately, one stepped on the grenade as it detonated, lighting the drones up in a blue flame. The Borg withered and finally fell down dead. All the while, Naomi concentrated on her patient. Samuel kept a firm hand on her shoulder as she worked and sure enough, the cadet began to regain consciousness.

"The Borg are down." The EMH stated.

"Well done." Samuel congratulated.

"Cadet Hartjen!" The Commander's voice asked over the combadge, "We've retaken the ship!"

"Great to hear!" Samuel replied, "I suppose it's time to return to our own ship."

"Good luck!" The Commander stated.

Samuel happily pressed the button on his combadge.

"Hartjen to Lightyear! Beam us back!"

Within a few seconds, they were gone.


As they reappeared in the transport bay, the Away Team realized something was wrong. Instead of the android G-424, there was someone else at the Transporter Controls. She was a human with shoulder-length red curly hair, and green eyes. She looked up relieved to see the Away Team.

"Och, thank god!" She breathed, "Ah was worried I might've messed up and gotten us all killed!"

"Sorry, who are you?" Samuel demanded, "What happened to G-424?!"

"Sorry." The Woman apologized, "Cadet Abigail Grant." Her face went grim, "It's bad, sir. Th' Borg came in and took th' senior crew includin' the Captain, the CO, the Chief Engineer, the CMO...they basically took everythin' but th' kitchen sink."

Samuel's heart froze.

"You're telling me all Senior Crew and the next in-line are gone?" Samuel asked.

"Aye." Abigail nodded, "We're workin' with fellow cadets an' trainees now. But there's more." She looked at a pad device "If these reports are correct 'at would mean..."

She looked at Samuel seriously.

"You are the highest-rankin' officer onboard the USS Lightyear, sir." She finished, "That makes ye the actin' Captain."

Samuel was shocked. He'd never thought he could make Captain so quickly like this.

"Orders, sir?" Abagail asked.

Samuel took a deep breath and quickly thought things through. He gave a quick sigh before getting serious.

"Cadet Grant, take over Engineering. If anyone asks, tell them the Acting Captain's Orders are to follow you. Keep in contact with me at all times. Reyes, you take on Security Detail. Get a number on who's still able to work, Engstrom; go with her and see what you can do for anyone injured. T'Kerk, Kenzoyoshi; follow me to the bridge!"

Everyone went their separate ways.

As Samuel and his two fellow cadets entered the bridge, they found themselves joined by a few other members. There was a man at the Conn with slicked back black hair and grey eyes. Samuel recognized him as Dalton Cayne; a holodeck enthusiast and a no-nonsense kind-of man who did everything by-the-book with no margin for a mistake. He apparently hated those from what Samuel had heard. Sitting across from Dalton was a man Samuel recognized instantly. He was an African American man with a black buzzcut hairstyle. This was Gardner Lampert. He was the son of a mother who was a singer and a father who was a racer. Gardner seemed to take after his father since he himself was one of the best rising pilots on this ship given his records. Samuel had actually joined him for a few holo-simulations where it had become clear that Gardner had a higher reaction-speed than Samuel. Samuel's attention turned to the Tactical display where he found a rather tall female Klingon with a pale complexion and long brown hair in discussion with a human. He knew the Klingon as L'avih T'Kuvma; one of the few Klingons who remained with Starfleet after the Empire had ended their peace with the Federation. L'avih originated as the heir to the House of T'Kuvma, where she held a high responsibility to uphold. While she had been holding the honor of her family, L'avih joined Starfleet to prove her skills in the field, while also learning to interact with others around her. When the Klingon Empire withdrew from the Federation, she had stayed behind since she felt peace was more important than the expanse of what she felt was an already-large-enough Empire. Though her people abandoned her, it gave Samuel comfort knowing that there were those who still believed in peace. Even some Klingons still clung to the truest form of honor. Not to mention she was apparently adept in quick-thinking and combat improvisation. However, Samuel's heart skipped a beat when he realized just who it was that L'avih was conversing with. The person in question was a Japanese woman around Samuel's age. She had long blonde hair and dark brown eyes. When she turned to see who had arrived, she looked just as equally surprised.

"Misa?!" Samuel asked.

"Samuel?!" Misa responded, "What's going on?!"

"I'm acting captain now." Samuel declared, walking over to the chair and pressing the intercom, "This is Samuel Hartjen. I've been a fellow cadet like most of you here, but as of this moment, our situation is dire. Captain Miliandra has been taken by the Borg. As have most of the senior staff that would've succeeded her. As of now, I'm taking over as Acting Captain. I know a lot of you are afraid, but we are still alive. As long as we have breath, there is hope. Stand by for further orders."

He switched the intercom off. He sat down in the chair, taking in the sights of space.

"Cad..er…Captain Hartjen?" Gardner asked, "It would appear that three Borg Probe ships are closing in on the Apollo."

"What do we have left?" Samuel asked.

"There is a quantum torpedo that your predecessor had installed." L'avih explained, "But I don't know if…"

"Are there any other weapons that we could use?" Samuel asked, "Anything else that would damage the Borg?"

Everyone was silent.

"Prepare quantum torpedo." Samuel stated, "Hold for my mark."

L'avih nodded and sent the order to the bellow decks.

"Sir?" Dalton asked, "We're being hailed."

"Onscreen." Samuel instructed.

The view screen suddenly fizzed and there in a Borg Deck stood the form of Captain Miliandra. Her skin was pale and her expression now devoid of the encouraging, yet firm Starfleet Captain's emotions the crew had known her well by. Her body was augmented with various cybernetic parts and her left hand had been replaced with a beam-cutter of-sorts. Her left eye was also now gone, in its place was a red Borg eyepiece.

"I am Six of Twelve." The now-assimilated Captain spoke, "You will stand down and allow us to assimilate the Titan and then finish assimilating the rest of the USS Lightyear. Your lives as you know it, are over. From this time forward, you will service us. Resistance is futile."

Samuel's hands tightened into fists. He thought about Captain Miliandra, the CO, and the rest of the Senior Staff assimilated on the Borg ship. They would die. But if they didn't, the Borg would assimilate the Titan and then come after the Lightyear. Samuel finally looked up.

"End transmission and bring this ship to a full-stop." He told his crew.

"Sir?" Gardner asked.

"Do it." Samuel ordered.

Gardner and Dalton did as they were told. The image was lost and Samuel turned to L'avih.

"You have the torpedo ready?" He asked.

"I do." She responded.

Samuel nodded.

"Fire." He ordered.

The quantum torpedo fired sailing at the Borg Ship. It made a direct hit as the others followed suit. With that, the ship blew up as the Titan managed to escape.

"Godspeed, Captain Miliandra." Samuel whispered.

No sooner had he said that, a Borg Cube appeared.

"Oh, come on!" Samuel declared.

The ship began firing a green beam at the Lightyear as the bridge shook violently.

"Shields are down!" Gardner told them, "Hull is down to 69% and dropping fast! They're not even bothering with assimilation!"

Cracks began forming on the bridge.

"Engineering, get us out of here!" Samuel ordered, into the intercom.

"I can't sir!" Abagil's voice responded, "That blast caused a feedback in engineering. We're not goin' anywhere for a few minutes."

"We don't have a few minutes!" Samuel shouted.

Suddenly, the Borg cube stopped. That's when they noticed a volley of Photon Torpedos. The Borg cube turned and revealed a group of Starfleet ships had arrived. Two were Vigilant-class Tactical Escorts which were quickly identified as the U.S.S. Athena & the U.S.S. Kenzaki respectively. The third ship was identified as a Galaxy-class Exploration Cruiser labeled as the U.S.S. Williamson. The last one was a Phoenix-class Advanced Escort which was identified as the U.S.S. Clover.

"Status." Samuel declared.

"We're back and runnin', Sir." Abagail's voice responded.

"Good." Samuel answered, "Patch me in to the U.S.S. Clover."

"Aye, sir." Dalton confirmed.

With that, an image of a blonde woman in her mid-fifties with brown eyes appeared on the monitor. She wore a Starfleet Uniform which presented her to everyone with the rank of an Admiral.

"This is Admiral Rush of the U.S.S. Clover." The woman introduced, frowning at the sight, "U.S.S. Lightyear, where is Captain Miliandra?"

"I am Acting Captain Cadet Samuel Hartjen." Samuel introduced, "I am sorry to report that the Captain and the Senior Crew were abducted and assimilated by the Borg. We were forced to destroy them in their ship before they could assimilate the U.S.S. Titan and then us."

The Admiral frowned.

"Damn." She swore, "Very well, Acting Captain. The Borg appear to be adapting to our ship's weapons. Any suggestions?"

"Just one." Samuel said, typing in a message on the Conn Controls, "Sending…now."

The Admiral reviewed the notes, her face appearing a bit doubting.

"Acting Captain Hartjen." She noted, "This plan seems risky and could potentially get us all killed."

"I know." Samuel agreed, "But the Borg operate on pure logic more times than not. They modulate their shields to adapt to any given defense, but my hope is that they will not be able to adapt quick enough to what we have planned. If not, at least we go down as Starfleet Officers."

L'avih leaned in to Ken.

"Spoken like a true Klingon." She said, admired by the Captain's tenacity.

Admiral Rush looked at the young Captain and sighed.

"Very well." She agreed, "We will follow your suggestion. May fortune favor the foolish, Acting Captain."

The communications closed.

"Do we have any more quantum torpedoes?" He asked L'avih.

"Yes, Sir." L'avih acknowledged.

"Arm a volley of them and prepare ramming speed towards the Borg Cube. Do not fire or advance until my mark. Also, do not attempt to diverge from out path until I give the order."

Everyone looked at him as he took the Captain's chair, gripping it tightly.

"Engineering?" Samuel called, "The Engines ready to go fast?"

"Aye, Captain." Abagail acknowledged.

He looked ahead towards the cube.

"Advance." He declared.

The Lightyear suddenly lurched forward as the other Starfleet ships began moving forward at similar speeds.

"We're coming in close!" Gardner warned.

"Hold until I say so!" Samuel declared.

"Sir, this is suicide!" Dalton declared.

"Trust me!" Samuel snapped.

Dalton was quiet. The Borg Cube was now only a few feet away. Once they were but inches away, Samuel gave the order.

"Fire and divert NOW!" Samuel ordered.

The Lightyear pulled a sharp turn as it set off a volley of the quantum torpedoes. The other ships followed suit, breaking off at the last second and sending a number of torpedoes into the Borg Cube and hitting it dead on. The Borg ship exploded in a series of green flames until one last massive explosion destroyed the ship.

"It worked!" Ken declared.

Just then, the image of Admiral Rush appeared on the screen.

"Well done, Acting Captain." She declared, "Your plan actually worked. Consider me impressed. I do have a message from Admiral Quinn though for you. I have informed him of the Lightyear's status and I am patching you through now."

The screen changed to that of the current Starfleet Head of Operations. He was an elder Trill with white hair and mutton-chops going into his moustache.

"Cadet Hartjen." Quinn noted.

"Sir." Samuel stated, "I am sorry for our losses. There was no way we could have saved our Captain. I take full responsibility for whatever happens."

"I see." Quinn told him, "Hartjen, I want the Lightyear to return to Earth Spacedock. Then I would like to have a word with you in person."

"Understood, Sir." Samuel nodded, "We will see you soon."

Quinn nodded as the transmission ended.

"Set a course for Earth." Samuel said, turning to Fukashima, "Mister Fukashima, you have the Com. I'll be in the…" He paused, "In the Captain's quarters. Mr. T'Kerk, join me in ten minutes."


T'Kerk entered the room and looked at Samuel. The new temporary Captain was looking over some records.

"Sir?" He asked.

"Ah, T'Kerk." Samuel greeted, "Come in. I was hoping to discuss some things with you."

T'Kerk moved in and Samuel eyed him.

"Those were some unique fighting techniques you displayed upon the Borg on the Titan." Samuel noted,

"I did some digging; graduation from the Vulcan Academy, enlisting in Starfleet to have great observational skills." His face grew serious, "And yet there was one thing I couldn't find. A confirmation of your birth on Vulcan."

T'Kerk's face fell.

"Sir?" He questioned.

"You're a Romulan, aren't you?" Samuel asked.

"How did you…" T'Kerk started to question.

"Despite being able to logically find your ways out of situations, your fighting technique was the first thing that tipped me off." Samuel elaborated, "I know how Romulans are more prone to emotion and that their fighting style is not as non-lethal as Vulcans are. But I'm not here to make enemies, T'Kerk. I just want to know how a Romulan ends up in Starfleet when their entire race is waging war against the Federation."

The now-exposed Romulan sighed and looked at Samuel seriously.

"My real name is Thomek." He explained, "I was born during the Hobus Supernova. My parents were fortunate to get far enough away from Romulus and Remus before Ambassador Spock was able to stop the supernova. Unfortunately, my parents' ship was damaged and was hijacked by a group of Remans. I spent four years in slavery while my parents died out before a Vulcan ship found and rescued me. They took me in as one of their own and I when I learned that the Romulans were waging war against the Federation, I joined to…I suppose prove that I wasn't like them."

Thomek looked at the man occupying the desk.

"Sir…" He said, "I know I have broken Starfleet regulations and that a lot of people don't like Romulans. If you wish to turn me over, I will be willing to…"

"Thomek." Samuel said, stopping the Romulan, "What happened with the Romulans is not your fault. I understand why you did what you did. I'm a good judge of character and having read your file, I can tell you are a good person. If I'm not arrested for my own actions, I want to recommend you to Chief Science Officer."

Thomek looked at Samuel surprised and held his hand out. Samuel took the hand giving a firm handshake.

"Thank you, sir." Thomek acknowledged, "You aren't going to tell anyone else here, are you?"

"No." Samuel assured, "Your secret is safe with me. Though if I were you, I wouldn't keep it hidden forever. The more honest you are with people, the more they'll trust you. After all, you don't see L'avih trying to hide her heritage."

Thomek shrugged.

"To be fair." He pointed out, "It would be quite difficult to hide her bumpy forehead without the aid of holo-technology."

Samuel and Thomek shared a brief chuckle before Ken's voice came through Samuel's combadge.

"Sir, we've reached Earth Spacedock."

"I'm on my way to the transporter room." Samuel assured, "Tell them that I am prepared to beam down and talk with Admiral Quinn."


Samuel stepped off the transport platform, now standing on Earth Spacedock; the outer-space-base of the Federation.

"Welcome to ESD, Cadet Hartjen." The Transporter Officer greeted, "Admiral Quinn is waiting for you in his office. It is through that door, to the right and then to the left."

Samuel followed the Officer's hand and nodded.

"Thank you." He acknowledged.

On his way over, he saw a window displaying the various starships and noticed the one he had just taken command of. The U.S.S. Lightyear was a Sovereign-class Federation Cruiser which had been built around the time when William Riker had left the U.S.S. Enterprise-E. However, thanks to the battle with the Borg, the ship had been left buffered and scraped in a couple of areas. Samuel briefly imagined the remaining people onboard watching him through the bridge as various inspection ships scanned the ship.

Samuel sighed and returned to the task at hand before finding the Admiral's Office.

"Admiral Quinn." Samuel reported.

"Samuel Hartjen." Quinn greeted, "It is good to see you are in one piece."

"Thank you, Sir." Samuel nodded.

Quinn's face fell a bit, as he looked in deep concentration.

"It has been a couple of rough years for the Federation since the Hobus Supernova." Quinn acknowledged, "It was bad enough that Ambassador Spock disappeared into the black hole. But then the Klingons turned their backs on us, save for a handful who saw no honor in conquer. I believe you met one on the Lightyear?"

"Yes, sir." Samuel agreed, "L'avih T'Kuvma."

"What are your thoughts on her?" Quinn asked.

"The fact that she's with us shows she's a person we can trust." Samuel stated.

"Indeed." Quinn noted, "But it's not just the Klingons we have to worry about now. The Romulans have been an issue as well and now we have The Borg back and out assimilating in the Delta Quadrant."

"It is strange that despite the sudden return, they have made no such attempts to expand like the Klingons or Romulans have." Samuel pointed out.

"Well…" Quinn shrugged, "Hopefully you and your crew can find that out when repairs to the Lightyear have been completed."

Samuel looked shocked.

"I'm sorry, sir?" Samuel asked.

"This is, of course, unprecedented." Quinn admitted, "Your report shows you've been out of the Academy for only five months. Yet, the determination and quick-thinking during your battle with the Borg out there has shown you have the ability to make the toughest of decisions. Ships we can build. But we're losing captains too quickly in this war. We need people who can handle themselves in the toughest of situations. You've proven you have that talent."

Samuel was shocked but stood upfront.

"Thank you, sir." Samuel stated.

"Then I hereby promote you to Captain of the U.S.S. Lightyear." Quinn noted, "You will have time to select your new Senior Staff while the ship is given repairs. Once they are done, we will promote you and give command over to you so that you can help turn the tide while upholding the Starfleet Values that we have worked so hard for in exploring the final frontier."

"That's good." Samuel smiled, "Because I have my list of candidates in mind."



"…and there you have it." Samuel finished looking at the crew who had worked with him personally during the Borg encounter.

The various crewmen had been summoned following Samuel's talk with Quinn to Club 47; a local bar on the Earth Spacedock. Samuel knew that working with these people, they would each bring something new to the table.

"Incredible." L'avih said, "You make a strong leader, Hartjen. Not to mention a cunning strategist. You would make a fine Klingon. I would be honored to serve alongside you."

"Thank you." Samuel nodded.

"A chance to be the youngest First Officer since William Riker?" Ken grinned, raising his own drink, "How could I say no?"

"Aye." Abigail agreed, clinking her drink with Ken's, "Besides, I still have experiments I want to run with the U.S.S. Lightyear's engines once they've finished repairing them."

"I will also join." Thomek nodded, "Your actions and command have been quite logical. This journey might be salubrious for me."

"I'm with the Vulcan." Dalton said, "Though I'd like to be assured your next crazy plans work instead of jumping in without any warning."

"Hey, if we're in for as much action as we got with that plan of tricking the Borg with changing up our strategies," Gardner declared, "Count me in as well for sure."

"You helped me out in a time of crisis." Naomi stated, "What kind of person would I be to refuse you now?"

"I've been running my whole life." Estella admitted, "Maybe it's time I stopped running and stayed to help."

Samuel smiled, and then turned to Misa who was the only one amongst the group to not have touched their drink.

"No." She answered.

Everyone looked at her surprised.

"Samuel, I'm happy you've gotten command, but I feel that you don't need me to be around you."

She got up heading for the door.

"Misa, wait!" He called, running after her.

Everyone else remained at the table.

"Do those two have a history together?" Kenzoyoshi asked.

"From what I heard, Misa and Samuel used to be friends in childhood, but then grew apart." Gardner said.

"Where did you hear that?" L'avih asked.

"She told me." The soon-to-be Helmsman responded.

"Misa, stop!" Samuel said, finally catching up to her.

"Samuel." She stated, "I know what's happening with you. You're choosing people as your senior staff that you have a familiarity about. But we've known each other since before Starfleet, Samuel. When your brother died in that experimental test accident, you didn't ask for my help then. In fact you flat-out rejected me. So what would make you think that..."

"I need you, Misa." Samuel admitted.

Misa froze up, trying to comprehend the impact of what Samuel had told her.

"I need you." He repeated, "When I lost Captain Miliandra… it made me realize that people I care for could die at any time unexpectedly. I care for everyone under my new command, Misa. That's why I want you as my ship counselor. I need you to be that anchor of someone who knows me as long as I have known myself. I need you to be that semblance of my life before…before Adam died."

Samuel closed his eyes. His older brother had been in Starfleet and had sadly died during the testing phase of a new Starship. The ship's engines had overloaded and were clocking in to go faster than even Voyager had gone. While the people evacuated, Samuel's brother had stayed behind to stall the ship for as long as he could personally until the last person was out. With everyone else saved, Adam Hartjen had died when the ship was launched under a femtosecond into an asteroid field, killing him instantly. Samuel was heartbroken at the loss of his brother, but after shutting everyone out, he came to let everyone back in. Though by this point Misa had left their childhood home of New York to go back to her birth country of Japan.

"Please…" Samuel begged, "It was hard enough to loose Adam. Don't make me lose you too."

Misa put a hand on his shoulder and then pulled him in for a hug which he returned gratefully.


A Few Months Later…

A few months later, the reconstruction of the USS Lightyear had been completed. A funeral had been held the day after Samuel's promotion had been announced for those lost in the Borg attack on the Lightyear. Today, was a day of rebirth as Samuel's new bridge crew were given their promotion badges from Quinn. Finally, it came down to Samuel.

"Samuel Hartjen." Quinn stated, "In recognition of your service, it is my honor to promote you to Captain of the U.S.S. Lightyear." He placed the pins on Samuel's uniform, "May you continue to serve Starfleet well."

Samuel nodded as the assembled crowd applauded for him. He nodded taking the podium.

"Thank you, Admiral." Samuel noted, "It is a tremendous responsibility that now falls upon my shoulders. I find myself now the youngest Captain in Starfleet following James T. Kirk who took command of the legendary U.S.S. Enterprise at age thirty-two. I do not aspire to be as great a man as James Kirk, or the many other men and women who have taken a Captain's Chair before and after him. With my crew, our mission will be to help where we can in this mad galaxy at war. In addition, we will uphold the mission that Starfleet has always followed; to explore strange new worlds, seek out new life and new civilizations, boldly going where no one has gone before. In closing, I would actually like to offer a quote to many of Starfleet's next ship crewmen with a quote I have always been fond of. This was something I read about in the Academy from a report when James Kirk when he encountered a group of telepathic aliens. Leonard McCoy, then-Chief Medical Officer of the Enterprise pointed out the potential danger in helping a powerful species they knew little about. Kirk told him that if brave men and women were unwilling to go to the stars as history had dictated, we might not have been graced with our modern-day technology and fleets. The quote I read from demonstrates why it is important that we at least try to succeed with our 5-Year Mission; 'Risk…risk is our business. That's what this starship is all about. That's why we're aboard her.' Thank you all."

The crowd applauded as Samuel joined his new Senior Crew.



"Captain on the bridge." Thomek noted.

All officers stood in attendance as Samuel exited from the turbo lift.

"At ease." Samuel smiled, taking the Captain's chair and pressing the intercom for Engineering.

"Engineering, how does it look?" He asked.

"Great, sir!" Abagail responded, "We're at 100% Capacity, but just you wait 'till I make my own modifications."

"One day at a time, Chief Engineer." Samuel joked, looking at the viewscreen, "My friends. My shipmates. I believe it is time we got underway."

"Aye, Sir." Gardner noted, "Where to."

Samuel paused, thinking for a minute.

"I don't know." He admitted, "Let's see what's out there."

Gardner maneuvered the Lightyear out of the Spacedock. With that, it went to warp and into the unknown.


"Space…the final frontier. These are the voyages of the Starship Lightyear. Its continuing mission; to explore strange new worlds. To seek out new life and new civilizations. To boldly go where no one has gone before!"

Out in the vast infinite darkness of space, there seemed to be virtually nothing. No stars. No planets. This seemed to be the edge of the final frontier. Finally, a bright light shined and began getting closer.

In its path was an asteroid field. The light somehow exploded into a great cone of energy which vaporized the rocks turning them into dust. The light then continued on its way forward.


DUN-DUN-DUN! So I hope you enjoyed this first Chapter of Star Trek: Lightyear! There will be some chapters based on online missions and ones from my own imagination. But rest assured, this light will be back and it will make sense later. As promised, here are the list of OC Characters and their creators as well as the roles they will fill onboard the USS Lightyear:


Full Name: Samuel Hartjen

Nickname(s): Sammy

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 24

Birthday: July 5, 2385

Nationality: American

Hometown: New York


Occupation (First Officer, Communications, Helm, Weapons, Science Officer, Chief Medical Officer, Chief Engineer, Chief Security Officer,) : Captain

Titles/degrees: Captain

Rank (if applicable): Starts as Cadet in Security before his quick promotion to Captain


Height: 5'10

Hair: Short brown

Eyes: Blue

Complexion: Caucasian

General body type: Athletic

Other defining physical traits: None

Personality: Always open to negotiations first and foremost. Will fight back if necessary. Hates the way things have gone in the universe, but believes that if everyone works together, then the Federation can reclaim the glory it once had.

Skills: Diplomatic, Sharp-shooter, Improvises in extreme situations, Always willing to help when needed

Likes: Peace, The Federation, Any Species willing to peacefully co-operate with Starfleet, idolizes Captains Kirk, Piccard, and Archer

Dislikes: Those who would wage for violence rather than diplomacy

Religious beliefs/affiliation (if any): Believes that there is a higher being out there, and that someday the Federation will make peace between the Klingons and Romulans again.

Biggest fear(s): Failure, the total destruction of Starfleet and the United Federation of Planets

Biggest long-term goal: To restore Starfleet to what it once was. To reunite the Klingons and Romulans. Above all else, to live out the goal that every Starfleet officer dreams of embracing; exploring the final frontier and discovering brave new worlds and civilizations, boldly going where no one has gone before.



~Parents: Chesterton Hartjen and Jacqueline Hartjen

~Siblings: Adam Hartjen (Brother, Deceased)

~Spouse/significant other: None

~Children: None

Other relationships (specify friends/co-workers/it's complicated/etc): None.

Background/Other Relavent Info: Samuel was raised on the principle belief in Starfleet being the key to the future. Though he did find some early friendship with potential romance growing up alongside Misa Lawliet, those plans were dashed when his brother and Starship Commander Adam Hartjen died onboard a starship, giving the crew time to evacuate while he stayed behind until the end. Samuel decided to honor his brother's legacy by enlisting in Starfleet. Graduating from the academy, he made his way to Lieutenant of the Starship USS Lightyear. Unfortunately, politics began changing in his time and not for the better. Despite this dangerous new world, Samuel maintains his core beliefs in equality, exploration, and diplomacy. He believes that violence should only come as a FINAL Resort no matter what.


Full Name: Kenzoyoshi Fukashima

Nickname: Ken

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 26

Birthday: September 29, 2386

Nationality: Asian-American

Hometown: San Francisco, CA


Occupation (First Officer)

Titles/degrees: Commander


Height: 5'11"

Hair: Jet black

Eyes: brown

Complexion: Asian

General body type: Athletic

Other defining physical traits: tattoo of a dragon on back of his shoulder

Personality: Isn't afraid to take risks, knows and respects authority to the letter, but is flexible and able to read through difficult situations; honest and direct; sharp and sarcastic, but won't let his sarcasm effect his duties

Skills: Explorer; trained in advanced hand-to-hand combat; fourth degree black belt in tae kwon do; first degree black belt in judo; studying moQbara; fluent in Romulan, Klingon, and Vulcan

Likes: keeping up with his training; card games (poker and blackjack); 20th to 21st century classical music (he considers Asian and American rock and pop classical); Asian instrumental music; 20th century new age music; reading (just started rereading the Klingon Shakespeare); 23rd and 24th century exploits; orbital skydiving; vanilla ice cream

Dislikes: dishonesty

Religious belief: Buddism, Christianity

Biggest fears: Judgment of others. He also fears failure if the United Federation of Planets is destroyed.

Biggest long-term goal: marriage to his girlfriend and a command of his own. Many commands have been offered to him but he has turned each of them down, choosing to remain faithful to his captain and rise up on his own time. As one of his idols once said, 'his career plans are his own business and no one else's but it is appealing to know he has options.'


Parents: Hitomi and Kyoujin Fukashima

Siblings: Kazuyori Fukashima (younger brother)

Spouse/Significant other: Maaya Azaguchi (girlfriend)

Chidren: none

Other relationships: none

Background/Other Relevant Information: Kenzoyoshi was born to Kyoujin Fukashima, a legal counselor who works in the office of Blaise & Cogley, and Hitomi Fukashima, a music teacher. Upon graduating from Starfleet Academy, he received the Khitomer Medal of Valor; a Commendation for Original Thinking; and the Archer Star. His prominent rise in the ranks has been compared to William T. Riker and as a midshipman, for his dissertation, he was assigned to the USS Titan. With the support of Captain Christine Vale, he stayed on Titan following Riker's promotion to admiral and took up a position at helm during gamma shift where he earned the respect of those he worked with. It is his strong sense of duty and honor that leads to a permanent transfer to the USS Lightyear, where he hopes to advance further in his career.

(Created By: TrueWarrior)


Full Name: Thomek

Nickname(s): T'Kerk (Falisfied Name), Tho

Species: Romulan

Gender: Male

Age: 26

Birthday: June 19th, 2387

Hometown: Romulus (Formerly), Vulcan (Adopted World)

Occupation: Science Officer

Titles/degrees: Lieutenant


Height: 5'11

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Complexion: Caucasian

General body type: Athletic

Other defining physical traits: Pointy Ears and Narrow Eyebrows

Personality: Restrained. Feels unable to connect with others.

Skills: Proficient in both Romulan and Vulcan. Is a pretty good liar.

Likes: Helping others, forging his own legacy free of prejudice from his past.

Dislikes: Being judged by who he is.

Religious beliefs/affiliation (if any): None.

Biggest fear(s): The thought of rejection if anyone found out who he really was.

Biggest long-term goal: To be seen as an equal and not as someone to be feared.



~Parents: Ulmib & Katro (Birth Father & Mother Respectively) (Deceased), Hith & Ve (Adoptive Vulcan Father & Mother Respectively)

~Siblings: None

Background/other relevant info: Thomek was born off-Romulus as his parents were engaging in studying anomalies while he was still in his mother's stomach. Unfortunately, the Hobus star went supernova and he was born shortly afterwards. Sadly, the ship was damaged and supplies ran short. Soon after, his parents died of starvation but not before passing a message on to him; to make something of his life. Thankfully, he was rescued by a Starfleet recovery team who found the ship floating adrift in space. Thomek was quickly adopted by Hith & Ve; Vulcans who had previously been the first after Spock to legally spend time on Romulus. They required an heir and since they could not reproduce naturally, Thomek was the only logical choice. Thomek had his name changed and took part in the Vulcan Science Academy before deciding that he could never fit in. He instead enlisted in Starfleet with the hopes that one day, he could find a place where he would not be judged due to his Romulan nature.

(Created by Myself)


Full Name: Naomi Engstrom

Nickname(s): Na, Nae, Engie

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Age: 22

Birthday: June 9th, 2387

Nationality: British

Hometown: Oxford, England


Occupation: Chief Medical Officer

Titles/degrees: Doctor

Rank (if applicable): Lieutenant


Height: 5'9

Hair: Shoulder-length brown hair

Eyes: Brown

Complexion: Caucasian

General body type: Athletic

Other defining physical traits: None.

Personality: Kind, Warm, & Friendly.

Skills: Proficient in Medicine, Surgery, Exobiology

Likes: Helping Others, Learning More Medical Facts

Dislikes: Psychotic Breaks

Religious beliefs/affiliation (if any): None.

Biggest fear(s): Seeing someone crack under pressure and succumb to madness.

Biggest long-term goal: To help as many people as possible.



~Parents: Simon Engstrom (Father), Julie Engstrom (Deceased)

~Siblings: None.

Other relationships (specify friends/co-workers/it's complicated/etc): Dalton Cayne was a childhood friend of hers when they were very young.

Background/other relevant info: Naomi Engstrom was born to two well-established parents in Starfleet. As a child, she knew Dalton Cayne whom would often play with her. Both her mother and father served at Starfleet Headquarters on Earth and were stationed to be at the ready had the Enterprise failed to stop the Borg cube from reaching Earth. Fortunately, that fear did not come to pass, but the knowledge that the Borg were out there haunted them. Finally, sometime after Naomi was born, her mother suffered a nervous breakdown and eventually succumbed to death. Naomi enlisted at Starfleet to cure people, but has a difficult time dealing with mental problems.

(Created by Myself)


Full Name- Estela Reyes

Nickname(s)- Stela (she HATES this nickname)

Species- Human

Gender- Female

Age- 26

Birthday- June 30, 2383

Nationality- Spanish (Not Mexican)

Hometown- Madrid, Spain

Occupation- Chief Security Officer

Rank- Lieutenant

Height- 5 feet 9 inches

Hair- Long Glossy Black hair, which is either kept free or in a ponytail. She may braid it for a special ceremony. She has a fine disregard for the dress code.

Eyes- Hard Brown


General Body Type- Slim and Slender, Lithe, built like a gymnast/martial artist

Other Traits- Scar over her right going from the middle right part of her forehead to the center of her right cheek, tattoo of red Chinese dragon on her left calf (she though it looked cool)

Personality- She can come off as slightly cynical and sarcastic, using sarcasm and cynical jokes as a defense of sorts, but overall she is a somewhat quiet person, because she prefers to read a room as much as possible before planning. She is a great improviser though. She is actually pretty hopeful of the future, despite how she comes off, and is generally someone with good advice. She's also got a very tactical mind, instinctively looking for exits of any room or noting ways to take anyone she meets down if they are a threat. She's slightly insecure about herself, having grown up alone for the most part, and she is lonely and a little reluctant to interact with people as friends rather than coworkers. She'll also be extremely loyal to any friends...As soon as she has one. Cause right now she doesn't have a single one.

Skills- Highly Trained in Martial Arts, handheld and ranged weapons. She's also highly trained at tactics and pattern recognition. She also knows several versions of sign language. She's also very familiar with many forms of code.

Likes- Reading a room, she likes fighting and diplomacy about equally, "classical music" :)

Dislikes- Not knowing anything about a situation, being forced to do anything, being locked up, having friends threatened

Religious Beliefs- Christian (not strict)

Biggest Fears- Being alone forever, insects (she once slept in an old house while she was living on the streets and woke up covered in ants and cockroaches)

Biggest Long Term Goal- Find where she belongs


-Parents- Unknown

-Siblings- None

-Spouses/Significant Other- None (If you want to do something with romance, feel free)

-Children- None

-Other- None

History (you forgot this section)- When she was a baby, she turned up on the doorstep of an orphanage, but she ran away when she was twelve, and lived on the streets. By the time she turned 15, nothing really bothered her. When she was 19 though, she turned to Starfleet to explore, and maybe find where she belonged. She graduated with flying colors, and was assigned to the USS Lightyear.

(Created by Stormrunner74)


Full Name: Gardner Lampert

Nickname(s): Flash

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Birthday: January 19, 2382

Nationality: African American

Hometown: Pennsylvania


Occupation: Helmsman

Rank: Cadet


Height: 6' 0"

Hair: Black, buzzcut

Eyes: Blue

Complexion: Brown

General body type: Slim, built like a gymnast

Other defining physical traits:

Personality: Energetic, head strong, optimistic

Skills: Skilled driver

Likes: Danger, racing, speed

Dislikes: None

Religious beliefs/affiliation (if any): None

Biggest fear(s): None

Biggest long-term goal: Piloting a Starship (Mostly the Enterprise)



~Parents: Father Racer, Mother Singer

~Siblings: Little brother

~Spouse/significant other: None (Not yet)

~Children: None

Other relationships (specify friends/co-workers/it's complicated/etc): Best friends with the captain

Background/other relevant info: Ever since he was a kid, he always idolized and looked up to his father who was a famous Race Car driver, who soon became a space racer. Following in his father's footsteps Gardner won a few rookie races for young drivers. He soon applied for Starfleet to pilot a Starship in the hopes of finding high speed adventures in space.

(Created by Godzillaman1000)


Full Name: Dalton Cayne

Nickname(s): Dalt

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 22

Birthday: February 7th, 2387

Nationality: British

Hometown: Oxford, England


Occupation: Conn Operations/Communications Officer

Titles/degrees: Lt.


Height: 5'4

Hair: Slicked Back Black Hair

Eyes: Grey

Complexion: Caucasian

General body type: Athletic

Other defining physical traits: None

Personality: Friendly, though usually all serious when something looks wrong

Skills: Skilled with Conn Operations, Bilingual, familiar in many diplomatic proceedings, proficient in Hand-to-Hand Combat

Likes: The Federation, Old Action Novels and Espionage Holodeck Programs

Dislikes: Anybody who wishes to disrupt the Federation's Peace, people who make dumb decisions

Religious beliefs/affiliation (if any): None

Biggest fear(s): Losing everything because of a simple mistake

Biggest long-term goal: To not have a slip-up.



~Parents: Elizabeth and Terrance Cayne (Mother and Father)

~Siblings: None.

~Spouse/significant other: None.

~Children: None.

Other relationships (specify friends/co-workers/it's complicated/etc): As a child, he knew Naomi Engstrom.

Background/other relevant info: Dalton comes from a family whose military record can be traced back to World War II when his ancestors served as soldiers in the British Army. The following ancestors served in the British Secret Service, which Dalton would read stories about in his childhood. He was also friends with Naomi Engstrom whom he'd often play with as a kid. Wanting to uphold his family tradition, he joined Starfleet eventually making his way to Conn Officer, though he always feels pressure to perform to the best of his abilities and often gets upset when smart people make dumb decisions.

(Created by Myself)


Full Name: L'avih T'Kuvma

Nickname(s): None.

Species: Klingon

Gender: Female

Age: 29

Birthday: September 28th, 2386

Nationality: Klingon, Qronos

Hometown: House of T'Kuvma


Occupation: Weapons

Rank: Commander


Height: 6 feet, 10 inches

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Yellow

Complexion: Pale

General body type: Slim and Slender, Lithe, built like a martial artist

Other defining physical traits: covered in battle scars.

Personality: Brave, Honorable, Fighter, Wise, Curious at times, Compassionate

Skills: Klingon Martial Arts, Weapons specialist, quick learner and adaptability

Likes: Fighting

Dislikes: Dishonorable enemies, cowardice enemies

Religious beliefs/affiliation (if any): Klingon beliefs, House of T'Kuvma

Biggest fear(s): Losing those she loves and cares for.

Biggest long-term goal: Being a true warrior



~Parents: House of T'Kuvma

~Siblings: None

~Spouse/significant other: None (Not yet) (Still working on that)

~Children: None

Other relationships (specify friends/co-workers/it's complicated/etc): friends to everyone

Background/other relevant info: As the hair to the House of T'Kuvma, L'avih has a high responsibility to uphold. With holding the honor of her family, L'avih joined Starfleet to prove her skills in the field, while also learning to interact with others around her. She is a very quick learner and adapts very well, yet she still has room to learn and grow. When the peace accords between Starfleet and the Klingon Empire finally broke, L'avih defied the order to abandon Starfleet feeling that peace was more important than expanding their empire past where they'd already been. Despite being disowned by her Empire and family, Starfleet commended her for her bravery and made sure to help her psychologically when needed. She continued to excel in her studies until she earned her position as Commander and Weapon specialist.

(Created by Godzillaman1000)


Full Name: Misa Lawliet

Nickname(s): Missy

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Age: 24

Birthday: December 14th, 2385

Nationality: Japanese

Hometown: Kyoto, Japan


Occupation: Counselor

Titles/degrees: Commander


Height: 4'11

Hair: Long blonde hair reaching just behind her neck

Eyes: Dark Brown

Complexion: Caucasian

General body type: Slim and Slender

Other defining physical traits: None

Personality: Warm, Friendly, always willing to help

Skills: Skilled in many forms of psychology

Likes: Helping others through trauma, Samuel Hartjen, the Federation

Dislikes: People shutting her out, people who keep their feelings bottled up and allow them to fester, those looking to destroy the Federation

Religious beliefs/affiliation (if any): None

Biggest fear(s): That those who keep their feelings bottled will eventually destroy themselves from the inside-out

Biggest long-term goal: To prove herself as a worthy psychiatrist



~Parents: Mamoru and Hinako Lawliet (Father and Mother)

~Siblings: None

~Spouse/significant other: None

~Children: None

Other relationships (specify friends/co-workers/it's complicated/etc): Used to know Samuel Hartjen as friends until the death of his brother which caused him to shut out people like her

Background/other relevant info: Misa was born in Japan before moving to New York at a young age. It was there that she first encountered Samuel Hartjen and the two became friends. Before they could take their relationship further, Samuel's brother was killed in an accident causing him to shut her out. She became inspired to become a psychologist in Starfleet and quickly rose in her ranks to becoming one of the best. As fate would have it, she was reassigned to the very same ship where Samuel had been assigned to. Though her mission is still to help people, she hopes she can help Samuel see that real happiness is something equally worth fighting for.

(Created by Me)


Full Name: Abigail Grant

Nickname(s): Abi

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Age: 25

Birthday: June 22, 2382

Nationality: Scottish

Hometown: Glenfinnan, Scotland

Career/occupation: Chief Engineer

Rank (if applicable):


Hair: Shoulder-length red curly hair

Eyes: Green

Complexion: Caucasian

General body type: Slim and Athletic

Other defining physical traits:

Personality: Kind, Strong, Openminded

Skills: Engineering, Mechanic, Repairing

Likes: Men and Women, gadgets, machines, excitement

Dislikes: Boredom

Religious beliefs/affiliation (if any): None

Biggest fear(s): None

Biggest long-term goal: Unknown



~Parents: Father and Mother

~Siblings: None

~Spouse/significant other: None

~Children: None

Other relationships (specify friends/co-workers/it's complicated/etc): Friendly to everyone. Bisexual.

Background/other relevant info: Abigail is an optimistic high spirited engineer. She joined star fleet as an engineer to fix, equip, any and all gadgetry on a starship. Abigail is always friendly to everyone at her average levels, but is open to all kinds of relationships since she is bisexual. Her philosophical point of view is that she shares love to everyone because she loves everyone. At times she can be eccentric and energetic, but those qualities help support the crew on board a starship.

(Created by Godzillaman1000)

Thank you all for submitting your OC's. I hope I can do you proud by them as we get further into the story. I also hope you feel it was well-worth the wait, and feel free to favorite this story and review. As always, I own NOTHING but my OC's. This is for FAN-Purposes ONLY so PLEASE don't sue!