WARNING: This story contains TCEST!

Rating: M

Pairing: LeoxRaph

Setting: 2k16 Turtles!

Summary: Raph enlists the help of Don and Mikey to celebrate a special day with Leo.
(For LeoRaph Week '17)

"Raph! I just talked to Donnie. We're all set. Operation SURPRISE LEO is a go."

"Shhhh! Can it, doofus! Leo's right there! Act natural!"

Grumbling under his breath, Mikey rubbed his ribs where Raph's sharp elbow had just jabbed him and hastily sat in the chair next to his immediate older brother. He reached across the table for his box of Lucky Charms and pretended to read the back of it while Leo climbed the few shorts steps to join them in the kitchen. The leader paused on his way to refrigerator and turned to look at his two youngest subordinates. They seemed suspiciously silent considering their close proximity to each other. A full minute passed in which both of them blatantly ignored Leo then Mikey did a double-take, acting as if he was surprised by Leo's presence.

"Oh, hey, Leo!" the orange-masked ninja greeted cheerfully, smiling wide. "I didn't even hear you coming! How are you on this beautiful Saturday morning?"

"Fine," Leo replied curtly. His gaze switched from Mikey to Raph who was too busy chasing cornflakes around his cereal bowl with a spoon to look up at him. Crossing his arms, Leo heaved a sigh. "Alright, what did you two break this time?"

"Nothing!" Mikey insisted, trying to appear offended by the accusatory question. "We're just sitting here eating our breakfast!"

Leo raised an eyebrow in doubt. "Where's your bowl?"

"…I…." Mikey stalled as he tried to think of an answer. "…haven't got it yet?" Springing to his feet, he grabbed Leo by the elbow and forced him into the seat he had just vacated. "Here, you sit down next to your boyfriend and I'll make your tea for you while I look for a bowl!"

He dashed off before Leo could object. The katana-wielder watched his little brother set his cereal down then pluck the kettle off of the stove and fill it with fresh water all while whistling merrily.

"Okay, what's up with Mikey?" Leo questioned, redirecting his attention to Raph. "Why is he acting so strange?"

"Because he's Mikey," Raph replied and lifted his own bowl to his lips to chug the dregs of his cereal. Setting his bowl aside, he rested his right arm along the back of Leo's chair. "It's in his nature to be strange."

"I guess that's true," Leo mused. He tapped his upper lip with a forefinger. "You've got milk here."

"And you're not gonna offer to lick it off?" Raph asked teasingly. "Rude."

Leaning in, Raph nuzzled the side of Leo's neck, effectively erasing his milk moustache.

"Raph!" the eldest protested and tried pushing him away. "Gross!"

The larger turtle chuckled. "Let me get that off you…"

Leo flinched and immediately felt his face flush when Raph's broad tongue painted a wet stripe along his neck. The sensual lick turned into a kiss. Biting his lip, Leo had to silence a moan as a soft mouth continued to brush his skin.

"How come you're squirming so much, Leo?" Raph whispered, grinning. "Did I find a sensitive spot?"

"You know it is," Leo muttered. Reaching up with left hand, he cupped Raph's chin and pried his mate off of him. "Stop that."

"Give me something else to kiss then," Raph demanded.

Rolling his eyes, Leo offered his own mouth instead. "Why do I put up with you?"

Raph chuckled again and pressed his lips to Leo's. Midway through a long kiss, they were interrupted by the arrival of Don. The genius clucked his tongue loudly as he passed them on the way to the coffee pot.

"PDA already?" he asked and checked his watch as he started a fresh brew. "Guys, it's barely seven."

"Awww, let them be, Donnie," Mikey chastised. Picking up his bowl of cereal in one hand and a steaming cup of tea in the other, he crossed back over to the table and set the tea down in front of Leo. "I think they're adorable! Especially today!"

"What's so special about today?" Leo wondered, his eyes narrowed on Mikey.

"….uhh…" Mikey's face blanched as he realized that he had almost slipped up a second time. His gaze darted to Raph who was drawing his finger across his throat in a slicing motion. "…it's…the first Saturday of the month…and you know what that means…"

Raph groaned internally and had to fight hard to resist the urge to face-palm.

Leo shook his head slowly. "…no?"

"…it means…uh…couples get to enjoy breakfast together while us singles go watch TV!" Mikey invented, slopping milk from his cereal bowl down his hand in his haste to exit the kitchen. "So adios!"

Baffled, Leo was about to voice his concerns about Mikey's behavior once again when Raph cut him off.

"Hey, Don," he called to the genius. "Were you able to finish fixing April's security system last night?"

Donnie glanced over his shoulder at his brothers then continued to root around in the cupboard for his box of PopTarts. "Oh, yeah. It was an easy job. There shouldn't be any problems with it at all." Selectin a packet of the pastries, he filled up his extra-large coffee mug and turned around. "Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to watch TV with Mikey since I'm also single and it's the first Saturday of the month."

He tipped Raph a wink as he walked by and Raph flashed him a thumbs-up with the hand he had slung around Leo. The motion caught Leo's attention and he studied Raph's hand for half a minute before redirecting his gaze to his mate's face.

"What?" Raph finally asked after several silent seconds of Leo staring at him with a sour look on his face.

"You're hiding something," Leo accused.

"Am not," Raph denied coolly, keeping his expression neutral.

"Yes, you are," the leader insisted. "You can't lie to me, Raphael."

"I ain't got nothing to lie about, Leonardo," the hothead retorted. Standing, he carried his empty bowl over to the sink and quickly rinsed it before sticking it in the dish washer. "So stop fretting."

"If I find out you're lying…" Leo began, refusing to put the matter to rest.

"You're gonna punish me," Raph finished as he returned to his brother's side. "I know." Bending down, he kissed Leo on the cheek and said lowly while his right hand trailed up the inside of Leo's thigh. "But just so you know…I'm kinda starting to like your punishments…" Leo's cheeks flamed again. Raph laughed and kissed him one last time. "See you at training."


Never one to pass up an opportunity to practice, Leo executed a backflip as he leapt from one rooftop to the next. Landing perfectly, he continued on at a fast lope across Midtown towards Greenwich Village alone. He thought it was odd that April had asked specifically for him to come to her apartment and help her with a project: Don was usually her go-to turtle. Even so, he wasn't about to refuse his assistance to a family friend.

A short five minutes later, April's apartment building came into view. Leo slowed his pace and increased his caution as he landed on her roof. Creeping to the fire escape, he made sure it was completely deserted before climbing the two floors down to her window. It was unlocked just like she said it would be and Leo let himself inside quickly.

The moment his foot hit the carpeted floor, he was worried that he had entered the wrong apartment. All of the lights were out, but the place was aglow with dozens of flaming candles spread around the living room. Soft piano music played from the stereo by the window. The television and its stand were gone, leaving a large empty space on the far wall onto which the image of a Japanese cherry tree shedding its blossoms was projected. Leo glanced at the end table to the right of the couch which displayed some pictures of April with her family and friends. He hadn't made a mistake.

"…April?" Leo ventured, still trying to process the scene surrounding him.

"Guess again."

Leo's head jerked up at the sound of that familiar yet totally unexpected voice. Raph stood just outside the edge of the candlelight, leaning nonchalantly against the wall. His golden eyes glowed in the semi-darkness and Leo wondered how he could have missed seeing his brother before now.

"Raph?" Leo's face lit up with joyful surprise. "What are you doing here? Where's April?"

"She's spending the night at Casey's," Raph told him.

"…then why…?" Leo looked around the room again. "…what is this?"

"You don't know what day it is, do you?" Raph asked, smiling in amusement.

"Saturday?" the blue-masked ninja guessed. "The first one of the month according to Mikey."

Raph snorted with laughter and pushed off of the wall to cross the living room. Upon reaching Leo, he slipped his arms around his brother's waist and pulled him close. "Think back to around this time last year. Remember what happened?"

Leo kept his gaze locked with Raph's while sent his mind wandering into the past. It didn't take long for him to recall the significant event Raph was alluding to and the memory of it made him smile.

"…Donnie and Mikey schemed to get us together…" he answered lowly, his hands sliding up Raph's biceps to rest on his broad shoulders. "…today would be the anniversary of our first kiss…"

"That's right," Raph replied with a nod. "They also did some scheming to help me carry out my plan to celebrate it."

"We really owe those two knuckleheads a lot, don't we?" Leo murmured, bringing his mouth close to Raph's.

"We sure do," Raph agreed and closed the space between them.

They broke apart several minutes later and Leo's smile morphed into a look of vindication.

"I knew you were keeping a secret from me," he stated, shaking a finger at Raph.

"This was a surprise, not a secret," the sai-wielder argued.

"Same difference."

"Nuh-uh. If it was supposed to be a secret, you wouldn't have found out about it."

"…I…" Leo's rebuttal faltered as he considered Raph's logic. Rather than admit defeat, he abruptly changed the subject. "How did you convince April to be a part of this?"

"Oh, she loved the idea," Raph assured him. Grinning victoriously, he launched an attack on Leo's neck with his lips. "S'matter of fact…she was the one who suggested we stay here all night."

Leo's breath hitched and he stammered out a response. "…a-all night?"

"…mmm…all night…"