WARNING: This story contains explicit TCEST!

Rating: R

Pairing: Raph/Leo

Setting: 2k3

Summary: All Raph wanted was to watch the football game with Casey…
(For LeoRaph Week '17)

…it's third and fourth at the forty-nine yard line…there's the snap…Rodgers is trying to dodge that defense…

"…get rid of it…" Casey advised, his eyes glued to his television.

.he's looking for an opening…

"…get rid of it!" he repeated and leaned forward in his seat.


"…catch it…catch it..." Raph encouraged from beside his human companion. He gripped the armrest anxiously as he watched the football soar down the field. "…come on! Catch it!"


"Whoo-hoo-hoo!" Casey shouted, jumping to his feet and fist-pumping the air in celebration. "Damn, that kid can throw!"

"Yeah, a helluva lot better than Obermeyer," Raph commented. He settled back against the couch cushions and nursed his beer. "Seriously, when is that dinosaur gonna retire?"

"Probably never," the long-haired vigilante answered as he sat back down. "The guy makes too damn much money just for wearing that jersey."

Raph grunted his agreement. The pair fell silent, watching the players assemble on the line of scrimmage. Raph's phone buzzed in his belt just as the play started. He reached for it automatically, glanced at the screen, and rolled his eyes when he saw that he had a message from Leo. Knowing better than to ignore his big brother, he opened the text.

Leo: Where are you?

The hothead scoffed in annoyed disbelief. Leo knew damn well where he was. He had made his plans for the night known to the entire family earlier at dinner.

Raph: At Casey's.

Almost instantly, he received a response.

Leo: …still?

Raph: Game ain't over yet. It's only 3rd quarter.

"Who ya talking to?" Casey wondered, looking at Raph out of the corner of his eye.

"Leo," Raph responded and lowered his phone down to his lap so that he could redirect his attention to the game.

"What's he want?"

"Ta know why I ain't home yet."

"Seriously? You'd think he'd know by now how long a football game lasts."

"Yeah, ya'd think so."

His phone buzzed again. Raph waited until the sports network was replaying footage of the quarterback's tackle before he looked at it.

Leo: Come home.

Raph: I will when the game's done, mom. Quit worrying.

A commercial for car insurance interrupted the game. Casey took the opportunity to stand from the couch with the intention of emptying his bladder.

"Gotta take a leak," he announced.

"Thanks for the newsflash," Raph replied sarcastically.

"No problem, buddy."

Another text message came just as the bathroom door clicked shut.

Leo: Please?

Accompanying the single-word message was a picture of the Fearless Leader himself. It was shot at a downward angle from above Leo's head and showed him laying stark naked on his bed, gazing up at the camera while his left hand fondled the obvious bulge in his lower plastron. Raph's eyebrows lifted in surprise and he smirked while typing out a reply.

Raph: You got a hand. Take care of it yourself.

The flush of a toilet coincided with the next buzz of his phone.

Leo: Doesn't feel as good as your hand…

A new picture filled Raph's screen. Leo's cock was displayed in all its rock-hard glory, with the leader's fingers wrapped loosely around the base. The room suddenly felt hot to Raph and his own groin twinged with arousal. He jumped at the sound of the doorknob turning and quickly closed the picture before Casey got an eyeful as he exited the bathroom. Rather than return to the couch, the human headed into the kitchen.

"Need another beer, Raph?" he asked.

"Nah, I'm good," the sai-wielder replied evenly.

Raph: You won't be feeling my hand until after the game.

To his chagrin, Raph realized he had missed seeing his team score another touchdown. Reaching across the couch for the remote, he pressed the rewind button to watch the play. He took a swig of his beer to wet his parched throat only to spray it all back out after a short vibration prompted him to open his phone again.

Leo: But I'm getting ready for you now…

Raph didn't know when or how his brother had acquired that huge, red dildo. What he did know was that it looked hot as hell wedged inside Leo's glistening tailhole especially with Leo's thick cock caught in the camera frame, too. His sputtering and coughing fit immediately drew Casey's attention.

"Yo, man, you alright?" the vigilante asked, reappearing with a fresh bottle of booze for himself. "Don't go dying on me."

"….fine…" Raph wheezed. His entire face was bright red as he slid his phone back into his belt. "…I'm fine…"

Casey plopped back down and propped his feet up on the coffee table. "What's the score now?"

"…uhh…forty-eight ta seven…" Raph vaguely recalled. Wiping his mouth off with the back of his hand, he stood from the couch. "…sorry, Case, but…uh…I gotta bail…"

"What?!" Casey's head jerked in Raph's direction and he frowned. "Why?! It ain't even the fourth quarter!"

"I have ta," the turtle replied, already half way to the window that led onto the fire escape. "Leo's pulling rank on me."

"Bah…" Casey grumbled. "Fine. Whatever. But you better not skip out on me tomorrow night!"

"Ya can tell me how the game ends," Raph said and slipped out of his friend's apartment into the night. "See ya."

Quick as a flash, he descended to the alleyway where his bike was parked next to the dumpster. He popped on his helmet, swung a leg over his baby, and started the motor. Pulling out his phone, he sent a text to his oldest brother.

Raph: You better not finish before I get there. See you in 15.

Raph guided his bike to the mouth of the alley and checked traffic in both directions. Not a single car was in sight. Revving the engine, he sped onto the street and headed for home.

Luck was on his side tonight and the roads remained uncongested for the entirety of his ride. Raph rolled into the garage at twelve minutes and quickly shed his helmet. He didn't have the patience to wait for the elevator. Instead, he took the stairs two at a time and hustled across the lair to Leo's room. Closing the door with more force than necessary, Raph twisted the lock and lingered there for a moment while he took in the view:

Leonardo spread-eagled on the bed, propped up slightly by pillows, the dildo still buried in his ass and his left hand idly stroking his leaking erection.

"About time," the leader said lowly while his brown eyes glittered mischievously.

Growling, Raph reached the bed in three strides and leapt on top of Leo.

"Ya damn cock tease…" he husked while bringing his face close to his brother's. "…I'm gonna make ya pay for interrupting my game…"

Leo moaned happily when Raph's bit his neck hard and smiled as the sharp teeth then proceeded to nip a trail down to his shoulder. Abandoning his dick, he tugged at the knot securing Raph's belt in place. Raph reached down quickly to grab his phone before it ended up on the floor with his gear. To Leo's dismay, Raph pulled away and sat back on his heels between the older turtle's toned thighs.

"Since ya was so eager ta show off we're gonna keep the photo shoot rolling," Raph announced. He activated the camera on his phone and aimed it at Leo who did not hesitate to spread his legs further. The shameless display made Raph's mouth stretch into a lecherous grin. "Shoulda guessed that the fearless leader wouldn't be shy…"

"Not if I'm posing for you," Leo told him.

"Is that so?" the hothead mused. With his free hand, he gripped Leo's tail and started to massage the underside of it with his thumb. "How 'bout ya show me what ya did ta get ready for me?"

The faintest of blushes painted Leo's cheeks and he shuddered at the pressure on his tail. While his left hand returned to stroke his cock, his right journeyed down to grab the end of the dildo. He groaned as he eased the toy out of his and let it drop on the bed. His fingers then found the bottle of lube he'd left lying beside him.

Popping the cap, he squeezed the cool gel onto his digits and brought them to his already stretched hole. Leo circled the ring of muscle once then slipped his forefinger inside. He huffed at the probing touch and felt a thrilling rush when he heard the snap of a camera flash three seconds later. Adding his second finger, Leo quickly recoated his warm walls with lube then extracted both to reclaim his favorite toy.

"…Raph…" Leo moaned as he pushed the entire length of the mock cock into his ass. His other hand slid up his stiff shaft to thumb the dribbling tip. "...mmm…want you so bad…"

Raph released Leo's tail to grasp his own dick instead, the lewd display having encouraged its emergence. Palming the hardened flesh, he continued to collect images of his brother. "Yeah…keep on going, Leo…"

The katana-wielder began to work the toy in and out of himself a slow rhythm. His half-lidded gaze drifted south and a small whine rose in his throat at the sight of his mate's swollen erection. Shifting his left foot, he stroked the side of Raph's right thigh with his toes.

"…Raphie…" Leo cooed. "…I want to play with your cock, too…"

Both Raph's tail and dick twitched at Leo's offer. Grinning, he left his hand fall away.

"Get to it then," he commanded. Leo started to sit up, preparing to pull the dildo free only to be stopped by Raph. "Uh-uh. Keep that in there."

Leo's heart beat a little faster. Clenching to prevent his toy from slipping out, he got to his knees and shuffled closer to Raph. The leader opened the bottle of lube a second time and drizzled a healthy amount onto his palm before capturing their shafts in his hand. Matching groans escaped the turtles. As he pumped them both, Leo leaned forward and kissed Raph.

"Still upset about missing the rest of your football game?" Leo asked while nuzzling brother's cheek.

Chuckling darkly, Raph slid his hand from Leo's hip across his rear to tap the end of the dildo. "Still eager ta feel my cock in yer ass?"

Leo gasped sharply as his prostrate was struck. "…ye…yes…"

"Hmmm?" the red-masked ninja wondered, thrusting the toy a little faster. "What's that ya want, Leo? I can't hear ya…."

"Agh!" Leo moaned as his eyes squeezed shut. He could feel his cock throbbing in his grasp. "I want your cock, Raph!"

"Yeah, ya do…" Raph agreed with a growl.

Leo lost the hold he had on their dicks when he was forced back down on his shell. A heated kiss left him dazed and before he was vaguely aware of Raph rolling him until their positions had switched. While their lips were still locked, Raph's hands smoothed over the curve of Leo's ass. Then a sudden, hard slap made the leader yelp and sit up.

"Turn around." Raph's order was met by a look of confusion and he responded to it with a second smack. "Come on. Turn around. I want a different view of the show."

Moving carefully, Leo adjusted his position so that he was straddling Raph's lap in the opposite direction. A hand on his shell bent him forward slightly, making his ass pop out more. Leo trembled with anticipation as he felt the slide of his toy leaving his body.

"Get that tail up," the hothead growled lustfully.

Leo was quick to obey this time. He grunted as Raph seized him by the hips and dragged him backwards, blushing at the sensation of a hard cock cushioned between his ass cheeks. Raph rolled his hips, stoking his arousal while he relocated his phone.

"…hah…Raph…" Leo's tone had a whine to it. "…stop teasing…"

"Lost yer patience, did ya?" Raph chuckled and snapped a quick picture of the happenings near his nether region. Tossing his phone aside, he gripped Leo's waist and hoisted him up. "Get on this dick then."

Grinning, Leo reached through his thighs to grab Raph's cock and position it underneath him. He was lowered onto it slowly and completely. Throwing his head back, Leo moaned at the full feeling that was much more satisfying than his toy would ever be.

"…don't…don't just sit there now…" Raph huffed, reveling in the tight warmth surrounding his cock. "…come on, Leo…ride me…"

Bracing his hands on Raph's thighs, Leo lifted himself up and then eased back down. Moans and groans rolled forth from both turtles as he gradually picked up speed. Leo's erection moved freely, dripping and aching for attention.

"…Raph…" Leo lowed while prying his brother's fingers off of his right hip. He guided Raph's hand into wrapping around his cock. "…stroke it…"

Raph tightened his grip on the stiff flesh in his hand. Remnants of lube mixed with Leo's pre-cum made his efforts easier as he pumped his brother from base to tip and back again.

"Ya liking that, Leo?" Raph asked after the other ninja let loose another loud moan. Leo nodded frantically. Smiling wickedly, he increased the speed of his hand and jerked his hips as Leo came down, earning a squeal from the leader. "How about that?"

"Yes!" Leo shouted, electrified from the jolt his prostrate had received. "Yes! Don't stop! Don't stop!"

Grunting, Raph thrust against his partner with vigor – loving the ability to see his hard cock ramming inside Leo's tight hole. Sweat rolled down his hot face and the bedsheets clung to the undersides of his arms and legs. The springs of the mattress protested loudly as Leo bounced harder. Unable to resist, Raph struck Leo's ass with his free hand while giving the katana-wielder's thick dick another squeeze.

"Ha-ahhhh!" Leo's body seized and his eyes rolled back as his orgasm struck. "Ahhhh! Raph! Ahh!"

Raph continued to work his brother's member, determined to mile every last drop of cum from it. His breathing hitched as the pressure around his own shaft elevated. Four thrusts later, his pleasure peaked.

"Leo-ohhh…" Raph groaned as his cock twitched madly inside his mate, emptying its load. "…goddamn…Leo…"

Limbs shaking, Leo was about to climb off of Raph but a hand on his hip held him in place.

"…one last picture…" the larger turtle panted and picked up his phone again.

Pinching the tip of Leo's tail, Raph held it up and out of the way. He pulled his spent cock free and grinned as he watched his spunk spill from Leo's gaping hole to trickle down the backs of his thighs. Raph made sure to take a couple of shots from various angles, hoping to preserve the image digitally forever.

Leo grunted as a hard yank on his shoulder brought him crashing backwards into the pillows on his bed. In the next instant, Raph was on top of him, wrapping him in a snug embrace and kissing him passionately. Leo sighed in satiated happiness as he snaked his arms and legs around his brother's shell.

"I'm glad you came home," Leo murmured while his lips wandered down to Raph's neck.

"Ya really think I'd leave ya feeling all pent up?" Raph asked, giving Leo the same treatment and also starting a slow grind against him. "I love it when you're horny…"

"Likewise…" Leo replied, grinning at the prospect of a long night full of fun and pleasure.